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Harry's Last Stand Episode 13 Christmas

In the snug of a pub while the storms of austerity batter Britain, I chat with you about the effects of poverty during the Great Depression when the Yuletide was a time of despair, for those struggling to stay alive in a world corrupted by greed.


Harry's Last Stand Episode 11 We are all at the edge of Destitution

Our world is much like the world of my youth;we are all working the coal face for pennies a day. Our wages are flat but our expenses are rising while hope for a better tomorrow is diminishing. Don't ever think Conservatives can save us from destitution because their ideology and greed is what is making us poor.


Harry's Last Stand Episode 12 "I need your help"

My name is Harry Leslie Smith. My life is at eventide because I will be 95 in February 2018. For close to one hundred years, I have witnessed humanity at its best and worst. And right now in this present age, mankind is in one of its most difficult stages. It’s why I need your help today, so that I can complete the last great challenge of my existence before old age consumes me. I am one of the last few remaining voices left from a generation of men and women who built a better society for...


Harry's Last Stand Episode 10 Don't Let My Past Be Your Future

Harry Leslie Smith reads from his recently published book Don't Let My Past Be Your Future Britain is at its most dangerous juncture since Harry's youth - the NHS and social housing are in crisis, whilst Brexit and an unpopular government continue to divide the country - but there is hope. Just as Clement Attlee provided hope in 1945, Labour's triumphant comeback of June 2017 is a beacon of light in this season of discontent. Britain has overcome adversity before and will do so again - a...


Episode 8 Harry's Last Stand Theresa May will privatise the NHS if we don't resist the Tories

Until Labour came to government in 1945, I couldn’t believe that the working class would ever be treated as equal citizens in a society run for the benefit of the 1%. But the creation of the NHS changed my mind. When Labour established the NHS, I felt for the first time to be included in democracy and valued as a citizen by my government.


Harry's Last Stand Episode 7 Austerity has the blood of Grenfell Tower on its hands

We are a nation unhappily and unfairly divided by wealth and privilege.It seems people died in Grenfell because they just weren’t wealthy enough to warrant proper safety considerations. That’s just not right, it’s not the Britain we deserve, it’s not the Britain my generation wanted to build in 1945 when it lay in ruins from war and centuries of oppression by the entitled.


Harrys Last Stand Episode 5 Austerity is the end of Hope

The British General Election is just weeks away and because of austerity, this maybe democracy's last whistle stop. I have lived for 94 years and seen the evil conservative politics has done to Britain and the world. To not vote in this election is surrender to the tyranny of austerity. My past doesn't have to be your future


Harrys Last Stand Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Harry's Last Stand, 94 year old Harry Leslie Smith calls out to Britain to register to vote for the upcoming General Election. He warns against the cynical politics of the Tories that has divided Britain. He speaks about his past 80 years ago, and how in a time before the NHS, his eldest sister Marion died a horrific death from TB in a work house infirmary. He warns that his past can become your future.


Harry's Last Stand Episode 2

It's the Second Episode of Harry's Last Stand and as we wait for our trains in a railway pub. I have begun to tell more about my 94 years of life. I speak of my sister's death from TB, the poverty of my youth, the madness of Brexit, the need for social justice and the dangers of Donald Trump


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