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Part of the Gold Coast Report Podcast Network




Ep.9 | Sex or Taekwando?

Whats your thing? snoring? or is it fidgeting in bed? Gavin drops by the studio to set the record straight as we discuss bribery and communication. Share | Follow | Subscribe Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here Send all your questions, comments & reactions to: (+233)20 757 5272


Ep. 8 | #TBT

Hosts: Donald, Caren, Afi 0:30 The crew catchup and do a quick recap ona previous episode. 1:30 Afi shares details of her detox routine and Donald is back in the meet people? 3:00 The group share their thoughts on daylight robberies, security measures and is it 911 or 191? 9:57 #teamlightskin has got pregnant women swallowing pills now? 13:06 Donald begins a discussion on sexual harassment by sharing a story with the group. 15:31 We talk about how much room men are given...


Ep. 7 | Man To Man

Hosts : Donald, Ekow Guys, what purpose do your male friends serve? Ekow joins Donald this week to discuss the uniqueness of male and female friendships, deadpool and of course, the tweet of the week! Share | Follow | Subscribe Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here Send all your questions, comments & reactions to: (+233)20 757 5272


Ep. 6 | Kla Manye

Episode Notes Hosts : Afi, Andrea Guests : Cina Soul, K.O. Afi takes over the show this week and comes along with her bestie Cina Soul. Joined by K.O. and Andrea, they play our version of curious cat, and discuss the implications of systemic and institutionalized patriarchy in our society. Share | Follow | Subscribe Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here Send all your questions, comments & reactions to: (+233)20 757 5272


Ep. 5 | BkChat Accra

Hosts : Donald, Vee, & Ekow Guest : Omar 0:05 Show intro and after a decade away, special guest Omar is back home. 2:47 The show kicks off with the "The One Man Thousand" segment. Omar clarifies some rumours and shares some stories from his past. 30:40 We talk about religion and morality in our Ghanaian society. The group rate how religious they are on a scale of one to ten while discussing the relationship between the two. 54:51 Omar talks about being "woke" and how he feels about...


Ep.4 | Three Peas In A Pod

Title: Three peas in a pod Hosts : Donald, Afi & Lemuel 0:05 Afi and Lemuel return! The crew catch up on what they’ve been up to over the weekend. 4:50 Donald, Afi and Lemuel play a little game of two truths and lie! 15:00 We talk about compatibility in relationships as each co host shares their own understanding of it and try to make sense of it. 26:00 The crew keep it real as we discuss the talking phase as Afi shares her thoughts on the importance of communication. 31:40 Lemuel...


Ep.3 | Keeping it 500

Hosts : Donald, Caren, Andrea and Ekow 0:10 Intro 2:08 The crew discuss and share their thoughts on Ohemaa’s smash or pass YouTube video on the “Keeping it real” segment 7:04 Ekow talks about pretty privilege as Caren talks about how often women get subjected to this unwarranted grading of sexual desirability 14:35 The Group get into the main topic, discussing colorism and the ongoing twitter war between Ghanaians and Nigerians 36:29 Donald shares the tweet of the week 42:30...



Episode Notes Notes go here Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here


Ep.2 | #LetsGetLucky

0:10 Intro 3:36 The crew of the upcoming film "Lucky" tell us a little bit about what the film is about 10:10 Togbe talks about telling stories that are more relatable to Ghanaians 17:30 God talks about respecting the amount of work involved in filmmaking 21:23 The "Lucky" crew share their individual journeys leading up to a career in filmmaking 34:13 Togbe and God talk about the characters in the film, in real life 36:36 Kumi talks about his experience so far as an actor and cast...


Ep.1 | Shoutout To The Old Faces

Hosts: Donald, Ekow, Andrea, Afi & Lemuel Welcome back to season 2! Your favorite FYM hosts return with lots of opinions and laughter to share this year. Put your feet up and enjoy the ride! Don’t be selfish though, tell a friend to tell a friend! 0:52 - Intro and introduction of new FYM co hosts 5:00 - The FYM crew discuss #blackpanther week without spoilers 11:26 - This week on “What Dey Happen” the group discuss our reactive society and Ghanaians attitude towards dealing with our...


Class Dismissed

Loads of laughs, shots fired and a little banter as hosts from your favourite GCR podcasts come together to share their thoughts and experiences on what has been a great year at GCR. We also look ahead to season two and talk about our plans in the off season. Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here


Ep. 29 | First Of All, F**K YOU!

Host : Moos Guests : Maame, KO Where's Donald (0:05)? Moos shares a tweet with Maame and KO, as they try to "keep it real" (0:45). As Moos shares the experiences of others, the boys ask Maame what her "never again" is (3:59). Maame can f-up your life (9:20)! As the group discuss how people react to breakups, Maame shares her experience (13:19). Love is trash (29:31)? KO argues that love is a choice (34:12). It's time to talk about misogyny in hip hop (40:17). KO is adamant that hip hop...


Ep. 28 |

Hosts : Donald, Gavin Guest : Judah Donald is joined by Gavin and Judah aka J - New from the westside, we catch up and get to know more about our guest (0:10). Judah and Gavin talk about their self control but what is Gavin on about (4:09)?? Judah takes us on a trip down memory lane (12:55). Wait, what do I have to do for 300gh (16:14)?? You never hustled before huh? Did you ever consider male prostitution (22:48)? Did our president's twitter account go too far though (26:50)? Ghana...


Ep. 27 | Click Bait

Hosts : Donald, Vee, Moos, Cyril This week the team discuss the "atomic" explosion, the roles and responsibilities of the media and society (8:00). Does the buck fall on us the readers and listeners because we influence what the media puts out? (14:06) we discuss the implications in the aftermath of the tragedy (17:18) but wait, what came before shooting shots (20:38)? The FYM crew share their thoughts on Akon's lifestyle (21:00). Are relationships simply an arrangement between two...


Ep. 26 | Man's Not Hot!

Hosts : Donald, Vee, Gavin, Andrea and Bridget Gavin is back (0:40)! The FYM crew catch up but does anybody believe Donald around here anymore (2:31)?? The ting goes skraaaaaa (3:22)!!! Vee and Bridget are not really feeling Michael Daapah's hype as the group share their thoughts on the "One Corner" song (3:58). This week we discuss faking accents aka 'Locally Acquired Fake Accents' (LAFA) and ask how prevalent this is on Ghanaian podcasts and in the media (11:00). Bridget speaks to the...


Ep.25 | Grown Ups

Hosts : Donald, Lemuel and Andrea The crew catch up after a week away and talk about navigating through adulthood (0:57). Donald presents the scenario for Keeping It Real (5:16). Andrea shares her thoughts as the discussion on trust and boundaries begin (22:28). Lemuel talks about the law of attraction and shares his experience (31:40) but Donald and Andrea are not so sure about certain aspects of it (39:40). Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find...


Ep. 24 | If She's Like Drunk! Drunk!

Hosts : Donald,Lemuel Guests : Kwakyewa,Lisa,Bridget Its finally here! #GHPod week continues at GCR and the FYM crew were joined by Kwakyewa and Lisa from The Grey podcast. The show begins with a conversation on rape and rape culture in Ghana, with some interesting revelations from Kwakyewa (3:00). Lisa discusses victim blaming (6:40). Bridget steers the conversation towards the issue of entitlement (9:45). Donald brings up the much debated issue of feminism (25:40) and it's not a...


Ep. 18 | Ekow's Rant

Hosts : Donald, Moos, and Lemuel Guest : Ekow The guys catchup with a story that broke out last week regarding a robotics competition held in the United States (1:55). Ekow introduces himself as a technology evangelist, what's that(6:40)? Ekow talks about Capitalism (7:15). Robots don't get tired (10:40). Moos disagrees with Donald, but Lemuel reiterates that AI can never replace customer service (17:10). Moos explains the influence of technology on people's lives (19:20). Moos...


Ep. 17 | Reflection Of The Times

Guest (s) : Ria Boss and George Ofori The group catch up and talk Black Girls Glow new album (1:30). The keeping It real segment begins with Lemuel putting Ria on the spot (4:55). George puts his psychology major to good use (6:13). Ria steps in to defend good men (7:34). George shares his thoughts on organic followers and dignity (13:52). Ria talks about double standards (16:51). Lemuel takes the group on a trip down memory lane (18:30). Ria is asking them Brooklyn questions though...


Ep. 16 | 30 Billion For The Account

Host : Donald Guest(s) : Denzel, Maame Free Your Mind is back! It's been a whole month and yes, we miss y'all too! Donald is joined by Maame Damptey and Denzel on episode 16. They start the show with a discussion on Wizkid's alternate video for "Come Closer" (1:00). Maame is put on the spot in the first segment "Keeping it real" (3:12). Denzel is afraid of needles (7:11) & Maame shares her thoughts on getting tatted up (7:54). The crew discuss the entertainment industry in Ghana and...