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The latest daily news, headlines and events from home - coming straight to you from the KUAM Studios in Harmon!

The latest daily news, headlines and events from home - coming straight to you from the KUAM Studios in Harmon!
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The latest daily news, headlines and events from home - coming straight to you from the KUAM Studios in Harmon!








ReelTalk with @kensanity (Ep. 7): dragons = $$$

We talk about the key element to making fantasy movies work, make money and have staying relevance: DRAGONS. We dissect the genius that is 2002's Reign of Fire and lament why it's largely forgotten. Plus, Ken dishes and gushes on God of War: 4 and how Kratos might jump to other mythologies and how Sony will undoubtedly making him jump to the Silver Screen.


KUAM Reporter's Journal: the creative tripod - Sabrina, Jason & Marie

Sabrina, Jason & Marie - The Reporter, The Techie & The Boss. Two gals and a dude that form the longest-running news anchor/producer team in Guam history, who couldn't be more different but share a common goal: to tell interesting stories about Guam in interesting ways. Listen to their fall-off-your-chair funny anecdotes and major trash talk (to each other) from nearly two decades together about working for Drew Barrymore, being snobbed at first glance, turning down Microsoft for KUAM,...


KUAM Reporter's Journal: Whisper & Sage, our award-winning mother-&-son filmmakers

At KUAM, we're bursting at the seams with amazing talent...and the next generation is carrying on our tradition of telling interesting stories in interesting ways. We introduce you to Whisper and Sage Dela Cruz, a mother-&-son tandem who not only are a laugh riot to be around here in Harmon, but are also both award-winning filmmakers! See what motivates them to make movies and how they're being creative as a family. They talk about how they got started in movie-making, what their faves...


Foodie Call: Melchor Manibusan talks brewing techniques and being a Coffee Slut

Coffee in a wine bottle? It's a thing! Founder of Spike Coffee Roasters and one of the owners of Coffee slut Guam, Melchor Manibusan joins KUAM's Lacee Martinez and Eli Monge to deep dive into the art of the perfect brew and how coffee has evolved. He talks about creating Guam's first company to do cold brew, and his role in running only the fourth company ever in the world to produce nitro coffee. You've seen his brands all over the island, and once you try his signature blends and...


Reactions to the Billboard Music Awards noms

Mariah Ramos, Vic Falan and Andy Wheeler from i94-FM give you their thoughts on the nominees for the Billboard Music Awards, which goes down on May 21.


The Chris Barnett Podcast (Ep. 3): who’s going to win in the 2018 elections?

Chris Barnett thinks out loud about what candidates need to do to win votes in 2018 - and when Chris' ideas start flowing...NOBODY nobody is safe.


ReelTalk with @kensanity (Ep. 6): animation exposition

We're giving you a tour of the history and innovations in animated movies over the years for this week's movie roundup. What are the best examples of effective animation? Does stop-motion count? Is CGI doing more harm than good? Can anyone ever challenge Disney for the title of undisputed master of animation? How did South Park and Simpsons hold up on the Silver Screen? it weird to be turned-on by an animated character? And, as always, our FOMO-busting recommendations for the top...


KUAM-TV Talk (Ep. 4) - The Voice Live, Timeless & Donald Glover on SNL

Join Andy & Mariah as they rap about The Voice Live shows, Timeless(and Mariah shipping) as well as the amazing Donald Glover who will be hosting SNL in May!


Ryan Leon Guerrero, Jr. reads the Legend of the Two Chamorro Chiefs

Here's a special treat - Ryan Leon Guerrero, Jr. reads the Legend of the Two Chamorro Chiefs...for you! Enjoy!


KUAM Reporter's Journal: Kehani Mendiola on her rookie year and being the baby in the newsroom

KUAM's youngest rookie reporter Kehani Mendiola talks to Jason Salas about her whirlwind of a year - what brought her to news, her commitment to fitness, her long battle with clinical depression, being comfortable in a courtroom, riding on military flights for work, breaking big stories, running for Miss Guam World (while her fiancee simultaneously competed in a male beauty pageant), and how she's inspiring young girls to be their best after overcoming her own issues with self-confidence....


Uno Guam Podcast (Ep. 1): meet our team & how we pivoted from print

Get to know the team and backstory behind UNO Guam, the island's premiere source for digital coverage of lifestyle, events, food, art, fashion and more! Find out how they shifted from a print publication to a purely digital entity, how they produce content in a way that's effective with their fellow Millennials, the challenges transitioning away from being a magazine, and how well they get along, and...drama. Check out their super cool channel on YouTube at...


ReelTalk with @kensanity (Ep.5): evolution of horror

This week, Ken, Chris and Jason dive deep on a genre of film with a distinct and specific purpose: evoke fright. But is that all horror movies really aim to do, and is it impossible to tell good stories in a scary movie? Topics include: what are the best all-time jump-scares? How has horror evolved (or devolved, depending on your perspective) over the years? What's the model for a good scare? Who are the best killers? And what movies just tragically fall apart in their attempt to get you...


Kiara Quichocho reads "The Legend of the Lemai Tree"

KUAM's Kin Concepcion introduces you to UOG freshman Kiara Quichocho from Barrigada, who competed in the Chamorro Language Competition, who reads the Legend of the Lemai Tree.


Reporter's Journal: Nestor Licanto - master storyteller

Veteran journalist Nestor Licanto jumps on the mic for KUAM Reporter's Journal, sharing stories, anecdotes and wisdom from a career spanning more than 30 years. He talks about his days working at old school KUAM, hairstyles for the 80's anchorman, hosting Guam's first morning show, his on-air marriage with Ginger Cruz, the changing landscape of reporting, streaming events on Facebook Live, going big-time at CNBC and TSA, returning to Harmon, covering Guam business, the challenges of...


ReelTalk with @kensanity (Ep. 4): best prison movies EVER

This week, we sit down to debate cinema's best moments that captured what it's like being behind bars. We spend A LOT of time on Blood In, Blood Out (quite possibly the most-quotable movie for any Guamanian ages 28 to 45), why Ken believes The Shawshank Redemption is just hype, Jason defends "prison of the mind" metaphors and 48 Hours, why Chris can't ever watch American Me's knife scene and American History X's sidewalk assault, and producer Uncle Kin jumping-in for classics like Cool...


KUAM TV Talk (Ep. 3): Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE, The Voice & CBS renewals

Andy Wheeler and Mariah Ramos from i94-FM talk about the ginormous production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live and bringing the stage production to the TV screen, what they're liking about The Voice, and a whole bunch of CBS renewals.


Reporter's Journal: Nick Delgado talks coming home and coming out

News director Nick Delgado chats candidly on the KUAM Podcast Network about a truly unique life experience: his time in the Army, getting started in journalism, arriving at KUAM and breaking the massage parlor industry wide open, leaving to continue his education, reporting in the Big Apple, raising three boys as a FaceTime Father from halfway across the world, coming back to KUAM and attempting to fill the shoes of a legendary news icon, his on-air chemistry with Krystal Paco, reigniting...


Foodie Call (Ep. 1): seafood, veggies & eating challenges during Lent

Anyone that's lived on Guam for more than a year knows how menus around the island change for the 40 days leading up to Easter (at least on Fridays). This can make for some "interesting" dietary adjustments that you have to make, regardless of your faith. Listen to two local ladies with unique viewpoints about cooking and consuming meals during Lent: how difficult is it to transition to vegetarianism on Guam, Is chicken still OK to eat on Fridays? What if I accidentally or deliberately eat...


ReelTalk with @kensanity (Ep. 3): Hollywood's greatest action stars

KUAM's cinephile Ken San Nicolas leads a lively discussion with Jason Salas and Chris Barnett about who the greatest action heroes are to grace the silver screen. Topics include whether there was ever a movie in which Jean-Claude Van Damme DIDN'T do his signature splits, if you can be considered a proper action star if your IMDb profile lists only one action movie, whether sports flicks and westerns count, and Hollywood's top female action heroes. Make sure to subscribe to get the latest...


The Chris Barnett Podcast (Ep. 2): responding to the responses

KUAM's Chris Barnett responds to an elected official’s call for him to be removed from KUAM and reminds him of what his priorities should be as a public servant.


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