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A weekly roundup of the week's biggest — and smallest — national news, crime, politics and entertainment stories from Japan Today with a dash of opinionated commentary and a sprinkling of readers' comments. Ready for you every Friday evening (JST).




A weekly roundup of the week's biggest — and smallest — national news, crime, politics and entertainment stories from Japan Today with a dash of opinionated commentary and a sprinkling of readers' comments. Ready for you every Friday evening (JST).






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May 17, 2019: Work to 70, Nissan Nosedive, Sex Abuse by Dad, War with Russia? and Halloween Havoc

In this week's news from Japan Today: The Japanese government wants companies to hire employees until age 70 as part of measures to address a severe labor shortage amid Japan's rapidly graying population; Nissan this week reported that its annual profit nose-dived 57.3% to less than half of what it earned the previous year, and forecast even dimmer future results; a 10-year-old girl who died in January after a series of assaults by her father had earlier been released from protective custody...


May 10, 2019: Toddler Deaths, Schoolgirl Suicide, Rope ’n’ Road, Quote of the Day and DIY PM.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Two preschoolers were killed and a dozen injured when they were rammed by a car in Shiga Prefecture; verbal abuse and threats by a teacher have been blamed for the suicide of a junior high school girl in Ibaraki Prefecture; two teenagers were arrested for stringing a rope across a road in Osaka Prefecture and clothes lining a 77-year-old woman off her scooter; a quote by American crime reporter and former Japan resident Jake Adelstein inflamed Japan...


April 26, 2019: Heisei’s Greatest Hits: Bubble, Disaster, Politics, Crime, Pop Culture and more.

In this week's news from Japan Today: A very quick scan of headlines in Japan this week and then a look back at the last 30 years of Emperor Akihito’s reign and events that shaped the Heisei era, including: the bubble bursts; the earthquake emperor; revolving door politics, criminal minds, fashion pops, toilet technology plus readers look back on Japan and Heisei. Rate and review us: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/podcast/japan-today/id517133982?mt=2 Japan Today: https://japantoday.com/


April 19, 2019: Micro Racism, Trump Sumo Summit, Toilet Bowl Baby, Train in Vain and Poop Museum.

In this week's news from Japan Today: A survey of foreigners in Tokyo released this week reports that 50% of respondents have faced discrimination; Donald Trump plans to watch a sumo tournament when visiting Japan in May — and might present the winner’s trophy; a woman was arrested in Saitama Prefecture after giving birth in a 7-Eleven restroom and leaving the newborn in the toilet bowl; in punctual Japan, an elderly man in Nagoya who stopped a train from leaving the station by repeatedly...


Apr 12 2019: The Defiant One, Foot-in-Mouth Disease, Like a Virgin, Fashion Police and Mango Tango.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn released a video message proclaiming his innocence via his lawyer that he recorded before he was arrested; the minister responsible for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has resigned after comments deemed insulting to people in the Tohoku area who suffered after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami; a new study released by the ministry of health finds that the number of Japanese adults in their 30s with absolutely no sexual experience is...


April 5 2019: Bail Fail Jail, Autocrat Era, Lost in Translation, Karoshi Cap and Velvet Buzz Cut.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is back in a Tokyo jail tonight facing new financial misconduct charges; the new era name for Crown Prince Naruhito’s ascension to the throne next month has been announced — and not everyone is happy; after a recent survey, the Japan Tourism Agency wants transit and tourist information signs cleaned of “Engrish;” a new labor reform law came into force limiting overtime for workers in a bid to combat “karoshi” or “death...


March 29 2019: Emperors New Groove, AWOL University, No Eat’n’Go, Bathroom Cadaver and Hooters Bust.

In this week's news from Japan Today: A new era in Japan starts in May — literally — as the country’s current emperor abdicates and his son takes the throne; a university in Tokyo has lost contact with 1,400 of its foreign students; the city of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture is issuing a city-wide ordinance against people walking while eating; police have arrested an Osaka man for keeping the body of his dead mother in his bathroom for 10 months plus we stay abreast of the news that Hooters...


March 22, 2019: Child Abuse Ban, Court Murder, Killer Robots, Election Objection and Invisible Man.

In this week's news from Japan Today: The Japanese government approved a plan to legally ban parents and guardians from physically punishing children; an American man was arrested for fatally stabbing his Japanese wife in the neck at family court; Japan plans to back a resolution in the U.N. opposing the creation of “killer robots;” a Hyogo Prefecture former mayor who quit last month over abusive language directed at another official has been re-elected plus the author of “Invisible Man,”...


March 15, 2019: Virgin Suicides, Too Far Ghosn, Smugglers Blues, Your Name? and The Flame.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Two 12-year-old girls jumped to their deaths from a building in Aichi Prefecture leaving behind letters about being bullied; automaker Nissan is asking its shareholders to oust former chairman Carlos Ghosn as director; a Canadian man has been indicted for trying to smuggle a record haul of illegal drugs into Japan; a teenager in Yamanashi Prefecture has been granted approval from the courts to change his unusual given name to a more traditional one plus...


March 8, 2019: Ghosn Free, Abuse by Pachinko, Too Cool Koike, Yokohama Rocks and Shibuya Tsunami

In this week's news from Japan Today: Carlos Ghosn finally granted bail at ¥9 billion; another case of child abuse this time at the hands of parents who went out to play pachinko; Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike faces social backlash after… putting her hands in her pockets?; Yokohama is rated the best city in the Kanto area to live for the second year in a row plus a banner fixed to a building at Shibuya’s busy Scramble Crossing shows the height the 2011 Tohoku tsunami would have reached had it...


March 1, 2019: Ace of U.S. Base, Diet Rapist, Bad Mom, Shovel It, Spaced Out and Tom Thumb.

In this week's news from Japan Today: PM Abe says he won’t scrap the relocation of a U.S. military base in Okinawa even after it was rejected by the people in a referendum; an ruling party lawmaker has resigned from the legislature amid allegations that he raped a woman; an association in Fukushima Prefecture is promoting shoveling snow as fun, good for you and will bring positive vibes from others; sadly another child abuse story this week about yet another bad mom; the Japanese space...


Feb 22, 2019: Abe Bad Bromance, Kidnap Custody, Ms. Robot, Exposer, Testy Tubes and Audrey Hepburn.

In this week's news from Japan Today: President Trump claims the PM Abe nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize; Japan to revise child custody laws to enforce the handovers of children to parents — even if they are overseas; a national restaurant chain apologizes as a video surfaces showing an employee exposing himself in the kitchen; a woman killed another resident after she was transferred from one psychiatric facicilty to another claiming she is “a robot;” the number one annoyance for...


Feb. 8, 2019: Give Mia Shelter, Aso’s Hole, Bowl o’ Roaches, Shoe Sniffer and Valentine Harassment.

In this week's news from Japan Today: New details emerge about officials mishandling the care of a 10-year-old girl killed by her father; Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso blames rising social security costs on people without children; a nationwide restaurant chain apologizes after serving customer a beef bowl filled with cockroaches; a man was arrested for stealing people’s shoes because he gets sexual pleasure from sniffing old footwear plus Japanese companies are banning the practice of...


Feb. 1, 2019: Ghosn Plot, A Child Dies, Indecent Exposure, Arashi Storm and Bertrand Russell

In this week's news from Japan Today: Former Nissan head Carlos Ghosn is allowed his first media interview; another child in Japan dies at the hands of a parent; a member of Japan’s military was arrested in Aomori Prefecture for trying to break into a house naked in sub-zero temperatures; one of Japan’s most popular boy bands call it quits plus a look back at Bertrand Russell’S visit to Japan in 1921. https://japantoday.com/ Rate and review us:...


Jan. 25, 2019: Ghosn Fishin’, Osaka Skin, Dismemberer, Teacher Bully, Porn Hubs and A Star is Born.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Former Nissan head Carlos Ghosn offers to detain himself in Japan; a sponsor of tennis star Naomi Osaka is accused of “whitewashing” anime characters based on her likeness; an American man sentenced to eight years for killing and dismembering an Osaka woman; a teacher punched a student at a Tokyo high school and the internet reacts; porno mags to be removed from Japanese convenience stores plus a Tokyo-based start-up has sent a rocket to space with all...


Jan. 18, 2019: WWII-ish, Olympic Scandal, All Abeard, Cute Idol Health and Kimono Attack.

In this week's news from Japan Today: The Russian foreign minister asks why Japan can’t accept the outcome of World War II; a French investigators accuse Japanese Olympic Committee president of bribery in order to land the event in Tokyo in 2020; two men win a lawsuit against Osaka city banning train drivers from having beards; a Japanese idol singer says mental health an issue for fetishized young girls in pop groups plus a man in Tokyo has been arrested for attacking a young women’s kimono...


Jan. 11, 2019: Ghosn Fever, Easy College Sex Ranking, LDPTQ, Naked in Mie and Justin-2-Shinzo.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Carlos Ghosn made his first public court appearance since being detained by Japanese courts last November; a weekly tabloid’s ranking of the top universities in Japan for guys to pick up girls blows up; a Japanese politician bemoans what will happen if the whole country “goes gay;” a man was arrested for climbing up to a stranger’s third-floor apartment in Mie Prefecture completely naked plus Justin Trudeau calls Shinzo Abe directly to talk about…...


Dec 21, 2018: All Ghosn, Whaling, Dismembering Mother, Putin Pinup, Escalator Donts and 2018 Recap.

In this week's news from Japan Today: A Tokyo court rejected Carlos Ghosn’s continued detention then prosecutors had him rearrested the next day; Japan will pull out of the International Whaling Commission; a man has been arrested for killing and dismembering his mother; Vladimir Putin has the top selling celebrity calendar in Japan, JR East asks riders to stop walking on the escalators plus a look at readers’ picks of the top news stories in Japan for 2018. https://japantoday.com/ Rate and...


Dec. 14, 2018: Still Ghosn, Brawliticians, Kanji of the Year, Backstabber and Dangerous Thoughts.

In this week's news from Japan Today: Tokyo prosecutors formally charged ousted Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn for financial misconduct and extended his detention until Dec 20; Japan’s ruling and opposition parties brawled in the Diet over the passing of a controversial bill; the kanji for disaster has been chosen as the character best representing Japan in 2018; a man was arrested for stabbing a woman in the back at a Tokyo train station plus a look at American women's rights and birth...


Dec. 7, 2018: Missing Airmen, Law & Order, Road Rage, Turning Trucks, Police Fight and more.

In this week's news from Japan Today: 5 U.S. airmen are missing after two military planes collided midair of the coast of Japan; the shock arrest of Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has put the spotlight on Japan’s criminal justice system; a man is on trial in Yokohama for “road rage” after his actions led to the death of two people and seriously injured their two daughters; four men have been arrested for overturning a truck near Shibuya Crossing during the Halloween craziness and animal crimes...