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Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.

Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.
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Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren. Covering what you need to know (and even some stuff you didn't) weekdays 10 am to 2 pm.




(11/20) Big break in decades-old Boston cold case, Ivanka Trump under fire for using personal email, Fire updates, and Thanksgiving food

A decades-old Boston cold case has finally been solved thanks to DNA, Ivanka Trump is slammed for using her personal email for government and business purposes, Terror in the Skies, Jose Huizar showed up to today's L.A. City Council meeting but said nothing about the FBI raiding his home and office, Malibu and Woolsey Fire burn areas are prepping for rain and mudslides as people begin to move back home, Last night's Rams game was spectacular, Vasectomies are becoming a way for guys to bro...


(11/19) Rain could impact burn zones, Chris Watts sentenced to life in prison, and Market Monday

The Woolsey Fire is close to full containment, but the detestation of the Camp Fire continues as 77 people are dead and nearly 1,000 still missing, Colorado family killer Chris Watts is sentenced to life in prison, The woman involved in the GoFundMe scam says she was forced into it, and Rebecca Jarvis joins us for Market Monday to take a look the DOW dive, Facebook, Thanksgiving week.


(11/16) Jim Acosta's press pass is restored, Woolsey and Camp Fire updates, What to do with your house after a fire, and NNNYNTK!

The list of missing people in Paradise jumps to over 600 after the Camp Fire, Dean Sharp tell us what to do after a fire, how the GoFundMe couple's scam was exposed, President Trump will visit California wildfire victims next week, Mo' on the movies with the new Fantastic Beasts premiere, and NNNYNTK!


(11/15) More Woolsey and Camp Fire updates, GoFundMe couple AND homeless man were in on the scheme together, and Black Friday tech deals!

We have more updates on the Woolsey and Camp Fires as the missing person count doubles in Paradise, Justin Worsham joins us for some talk on different parenting styles across the globe, the funeral for Sgt. Ron Helus was held in Westlake Village today, Marc Saltzman tells us about the new-age flip phone, and What's Happening!


(11/14) Latest on Woolsey and Camp fires, Private firefighters, CIA truth serum, and Bring Your Parents to Work Day

We have all the latest on the devastating Woolsey and Camp Fires, It looks like Governor Brown might ease logging rules, Rich people have private firefighters to save their homes, The CIA considered using "truth serum" on post-9/11 detainees, and Some offices have bring your parents to work day.


(11/13) More coverage of Woolsey and Camp fires

We continue to monitor and cover the Woolsey Fire locally as more hot spots flare up, The death toll in the Camp Fire up north in Butte County continues to rise, #SwampWatch, Latest trending news, and more.


(11/12) Continuing coverage of Woolsey and Camp Fires

We continue to cover the devastating Woolsey and Camp fires, as well pay tribute to listeners and their family members who served in the United States military.


(11/10) Special fire coverage

Gary and Shannon continue to cover the fires raging across California.


(11/9) Ventura and Los Angeles County Fire Coverage

Fire coverage from Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Paradise. Updates from the Thousand Oaks mass shooting.


(11/8) Breaking News: Mass Shooting in Thousand Oaks

A lone gunman killed 12 people and then turned the gun on himself at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks. KFI and ABC reporters were live at the scene with more info.


(11/7) Crazy Trump presser, Election recaps, Jeff Sessions out as AG, FBI raids offices of L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar

President Trump started off the day with a wild hour and a half press conference, John Thomas joins us to recap the local elections and proposition results, Jeff Sessions is forced to resign as Attorney General of the U.S., and the FBI raids the home and office of L.A. city councilman Jose Huizar.


(11/6) Election Day, 2 CA death row inmates found dead, Terror in the Skies, and Tasty Tuesday

The midterms are here! We've got everything you need to know, Security surrounding El Chapo's trial in New York City is incredibly tight, Terror in the Skies as a Delta passengers claims he sat in a seat of dog poop, Two CA death row inmates are found dead, Fresno is in unicorn land over high speed rail, Archery dodgeball is an awesome new sport, and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra pops in to talk nachos, bacon, and election day food freebies!


(11/5) Election preview, Search for SoCal murder suspect, Mac Miller's cause of death revealed, and Market Monday

It's election eve (we hate that term) and we have all the latest on the midterms, The Jewish nurse who treated the synagogue shooter speaks, Professional mermaids are sick of creepy guys, L.A. and Riverside Counties are searching for a murder suspect, Mac Miller's cause of death is revealed as Pete Davidson is under fire for mocking a war hero's appearance on SNL, Rebecca Jarvis calls in for Market Monday, and there's a whole lot more! Have a listen!


(11/2) New details in the murder of Whitey Bulger, Troops arrive at the border, and The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Ariana Grande slams Pete Davidson in a series of tweets, bohemian Rhapsody is out, callers tell us the weirdest things they've seen in their workplace bathroom, Steve Gregory with ABC gives us an update at the border, and the health effects of ramen on kids.


(10/31) Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We've got trick-or-treaters at KFI filtering in and out of the studio during our show, details on the man who ordered the hit on Whitey Bulger, SoCal Edison says its equipment sparked the Thomas Fire, Whatcha Watchin' Wednesday, and more!


(10/30) Trump heads to Pittsburgh, Whitey Bulger found dead in prison, Terror on the Tracks, and Tasty Tuesday!

President Trump is met with protesters in Pittsburgh following mass shooting at a synagogue, Notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger is found dead in prison, Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc had a list with more targets on it, Terror on the train tracks, Producer Nick learns his lesson about taking pictures of strangers and posting them on the internet, Dr. Stephen Forman on this weekend's Walk of Hope, and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra on horrible Halloween candies!


(10/29) Mail bomber and Pittsburgh shooter in court, Dodgers lose World Series, and Goop in Vancouver

Cesar Sayoc, the mail bomber, and Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, both made court appearances today, The DoD and DHS provide an update on the 5,200 troops sent to the border to handle the migrant caravan, The Dodgers lose the World Series to the Boston Red Sox, and drunk University of South Carolina students are overwhelming the emergency rooms out there.


(10/26) Mail bomber arrested, Ashes at Disney parks, and The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

The suspect accused of mailing pipe bombs to high level Democrats has been identified as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc from Florida, People are spreading their loved ones ashes at Disney parks and it's a big problem, Mo'Kelly stops by for a look at the movies coming out this weekend, and The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!


(10/25) More bombs sent, this time to Joe Biden and Robert DeNiro, Megyn Kelly is out, Trick-Or-Treating with Justin Worsham, and more!

Packages with bombs sent to Joe Biden and Robert DeNiro, NYPD hold press conference with the latest, Megyn Kelly is out at NBC after 'blackface' comment puts the final nail in her TV coffin, Justin Worsham gives his thoughts on kids who are too old to trick-or-treat, The Dodgers blew it again last night, Marc Saltzman comes on for Tech Talk, and two rounds of Strange Science!