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Steven Ben-Nun: Noahide Laws, Sanhedrin Council, Trump as Chosen One

In this episode we are joined by Steven Ben-Nun, host of Israel News Live, to inform us of the progress in Israel and to explain to us the influence of the Noahide Laws, the significance of the Sanhedrin Council, and the plans of the Zionists for Israel, Jerusalem, and the world.


AI Propaganda Mind Control Technocracy

In this episode we discuss the use of AI in manipulating the algorithms to squash information revealing conspiracy by placing the search words in low priority unless coupled with more specific phrases. Modern propaganda using cyber books and libraries rather than physical books and buildings.


News 8/14/19 - Epstein Suicide, FBI Doc Against Conspiracies, Christian Singer Defects

The news segment edition of the broadcast featuring the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and questioned facts. A document was posted online that the FBI want to start tagging conspiracy theorists. Have they been doing so already, or is this a hoax? Texas Shooting is blamed on... lack of Noahide Law. Hillsong Christian writer deviates from the faith.


Franklin Files Child Sex Scandal

In this episode we resurface the child sex scandal involving Executive of the Franklin Credit Union Larry King, who used his position to solicit politicians to have sex with boys from the Boys Town Institution, as well as funding child trafficking for the Elite. This scandal may have been forgotten, if the Epstein case did not bring suspicion back. This case had connections right up to the White House in Washington DC. A forgotten scandal recorded in the Franklin Files involving Boys Town...


News 08-07-19 - El Paso and Ohio Shooting, Witches rally Behind Democrat Candidate

Our news segment edition. The El Paso and Ohio shotting commentary about false flags and suspicions. Sympathy to those injured or families of those killed. However, shame on those who perpetrate such acts, whether from a lone individual or group. Gun control is usually the issue. this one extends to blaming conspiracy theorists and Trump. 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson tries to distance herself from the publicity of witches acting on her behalf. Casting a spell that she will...


Aleister Crowley Influence in Society with William Ramsey

In this episode William Ramsey shares his research on the iconic figure Aleister Crowley, the magician considering himself the Beast, who has had an impact in society. Some have modeled his philosophies, others his dark practices. Hollywood cabal and music performers hint of his rituals. We wonder if Crowley influenced the New World Order.


News 7/31/19 - Gay Priests in Vatican, UN Wants One World Government, Sanhedrin Revised for Third Temple

News segment featuring hot news items and topics related to our theme. A new book reveals many Catholic Priests are gay. Franklin Graham states that equality act will lead to Christian perseuction. United Nations wants One World Government in 12 years. The Sanhedren council to host 70 nations and rebuilding of the Third Temple.


Universalism in the Christian Church

In this episode Jim is joined by Bare Hayes to discuss the universalism in the modern Christian Church. Some modern churches have regarded a universalism that leads to an all-inclusive ecumenical unity of all faiths. They consider different cultures of gods as aspects of the One true God. In these movements, love is most important aspect to bring unity, even over truth, and to them that unity and all-inclusiveness is the goal to build the body of Christ. We will examine why this can turn out...


Exposing Sex Magick Rituals

In this episode we discuss sex magic rituals and their purpose. Why do occultists practice? Many of the Elite may also be participating in these perversions that have connection with cults, child trafficking, and sex rituals.


News 7/17/19 - Banned Books at Amazon, Katy Perry court case to omit witchcraft, Antidepresants not work

Here are some news stories picked this week for review and analysis.


Secret Nature of Secret Societies

In this episode we explore the characteristics of Secret Societies, what most share, and also the inside secrets that make them well-guarded. Secret Societies have been around since the beginning of time, and they continue as an Elite inner circle of those who consider themselves in the know as worthy Gnostics. Some take on the nature of an outer cover while holding concealed inner meaning. And only those on the inside know their true intent. That is until now. We expose what goes on inside...


News 7/10/19 - Jeffrey Epstein Accused, Delete Facebook for Spying

News segment with some recent stories we analyze.


Neurological Warfare

The military learned early on that the consequence of war leads to mental illness in soldiers. Instead of remedy, they proceeded with military experiments to learn the behavior of people and how to benefit from the information. The result has been an onslaught of Operations with Intelligence agencies from around the world to grasp the concept of how the mind works and use it to enslave its citizens. In this episode we expose psychological warfare.


News 7/3/19 - Google Chrome Spying, IRS Blind to Identity Theft, Antisemitism Laws, Churches Embrace Same-Sex

News updates as we read some stories and talk about them.


Illuminati and Freemason Battle for America

n this episode we take a look at the fight for Independence and the battle between the Secret Societies for control. Freemasons claim the land for their New Atlantis. The Illuminati have it in their sights for a Luciferian Utopia. And both seem to have different angles towards similar goals. Could it have been the plan from the beginning? Are Freemasons the rightful owners of America and have us in our best interest, while the Luciferians want to devour us? Or do both work towards a slow...


Homosexual and Satanism

President Trump declared One to be Gay Pride Month. Is this a statement that America is comfortable with being like Sodom and Gomorrah? Is it perhaps Satanism? LGBT community is striving for acceptance in society, even by Christians. Despite what God says, they insist on their sexual preferences. demanding they have a right to have their passions expressed, despite what Christians and others think. But isn't it actually despite what God thinks? And now some demand a different identity to...


6/19/19 - Iran Blamed for Bombing of Ships, Israel Troll Army

The news and reports segment to bring some relevant information. This edition looks at Iran blamed by Trump for the bombing of ships in the Gulf of Oman. But could it just be another false flag as an excuse to go after the long awaited rebels against a Centralized Rothschild Bank? This could stir WWIII. Just an incident like thos could spark a major war. Also we found a report that Israel, not Russia, may have influenced the Trump campaign for a win.


Awakening To The Red Pill

We examine what it means to be awakened to the red pillas we describe some incidences that we have noticed in research and observation. I am on location in Virginia for this one.


Reports: 6/12/19 - Christian Persecution, Censorship in Social Media

This week's news segment will examine reports of free speech discrimination and banning of certain information on the Internet through YouTube and other forums. Also the closing in on Sodom and Gomorrah. We also look at technology of reading minds.