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Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.

Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.
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Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.




(9/20) 3 killed in Maryland shooting, Chevy Chase can't get work anymore, Justin Worsham on 'lawnmower' parents

A shooting in Maryland leaves 4 dead including the shooter, A write up on Chevy Chase reveals why he's not getting any work, Justin Worsham explains what 'lawnmower' parents are, The Newport Beach Police Department launched a podcast to help find a killer, Corbin Carson reports more women are speaking out against the Newport Beach doctor who abused them, Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman, and Strange Science!


(9/19) Kavanaugh Allegation, Newport Surgeon Sex Assault Case, Kidnapper Released

Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI investigation before testifying, Whatcha Watchin Wednesday, OCDA Tony Rackauckas discusses Newport Beach surgeon sexual assault case, Top trending news, #SwampWatch, and Elizabeth Smart kidnapper released from prison.


(9/18) Kavanaugh Accusation Continuation, UC Riverside Frat Death, Stormy's Descriptive Book

GOP hopes testimony showdown can save Kavanaugh's nomination, College golf star found murdered on course, Police looking into death of UC Riverside frat pledge, Steve Gregory's Emmy's report, Top trending news, Are Bert and Ernie gay?, #SwampWatch, Stormy Daniels' book gets very descriptive about sex with Trump, #TastyTuesday talks National Cheeseburger Day


(9/17) Kavanaugh Accusation, CA Opioid Crisis, Epic Quitting Stories

Discussion surrounding Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation continues, The fight against the California opioid crisis, Top trending news, #GaSFantasy4Play, #SwampWatch, Market Monday with Rebecca Jarvis, Epic quitting stories


(9/14) Florence drops a lot of rain on the Carolinas, AZ diaper duper, San Clemente, Mo' on the Movies, Nine News Nuggets!

Hurricane Florence has claimed lives, and though it's been downgraded to a tropical storm, it's dumping a lot of rain on the Carolinas, An Arizona man got busted for lying about having down syndrome and tricking women into changing his diapers for his sexual gratification, We know more about the nasty San Clemente woman who faked pregnancies and lied about having a firefighter husband in order to get money, Mo' on the Movies, and We bring back the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!


(9/13) Hurricane Florence Approaches & More #MeToo

Hurricane Florence downgraded to Category 2 as it approaches the Carolinas, More #MeToo with Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Fager, Parenting with Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast, Top trending news, #SwampWatch, #TechTalk, Strange Science


(9/12) Hurricane Flo, Mountain Lion Madness, How To Murder Your Husband

Hurricane Florence downgraded to Category 3 as it turns towards Georgia, Whatcha Watchin Wednesday, Locals bait mountain lions on trails to scare off hikers, Burning Man police report, Top trending news, #SwampWatch, @DrWendyWalsh helps us understand romance novelist that allegedly killed her husband


(9/11) Remembering Sept. 11th 17 years later, Hurricane Florence to hit the Carolinas, and Tasty Tuesday

We remember the 9/11 attacks 17 years later, Hurricane Florence is a massive storm and is set to devastate the Carolinas, The woman who helped kidnap Elizabeth Smart is set to get out of jail, and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra talk Pumpkin Spice...Apparently it's that time of year again.


(9/10) Les Moonves out at CBS, Hurricane Florence gaining strength, #MeToo in Yoga, and True crime couples

Les Moonves is totally out at CBS, Hurricane Lane is set to hit the Carolinas as evacuations are underway, A San Clemente woman made up her firefighter husband to get money, Sex abuse runs rampant in yoga communities, Tiger zoo owner Joe Exotic busted for hiring a hit man to kill his rival, and more!


(9/7) Woe Fund Me, Kamala Harris given LAPD protection, GaS Fantasy 4 Play, and Bad romance novels from a murderer

People in hard times are making big money comebacks thanks to social media and services like Go Fund Me, The Kavanaugh hearing goes into day 4, Terror in the Skies after passengers are forced to pee into bags, Eric Leonard reports on how the LAPD protected Sen. Kamala Harris even when she wasn't in L.A., GaS Fantasy 4 Play is back, and We read some excerpts of romance novels written by a woman who murdered her husband.


(9/6) Cory Booker's lame 'Spartacus' moment, Burt Reynolds dead at 82, and Who wrote that Op-Ed?

Senator Cory Booker is confused about 'Spartacus' as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing enters day 3, We're still wondering which Trump insider wrote that New York Times Op-Ed, We have two more 'zombie' planes this time in Philadelphia, Justin Worsham talks to us about parents' mental health and how children are affected, Asia Argento is trying to make herself look good despite an investigation by L.A. County Sheriffs, The NFL is starting up again, Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman, Strange Science, and...


(9/5) "Zombie" Emirates flight quarantined at JFK, More on Duncan Hunter's spending, Goop, and Trump insider's Op-Ed

An Emirates flight from Dubai is held at JFK after passengers fell ill with fevers and coughing, The Duncan Hunter indictment reveals his 'personal relationships,' Phony blood testing company Theranos is done, Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop offers refunds for its vaginal eggs, and the New York Times publishes an anonymous op-ed from a Trump admin official saying that he/she is part of the resistance.


(9/4) Brett Kavanaugh hearing, NBC vs Ronan Farrow, Colorado River crash, Tasty Tuesday

The hearing of Brett Kavanaugh got off to a raucous start this morning full of protesters, Ronan Farrow and NBC are fighting over his Harvey Weinstein reporting, Another body has been found following a boat crash on the Colorado River, Petros weighs in on the new Bachelor, and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra talks strange Oreo flavors and how food halls are growing in America.


(9/3) Recap of John McCain and Aretha Franklin funerals, Shooting at Del Mar and San Bernardino, and Weird celeb sightings

The funerals of John McCain and Aretha Franklin have finished, New details are out about the infamous BTK killer, Eric Garcetti is wasting everyone's time running for President, The shaming of Geoffrey Owens leads to a conversation about artists keeping their day jobs, and calls on the strangest places you've run in to a celebrity!


(8/31) Funerals for John McCain and Aretha Franklin, Naked man leads police on foot chase in LA, And Gary and Shannon's "Broken Hearts Club"

Funeral coverage of John McCain and Aretha Franklin, Elon Musk loves the PR he's getting from Steve Bannon, #TerrorInTheSkies, Disneyland to start serving alcohol, Naked man leads police on foot chase in East Los Angeles, Top Trending news, Top political news, and the "Broken Hearts Club" opens up the phone lines for listeners.


(8/30) Encino man charged with threatening Boston Globe employees, John McCain funeral watch, Libel suit headed to Elon Musk

Encino man charged with threatening to shoot Boston Globe employees, John McCain funeral watch, Cave diver prepares to sue Elon Musk for "pedo" comments, Justin Worsham on parents hiring Fortnite coaches for their kids, Top trending news, Top political news, Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman, and Strange Science!


(8/29) Parents share hazing stories at frat house, Steve Gregory reports on McCain memorial from Phoenix, Don McGahn leaving in the Fall

Parents share stories of hazing deaths at frat house, Whatcha Watchin Wednesday, Steve Gregory in Phoenix covering John McCain's memorial, Bail reform clarification, Rep. Duncan Hunter says to leave his wife out of this, Top trending news, Top political news, and Dr. Wendy Walsh discusses mental health and families amid the Jacksonville shooting.


(8/28) FBI investigating Hollywood's "Con Queen," Pet owners are abusing their animals to get opioids, and Who steals soap?!

The FBI has launched an investigation into Hollywood's infamous "Con Queen," Opioid-addicted pet owners are abusing their animals so they can get pills from the vet, Sen. Lindsey Graham remembers John McCain on the Senate floor, Louis C.K. gives his first performance since getting caught up in #MeToo, Tasty Tuesday with Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra, and "Meth-icans" are stealing soap in Turkey Creek, Kentucky. WHO STEALS SOAP?!?!?!


(8/27) Remembering John McCain, Interview with Jacksonville shooting survivor, and Problems at Burning Man

We remember Senator John McCain, Trump lowers the flag back to half mast after backlash, All the latest on the esports shooting in Jacksonville, Marquis Williams talks to us about escaping the shooter, Burning Man is having major problems, Trump makes a new NAFTA deal, a hero pedophile puncher, and a sexually frustrated French dolphin.


(8/24) Defense Attorney in Mollie Tibbetts case fights back, Hawaii hurricane updates, Tesla workers say things aren't going good...

Mollie Tibbetts update and more information on the defense attorney for Cristhian Rivera, Hurricane Lane is headed towards Hawaii, New study says alcohol is not good for you, Duncan Hunter blames his wife for campaign cash scandal, Dean Sharp and Shannon lift Gary in a chair, Top trending news, Top political news, ABC reporter Ryan Burrow joins us with updates on the Mollie Tibbetts murder, and ABC reporter Emily Rau talks about John McCain's family discontinuing his medical treatment for...