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Green Dream with Molly Basler is a campaign to educate people on the Climate Crisis and inspire them to move into the Green Dream Future. Each episode will focus on the Climate Emergency locally and globally.


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Green Dream with Molly Basler is a campaign to educate people on the Climate Crisis and inspire them to move into the Green Dream Future. Each episode will focus on the Climate Emergency locally and globally.






Ep. 26 Social Compassion In Legislation

In this episode, I am with Judie Mancuso, Founder/President of Social Compassion in Legislation, leading the way on saving people, the planet, and animals. Go, Judie! #janefonda #compassion #legislation #vegan #animalwelfare #ingridnewkirk Contact Judie Mancuso Judie Mancuso, Founder/President Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL) HELP US SPREAD THE WORD We’d love it if you’d please share this episode with a friend from our Podcast Page...


Ep. 25 Onward Together

A little bit of this: environmental issues, and a little bit of that: life situations. I’m flying solo on this episode. I share with you a little bit of this: life’s Challenges-and a little bit of that: environmental issues, and as always, giving you an action you can do to help mitigate the Climate Emergency. Onward Together! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD We’d love it if you’d please share this episode with a friend from our Podcast Page here And let other...


Ep. 24 Dan Kapelovitz Green Party Candidate. Can you Dig It?

In this episode, we ask “Who is Dan Kapelovitz and why is he running for Governor?” Dan wants you to vote NO on the RECALL! We need Green Candidates who step up and run for office to help make the world a better place. Contact Dan Website: Email: Twitter: @kapelovitz4gov Tags #greenparty #lawyers #savetheplanet #animalwelfare #defendtheplanet #leadonclimate #vegan #progressive HELP US SPREAD THE WORD We’d love it if you’d please share...


Ep. 23 There Is No Vaccine For The Climate Emergency

There is no quick fix to this crisis that we are in and the importance of taking ACTION now to help save our planet and ALL species that live here. It’s UP TO US. #elonmusk #jeffbezos #amazon #cleanenergy #nooilandgas #plantbased HELP US SPREAD THE WORD We’d love it if you’d please share this episode with a friend from our Podcast Page here And let other people know about this episode, kindly leave us a rating, and subscribe! Molly Basler For LA...


Ep. 22 Vote No for Nuclear Energy - NO NUKES!

This episode is a roundtable discussion with 3 exceptional environmental activists who are on the frontlines educating people on: -the dangers of Nuclear Energy -why it MUST NOT become the new source of energy and -why ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS MUST BE SHUT DOWN! One of the activists, Harvey Sluggo Wasserman actually coined the phrase: NO NUKES! Myla Reson is a long-time “No Nukes” campaigner and community organizer currently working for the immediate shut down of PG&E's dangerous Diablo...


Ep. 21 Don’t be Idle About Vehicle Idling with Robin Streichler

Let's talk about an issue that takes place every day, RIGHT in FRONT of us, that is a major contributor to more CARBON in our environment, adding to the Climate EMERGENCY which is creating a hotter planet and devastating our natural environment locally and globally. Here to talk about this ISSUE is environmental activist/Climate Reality Project Leader ROBIN STREICHLER who IS ACTUALLY taking ACTION and doing SOMETHING to make this issue an issue of the past. Links mentioned in this...


Ep. 20 Being a Bystander To Suffering is NOT an Option

Jim Greenbaum is my guest. He is one of the most exceptional humans of our time, determined to alleviate suffering from the planet. He has created great abundance for himself but instead of making more or keeping it to himself he has formed the Greenbaum Foundation and is determined to give ALL his money away. At the Greenbaum Foundation, they focus their funding on effective and efficient projects working to bring about the end of suffering (human and non-human) in areas of the highest...


Ep. 19 Climate Healers: Healing The Planet with a Plant-Based Diet by 2026

Dr. Sailesh Rao is the founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers. Dr. Rao is a Human, Earth, and Animal Liberation (HEAL) activist. Dr. Rao talks about Climate Healers, how he started the organization, his moment of clarity, his philosophy on our Ponzi scheme society which creates a lack for so many, what we can do as individuals to help heal the planet while saving ourselves and ALL who live here. Ultimately, it comes down to transforming ourselves to transform the world….are you...


Ep. 18 Plastic is Killing Us! The Plague of Plastic

My guest is Andrea Leon Grossman from AZUL an environmentalist/activist and expert on PLASTIC. We talk about what plastic is made from, the devastation it is having on the People, Planet, Animals, and what we can do to STOP this plague. Links mentioned in this episode A Giant Factory Rises to Make a Product Filling Up the World: Plastic What is Plastic Made of? Seaspiracy: Viewers react to controversial Netflix...


Ep. 17 The Future Of Our Dinner Plates

The most lethal weapons of mass destruction are the FORK, SPOON, and KNIFE as we eat our way to EXTINCTION. What are we going to do about IT? Visit These Links PETA The Game Changers movie The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Factory Farming Awareness Coalition National Geographic Magazine “Where will we find enough food for 9 billion? ...


Ep. 16 Dana Varon: What you Smell May Kill You - or Make You Really Sick!

In this episode, my friend Dana Varon is the guest. We talk about the environmental impact and the health impact that fragrances, that we all grew up with, have on us and the Planet. Dana shares her own personal story of a smell that almost killed her and how after she healed herself holistically and began educating herself on the hazards of fragrances in shampoos, perfumes, soap, candles, cleaning supply, air fresheners on and on we go! And there is NO law that says fragrances have to...


Ep. 15 Why Do We Accept The UNacceptable part 2

This episode is Part 2 of episode 14 where I talked about industries that are making Billions of dollars while destroying us and the planet: The Meat and Dairy Industry, Oil and Gas, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. I found it necessary to talk about 2 more industries that are making Billions of dollars while destroying the planet and ALL of us: The Tobacco Industry and Alcohol. This is UNacceptable that the most powerful wealthiest industries are killing us and the planet. Let’s change...


Ep. 14 Why Do We Accept The UNacceptable

The big ASK: Why Do We Accept the Unacceptable? What is Unacceptable? There are many things that are unacceptable, but what can be Unacceptable to you, might not be to me. There is a collective Unacceptability like murder, child abuse, animal abuse, rape, stealing, lying, on and on we go but here I talk about what society, our political leaders, our government normalizes as Acceptable when it is not! BIG INDUSTRY! that makes BILLIONS of dollars that are killing the planet and All of the...


Ep. 13 Let’s Talk About Friggin Fracking

FRACKING is the worst kind of suicide! The Oil and Gas companies are just hell-bent on killing us, the planet, and the animals, and we need to STOP them! In this episode we discuss FRACKING. What is FRACKING? Why is it so much worse than regular oil drilling for our environment and the people? What can we do to STOP these horrific practices from continuing from taking place? Contact Andrea Leon Grossman from AZUL Andrea on Facebook Andrea on Instagram Andrea on Twitter HELP US SPREAD...


Ep. 12 The Green Dream Candidate

I am a registered candidate running for Los Angeles City Council District 5. I talk about: Why I am running.What is a sustainable campaign?What compelled me to enter the arena.What I stand for and believe in. I talk about how important it is to get to know your local government: Know what District you live in.Who is your City Council Member?Who is your assembly member? When we know who is running we can make better choices for who is leading our city. We need change and we need new strong...


Ep. 11c Michael Zelniker: The Issue With Tissue

My Guest: environmentalist/activist/ filmmaker Michael Zelniker has a new message to share with us: The Issue with Tissue is a documentary film that explores the connection between the climate crisis, mass extinction, indigenous rights, and a product you likely used today called toilet paper. Our journey begins in the bathroom, (admittedly an unusual place for a story about saving the planet), on a roll of toilet paper. The roll begins to unravel, sending us to its place of birth - the...


Ep. 10 Bonnie Nixon: A Sustainable Force

Bonnie Nixon is a sustainable force! She talks about the supply chain of the STUFF we consume. how we can help with the Climate emergency by consuming less and becoming INTERDEPENDENT and how SLAVERY is as prevalent now than it was hundreds of years ago. Guest contact information Bonnie Nixon Global Leader, Supply Chain Strategist, Edupreneur, Marketer, Learning Technologist, Sustainable Product, and Process Innovator Los Angeles & San Francisco Bay Areas,...


Ep. 9 Grace Yoo: Leaders Who Lead With Sustainable Principles

My guest today is Grace Yoo candidate for LA City Council District 10. This episode is to raise awareness on how important LOCAL GOVERNMENT is in helping mitigate the climate emergency. Grace Yoo Contact Information Grace Yoo (424) 333- 0379 Website: Grace Yoo for LA City Council 2020 HELP US SPREAD THE WORD We’d love it if you’d please share this episode with a friend from our Podcast Page here. And let other people know about this episode, kindly leave us a rating, and...


Ep. 8 Round-table: Climate Reality Leaders Lead on Climate

Round-table participants Michael Zelniker on LinkedIn, on Twitter Mayela Manasjan on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Tiny Climate Podcast Jill MacIntyre Witt on LinkedIn, on TEDx (YouTube), and Fought Big Coal in Her Backyard


Ep. 7 Mayela Manasjan: Facing the Climate Emergency with Heart

A Guided Meditation led by Mayela Manasjan of the Tiny Climate Challenge podcast. "I offer this guided meditation as a practice for awakening to both the crisis and the great potential for transformation." Sir Jewel.