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3: "I am done modulating my emotions to protect you from my rage"

In this episode, we are done. Done done done. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process is over but we are just getting started. We talk about why calls for civility in the wake of injustice are often calls to silence underrepresented voices. We discuss the fact that so many white women were galvanized to support the Kavanaugh nomination, and why that points to the need for more women leaders in religious spaces. And we feed our rage with some family-size bags of Peanut M&Ms. **_If you want...


2: "These freakin' guys"

This week, Nish and Amy talk about the wrong way to do faith outreach, as well as an attempt by a group of LDS women to appeal to the four Mormon senators who sit on the Judiciary Committee. We also introduce a new segment called "Race to the Bottom," in which we nominate some nonsense we've heard from conservative white evangelicals and ask listeners to vote on the very worst. And Amy talks with writer Danielle Mayfield about the spiritual and moral themes of "The Good Place," which returns...


1: "It's a really horrible time to be a Catholic"

And we are back! Welcome to the Season Two premiere of Impolite Company, in which we discuss new revelations of abuse and coverup in the Catholic Church, the increasingly contested nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and Democratic faith-outreach efforts. We'll be returning to that last topic throughout the fall as we talk with Democratic candidates and former Obama aides about why there's been such traditional resistance in the party to faith outreach and how some newer candidates are trying it...


31: The It's-Almost-Time-for-Season-Two! Update

We're just days away from launching the second season of Impolite Company, listeners! In the meantime, we wanted to share this conversation Amy had with Calvin College historian and gender studies professor Kristin Du Mez. Du Mez is writing a book about white evangelicals, toxic masculinity, and militarism. She and Amy talked about the way in which those factors actually make Donald Trump not just an acceptable figure for many white evangelicals but perhaps an ideal figure. Enjoy the...


30: The Mid-Summer Break Update

In this mini episode, Amy checks in to tell listeners that Impolite Company will be back for Season Two after Labor Day, and bemoans the many religion & politics stories that have gone uncommented on over the summer. Mentioned this week: • [Nish's idyllic summer with her REI-catalogue family]( • [The Pope's Groundbreaking Rejection of the Death Penalty](


29: "They're using religion as a sword to harm other people"

_Note: This episode was recorded before Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, and before an armed man slaughtered five journalists at the Annapolis Capitol Gazette._ We're one week away from taking a break for much of the summer--but we're starting up an Impolite Company newsletter to fill the void, and we'll drop in occasionally with a few mini episodes. In the meantime, this week's show features Amy in conversation with two women who are leading figures in the...


28: "This is one of those moments"

Buckle up, listeners. We recorded this week's episode just an hour or so after Jeff Sessions cited Romans 13 to justify the Trump Administration's policy of ripping families apart at the border, so we were in full NOT TODAY SATAN mode. You have been warned, and you're welcome. We also discuss the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting, at which the denomination tiptoe into discussions of church abuse and gender, but then leapt about 72 steps backward by hosting Mike Pence for a...


27: "Next question!"

This week we're taking a break from our regular discussions of everything awful and devoting an entire episode to fielding listener questions! From how Nish and Amy met to favorite tv shows to parenting tips, we've got answers. **_Please visit our [Patreon Page]( and consider becoming a monthly patron of the show, for as little as $1 per month._**


26: "Try Googling 'John Hagee and End Times'"

This week, we talk about Vice President Mike Pence's commencement address at Hillsdale College, in which he declared that religiosity is on the rise in America (it's not). We also discuss the decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem AND to invite John "the Apocalypse is coming and it will be in Israel" Hagee to represent the United States by offering a benediction at the opening ceremony for the new embassy. And Amy phones Emma Green, the Jerusalem-based religion writer...


25: "We are swimming in a sea of red flags"

This week, Nish and Amy talk about Trump's belated announcement of a White House faith office, as well as the backlash among Southern Baptist women to comments from Paige Patterson regarding marriage and domestic abuse. We also interview journalist Ruth Graham about her recent [Politico Magazine story](, which laid out in fascinating detail the extent to which Christian...


24: "Well, that escalated quickly"

We begin this week by discussing the Case of Paul Ryan and the Disappearing Chaplain. But in the time between recording this episode and releasing it, the chaplain in question rescinded his resignation and Paul Ryan gave in, restoring the chaplain to his position. You come at a Jesuit, ya best not miss, Mr. Speaker. We also talked about the record number of Hindu candidates running for office as Democrats this year. And Amy spoke with Elijah Zehyoue, associate pastor of Calvary Baptist...


23: "Welcome to our world, Tim Keller"

In this episode, we discuss the unfamiliar sight of a world leader admitting a mistake, apologizing, and asking forgiveness--as Pope Francis has after initially backing a Chilean bishop accused of protecting sexually-abusive priests. We also talk about the debate over Mike Pompeo's nomination for Secretary of State, which is strongly opposed not only by Democratic senators but also leading Muslim and Jewish groups. Pompeo's supporters claim that any criticism of his anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ...


22: "There's a lot of collateral damage."

Nish and Amy are back together again! This week we talk about the abrupt resignation/retirement of Willow Creek's founding pastor Bill Hybels after one of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct and harassment wrote publicly about her story. When it comes to championing women in ministry, Hybels has been one of the good guys in evangelicalism. But good guys are not immune to abusing their power. We also take up an alarming BuzzFeed News analysis of Muslim-bashing by American...


21: Mormons & The Mailbag

This week, Nish is back! But it's Amy's turn to take the week off. It was a big week for the LDS Church - sustaining a new prophet, appointments of new apostles, and some big structural shifts in how they do ministry. To break down the changes, as well as how the Mormon church handles racism and the #MeToo movement, Nish interviews Janan Graham-Russell, a writer, religion scholar, PhD candidate at Harvard, and practicing Mormon to break down the latest. For the second half of the show, Nish...


20: #InTheSpiritOfHolyWeek

This week Amy is joined by guest co-host [Jack Jenkins](, superstar religion journalist and national reporter for Religion News Service. We discuss Jack's reporting on the involvement of religious groups in anti-gun-violence demonstrations, often at the urging of young members in their congregations. Many of them are fed up with the oft-heard dodge that politics shouldn't be brought into religion. Especially since they've watched generations of conservative...


19: "Christians are called to lay down our lives, not to take down other lives."

Nish is away this week, so Amy is joined by guest co-host [Rachel Johnson](, executive minister of communications at Riverside Church in New York City. We had a wonderful conversation teasing out some tensions in American religion: religious institutions try to deal with sexual abuse allegations internally to protect their brand--but they're losing congregants precisely because they're not transparent. Religious conservatives love to hold up "Christian...


18: "Why do critics of the Social Gospel think Christianity is a zero-sum game?"

This week we tackle the Atlantic cover story about Trump and evangelicals: ["The Last Temptation"]( by former George W. Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson. His lament for the evangelicalism he knew as a child and a student at Wheaton is heartfelt, but struck us as omitting some key details and focusing on some mythical bygone era in which evangelicals embraced racial justice and unity. We also observed the fifth...


17: "Christians! Do not hold those Purim parties!"

This week we tackled a delicate issue for many American Christians--churches that hold their own observances of Jewish holidays. Amy talked to Mark Oppenheimer, religion journalist and host of the [Unorthodox]( podcast, to get a Jewish perspective on this cultural appropriation. We also discussed the rest social media frenzy around photos that seemed to show a Protestant church ceremony to bless parishioners' guns. The "church"...


16: "This is a group of Catholics who are willing to stand in the gap."

This week we took on a trio of stories from the Catholic world: the overwhelming united support for Dreamers among U.S. Catholics, including the group of sisters, priests, and laypeople who were arrested at the U.S. Capitol this week; Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki putting Sen. Dick Durbin on notice that he will be denied communion over his support for abortion rights; and Pope Francis' [fiery assertion]( that it would...


15: "What good is access if you're not using it to preach truth to power?"

In which we call B.S. on the court evangelicals who want us to believe that they're counseling Trump about his misogyny and racism and cruelty behind closed doors--but won't say anything against him publicly. We also discuss the legacy of Billy Graham, who passed away this week at the age of 99, and question whether his son Franklin will end up being responsible for pushing more Americans away from Christianity than his father brought to it. Nish finally gets her chance to talk about Mitt...