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Conversations about money, economics, politics, history, technology, and more! Find all our content & social media links at









Still depressed by the red wave that never happened in 2022? The results at the federal level may have been depressing, but there was a red tsunami all over the country in a place that you probably weren't looking. The Erin Volz, vice-chair of the Lewis County Republican Party in Washington State, and and local activist Lacey Clark join Dylan Moore at Irida TV to discuss the MASSIVE red wave that happened in 2022. Notes: -Find more of our content at


North Dakota with Rep. Christensen: No Rights for Nature, Inanimate Objects, AI, or Corporations

North Dakota State Representative Cole Christensen joins Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss the groundbreaking and historic bill that he has sponsored into the North Dakota legislature. As of recording, the bill has passed the state house 86 to 7, which limits the definition of "Personhood" to only include human beings, and to specifically EXCLUDE nature, inanimate objects, AI, corporations, and government entities. Not only is this a massive blow to the controlling elite that would love to...


HISTORIC: North Dakota Codifies Individual Personhood Rights Into Law

Mark Herr joins us to break down the practical implications of a groundbreaking new North Dakota law that his Center for Self Governance has been promoting, the long term strategy behind it, and why it marks the breakdown of a centuries old trend of abolishing the individual's rights vis-à-vis corporations, the state, associations, and globalist NGOs. The law stipulates that "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an individual's rights are superior and not equal to environmental...


Universal Healthcare Debate - Progressive VS Libertarian Solutions

We debate the topic of Universal Healthcare with our friend Tommy From Tommy Nation Politics. Can the US Treasury afford such a massive spending program? Would it solve systemic corruption and inefficiencies in the US healthcare system? These and many more questions are debated. Notes:


The Truth About The Debt Ceiling Debate

We discuss the recurring drama surrounding the US government's debt ceiling, and how a comprehensive understanding of modern monetary theory and public finance can help you eliminate a lot of fog and confusion regarding the...


The End Of Globalism & The West's New Golden Era

Following up on our trilogy about The Evolution of Civilizations, we combine Carroll Quigley's scientific big picture analysis of long term historical trends with Peter Zeihan's more contemporary views on the end of globalization. More specifically, we identify the challenges that the institutionalized forces within Western Civilization are facing today, how they're reacting to try and remain relevant, and how a new, decentralized instrument of expansion is emerging and allowing the West to...


The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism - Part 4

We continue our discussion of Peter Zeihan's book "The End of the World is just the Beginning," focusing in on the history of oil, today's map of oil trade, its role in the overall mix of energy supplies in the world, and the impossible math of electronic vehicles and renewable energy sources in general. Notes: - "The End of the World is just the Beginning" by Peter Zeihan - Russia map...


The Gold Standard & Monetary History

We discuss the history of money and the arguments for and against the gold standard, cross referencing in part sections from Prof. Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy & Hope" and Dr. E. Michael Jones's "Barren Metal." Notes:



We discuss today's manifestations of the philosophy of Nihilism and analyze sections from Seraphim Rose's book "Nihilism - The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age." Notes:


The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism - Part 3

We continue the discussion of Peter Zeihan's book "The End of the World is just the Beginning", focusing on his financial and demographic analysis of the current state of the disintegrating world of global trade, and delving into some observations regarding specific countries around the world. We also share thoughts as to how and why an otherwise astute observer like Zeihan got things like cryptocurrencies or the Ukraine war so catastrophically...


The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism - Part 2

Nima & Dylan discuss the financial implications of current ongoing global demographic changes according to Peter Zeihan as per his book "The End of the World is just the Beginning". Notes:


Weaponized Domestic Terrorism Legislation Coming to a State Near You! AND WHAT TO DO TO FIX IT!

Mark Herr, Zoe Warren, and Mila Wood from The Center for Self-Governance join Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss ongoing attempts to introduce domestic terrorism legislation at the state level in every state around country. The most recent iteration comes from Washington State Attorney General issuing a report calling for the Washington State legislature to introduce such legislation. Mark, Zoe, and Warren detail the bigger picture of what's going on behind this push at legislation, and...


The Roadmap of Intellectual Self Defense - The 4 Circuits of Human Behavior

Be prepared to understand your personal relationships on an entirely new, and possibly terrifying, level. This show contains the basics of recognizing and dealing with sophistry and manipulation. Dylan Moore of Irida TV discusses with co-host Nima Mahdjour the how to understand why most people fail to realize when they're being manipulated, and provides a clear breakdown of how to identify manipulation. Human beings are dealt cards to a game that they don't know how to play. This show will...


The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism - Part 1

Nima & Dylan discuss the ongoing process of the globalist system's unraveling, largely based on historical analysis by Prof. Carroll Quigley & present day geostrategic considerations from author & consultant Peter Zeihan in his book The End of the World is Just the Beginning. Notes:


Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Westworld, Dune & Transhumanism

Nima & Dylan discuss the philosophies of Gnosticism & Kabbalah, and their manifestations in today's technological society, art & entertainment. Notes:


WA State 2022 Midterm Election Review Update With Bill Bruch

Washington State GOP Election Integrity Chair Bill Bruch comes in studio with Dylan Moore to discuss the alarming trends in the election data from the 2022 General Elections. Notes: - Skagit County Republican Party Election Integrity Resource Page: - More Washington State Sham and Scam "Audits": - Washington State Fake "Recounts" That Are Not Recounts:...


Is There Proof For God's Existence?

After a little gossip about Elon Musk's Twitter we delve into a theological paper called "The Contingency of Knowledge and Revelatory Theism" written by Russ M. Manion which discusses the transcendental argument for God. Russ delves into a concise recap of the history & challenges of atheistic philosophy spanning from Rationalism through Empiricism, Skepticism & Pragmatism, and juxtaposes these philosophies against the theistic belief that a conscious God created the universe with a purpose...


I Got a Job at the Auditor's Office for the Election

Dylan Moore of Irida TV details his experience getting a temp job at the auditor's office for the 2022 general election, and discusses what YOU need to do if you want the future to look differently. Show notes: -Glen Morgan at -Find more of our content at



Expert data analyst Dr Douglas Frank joins Dylan with Irida TV to break down the reasons why you should be voting at the very last day possible and what to do if you've found out that someone has already voted for you! Notes: - Find more of our content at


12 Point Plan For Election Integrity in WA State - With SOS Candidate Brad Klippert

Washington State Representative Brad Klippert joins Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss his write in campaign as the Republican candidate for Washington's Secretary of State race. Brad details his 12 Point Plan to revitalize election integrity within the State of Washington. Notes: - Brad Klippert's campaign website: - Find more of our content at: