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A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom

A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom
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A podcast that takes you behind the headlines and inside a local newsroom








Hello Sarah, M32 fines and island living

Bristol Live's very own podcast is back with the inside track on what has been a very busy week in the newsroom. We join host Bronwen Weatherby on this week’s episode to welcome Sarah, our newest reporter at Bristol Live. We also talk with Alex Wood about the MetroBus slip road which people are still using despite getting fined and last but not least Krishan Davis tells us all an Instagram account which celebrates Turbo island. . If you have ever wished you could take a look inside your...


Tinder poo and tipping tax

Bristol Live's very own podcast is back with the inside track on what has been a very busy week in the newsroom. Two reporters join host Alex Wood on this week’s episode to discuss a tipping scandal sweeping the restaurant industry and what happened when a young couple from Bristol went on a date - and ended up making headlines around the world. News reporter Joe Smith, who is leaving Bristol Live after 18 months at the website and newspaper, looks back on his time in the newsroom and...


Bristol Arena, Chandos House and reporters rights in court

Bristol Live's very own podcast is back with the inside track on what has been a very busy week in the newsroom. Two reporters are in the studio to talk about stories that made news for us, while another talks about how he bizarrely made the news himself. Political reporter Esmé Ashcroft dissects a monumental week in the long-running Bristol Arena saga after Mayor Marvin Rees ruled out a city centre concert venue. Esmé talks about exactly what has happened, what will happen next, and...


Festivals, Facebook, and The Great British Bake off

In the latest instalment of Bristol Live's podcast, our reporters discuss an upcoming festival, the paper's use of social media, and the return of the Great British Bake Off. Entertainment specialist Robin Murray is first up in the studio to preview Downs Festival, which has its third ever edition tomorrow (Saturday, September 1). He tell's guest host Krishan Davis who to look out for, the up and coming Bristol musicians involved and how this festival isn't just about the...


Homelessness, video, and trends

In this weeks episode, Matt takes the position of 'unexpected host' as planned host Bronwen Weatherby rushed to court to cover a story. Bron interviews Chris Nicholls about his role as video editor and the importance of video in news stories. Next up, Matt chats to Dan, our trends writer, about his role and trending content, what is trending content, why is it important, and how do you balance it against local news. Last on the show, but by no means least is Michael Yong, coming on to...


Islamophobia, Parking, and Hot Air Balloons

In this week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast, our journalists look at an upsetting case of Islamophobia that took place on a Bristol bus. Education reporter Michael Yong and content editor Bethan Evans talk to host Alex Ballinger about how the story developed and how much we rely on brave people coming forward to talk. Bethan and Michael also look at the difference between national and local coverage of a big story like this one. Next up on the show, reporter Krishan Davis and...


Breastfeeding, school cuts, and Metrobus

In this week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast, we speak to reporter and mum Emma Grimshaw about her experience of breastfeeding. Emma speaks to our reporter Alex Wood who has taken over interviewing duties to hear about life as a mum in Bristol. Then regular host Alex Ballinger returns to hear from education reporter Michael Yong who has been covering a landmark court case. Michael has been reporting on a campaign against funding cuts that threaten to have a huge impact on the...


Channel 4, Breaking News, and Congestion Zones

This week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast focuses on how our reporters work when big news breaks. Breaking news is always a huge part of the newsroom environment, so reporter Krishan Davis joins us in the studio to explore how we cover major incidents. From road traffic collisions to serious crime or major fires, there is always something happening in Bristol and our reporters always have their ear to the ground. Also on this week's episode of Inside Bristol Live, reporter Alex...


Slavery, sex abuse, and Thekla's Birthday

On this week's show Bronwen stands in for Alex and talks to Tristan Cork about Edward Colston. Edward Colston played a huge role in the transatlantic slave trade and so Tristan takes us through a brief history of the merchant and why he is at the centre of a modern day controversy focusing a new plaque which will be placed on his statue. Next, Bron talks to Michael Yong about a sexual assault case involving a head teacher and a student. In a harrowing conversation Michael speaks about how...


Penis coffins, cycling, and Harbour Fest

On this week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast, we talk to reporter Bronwen Weatherby about the divided response she received to a piece that puts her experience at the forefront. Bron steps into the Inside Bristol Live studio to talk about her article and why she is afraid to cycle in Bristol. Her article triggered a very unexpected response, with many people praising her while others suggested she should not have written about her experience. Bron explores audience reaction, the...


Schools, gentrification, and Bristol Pride

This week on the show, Alex talks to education reporter Michael Yong about the Bristol Real Schools Guide. Michael explains what it is, how it's put together and how to parents can use the guide most effectively. Michael is passionate about education and does great work to help parents and families across the city with his reporting, so it's great to find out more about his work. Next up, Tristan Cork joins the show to talk about the future of Bedminster. Tristan talks us through the new...


Devil coins, carnival, and forgetting your World Cup tickets

On this week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast, we welcome our what's on team into the studio to talk about one of the biggest events of the year - the St Paul's Carnival 2018. This year marks the return of the huge celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture and it's contribution to Bristol. Entertainment writers Grace Earl and Robin Murray tell us why the event is so massive, how they have been covering it in the run-up, and we explore some of the controversies that have surrounded the...


Ticket touts, Bristol Arena, and suicide

On this week's show, Alex talks to digital editor Luke Beardsworth about ticket touts and secondary ticket sites like Viagogo. Luke and Alex discuss why reselling gig tickets at an inflated prices is allowed and why little is being done to change it. Then we have political editor Esme Ashcroft, who joins the show to discuss the seemingly endless Bristol Arena saga, after another delay of the final decision. Esme gives us an insight into the arena drama, her experiences reporting on the...


Animal abuse, hostile roads for women, and Channel 4

This week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast takes you deeper into an investigation of animal cruelty at a South Gloucestershire farm. Reporter Tristan Cork has been exploring how a farmowner spent years inflicting cruel practices on animals she owned and why the authorities were unable to act. Tristan has been covering a recent court case focusing on neglect at Ingst Manor Farm, so he discusses his coverage of this shocking story. Also on this week's episode of Inside Bristol Live,...


Raves, housing scams, and parenting

On this week's show Alex chats to What's On reporter Robin Murray about a bizarre sight he witnessed at a rave in Bristol. Robin tells us how the story quickly went national and how he tracked down the mystery reader raver involved. Then Alex has a chat with senior reporter and mum-of-two, Emma Grimshaw about something close to her heart. Emma recently penned a piece about co-sleeping with her new-born baby, whether it's safe and how she has found the official advice unhelpful. Emma has...


Important Business, The Grand Iftar, and Podcasting

This week Alex Wood (@MrAlexWood) takes on the hosting duties as Alex Ballinger (@AMBhack) is away on holiday! We still have a fantastic episode for you. Alex talks with Business Editor Hannah Baker, about what it is like to write for businesses, working across print and digital, Hannah is possible the last journalist in the room that writes for both. Next up Bronwen Weatherby is on the show talking about The Grand Iftar, A celebration for all communities to come together and eat food, in...


Clickbait, local democracy, and the Bristol World Cup

On this week's episode, Alex talks with digital editor Luke Beardsworth about what his job entails, how he got started in journalism and the age old issue of clickbait. Luke explains the importance of reporters being ingrained in their communities and, taking criticism from readers, and 'trending content'. Also on the show, Tristan Cork explains his latest project, the Bristol World Cup - his mission is to find one person from every country competing, bringing everyone together to...


Newspapers, growing up in Bristol, and speaking out on sexual abuse

In this week's episode, Alex covers some important topics. First up he talks to Sian David, who is Head of Print at the Bristol Post. They discuss how Sian's job has changed over the years and why the newspaper is still so important in the digital world. It's a fascinating conversation about how local news works in 2018 and well worth a listen. Next Alex chats to freelance journalist Neil Maggs, who has been working on an incredible video series about Bristol's sporting world. He has been...


Protests, local heroes, and the Bearpit

This week on the show, we talk to reporter Robin Murray about a feature he is working on based on characters in the city we all know and love. Robin talks us through why he decided to write a feature celebrating these memorable personalities, he tells us what has been like to meet and chat to these characters, and discusses his future ambitions for the series. Next up, host Alex has a in depth chat with a fellow Alex in the office! Reporter Alex Wood talks us through his coverage about...


Why diversity matters in Bristol and how the 'Year of Change' can improve inequality

This week's episode of the Bristol Live podcast explores diversity in Bristol with reporter Tristan Cork and how the 'Year of Change' campaign can help improve inequality in the city. Inside Bristol Live, a weekly podcast brought to you by reporters in your local newsroom, investigates the biggest stories happening in your area with interviews from journalists. On this week's show, host Alex Ballinger speaks to Tristan about his work covering the Bristol-wide Year of Change that hopes to...