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3.22.23 - WBC, Trump Indictment, & LA Unified Strike

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the WBC final, a looming indictment of Donald Trump, and LA unified goes on strike for higher wages.


3.15.23 - Alien Mothership, SVB, Stanford Law, & Tobacco Ban

This week, Frank and Alex discuss Pentagon officials suggesting an alien mothership could be in our solar system, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Stanford students berating a speaker they invited to campus, and California introducing a law to ban tobacco.


3.9.23 - Misinformation, New US Cities, & Terry Yeakey

This week, Frank and Alex discuss purposeful misinformation being fed to the public, the proposition of new cities in America, and the wild story of officer Terry Yeakey.


3.1.23 - The End of Dilbert & Covid Lab Leak Theory

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the Rasmussen poll that lead to Dilbert comics being cancelled nationwide, launching presidential DNA into outer space, and a deep dive into the history of the Covid lab leak theory.


2.21.23 - Movie Review - Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

This week, Alex is joined by Karnage and Mr. Rager as they discuss the newest movie in the Marvel franchise. The guys also discuss anime, Call of Duty, and updates from the chemical spill in Ohio.


2.15.23 - Super Bowl 57, UFO’s, Ohio Disaster, & Epstein Files

This week, Frank and Alex discuss Super Bowl 57, UFO’s all across American skies, an environmental disaster in Ohio, and new Epstein files soon to be released.


2.1.23 - Tyre Nichols, Mr. Beast, Inheritance Tax, & Doppelgänger Murder

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the Tyre Nichols body cam footage, Mr. Beast cures the blindness of 11,000 people, the idea of an inheritance tax, and a German doppelgänger murder.


1.25.23 - NFL Conspiracy, Baptism, Ticketmaster, Florida AP Class, & Child Abuse

This week, Frank and Alex discuss bizarre questions raised about the Damar Hamlin incident, taking time to ponder holy sacraments in today’s world, Live Nation and Ticketmaster having to answer to Congress, Florida banning an AP African American studies class, and the arrest of two despicable child abusers.


1.17.23 - Pornography, Biden Documents, School Suicides, and George Santos

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the negative effects of pornography on young men, classified documents found in President Biden’s Delaware home, the link between adolescent suicide and school attendance, and the many, many lies of George Santos.


1.4.23 - New Years, Dry January, Obesity Pill, Idaho Murders, House Speaker, & Damar Hamlin

This week, Frank and Alex discuss a breakthrough weight loss drug, arrest update in the University of Idaho murders, the unusual struggle to elect the speaker of the house, and Damar Hamlin’s injury on Monday night football.


12.29.22 - Year In Review, Unmotivated Men, & Columbus Kidnapping

This week, Frank and Alex review many of the stories that made up 2022, a growing trend of unmotivated men in America, US cities that are more violent than the war in Iraq, and the unfolding of a wild story that resulted from a kidnapping in Columbus.


12.20.22 - The History of Christmas, World Cup Final, Hawaii, & Lazy Men In America

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the history of Christmas through the ages, Argentina winning their first world cup in 36 years, Frank's recent trip to Hawaii, Mr. Wonderful testifying in court regarding the FTX debacle, and the increasing trend of unmotivated men in America.


12.13.22 - The Detroit Lions and NFL Week 15 Picks

This week, Alex is joined by podcasting friends Phil and Dave who are the hosts of The Lion and The Cub Podcast. They discuss everything Detroit Lions along with their picks for week 15 in the NFL.


12.6.22 - Kanye, Twitter Files, FTX, Women and Depression, & NFL Week 14 Picks

This week, Frank and Alex discuss Kanye's latest foolish comments, the Twitter Files, media coddling of SBF, high rates of depression in middle aged women, and week 14 NFL picks.


11.29.22 - Michigan Football, USA vs Iran, Chinese Covid Protests, Elon vs Apple, & The Bridges We Build

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the embarrassment of Ohio State at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines, political backdrop of the US v Iran World Cup match, Covid protests in China, Elon Musk taking on Apple, and the unconscious bridges we build in our societal reasoning.


11.22.22 - World Cup, Idaho Stabbings, Scientology Whistleblower, & Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the kickoff of the World Cup in Qatar, updates from a gruesome murder scene in Idaho, Elon Musk’s proactive approach to removing child pornography from Twitter, a disturbing story that has come to light from a Scientology whistleblower, and favorite Thanksgiving dishes.


11.15.22 - Trump Announces, Iran Protestors, Qatar World Cup, DEA, & NFL Picks Week 11

This week, Frank and Alex discuss Donald Trump declaring he is running for president in 2024, the fates of 1500 imprisoned protestors in Iran, Qatar World Cup drama, the dirtiest DEA agent, and their picks for week 11 in the NFL.


11.10.22 - NFL Picks week 10, Election, Tech Layoffs, & Kyrie Irving

This week, Frank and Alex discuss their picks for the upcoming NFL weekend, pivotal elections all across the country, Meta laying off 11,000 people in one day, and the fallout of Kyrie Irving's tweet.


11.1.22 - Finding A Job, Official Candy Rankings, & Takeoff

This week, Frank and Alex are joined by their friend Austin Thomas as they discuss the challenges of finding a fulfilling career and navigating the job search in today's world. They also discuss top tier Halloween candy and the sudden death of Takeoff.


10.26.22 - Fatherhood, Kanye West, Vaccine Schedules, & WWWY Fest

This week, Frank and Alex discuss the welcoming of Frank's first son to the world! They also discuss the hole that Kanye West finds himself in, a lopsided CDC vote concerning children's vaccine scheduling, and the When We Were Young festival.