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Our vision is to help families find freedom in Christ, in all areas of life! Each week, we bring the Gospel to current events, cultural hot topics and our homes. We talk with authors, speakers, pastors, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, professors and more. “Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought.” Lord Acton

Our vision is to help families find freedom in Christ, in all areas of life! Each week, we bring the Gospel to current events, cultural hot topics and our homes. We talk with authors, speakers, pastors, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, professors and more. “Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought.” Lord Acton


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Our vision is to help families find freedom in Christ, in all areas of life! Each week, we bring the Gospel to current events, cultural hot topics and our homes. We talk with authors, speakers, pastors, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, professors and more. “Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought.” Lord Acton




Ministry Inside Look | Pastor Pete

Unless you have a pastor in your family or are good friends with a pastor's family, you probably don't know very much when it comes to what a pastor does outside of a Sunday morning. Today, we are joined by my father-in-law, Pastor Pete! Pete became a pastor later in life, after starting a family and working other jobs. I ask him about that journey, including living at Bethel Seminary with his wife, Paulette, and their two young kids (including my husband!) We talk about why that ended up...


Preview | We Return Next Week!

A quick hello, thank you, prayer and a preview of some of the fantastic guests we have coming up!


2021 Recap!

Podcast Overview & Fun - Top 5 books of the year and Top 5 games Soli Deo Gloria! Top 5 Episodes of 2021 1. Motherhood: Refined 2. Masturbation 3. Love Thy Body 4. The Kids Are Not Fine 5. Fierce Marriage / Mama Bear Apologetics Top 5 Countries (Other than US & Canada) 1. Germany 2. Australia 3. Iran 4. Guatemala 5. France Runner Ups: UK and South Africa Listen in to hear top 5 books and games! Azul Review | Board Game Quest Stratego | Board Game | BoardGameGeek Codenames...


Making Room for Christmas | John M. Sommerville

We are delighted to bring you a special Christmas episode this week! May you all feel God's presence and know His Word this Christmas. We are joined by John Sommerville to talk about Christmas, the Cross, obedience, family and much more. John reads one of his original Christmas stories starting at the 43:21 mark. Get some hot cocoa going and snuggle up with your favorite blanket - enjoy! Order Making Room for Christmas: John M. Sommerville ( Luke 2 (ESV) The Birth of...


Pro-Life & the Imago Dei | Megan Almon

It was such a joy to have Megan Almon on the show! I had a fairly extensive outline with questions and topics I wanted to hit with Megan. I even sent it to her ahead of time. However, the conversation really just took care of itself! Tune in to hear: -A bit about Megan's growing up and when Jesus became Lord of her life -Being a gymnast in college and meeting her also-a-gymnast husband -Her love for stories and beauty which led to an early career in journalism -When her journalism put...


Conversational Apologetics | Carmen LaBerge

In this episode, I get to talk with morning radio host, Carmen LaBerge! My husband and I have been listening to Carmen every weekday morning for years. It was a delight to learn more about how she grew up, what propelled her to go to seminary and how she got started in radio. We talked about the peace only Jesus brings. We discussed sanctity of life issues - a great prequel to next week's episode with Life Training Institute's Megan Almon. Carmen does an excellent job bringing the Gospel to...


Foundation Worldview | Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Whether you're a parent (or future parent), grandparent, work in children's or youth ministry, a teacher or have kids in your life some other way, this is an incredibly important episode. From the earliest of ages, we need to be training our kids how to think well. Objective claim vs. subjective claim. Spot the lie in commercials or media. Learn how to think critically, logically and reasonably. Teach them how to structure good arguments and recognize faulty arguments (assertions,...


Taking Care With Chiropractic | Dr. Robin Overstad

Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners! We are now officially in the thick of the holiday season. We are thinking about decorations, get-togethers and Christmas music. We are thinking about all the things we're grateful for over the past year. Many of us are also thinking about our health. We want to make the most out of the holidays and we can only do that if our bodies feel GOOD. As Christians, we want to take care of our bodies out of our gratitude and reverence for God. We also...


The Great Sex Rescue | Sheila Wray Gregoire

Today on the show, we are talking about sex! We talk about what scripture says about sex. We talk about some harmful (and not Biblical) messages that have been commonly taught in churches and by Christian authors. We talk about the hope and encouragement you can have in Christ - as well as practical resources. Our guest is Sheila Gregoire. Sheila Wray Gregoire is passionate about changing the evangelical conversation about sex! A popular speaker, marriage blogger, podcaster and...


Person of Interest | J. Warner Wallace

**If you started listening to this episode before 9am CST, there was an error around the 18-23 minute range. It has been fixed! However, it has come to my attention that the fix being processed may depend on the app you are using.** Would we know anything about Jesus of Nazareth if we didn't have the New Testament? Did Jesus have much of an impact on the world outside of what we read in the NT? Did He have an impact on music, science, architecture or education? This is a captivating,...


Black Lives Matter | Monique Duson

Black lives matter! Of course. All humans are made in the imago dei. But, what about Black Lives Matter, the organization? What do they stand for and how should we think about BLM from a Christian worldview? How do we talk with our kids about BLM, racial issues and CRT? Our guest today does a great job of walking us through how we should be thinking about these issues and then how to talk with our kids about them. Monique will be speaking at Stand to Reason's youth apologetics conference in...


Love Not By Lies | Brett Kunkle

A warm welcome to everyone. Thank you for tuning in! Today's guest is Brett Kunkle. Brett has been working with youth and young adults for twenty-SOMETHING years (possibly 21, possibly 29...)! 4 years ago, he and his wife founded Maven. Maven's got my heart because they have the apologetics & Christian worldview focus we so often talk about on this show, but they also have the youth aspect which is near to my heart. Brett is in a super busy season, leading Immersion Experiences, teaching,...


Guide to Sexuality | Mama Bear Apologetics

As promised, here is our Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality episode! I pray it blesses your weekend! RAISE THEM TO VALUE GOD’S DESIGN "Starting at a young age, kids are being fed damaging misinformation about sexuality, gender identity, and human biology. As a parent, it’s up to you to help your children understand God’s truth about these integral concepts in the face of the candy-coated lies that saturate today’s world. As society continues to blur the lines of what is good, true,...


Cold Case Christianity | J. Warner Wallace

This is a republish of our episode from last spring with Jim Wallace. We will have a new episode (with Mama Bear Apologetics) up this weekend - throwing a curveball at y'all! (Let's not talk about the last two Red Sox games........) This episode covers Jim's incredible, best-selling, life-changing apologetics book, Cold Case Christianity. He will be back on our show in just a few weeks to talk about his brand new book, Person of Interest. Jim is coming to Minnesota for a youth apologetics...


Birth Control, Fertility & Womanhood | Grace Emily Stark

Grace Emily Stark graces us on the show today to discuss authentic women's health and restorative reproductive medicine. The information in this episode is so important - every single girl and woman should know these things. Yet, hardly any of us do. We should know how and why God made women's bodies the way He did. He is an incredible designer. This episode isn't just for women because husbands and dads (including future husbands and dads) should know these things, as well. We do talk about...


Fierce Marriage | Ryan Frederick

October is here! So glad to be back with everyone this week. I am delighted to have Ryan Frederick on the show today. He and his wife, Selena, started Fierce Marriage because they knew marriages needed to be touched and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ryan and Selena felt God's call to talk openly and honestly about all things MARRIAGE. For the month of October, their topic every week will be sex. Head over to the Fierce Marriage podcast to tune in - the first 2 episodes released...


Foster Care & Adoption | Amanda Collins

Our guest on the show today is Amanda Collins. She is a Texas mama of 5. All Christians, in some shape or form, are called to care for kids in need -- notably those in the foster care system. Amanda thought she was doing exactly (and all) God was asking of her by being a child advocate. One night, she was at an event honoring child advocates, and her husband leaned over to say, "God's been really working in me. I think he's calling us to do foster care." Amanda's response? Nope. Tune in to...


Theology Shapes Our Worship | Amy Gannett

The next time you are with a young child, ask them, "What do you know about God?" We did this with our 4-year-old and it was fun to hear his answers. We also asked the 2-year-old, which was cute and funny. The 4-year-old said 3 things: 1. He loves us 2. God is our true home 3. God is 3 persons When we asked the 2-year-old, he smiled, yelled "Holy Spirit!" and then ran away to hit a golf ball off a baseball tee. A question we should all ask ourselves is: "Does what I believe about God...


SPECIAL EDITION! | Emma and Kayla Owens

Today we have a very special edition of the show. I was so grateful to be able to sit down with one of my dearest friends and her identical twin sister. Kayla Owens Gatherwright and Emma Owens Kahlig tell me about -What is what like growing up as an identical twin -Their strong relationship with their parents -Why ending up at different colleges was one of the best things that ever happened to them -Having a baby only 1 year after getting married -Pregnancy anxiety after past...


Equip Minds to Save Lives | Scott Klusendorf

The topic of abortion is everywhere. Do you know where you stand? Are you prepared to defend the pro-life position to your friends and neighbors? How and at what age do we talk to our kids about pro-life issues? Scott Klusendorf joins us on the show today to help you take the first steps. We talk about SB8 being implemented in Texas last week, the Supreme Court's decision not to block it, the pro-abortion left's reaction, how we can be equipped to logically and reasonably counter those...