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Issues of the Week with William Morris of the Next Century Foundation

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William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, discusses the new political issues of the week.

William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, discusses the new political issues of the week.


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William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, discusses the new political issues of the week.






The Winter has come in Kashmir

The Kashmir Valley for decades has thrived of the scores of tourists that travel there every year. However, the past one year due to Coronavirus has severely impact travel to the valley, largely due to travel restrictions and lockdowns but also because of the turmoil in Indian administered Kashmir since Kashmir special status was revoked by the Indian government. Kashmir’s economy is nearing collapse, and it has never been worse. In previous years despite the extra military presence or...


A New Year Message for 2021

Next Century Foundation Secretary General, William Morris, gives his thoughts on the need for a new political ideology in the wake of the Covid plague and all its consequences - and backs Kwame Anthony Appiah's cosmopolitanism Support the show (


A Christmas Message for 2020

With Christmas wishes, a message recorded for release after Christmas from William Morris, Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the NCF Board. Support the show (


Syria - The Winter is coming

NCF Member and member of the Syrian opposition, Mohamed Al Ghabra forwards this message from his friends infuriated by the fourth round of Constitutional discussions in Geneva this week: - The fourth round failed because it missed a new opportunity granted by the United Nations, which naturally means prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people, and a terrible deterioration for the worse. - 45 Syrians met in Geneva (the small-constitutional committee), and they were unable to help their...


What do you do about Iraq?

Iraq and Saudi Arabia have opened the Arar border crossing for trade for the first time in 30 years. Officials from both countries- including the Saudi ambassador to Iraq and the Iraqi interior minister, travelled to Baghdad to open the border. Both goods and people will be able to pass through Arar which had remained closed since Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Relations between the two countries started to take a positive turn in 2017 when representatives from each country had made a...


On the Assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Israel has just assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. There are those who would like to see this lead to war. Let's hope cooler heads prevail Support the show (


Dealing with the Taliban

A few reflections on how the fall of Kabul might be avoided Support the show (


Things go from Bad to Worse in China

China's atrocious treatment of the Uighurs and its behaviour over Hong Kong demands a response. Governments do nothing but we can take action. We could start by boycotting Chinese goods. Not easy. Amazon fails to put countries of origin on the goods it markets. A little campaign to force Amazon to do so would do no harm - and for those environmentally inclined would enable us to buy goods without so many air miles (should Amazon comply). One way to twist Amazon's arm would be to buy our...


Killing Hanan - A death in Benghazi

The Killing of dissident Hanan al Barrassi marks a new point of misery for Benghazi - and is perhaps one of the most disgraceful acts yet committed in this unpleasant ongoing war Support the show (


The Foreign Policy of Joseph Biden Junior

President elect Joe Biden Jnr is a very different kettle of fish to President Trump. But what will his Foreign Policy be like? Support the show (


Palestine under Biden

How will things be for the State of Palestine now that Biden is US President? Support the show (


Black Lives Matter

The recording - slightly edited - of the Next Century Foundation's "Balck Lives Matter" discussion. Participants include: Support the show (


Now it is Back to the Future in Lebanon

Lebanon has a new premier - but it is the old premier - what comes around goes around in Lebanon today. Meanwhile France, The United States and Iran are all doing there level best, by default, to reinforce the existing corrupt and politically decadent, clientalist system. Nobody seems to want to endorse any real reform. Support the show (


Ayatollah Safavi on the Sufi Attitude to Death

A discussion with Ayatollah Safavi, the Head of the Safavid Order of Sufi Islam, on the Sufi attitude to Death. A timely issue in this time of world crisis. The recitation thirty minutes in is a repetition of the word "Life", This discussion was informally hosted by the Religious Affairs Advisory Council Support the show (


Sir Keir Starmer betrays Kashmir

Sir Keir Starmer's recent betrayal of Kashmir is, in emotional terms at least, as seminal an event as Donald Trump's betrayal of the Kurds. And yet the British Mirpuri diaspora are so complacent that they don't seem to even care Support the show (


More About Death

This is the first episode I have put up in a while. And it is on an edgy subject so skip it if you like. There will be others that may be much better. This is just to get a few issues off my chest following my mother's recent death. Support the show (


Sudan and Sanctions

The Next Century Foundation suggests that if foreign aid and investment were allowed by the removal of Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, the Sudanese could boost their economy and with their increased revenue be able to pay those large settlements demanded by the United States of America over time if a period of grace were allowed. Until Sudan is free to receive foreign investment, it is unlikely Sudan will be able to repay what they owe. In order for Sudan to continue making...


The life and death of Patricia Morris

Patricia Morris a.k.a. Patricia Holton, the world's first female television producer, founder of South Wales Magazine, Wonderland children's magazine, and Azure cultural magazine, author of the cult book on life in the Gulf, "Mother without a Mask", died today, 23 August 2020. This is something of her story. Support the show (


Thinking again on Afghanistan

The Taliban say that "with the exception of the Presidency or high ranking positions in the judiciary, there will be no restrictions on a woman's career prospects" in the new Afghanistan. But when asked to differentiate between themselves and ISIS, the Taliban say that the main difference is that they are Afghan and ISIS are not. Can this really be the way to go? To surrender control of Afghanistan to one of the most feared and dangerous groups on the planet? After years of losses in blood...


In a post covid world do Black Lives Really Matter - to you - Today?

The Historic issue is one thing. But what can redress the balance? You pull down a statue and that does it? They are doing that in Oxford University. The University with the WORST record in Britain for the inclusion of black students pulls down a statue and pats its prideful self on its prideful pretentious back. Shame on Oxford and Cambridge. They are a disgrace. Hang your head in shame if you attend those universities. You think pulling down a statue lets you off the hook? Forget it. And...