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Host of Narrative Wars podcast. Cure for the mainstream media madness. Proclaiming liberty throughout the land!




29 NOV 2023 - Canadian Politician Scorches Liberal Reporter, RINO Senator is Leaving Politics, Iowa Eliminates DEI in Universities, Jordan Peterson Destroys Woke University Narratives

Canadian Conservative politician Pierre Poilievre shows American conservatives how to destroy liberal press framing. A famous RINO Senator has decided to call it quit and not run for re-election. Iowa has come up with a creative strategy to eliminate DEI programs from State funded universities and Jordan Peterson is swatting down ideologically driven narratives like flies in a panel discussion. Conservative Canadian Leader Scorches Reporter Over Niagara Falls Car Explosion Story Full interview: Mitt Romney on the Republican party, his political future, Trump and more Iowa Board of Regents recommendations for DEI improvements Regents to still conduct DEI study after anti-DEI bill dies April 25, 2023 Iowa Board of Regents tells UI, ISU, UNI to eliminate DEI positions not required by law Des Moines Register / Nov 16, 2023 Jordan Peterson Schools Bill Maher Panel on What’s Really Happening on College Campuses Red State / Nov 27, 2023


16 NOV 2023 - Another Disney Disaster at the Box Office, House Passes New Type of Short Term Funding, Hamas - Hidden Command Centers

We begin today’s program with another Woke is Broke story. It’s the gift that just keeps giving. As the Disney “Mouse House” brand continues to sink into obscurity, Disney scores another looser with a recent movie release. Speaker Mike Johnson passes a new type of funding CR, which offers a creative approach to turning the financial ship of the US Government, back onto the course for regular order. And the US Government is finally corroborating a story that Israel’s IDF released, a few weeks ago, regarding the location of Hamas command centers in the Gaza Strip. ‘The Marvels’ has disappointing first weekend NBC News / Nov 13, 2023 CNN Business reports that Disney plans to slash costs by another $2 billion as it aims to make streaming profitable Conservatives Cheer 'Woke' Film 'The Marvels' Flopping Newsweek / Nov 13, 2023 House Speaker Johnson addresses impending government shutdown, Israel with reporters CBS News / Nov 14, 2023 House passes bill to avert government shutdown, sends to Senate The Washington Post / Nov 14, 2023 'Hamas is hiding in Gaza's biggest hospital in tunnels' claims Israel military The Telegraph / Oct 27, 2023 U.S. intelligence backs Israeli claims about Hamas operations under Gaza hospitals NPR, NOV 14, 2023 ISLAMIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENT charter (1988) 'Stand your butt up': Fistfight nearly breaks out during Senate hearing until Bernie Sanders steps in NBC News / Nov 14, 2023 Time Magazine / April 13, 1981 - Ronald Reagan after being shot.


14 NOV 2023 - Will Congress Avoid Gov’t Shutdown? Will RNC Chair McDaniel Resign? Netanyahu Responds to International Criticism

In today’s episode, we turn to Washington DC, where the question is being asked: Can Congress act before Nov 17 to avoid Government shutdown? We also look at the elections that we just held on Nov 7, and ask if it is time for new RNC leadership? Finally, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu responds to criticism about how the IDF is battling Hamas. What is the 1974 Budget Act? Speaker Mike Johnson pitches Republicans on plan to avert government shutdown ABC News / Nov 11, 2023 Speaker Johnson navigates 'mission impossible' to avoid shutdown, without clear plan NPR / Nov 10, 2023 GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Responds To Calls For Her Resignation Following Poor Election 2023 Results FOX News / Nov 10, 2023 RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel faces calls for resignation after Tuesday’s elections Washington Times / Nov 8, 2023 Netanyahu to students ‘protesting for Hamas’: 'You're protesting for sheer evil' NBC News / Nov 12, 2023 21 wounded, 1 seriously, in Hezbollah missile, mortar attacks from Lebanon The Times of Israel / Nov 12, 2023


7 NOV 2023 - Oregon Creates New Standard of Zero Achievement, New York Public Rejects New Health Advice, Fake Media Buries Story of Why the House Passed This Bill

Oregon’s brilliant decision to define academic achievement in Oregon High Schools is clearly no achievement at all. Next, the public relations collapse regarding the COVID jab as gotten so bad that the citizens of the deep blue state of New York are rejecting the 3rd version of the so-called COVID clot shot. And finally, fake media buries the story of Speaker Johnson passing a bill to support Israel, against Hamas terrorists. Stupid idiot Oregon just did the DUMBEST thing you can imagine Redacted with Clayton Morris / Oct 28, 2023 Oregon just dropped all graduation standards, failing all of its students in the name of ‘equity’ The Hill / Nov 2, 2023 Poll shows limited interest in newest COVID-19 vaccine CBS News New York / Oct 30, 2023 Pfizer Layoffs Confirmed As Vaccine Manufacturer Drives For Cost Savings Forbes / Nov 1, 2023 Israel aid bill passed by House doesn't have chance in the Senate CBS News / Nov 3, 2023 Republican-led House passes $14.3 billion aid bill for Israel NBC News / Nov 2, 2023 Johnson's $14B Israel War Chest DOA, Kamala Harris DEFENDS Biden Admin's $100B GIFT To Ukraine & IDF The Hill / Nov 3, 2023 Speaker Johnson on Israel Aid: “We cannot waste any time” / Nov 3, 2023 House Republicans aim to pay for Israel aid with cuts to IRS funds National Public Radio / Oct 31, 2023 American Ornithological Society Will Change the English Names of Bird Species Named After People / Nov 1, 2023 Scientists Will Establish a New Multidisciplinary Naming Entity and Seek Public Input, Beginning with 70–80 Bird Species in the U.S. and Canada US Ornithological Org. to Change Racist, Sexist, and Cisnormative Bird Names RedState / Nov 2, 2023 John Rich “I’m offended”


31 OCT 2023 - Mike Johnson - New Speaker of the House, UFC Stuns with Announcement of New Corporate Sponsor, Dinesh D’Dsouza Releases New Movie – Police State

Last week was a huge week in the news. The war between Israel and Hamas continues, but this week we focus on the US Congress, where after 3 weeks of deliberation, we now have a new Speaker of the House. You would be shocked to find out who was behind the 3-week delay. We also pivot back to the “woke wars” in the United States, where the nation’s favorite queer beer, Bud Light has a new ploy to pivot and park their brand, with a quintessential masculine company. Also, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Dsouza is at it again with his new edge-of-your-seat film: Police State. Rep. Mike Johnson gives first speech as House speaker Face the Nation / Oct 25, 2023 Mike Johnson First Speech As House Speaker: God Has Brought Each Of Us Here For A Reason Real Clear Politics / Oct 25, 2023 Speaker Mike Johnson Was an Attorney for a Pro-Life Group, Has a “Rock Solid Record on Life” / Oct 26, 2023 "He Knifed Them in the Back" - Rep. Nancy Mace Opens the Curtain on McCarthy's Attempts to Derail Speaker Vote War Room / Oct 26, 2023 Dana White announces UFC-Bud Light partnership Fox News / Oct 25, 2023 Bud Light Returns as the Official Beer of the UFC in Record-Setting $100 Million Deal mediaite / Oct 24, 2023 Dana White defends the UFC's new Budlight deal, and says it was more about values than money. Oscar Willis – Twitter / OCT 26, 2023 UFC Chief Dana White Blasts ‘Dummies’ Criticizing Him Over Bud Light Partnership Gateway Pundit / Oct 26, 2023 Police State Trailer | New Dinesh D'Souza Movie YouTube / Oct 2, 2023 D’Souza’s ‘Police State’ Gets Shocking ‘Boost’ from YouTube Hollywood in TOTO / Oct 26, 2023 Candy costs give consumers a fright ahead of Halloween NBC MONTANA / Oct 30, 2023


24 OCT 2023 - Gaza Hospital Narrative War Begins, Week 2 with No Speaker of the House, Disney Empire in Financial Collapse, Climate Activists Want you to Live Where?

The Gaza Hospital Narrative War has begun with a war of words and images. You would be shocked to find out who CNN sides with. The US Congress remains without a Speaker, will there be a breakthrough this week? Trouble in the Mouse’s House – The entertainment empire known as Disney is collapsing and they still do not seem to be self-aware. You would not believe where climate activists want you to live, for the sake of achieving net-zero goals. Children Becoming Ammunition in Narrative Battle Between Israel & Hamas | Vantage with Palki Sharma / Oct 13, 2023 Explosion kills hundreds at Gaza hospital; Hamas and Israel trade blame KTLA 5 / Oct 17, 2023 Military analyst breaks down Israeli evidence in Gaza hospital blast CNN / Oct 18, 2023 Maher: NYT Hospital Blast Headline Was ‘Terrible’ Breitbart / Oct 21, 2023 Rep. Jim Jordan drops out of House speaker race NBC News / Oct 20, 2023 Rep. Patrick McHenry on Next Steps for Speaker Election C-Span / Oct 20, 2023 Disney Goes Into Crisis Mode As Its Stock Crashes And Prices Rise! The Atlantis Report / Aug 2, 2023 Disney execs consider radical shake-up as crisis hits centenary celebrations The Guardian / Oct 15, 2023 Net zero targets the ‘biggest scam’ since your last email from Nigeria YouTube / Sky News Australia / Apr 12, 2021 MATT CANAVAN / QUEENSLAND NATIONALS SENATOR - Australia Inconvenient Facts / Website / Apps


17 OCT 2023 - Israel vs. Hamas Narrative War, Biden Administration Lobs a PR Grenade, Lahaina Cover-Up Narrative Begins, Parents Outraged when 4th Grade Teacher Frightens Students

The Narrative War has begun, between Israel and Hamas – who will win the war of words? The Biden administration now suddenly cares about excess immigration, you’d be shocked to find out what their proposed solution is. Next, we return to Lahaina, and the scene of the fire disaster, it appears there is a cover-up, in play, on the Island of Maui. And continuing our October frightening finally series – this week our The Bigger Picture segment features a true tale of an untrustworthy teacher. Children Becoming Ammunition in Narrative Battle Between Israel & Hamas Firstpost / Vantage with Palki Sharma IDF Orders 1 Million Civilians to Evacuate Northern Gaza as Wider Offensive Looms CBN News / Oct 13, 2023 Biden admin makes shocking reversal on building border wall Fox News Biden approves new section of border wall as Mexico crossings rise BBC News / Kathryn Armstrong Maui County won't say who was in charge during Lahaina fire KITV News – Island Television / Oct 10, 2023 Parents React After 'Inappropriate' Horror Movie Shown at Charter School CBS News Miami / Oct 11, 2023


10 OCT 2023 - McCarthy is Out as Speaker, Israel Declares War After Hamas Attacks, Hillary Says Americans Need De-programing and a Terrifying T-Shirt Tale

Today’s program is absolutely packed, lots of huge breaking stories in the last week. Kevin McCarthy is out, as Speaker of the House, and the left-wing traitor press is declaring Chaos in Congress, the truth is we are going to have new leadership very soon, Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7, and the details are horrific, We discuss the Israeli response and what could have been done to prevent the carnage, Hillary Clinton is up to her usual narcissistic rambling, but now she has upped the game by wanting to send Americans to Soviet Gulag style re-programming camps, and we wrap up today's show with a terrifying tale of Triggering T-Shirt text. Matt Gaetz says removal of Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker benefits country AP Archive / 3 OCT 2023 McCarthy Speaker of the House NPR / Jan 7, 2023 Israel declares state of war after deadly Hamas attack | LiveNOW from FOX Live Now from FOX / OCT 7, 2023 Horrifying images reveal Hamas massacre at rave, where Israeli officers acted as human shields to protect civilians New York Post / Oct 8, 2023 Hundreds killed in Israel after Hamas launches attacks (Day 2 of War) Today / Oct 8, 2023 Death toll from Hamas onslaught passes 700, over 100 kidnapped, as Israel strikes Gaza The Times of Israel / OCT 8, 2023 Even This Weekend's Attack Can't Motivate Israel to Allow Citizens to Own Firearms Redstate / Oct 9, 2023 (CNN) Hillary Clinton Demands Re-Education Camps for Trump Supporters DC Enquirer / Oct 6, 2023 (Cut 3-A) Hillary Clinton Suggests ‘Formal Deprogramming’ For ‘MAGA Extremists’ Who Still Support Trump Forbes / Oct 6, 2023 What It Was Like to Be Held In a Soviet Gulag Weird History / Feb 13, 2022 BREAKING: FBI Targeting Trump Supporters As 2024 Draws Near, Report Says Voters Make CLEAR Who They Trust More On The Economy The Young Turks / Oct 7, 2023 (VIDEO) Republicans More Trusted Than Dems To Manage Economy by Record-High Margin: Poll Washington Free Beacon / Oct 3, 2023 Jobob speaks at TPUSA Event in San Jose California University Campus / Oct 2, 2023


3 OCT 2023 - Tucker and the Rise of Independent Media, Trump Goes to Michigan During GOP Debate, Greenpeace Co-Founder Shocks, Dallas Mayor Makes Major Announcement

In today’s program, what do Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly have to say about the rise of independent media and the future of Cable News programming? Also, President Donald Trump keeps winning by not listening to the consultants, as he skips the second GOP Presidential debate. And the co-Founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, shocks, by going against the narrative, Finally, there is good news in Dallas, Texas as Mayor Eric Johnson has recently made a major announcement, which is surprising everyone. Finally, just in time for Halloween, a true story about coming back from the dead. TUCKER CARLSON AND BILL O’REILLY CALL OUT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA Sept 27, 2023 Second Republican Debate – WPBF Palm Beach, CA (was held on WED, Sept 27, 2023 – at the Reagan Library) Trump visited Michigan to deliver speech at auto parts supplier WILX News 10 / Sept 27, 2023 They Are Selling Us Climate Scare Stories Dr. Patrick Moore / Aug 12, 2023 WHO IS DR. PATRICK MOORE? PhD in ecology Greenpeace co-founder joins climate change skeptics Washington Examiner / Oct 26, 2021 'What Percent Of Our Atmosphere Is CO2?': Doug LaMalfa Stumps Entire Panel With Climate Questions US Congress / April 11, 2023 Dallas Mayor Switches Parties to Join GOP Sept 23, 2023 / CNN Politics


26 SEP 2023 - Transhumanism Neuralink Approved for Human Trials, OBGYN Dr. James Thorp Fired for Saving Lives, Texas Church Blesses Drag Lifestyle, Anti VAX Movement Gains Political Clout

In today’s program we talk about Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which has now been approved for human trials. Second, OBGYN Dr. James Thorp is our hero for the week – he was recently fired for saving lives and speaking out against the COVID vaccines, which he says are harming mothers and pre-born infants. And, a church in Texas, in a protest move against the State of Texas legislature that recently passed laws to protect children against transgender surgery and sex change drugs and hormones, conducted a service to pledge their allegiance to the drag lifestyle, with drag queens in attendance. Finally, there is a win in the health freedom movement, anti-vaxers are now a massive political force as they push back on the claims that the COVID jab is both “safe and effective.” Elon Musk's Neuralink approved by FDA for human trials Yahoo Finance / May 26, 2023 Elon Musk's brain-computer technology Nueralink approved for human clinical trials Post Millennial / Sep 21, 2023 Dr. James Thorp SPEAKS On Being Fired Over Covid TRUTH: Catholic Provider CAVES To Leftist Pressure Stew Peters / August 24, 2023 Dr. James Thorp Totality of Evidence / 13 July 2022 Texas Church Cathedral of Hope Gives Blessings to Drag Queen Group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” Sept 22, 2023 Church Gets Backlash for Blessing Gay Activists Who Perform Public Perversions Dressed as Nuns Independent Journal Review / Sept 23, 2023 'This Is Blasphemy': Dallas Church Pledges Allegiance to Drag Queens and LGBT Agenda CBN News / Sept 20, 2023 I Timothy 4:1-3 REV 2: 18-21 Dr. Naomi Wolf Presents Evidence of Secret ‘Freakout’ Meeting Between Biden And Top CDC Officials WLT Report / Sep 23, 2023 Anti-vaxxers are now a modern political force (Part 5) Politico / Sept 24, 2023


THURS, 21 SEP 2023 - Thoughtful Thursdays: Postmodernism Exposed - How This Theory Has Affected Education

This is our first THURSDAY program, with a different format than the TUESDAY programs. We are ADDING a new program on THURSDAYS. For now, we are going to call the Thursday programs: Thoughtful Thursdays. Each Thursday, we will take an introductory deep dive into JUST ONE IDEA, THEORY OR CONCEPT, which impacts our present-day society. The goal of each Thursday episode is to cover three objectives. First, name and define the theory or world-view. Second, name and give brief backgrounds on the primary scholars that advanced the theory. And finally, discuss the impacts that the theory has had on our present-day society. Today's program will cover POSTMODERNISM and how it has affected education. The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge The Social Construction of Reality Noam Chomsky - Postmodernism I Noam Chomsky Explains What’s Wrong with Postmodern Philosophy & French Intellectuals, and How They End Up Supporting Oppressive Power Structures


19 SEP 2023- Energy Secretary Granholm has bad EV car Experience, Texas Federal Judge says DACA is Illegal, Judge Stops New Mexico Governor’s Gun Grab, California Assembly Rejects Driverless Trucks

In today’s program we feature Energy Secretary Granholm, who recently had an embarrassing moment on an inter-state road-trip, while driving an EV car. This was a case of a photo op gone wrong, when Secretary Granholm could not find an available charging station to charge her vehicle. And now, for the second time, a federal judge has ruled that the Obama initiative called DACA, has been ruled as unconstitutional. Third, New Mexico’s Governor is rebuked for not reading the US Constitution by another federal judge, when the Governor attempted to take away firearms. And finally, the California Assembly voted to Reject 18-Wheelers going down California freeways and other State roadways while using driver-less technology. 'Charging challenges': Biden's energy sec. struggles on EV road trip FOX Business / Sept 11, 2023 Energy Secretary Granholm’s EV road trip turns into a charging station debacle Washington Times / Sept 12, 2023 Pete Buttigieg Launches $100 Million Taxpayer Dollar Effort After Having Issues With His Electric Minivan Townhall / Sarah Arnold / Sept 13, 2023 The inevitable EV implosion American Thinker / Sept 12, 2023 Federal judge again rules DACA program is illegal NBC News / SEPT 13, 2023 Federal Judge Renders Judgement on a Cornerstone Obama Program Townhall / Sept 13, 2023 Dana Perino: Democrat New Mexico governor set the anti-gun movement back by far Fox News / Sept 14, 2023 CNN (SEPT 12) asked the governor of New Mexico, “Do you think that you are on solid constitutional ground here?” Federal Judge Deals a Giant Blow to NM Governor's Gun Carry Ban Town Hall / Sept 13, 2023 Are Driverless Trucks Driverless Trucks The Future Of Shipping? Inside Waymo’s New Test Program NBC News / Apr 1, 2022 (video) California Assembly Passes Bill Prohibiting Autonomous Trucks On State’s Roads Without Drivers Forbes / Jun 7, 2023


12 SEP 2023 - New York Schools Welcome 21,000 Migrants, New Poll Spells Doom for President Biden, Huntington Beach bans Masking, One-Third of Americans Refuse the Jab

It’s back to school in New York City, where they welcome 21,000 new students that are children of migrants. And, a new poll signals imminent doom for America’s favorite ice cream eating, hair sniffing president. And on an encouraging not Huntington Beach California has passed passed a City Ordinance to forbid mandatory masking and vaccinations. Finally, One-third of Americans refuse to be vaccinated, a statistic that was predicted in 1961 by a researcher named Dr. Stanley Milgram. NYC schools resume classes with thousands of migrant children NBC News / Sept 7, 2023 'My Worst Nightmare': Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Flood NYC Schools on First Day Townhall / Sept 9, 2023 Some NYC schools forced to turn away kids on first day of school as influx of migrants joins classrooms New York Post / SEP 7, 2023 Even CNN POLL Spells Doom For Biden 2024: Rising The Hill / Sept 9, 2023 Zogby: ‘Catastrophic’ disaster brewing for Biden reelection Washington Examiner / Sept 8, 2023 Orange County city votes to ban mask and COVID vaccine mandates ABC7 (LA and Orange County) / Sept 6, 2023 The Huntington Beach City Council narrowly voted to ban universal mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the city. Why are many health care workers refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Alive / Feb 10, 2021 (video) Over 30 percent of Americans say they won’t get COVID-19 vaccine: poll The Hill / Feb 10, 2021 One-third of US nurses plan to quit profession, survey shows Reuters / May 1, 2023 What's the nation's progress on vaccinations? USA Facts / Updated May 10, 2023 Revisiting the Stanley Milgram Experiment From: May 23, 2023 – Narrative Wars


5 SEP 2023 - Texas Ban on Gender-Affirming Care Begins, NEA President Becky Pringle Pushes LGBTQ+ Agenda, Whole Foods Palm Scanner, Praying Coach Returns

September 1st marked the first day, that the new TEXAS BAN on gender-mutilation care procedures began. So, hopefully millions of Americans celebrated this achievement in Texas, along with 19 other states in America, that have also outlawed gender-mutilation care. Unfortunately, public education is in a crisis. The radical Gender Ideology which fuels the gender-mutilation care in America is being pushed by Becky Pringle, the President of the National Education Association. The NAE is the largest public union in the United States, representing public school teachers all across America. Also, a story that will warm our hearts to the latest in technological advancement, at the cash register. Amazon’s Whole Foods has recently announced, that it will be rolling out it’s new palm scanner, mark of the beast-like prototype. You won’t even need to reach for your credit card to check out anymore, just waive your hand. How cool is that? And finally, former marine and Washington State high school football Coach, Joe Kennedy, after a 7-year battle which went all the way to the Supreme Court, will be coaching again, and praying for his team at the 50 yard line, after each game. Texas high court allows law banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors to take effect ABC News / Aug 31, 2023 These 20 states have passed bans on gender-affirming care for minors CBS News / Anne-Marie Green / July 6, 2023 Doctor sounds the alarm about the effects of puberty blockers for minors FOX Business / June 9, 2023 "Teachers' Union President Becky Pringle's Shocking Rant: Dehumanizing Students as 'Our Babies'" TK Talk News / July 14, 2023 NEA head Becky Pringle made $500K while fighting for COVID school closures New York Post NEA WEB PAGE "Teachers' Union President Becky Pringle's Shocking Rant: Dehumanizing Students as 'Our Babies'" TK Talk News / July 14, 2023 Talks about LGBTQ+ agenda in the classroom. NEA social justice trainer admits critical race theory in K-12 despite claims by union boss Becky Pringle FOX News / Nov 1, 2022 Palm-payment technology coming to all U.S. Whole Foods CBS News / Jul 21, 2023 (Video) Whole Foods Allows Customers To Pay With Palm Scanners—Here’s How It Works Forbes / Jul 20, 2023 Praying Football Coach Returns to Field After Winning Case: 'Golden Age for Religious Liberty' CBN News / Aug 31, 2023 Prayer coach & Marine Joe Kennedy on Supreme Court win: ‘I fought for this right’ NEW YORK POST / July 5, 2022 Sheep Among Wolves VOL 2


29 AUG 2023 - Lahaina Maui Lawsuits, Roads Blocked During Lahaina Fire, Will COVID Restrictions Return? Trump Mug Shot - Marketing Genius

In today’s program we begin with some comments from the Narrative Wars posse. We open then with an Update regarding the Maui Fires and the rapid spread of lawsuits; we also discuss the utter confusion at the scene of the fire and reports that are emerging from citizen journalists. And just in time for back to school, it seems like we are back to masking up as certain health officials are talking about the return of COVID protocols. And finally, there is the infamous Donald J. Trump mugshot for a Georgia Courthouse which has gone viral and is now more famous than any 1960s, counterculture, Andy Warhol knockoff art. Maui County sues Hawaiian Electric Company, alleging negligence Today / Aug 25, 2023 The county of Maui is suing Hawaiian Electric Company, alleging that negligence led to the devastating wildfires. This comes as officials release the names of hundreds of people still unaccounted for. NBC’s Sam Brock reports for TODAY. ‘Only Those Who Disobeyed Survived’: Some Maui Survivors Had to Ignore Local Government to Stay Alive Daily Caller / Aug 23, 2023 Residents in West Maui faced a barricade that blocked the only paved exit out of town when they attempted to escape the raging wildfires, according to the Associated Press, forcing them to evade the authorities’ obstacles. In deadly Maui fires, many had no warning and no way out. Those who dodged a barricade survived AP / Aug 24, 2023 Return of the mask: COVID-19 spikes prompt restart of US mandates The Washington Examiner / Aug 25, 2023 It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say CNN / Sandee LaMotte / Aug 23, 2023 Donald Trump’s mugshot will ‘motivate’ his supporters Sky News / Aug 28, 2023 Fauci on 60 Minutes


22 AUG 2023 - Lahaina Maui Fire, President Trump Skips First GOP Debate, Is Budweiser for Sale?, California Professors Sue over DEI

We begin with stories about the Lahaina Maui Fire, based on both news reports and conversations that I have had with Maui residents. President Trump sticks it to FOX News, by skipping the 1st GOP Presidential Debate in Milwaukee. . . and Billy Busch, the Anheuser-Busch heir, offers to buy back Bud Light, from InBev, a European company located in Brussels Belgium. Finally, there is a new lawsuit in California. Six University professors are suing California Community colleges because they oppose new regulations, as of March 2023, which require the teaching of: “politicized conceptions of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ " ʻOhana o Lele calls on Gov. Green to meet demands for Lahaina recovery, rebuilding Nā Maui Now / Aug 18, 2023 Nā ʻOhana o Lele, a coalition of community members in Lahaina, today called on Governor Josh Green to meet three demands for the recovery of the community. The realities of the scene on Front Street in Lahaina KHON2 News / Aug 13, 2023 Walking through Front Street showed the realities of the dangers and effects the brush fire had on Lahaina. Suspension of Laws Chapter 92, HRS, Public Agency Meetings and Records, to the extent that any notice requirements or any other provisions of Chapter 92 may delay the expeditious action, decision, or approval of any agency. Maui County Knew Of Lahaina’s Fire Risk For Years Honolulu Civil Beat / Aug 13, 2023 But the investment required to properly mitigate fire risk across Hawaii has been slow to come. Hawaiʻi wildfires strongly linked to human activity University of Hawaii News / Jan 22, 2016 Trump to skip GOP debate in favor of Tucker Carlson interview CNN / Aug 21, 2023 Trump to release taped interview with Tucker Carlson, skipping GOP debate The Washington Post / Aug 19, 2023 Anheuser-Busch heir would buy back Bud Light if sold News Nation / Aug 16, 2023 Billy Busch, heir to the Anheuser-Busch dynasty, joins “On Balance With Leland Vittert” to discuss why Bud Light owners InBev should sell the ailing brand back to his family. Anheuser-Busch heir offers to buy back Bud Light: ‘We’ll make that brand great again’ Washington Examiner / Aug 16, 2023 FIRE sues to halt California Community College DEI mandates Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression Aug 17, 2023 A group called Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of six California community college professors to halt new, systemwide regulations forcing professors to espouse and teach these politicized conceptions of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” California professors sue to block DEI teaching and tenure mandates Just the News / Aug 17, 2023 ‘Stories of Survival’: HNN special showcases perseverance, bravery of the people of West Maui Hawaii News Now / Aug 16, 2023 The Lahaina wildfire has brought unimaginable devastation, heartbreak and loss. To put the disaster into perspective, HNN has put together a new special that gathers the stories of survivors, relief workers and the community that’s struggling in the aftermath.


14 AUG 2023 - New Global BRICS Currency, Proterra Goes Bankrupt in South Carolina, FORD will loose $4.5 Billion on EVs, Fauci and Collins Rake in Royalty Payments, Texas Bans Men in College Sports

The BRICS nations meet this month to discuss a new Global Currency. EV Bus manufacturer Proterra in Greenville, South Carolina, files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. And in a related story, vehicle manufacturer Ford is projected to lose $4.5 Billion this year on its Electric Vehicle division. And finally, new documents reveal that NIH scientists (including Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins) received 58 third-party royalty payments between 2010 and 2018, according to a Freedom of Information Act Request, by OpenTheBooks. BRICS nations announce plan for joint currency i24 News / Apr 3, 2023 Prof. John Quelch discusses the BRICS nations announcing their own currency, in a bid to break away from the US dollar. How long will the dollar last as the world’s default currency? The BRICS nations are gathering in South Africa this August with it on the agenda Fortune / Mihaela Papa / June 25, 2023 In August 2023, South Africa will host the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – a group of nations known by the acronym BRICS. Among the items on the agenda is the creation of a new joint BRICS currency. Electric bus maker Proterra files for bankruptcy protection WYFF News 4 - Greenville, SC Aug 9, 2023 Proterra, an electric vehicle company touted by the Biden administration, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In 2021, Pres Joe Biden did a video interview, highlighting Proterra, as a example of future green policy. Electric vehicle company touted by Biden administration files for bankruptcy Washington Examiner / Brady Knox / Aug 8, 2023 Proterra, an electric vehicle company touted by the Biden administration, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Solyndra Collapse a 'Waste' of Half a Billion By Obama, GOP Critics Say ABC News / Aug 31, 2011 "This is really bad news.... Half a billion dollars of taxpayer money and we may end up holding the bag," House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) Ford Expects to Lose $4.5B on EVs This Year Newsmax / July 28, 2023 Automaker Ford estimates its electric vehicle division will lose $4.5 billion this year, $1.5 billion more than it predicted in March. Greg Piper discusses Anthony Fauci's 58 royalty payments from the NIH Just the News / Just the News Reporter Greg Piper talks about his reporting of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s 58 royalty payments he received from the National Institute of Health for developing scientific technology. Watchdog says record of payments for taxpayer-funded inventions should help determine truthfulness of Fauci's congressional testimony. Riley Gaines hails Texas law banning transgender athletes from women's college sports teams Washington Examiner / Aug 7, 2023 AUSTIN, Texas — Renowned National Collegiate Athletics Association swimmers Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan praised Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for banning transgender athletes from women's collegiate sports teams and decried the fact that such a law was even necessary. Gaines hammered the NCAA and member schools for how she said they had purposely attacked women athletes in a way that violated the federal statute, Title IX, that protects people from sex-based discrimination at any education institution that receives federal funding.


7 AUG 2023 - Trump Indicted in Wash DC, Blacks for Trump, Hillary Voters Conspire to Overturn Election, Celebrities Urge Electors to Reject Trump

This is a packed show with an in depth look at the 3rd Trump indictment, and the coverage in the legacy media. Also, notable are the voices of a small group called “Blacks for Trump,” which voiced their disappointment with Special Counsel Jack Smith. In addition, we take a nostalgic look back at the 2016 presidential election, in which candidate Hillary Clinton, graciously conceded to Donald Trump, by declaring that he is an “illegitimate President.” Trump indicted on charges related to efforts to overturn 2020 election ABC NEWS / Aug 1, 2023 The Atlantic – Does the Does the First Amendment Protect Deliberate Lies? –AUG 16, 2016 – Garrett Epps Black Trump Supporters Stunned Liberals Outside the Arraignment Hearing TownHall / Mia Cathell / Aug 4, 2023 FREDERICK DOUGLAS – abolitionist MSNBC CONSPIRES TO IGNORE CONSTITUTION AND OVERTHROW ELECTORAL COLLEGE AT THE STATE LEVEL Hillary Clinton Voters Call To Overturn Results | MSNBC / Nov 14, 2016 CELEBRITEIS CONSPIRE TO OVERTURN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Schoen, Sayegh on celebs urging electors to reject Trump FOX News / Dec 15, 2016 U.S. Congress certifies Trump's Electoral College victory Reuters / Jan 6, 2017 Hillary Clinton claims 2016 election was 'stolen' from her Fox News / May 6, 2019 Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is apparently still not over her 2016 loss to Donald Trump; reaction and analysis on 'The Five. Hillary Clinton: "Trump knows he's an illegitimate president" CBS Sunday Morning / Sep 29, 2019 Interview: Hillary declares that Trump is an “illigitamate President.” She is an election denier. America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy Heritage Foundation / June 19, 2020 America is a republic and not a pure democracy.


1 AUG 2023 - Bud Light to Lay Off 350 Employees, White House Actively Censored Free Speech, Misgendering Is Now a Felony in Michigan, Illinois College Student Wins Lawsuit

In wake of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, Anheuser-Busch has announced that it is going to lay off about 350 employees. Also, the White House has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, actively colluding with Big Tech to censor Free Speech. In Michigan, there is a new law that is chilling verbal discourse, misgendering a person can be reason for a felony charge. And finally, another win for Freedom of Speech, a University of Illinois student wins a Lawsuit, when she is silenced in class. Popular beer company plans layoffs | ABCNL ABC News / July 28, 2023 Bud Light Parent Company Lays Off Hundreds of Workers Washington Free Beacon / Ben Wilson / July 27, 2023 BUD Light Shoots Down From No.1 to No.4 for Most opular Beers in Bars and Resaurants Daily Caller / Andrew Powell / July 20, 2023 RIP Budweiser / To all the Former Budweiser Drinkers of America YouTube / Theexpertlipreader (Almost 660K views) Biden admin led massive 'speech censorship operation,' former state AG will testify Fox News / Brooke Singman / March 29, 2023 l-media-giants-to-censor-free-speech-missouri-louisiana-officials-to-say Jim Jordan Obtains Facebook Files Showing White House Pressure to Censor Americans Breitbart / Allum Bokhari / 27 July 2023 Jim Jordan Obtains Facebook Files Showing White House Pressure to Censor Americans Breitbart / Allum Bokhari / 27 July 2023 Who is NOAH ARBIT (D-MI- State House) 28 YRS OLD, Ist term Democratic sponsor of updated hate crime bill becomes seventh lawmaker to face recall Sinclair Broadcast Group / Rachel Louise Just / July 21st 2023 Michigan Pronouns Law Declared an 'Abomination' by Former Judge Newsweek / Giulia Carbonaro / July 3, 2023 Colorado Supreme Court strikes down part of state’s cyberbullying law as unconstitutional The Denver Post / Shelly Bradbury / March 28, 2023 Illinois college ordered to pay Christian student $80K for silencing conservative views Nikolas Lanum / Fox News / July 28, 2023 Civic honesty around the globe Rationalist approaches to economics assume that people value their own interests over the interests of strangers. Cohn et al. wanted to examine the trade-off between material self-interest and more altruistic behaviors (see the Perspective by Shalvi). They distributed more than 17,000 wallets containing various sums of money in 355 cities across 40 countries. In contrast to what rationalist theories of economics predict, citizens were more likely to return wallets that contained more money. The findings also reveal a high level of civic honesty across nations.


25 JUL 2023 - FOX News Donates to Left-Wing Groups, CMT Cancels Jason Aldean Video, New Theme park in Oklahoma, Texas Tells DOJ ”See You In Court”

The wife of former head of Fox News, Beth Ailes reacts to whistleblowers that revealed that a Fox news donation portal for Fox employees offers Fox matching funds for a Satanic Temple and other left-wing groups. Jason Aldean’s song, “Try That in A Small Town” is cancelled from Country Music Television, and fans are pushing back. As Disney continues to stack up multi-billion-dollar losses, a new American friendly theme park is scheduled to open in Oklahoma, in the near future. And finally, Texas Governor, Greg Abbot defends the border with a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, which the federal government wants removed. Beth Ailes to Newsmax: 'Industrialized Devil Worship' at Fox Newsmax / Mike McAvennie / July 21, 2023 On Friday, The Blaze reported that Fox News' company portal app, Fox Giving, matches employee donations of up to $1,000 to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other liberal charities. EXCLUSIVE: Fox News whistleblowers expose company’s support for far-left charities Blaze Media / Joseph Mackinnon / July 21, 2023 Insiders have revealed to Blaze Media that Fox will subsidize some of the very activist groups that despise and seek the ruin of the network’s viewers, evidencing a “complete disregard and hatred” for its core audience. “Fox Giving” is an app in the company portal that facilitates charitable donations via the Canadian-based donation management platform Benevity. Fox will apparently match donations up to $1,000 to various organizations that satisfy the company’s criteria. Jason Aldean - Try That In A Small Town (Official Audio) Jason Aldean / Song / May 18, 2023 The official audio video for "Try That In A Small Town" BREAKING: Jason Aldean Breaks Silence On Controversial ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Song And Music Video Aldean is responding to critics who accused him of being pro-gun and racist. Last Word on Jason Aldean’s ‘Not in My Small Town’ Fake Controversy—the Left Resorts to Threats of Violence RedState / July 21, 2023 CMT faces fierce backlash online after yanking Jason Aldean’s music video: ‘Shameful’ Fox News / Kristine Parks / July 20, 2023 Fans lashed out at Country Music Television, after it pulled singer Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” music video this week following accusations it was racist. Aldean had enraged liberal activists with the new music video, which has anti-crime, pro-law enforcement themes and tells criminals that their behavior won’t be tolerated in rural America. The music video plays footage from left-wing riots and smash-and-grab robberies. Activists accused the song of being racist and promoting violence. A New $2 Billion Theme Park Is Opening in the U.S. — but It's Not in Florida or California | PEOPLE The 125-acre theme park was designed by a team including more than 20 former Disney Parks builders and Walt Disney Imagineers Why Disney World is so empty this summer The Week / Justin Klawans / July 18, 2023 The park recently saw its slowest July Fourth weekend in nearly a decade Americans turn back on Disney after LGBTQ embrace Washington Examiner / Paul Bedard / April 12, 2022 Nearly 7 in 10 Americans, upset with Disney’s embrace of the LGBTQ movement, no longer want to do...