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News and Interviews from the Times News, Burlington, NC

News and Interviews from the Times News, Burlington, NC


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News and Interviews from the Times News, Burlington, NC




"It’s a blessing"

Yamilet Padilla describes Family Abuse Services and their resources as a "blessing" after she survived an abusive marriage.


Yamilet's Story

Yamilet Padilla tells her story of domestic violence before she found Family Abuse Services.


Reporter Jessica Williams talks about the science, fears around vaccines

It's back-to-school time, which for many families means trips to the doctors office for vaccinations. Kindergarteners need a list of vaccines before they can enter public schools in North Carolina. Williams looked into trends around vaccinations as fears of disorders believed to be linked to vaccines has spread. Those fears aren't warranted, and no scientific evidence has been found linking things like autism to vaccines.


LISTEN: 911 call from shooting at Burlington's Brittany apartments

Just after 7 a.m. Monday, Aug. 12, a resident of the Brittany apartments off of Huffman Mill Road in Burlington called 911 to report shots fired into her apartment. The shots came in through a back window and shattered it, she said. Burlington police continue to investigate.


LISTEN: Mother's frantic 911 call reporting SUV stolen with children inside; joy at being reunited with them

"Y'all are safe. That is all that matters. I don't care about the car." The good news: The thief dropped off the children near Holly Hill Mall. A passerby picked them up and took them back to their parents at Academy Sports. The SUV was later found on Trail One near Trail Eight in Burlington. Burlington police redacted this call to omit the victims' names.


LISTEN: 911 call of stolen SUV with children inside from Burlington Academy Sports

A caller reported Wednesday night that a man stole a SUV from the parking lot at Burlington's Academy Sports on Huffman Mill Road. Two children were inside. The 2015 Ford Explorer was stolen while items were being loaded into the vehicle.


[Warning: Graphic Content] 911 calls from Burlington triple homicide, June 30

Burlington police released Monday, July 1, partial audio from two 911 calls received from the scene of a triple homicide. Due to the nature of these calls, some will find it disturbing. Discretion is advised. The Times-News has attempted to edit out expletives in the recordings, but some may still be audible.


Glass recycling is becoming scarce as the market shrinks. How is that affecting Alamance County?

You can still recycle glass in Alamance County, at least for a while. But our neighbors in Greensboro no longer can. Reporter Isaac Groves looked into why that is, and how Alamance County is handling glass recyclables.


Alamance County trial of attempted murder of Child Protective Services worker wraps up

Christopher Lee Neal and his former girlfriend are accused of attempted murder after a Rockingham County DSS worker was shot at in summer 2017. The bullets barely missed her. Neal defended himself in the trial, which has spanned the course of several weeks in Alamance County Superior Court due to scheduling conflicts. The jury was expected to hear closing arguments Tuesday afternoon, June 25.


Alamance-Burlington school board cancels public meeting June 4

Audio from the discussion about adjourning the meeting early -- after a prolonged closed-session discussion about personnel -- without addressing the public meeting's agenda.


Reports of child abuse and neglect are up in Alamance County. Here's why that's a good thing.

Under state law, we're all required to report child abuse to the authorities. Reporter Isaac Groves explains why officials think an increase in reported cases is a good sign for the health of our children and families.


School attendance in Alamance County: What are the numbers? How can we improve?

Some students and even some teachers are chronically absent from school. Reporter Jessica Williams looks at how large that problem is and how Alamance-Burlington School System is addressing it. Sometimes the solution is as simple as letting a student's family or teacher know that their absences are noticed.


(Caution: Graphic Content) Rape kits, sexual assault prosecutions in NC, Alamance County

Reporter Kate Croxton spent months learning about the process of collecting rape kits and what goes into prosecuting sexual assaults. Why are so many kits in N.C. untested? What's been done to change that? And why is so much of the responsibility of prosecution placed on victims?


Bold plans for downtown Burlington: Main St., police HQ, development and more

Burlington Economic Development Director Peter Bishop sheds light on Burlington's long-range plans for downtown Burlington and attracting business to other areas from the city council's recent Goal-Setting Workshop. 3:50 - An overview of city priorities outlined at the meeting 6:20 - Economic development priorities 7:00 - What goes into site development for business growth 9:30 - Shovel-ready matters. "Sites not dirt." 12:00 - UNC School of Government's Development Finance Institute and...


Weekend crime and mayhem round-up, March 25

It was a busy weekend for law enforcement. Here's brief information about: - a road rage incident and arrest; - an undercover prostitution sting; - a couple arrested on drug and child abuse charges at a Burlington hotel; - a business owner accused of taking money but never performing construction; - and a woman crashing into the Burlington Dunkin' Donuts restaurant.


School construction, elementary redistricting, academic coaches & more at ABSS meeting

It was a packed agenda at Tuesday's Alamance-Burlington Board of Education work session. Jessica Williams has been writing about it all week. Here's what she's covered and what we tackle in this clip:


Noise complaints around National Agents Alliance event centers

The National Agents Alliance does big business out of Burlington, and its event centers in central Burlington get heavy use. Some neighbors say the noise is too loud and have lodged complaints with the City and police. Reporter Kate Croxton talks about the ongoing issue, what the City's options are, and what NAA's response has been so far. The company will meet with Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe sometime soon to talk solutions.


Analysis: Mebane woman pleads to misdemeanors in statutory rape case

Reporter Isaac Groves was in the courtroom for 47-year-old Gwendolyn Rae Cloutier's sentencing. She was originally charged with statutory rape and sex offenses against a child in 2016 for acts with a 15-year-old boy. In a plea agreement, she will serve unsupervised probation and won't have to register as a sex offender. This is unusual in cases with such serious charges, Isaac says. Online editor Michael Abernethy agrees. Many online are angered over the leniency. Is there a...


Provisional teaching licenses in ABSS: Which schools rely on them the most? Why is that a problem?

The short answer: Teacher turnover. The school board and ABSS central office are concerned about a lack of stability at particular schools and the cycle that perpetuates on a campus. Teachers with provisional -- temporary -- licenses are either in classrooms on an emergency basis or as lateral entry -- teachers with degrees in subjects outside of education working toward their education certificate. Those positions have higher turnover rates (15.8%) than teachers as a whole (around 8.5...


Groups of 2 or more must have permits to gather in Graham. Is that constitutional?

Reporter Isaac Groves examines a Graham ordinance that requires groups of two or more people to apply for a permit at least 24 hours before they demonstrate within the city limits. Experts, including the Times-News' First Amendment attorney, say that doesn't square with the Bill of Rights. But Graham is relying on the ordinance to keep the peace around the Confederate monument downtown.