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A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom

A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom
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A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom








Fake Adverts, Parenting, and Reading a Book at a Rave

On this week's show Alex (@AMBhack) chats to Robin Murray (@Rob_Murray92) about a bizarre site he saw at a rave in Bristol, he tells us about the story he wrote and how he ended up becoming more involved, with follow up stories and conversations after publishing his first story on the sighting! Then Alex has a chat with senior reporter and Mum of two, Emma Grimshaw (@Elidiard). They discuss an opinion piece Emma wrote about co-sleeping with your new born baby, whether it's safe and how she...


Important Business, The Grand Iftar, and podcasting

This week Alex Wood (@MrAlexWood) takes on the hosting duties as Alex Ballinger (@AMBhack) is away on holiday! We still have a fantastic episode for you. Alex talks with Business Editor Hannah Baker, about what it is like to write for businesses, working across print and digital, Hannah is possible the last journalist in the room that writes for both. Next up Bronwen Weatherby is on the show talking about The Grand Iftar, A celebration for all communities to come together and eat food, in...


Clickbait, local democracy, and the Bristol World Cup

On this week's episode, Alex talks with digital editor Luke Beardsworth about what his job entails, how he got started in journalism and the age old issue of clickbait. Luke explains the importance of reporters being ingrained in their communities and, taking criticism from readers, and 'trending content'. Also on the show, Tristan Cork explains his latest project, the Bristol World Cup - his mission is to find one person from every country competing, bringing everyone together to...


Newspapers, growing up in Bristol, and speaking out on sexual abuse

In this week's episode, Alex covers some important topics. First up he talks to Sian David, who is Head of Print at the Bristol Post. They discuss how Sian's job has changed over the years and why the newspaper is still so important in the digital world. It's a fascinating conversation about how local news works in 2018 and well worth a listen. Next Alex chats to freelance journalist Neil Maggs, who has been working on an incredible video series about Bristol's sporting world. He has been...


Protests, local heroes, and the Bearpit

This week on the show, we talk to reporter Robin Murray about a feature he is working on based on characters in the city we all know and love. Robin talks us through why he decided to write a feature celebrating these memorable personalities, he tells us what has been like to meet and chat to these characters, and discusses his future ambitions for the series. Next up, host Alex has a in depth chat with a fellow Alex in the office! Reporter Alex Wood talks us through his coverage about...


Why diversity matters in Bristol and how the 'Year of Change' can improve inequality

This week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast explores diversity in Bristol with reporter Tristan Cork and how the 'Year of Change' campaign can help improve inequality in the city. Inside Bristol Live, a weekly podcast brought to you by reporters in your local newsroom, investigates the biggest stories happening in your area with interviews from journalists. On this week's show, host Alex Ballinger speaks to Tristan about his work covering the Bristol-wide Year of Change that hopes to...


Michael Yong on 'Dying Homeless'

This week's headline story is from education reporter Michael Yong, who has launched a hugely important project to track the number of homeless people who die on the streets of Bristol. Working with a national journalism organisation, Michael tells me why the project is so important and speaks about his own experiences volunteering to help the homeless. We also have a conversation with politics reporter Esme Ashcroft who recently sat down for an exclusive chat with the Mayor of Bristol...


News reporter Alex Wood shares his experiences of reporting on deaths

This week, Bristol Live reporter Alex Wood talks me through the difficult subject of reporting on deaths and inquests. His first-hand experience really shows the personal and professional dilemmas reporters face when approaching bereaved families. Grace Earl from the What's On team then takes a look at a problem that might seem small to many, but is actually a big concern for independent businesses - no shows at restaurants. She talks me through the issue of customers booking tables and...


2: Reporter Tristan Cork on the mess surrounding MetroBus project

This week Bristol Live reporter Tristan Cork talks me through the catalogue of delays and mistakes plaguing the city's ambitious MetroBus transport project. Then fellow reporter Joe Smith discusses his coverage of the notorious bike gangs and explains how he fell victim to them on his first day in Bristol. And finally political reporter Esme Ashcroft investigates Bristol City Council's new plans to use council housing to tackle the housing crisis. Stories included in this episode: Three...


1: Editor Mike Norton talks us through the change from Bristol Post to Bristol Live

This week’s debut episode features interviews from Bristol Live Editor Mike Norton (@Bristol_editor) who talks us through the name-change from the Bristol Post to Bristol Live. Then I talk with education reporter Michael Yong (@MichaelYong ) about a council scandal that left a family living in a hotel room for years. Last but not least, I chat with Bronwen Weatherby (@BronWeatherby) who has been investigating unscrupulous restaurant tipping practices in Bristol. Stories included in this...