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Making sense of the world




Turkey Elections

On May 14, Turkish voters will go to the polls to elect a new president and parliament in what is one of the most important elections of 2023. According to the latest polling, Turkey’s united opposition poses an unprecedented challenge to Erdogan’s rule. Is this the end of Erdogan or will he pull out another ace card?


20th Anniversary of the Iraq War

20 years ago in March 2003, the US launched an invasion of Iraq, promising to end the rule of President Saddam Hussein and destroy alleged weapons of mass destruction in the oil-rich country. Today, 20 years on, Saddam Hussain is gone, 200,000 Iraqis lost their lives and the country remains deeply scarred, the economy is devastated and the government is marred with sectarian battles. America's reputation is at rock bottom and the war left a dark mark on America’s global position.


The Geopolitics of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently been in the headlines with its normalisation with Iran. Named after the tribe that came to dominate the Hijaz. Successive Saudi Kings have navigated the Kingdom through the discovery of oil, the Cold War and 9/11. Saudi faces many challenges going forward much like its history


Making Sense of the World

How do we make sense of the world? There is so much going on at any given time, what are the building blocks of geopolitics and how do we make sense of them. In this series of podcasts, we begin with looking at the how to do this.


The Geopolitics of Germany

Germany today is the industrial powerhouse of Europe, sitting at the centre of the continent. But its had difficult relations with many of its neighbours leading to devastating wars. In this podcast our Europe analyst Massihollah Rohparwar, who is based in Hamburg outlines the geopolitics of Germany.


The Ukraine War, One Year On

The 24th February marks the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The conflict looks very far from ending anytime soon and a Russian victory that everyone was expecting didn't come to pass. There hasn't been a nuclear war yet or WW3 but all the major powers are involved in different ways. In this podcast we asses where the war stands after one year


The Geopolitics of Nigeria

Nigeria goes to the polls on the 25th February 2023 to elect the President, Vice President, Senate and House representatives. The West African nation has for long been seen as a developing nation which led Goldman Sachs to label the African nation as one of the MINT nations in 2014 who along with Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey have the potential in the long term to move up the economic ladder and become developed nations due to their latent potential.


Pakistan Economy on the Edge of Collapse

Pakistan faces a perfect storm as numerous crises have all converged at the same time. From spiralling inflation to the national debt, Pakistan is fast approaching a national meltdown. Pakistan's rulers are busy trying to show the IMF they are worthy of a bailout as her usual lenders in the Gulf as well as China have had enough bailing out the South Asian nation. Is Pakistan about to become a failed state?


Tensions in the Balkans

Recently there was a standoff on the Kosovo-Serbia border. This was after Kosovo ordered drivers to surrender their Serbian-issued licence plates and replace them with Kosovo plates. Serbs living in northern Kosovo started erecting barricades and Kosovo residents confronted them. A traffic jam ensued, and so did a small shootout. The shooting has now died down but the threats have continued. A shootout over licence plates may seem excessive, but this is the Balkans, the region where a shootout led to WW1 and where today many ethnicities live in relatively small areas where the political borders don’t match the ethnic borders. Adnan Khan sits down with Petret Salmani who is from the Balkans to make sense of the tensions as well as the broader region


The Geopolitics of France

The French emerged at the centre of Europe becoming the first nation to embrace liberal values on the continent. In time France become a global power establishing colonies and spreading French culture and values. But the French have struggled after two world wars with Germany to maintain a leading position in the world with many questioning the future of France as a power in the world.



As 2023 fast approaches Geopolity looks at some of the key issues that are likely to take place as well as some of the major events that will shape the year.


Preview: Strategic Estimate 2023

Yusuf Chaudhry previews the forthcoming annual geopolity report, Strategic Estimate 2023.


Making Sense of Pakistan's Turbulent Politics

Pakistan’s turbulent politics recently saw former Prime Minister Imran Khan survive an assassination attempt. Khan is trying to force elections after being ousted in a vote of no confidence and after falling out with the nation's army chief. Pakistan has always been an enigma in South Asia, always teetering on the verge of collapse as its politics seesaws violently. With such an instable political landscape how does anyone make sense of the recent events and the country as a whole.


The Geopolitics of America

The United States began as 13 rebellious colonies on the Eastern edge of the North American continent and in time it would emerge the global superpower. Despite establishing a global order after WW2 and emerging victorious in the Cold War in the 21st century the US faces numerous challenges in maintaining its position at the top of the premier league of nations.


Iranian Rage Against the Regime

At least 35 people have been killed in the worst unrest in Iran for years. Protests have spread throughout the country after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by Iran's morality police for allegedly breaking headscarf rules. Masha Amini eventually died whilst in police custody. Her death resulted in a series of large-scale protests across the country and garnered international attention. The Clerical regime has been in power for four decades and has constantly faced uprisings as it tried to maintain a grip on power. Are we seeing the end of the clerical regime, or will this just be another footnote in Iran's long history? Dr Muhamed Khan from the Rasanah international institute for Iranian studies, think tank joins us on the geopolitical horizons podcast

Germany at Geopolitical Crossroads

For a long time, Germany was able to outsource its security to the US. This allowed Germany to pursue economic and industrial development, not needing to invest in a large defence industry. With the fall of the Berlin wall unified Germany found a reliable and stable supply of energy from Russia and over the decades Germany became reliant on Russian gas and oil. Whilst this three-way marriage worked for Germany the invasion of Ukraine by Russia now means the Germans have to decide which partner matters more. The partner that provides security and stability or the partner that kept her warm during Germany's Cold winters. Germany’s post war evolution now stands at a strategic dilemma.

Where Does the Ukraine War Stand After 6 Months?

Six months ago Russian forces began a full scale invasion of Ukraine. The world watched in horror as Russian forces bombed Ukraine’s cities and swallowed up territory. But the war didn't go according to Russian plans. Ukraine's Capital held out and Ukrainian forces caused significant problems for Russia. The economic war also expanded as Russia was kicked out of the global financial messaging service, otherwise known as SWIFT and sanctions were placed on Russia. The prospect of a quick victory and Ukraine's capitulation has now given way to a protracted conflict.


One Year After the Fall of Kabul

On 15th of August 2022, it will be one year since the fall of the Kabul government and America's departure from Afghanistan. We all remember the images from the airport as western nations abandoned Afghanistan. The Taliban inherited a country suffering from the scars of a decades long occupation and faced major challenges in solving some of the nations key issues. In this podcast we look at how the Taliban have fared in their first year in power.


The Geopolitics of Britain

When it was an empire, Britain ruled over 25% of the world. But since World War II, its position has slowly declined and today Britain is trying to forge a new position for itself in the world. But it faces immense challenges in achieving this.


Hindu Lives Matter?

In this podcast Shabih - Ul- Hassan breaks down what exactly Hindu nationalism is and how Hindutva found fertile ground in India. We explore what this means for the worlds largest democracy and what it also means for minorities across India.