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Alex Jones Ban, Psyops and Controlled Opposition

Is Alex Jones a victim of censorship of truthers? Or is it just another example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action to condition us, and further divide and synchronize us to the conditioning, and rendering us paralyzed? Alex Jones seems to have given us much inside information and research. However, he is accused of being a controlled opposition of the Elite by some in the Truther Community, only allowed to go just so with his information to control its conclusion. Tonight we will analyze...


Breaking Through Chemtrails

The suspicion of “Chemtrails” has been a phenomenon for several decades now as our skies become unusually saturated with emissions of trailing contrails from planes that do not seem to dissipate as normal exhaust. These trails are forming strange cloud patterns and show signs of ripples of sound waves and other evidences. What we have found is that they contain several toxic chemicals and are the cause of respitory problems in some. The government is o longer denying them, just making false...


Occult History of NASA

NASA claims its intent is to study the universe and give answer to the ultimate question, “Are we alone?” To find the answers to our origin of life and collecting proof that there is a vast universe going beyond what the scriptures can tell us. However, we find it has another purpose, one more suspicious and devious. To not only funnel funds as an excuse to continue experimentation and exploration, but to conduct Satanic Sex Rituals and provide propaganda to deceive the public. But what is...


Accusations, Psyops in a Fake World

This episode is a bit spontaneous and contains a bit of rants from Jim. As he addresses some of the hate messages he has received and the accusations that many fling at him. But this is not to grieve, mostly to make a point and bring it to the surface, as Jim often likes to address and confront the problems to settle them. This episode will speak on the lack of love of some, the unecessary hurls of dirt, the mean-spirited rivalries, and how it has further divided. Some have pet-peeve topics...


Power of the Jesuits with guest Johnny Cirucci

In this episode guest Johnny Cirucci sets Jim straight on the significance of the power of the Jesuits. The Jesuits have a hand in politics, banking, and Secret Societies. Johnny brings his research forth to share his insight on this notorious group, the Society of Jesus, known as the Jesuits, and their influence in society and governments. How did they come about? Do they control the Freemasons and Illuminati? What is the role of the Black Pope? What are their ambitions? How much power do...


Greatest Mind Control Device in History

Technology is advancing and it is more than just entertainment. We tend to think it was developed for our leisure. But it has a purpose. And you might not like it. Why was television developed? What is the greatest mind control device developed? We will discuss this on this episode.


True Faith of America's Founding Fathers

What was the true faith of those involved in shaping America? We have been told that many were devout Christians, while some insignificant members may have been Freemasons. You will be shocked if you think that is true. In this episode we examine the founding fathers and what they believed in their private life according to letters, documents, and testimonies of others. We will look at Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, and Congressional...


Illuminati Plans, Zionist Agenda, Shift in the NWO

This episode hits the historical agenda of the Illuminati, where they went in history to today. Also spoke on the Zionist agenda. And my speculation of the NWO headquarters once planned in America as the New Atlantis. The Zionists have planned infiltration of the Middle East through its political Zionist Israel for a New Jerusalem (not biblical New Jerusalem). Possible that the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem was a declaration that the Freemasonic and Israel headquarters have agreed to a common...


Israel in Prophecy and the true Meaning of the Star of David

Many Christians, as well as other groups, support the right of Israel to have their own nation of land to exist in Palestine under the Zionists, as promised in the Torah. This has led to Dispensational Theology that requires a return of sacrifices and a Third Temple for Antichrist to make a showing, and Jesus to return. This episode will explore who are the Jews claiming Israel. Do Zionists have a right? How does Israel fit into Bible prophecy? Who is Israel? What is the meaning of the...


Bilderberg 2018 66th Meeting Analysis, AI Technology Highlighted (full episode)

The annual infamous semi-secretive Bilderberg meeting was June 7-10 in Turin Italy. On the agenda was Population concern, AI, U.S. elections for 2020, World Leadership, 2030 Agenda, Quantum computing, post-truth world, and other things. The Vatican offered a representative this year. This meeting has some special features worth talking about. This episode explains a lot about AI, DARPA, D-Wave, and Quantum Computer and its technology how it affects each citizen. NSA data collection and...


Conspiracy Theories That Are More Than Theory

We examine the nature of conspiracy theories and specific conspiracy theories that are more than just theory. Some of the documents have been published, and evidences proving that something more than a mere coincidence of incidents have given fodder for tin-foil hat wearers to gain suspicion. The very discredit of conspiracies is a conspiracy initiated for the conditioning of citizens under the CIA's Clandestine Services in 1967. We will discuss: Chemtrails JFK Assassination CIA Control...


45 Goals of a Communist Takeover of America

It has recently been revealed that a plot of Communism to takeover America was entered into a Congressional Report in 1963. The 45 Goals outlined in the report came from a book by Cleon Skouson called The Naked Communist, and entered by representative Hon. A.S. Herlong Jr. of Florida in 1963. We will discuss these goals on this episode. Source: http://cultureshield.com/pdf/45_goals.pdf


Trump Facade, Israel 70 Years of Prophecy Expires

In this episode the facade of the Deep State feud with Trump is explained and exposed. Israel celebrates its 70 years as a nation. What kind of nation is that? The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem marks an era and recognizes Jerusalem as aits Capitol. The meaning of the U.S. and Israel unity. Also how that may have expired the period of the generation after Israel becomes a nation to see the rapture BEFORE it expired. We also talk about the Royal bloodline after the Royal wedding with the Prince...


James Perloff: the Truther Movement and Syria

Jim and James discuss James Perloff's recent blog articles on the Truther Movement and its relationship with Christianity, and also on the Syria conflict and his insight after speaking with several who are directly connected. This episode explores the need for the Truther community, its impact with others, and the opposition against it, as well as why it should be compatible with Christianity. James speaks about the Luciferian agenda and the New World Order, the attack on Christianity, and...


Esoteric Language and Dual Meaning

Words can mean two different things as according to intent. Occultists use phrases common in society, and words recognized by the masses, yet they have another meaning of the same words. They may use it in a way common to most, and still have an esoteric (hidden) meaning that serves their intent. This is how they persuade the public to accept their ideas. This episode explains the esoteric and exoteric meaning, the dual meaning of terms, and why it is practiced.


May 1 Illuminati Holiday

May Day as it is called is celebrated in many countries as a Labor Day holiday promoted by the International Labor movement as influenced by Socialists and Communists. It also coincides with the pagan celebration of Beltane, and has significance with the Illuminati as the date of its founding in 1776. Do you know why this is so relevant? In this episode I talk about the founding of the Illuminati, Communism, and the Satanic rituals associated on May 1.


Presidents Are Illuminati Controlled

Politics is considered a dirty sector. Many get involved thinking they will change government, only to find they have been levered, used, and bribed. The Illuminati is believed to have a hand on every Presidential candidate, and pre-approve the elected official according to their control over the office. But had Trump somehow bypassed the electoral process to beat the Deep State and squeak through by accident? Or is he part of their big master plan? Does the Deep State control Trump as...


False Flag on Syria to Trigger WW3: Syria Conflict April 15, 2018

Conflict again in Syria as Assad is accused of chemical attacks against his own citizens. Israel sent missiles, as well as air strikes from the US, UK, and France. Some fear the escalation of attacks will trigger WW3 and provoke Russia, who has interest in Syria. Reports are conflicting and many sources claim that there is no substantial evidence it was Assad who gassed his own people. Even his own citizens are supporting the Syrian President denying such action took place. We will discuss...


Socialism for NWO Indoctrination of Students

A report says that nearly half of millennials prefer Socialism over Capitalism. Most students do not even know the meaning of Socialism. The Social Engineering agenda is a success. We discuss the Illuminati Socialist agenda for a New World Order, how Socialism has been indoctrinated in students through the education system and media, and what impact it has had on society. This episode includes: The report that Millennials prefer Socialism The difference between Socialism and Capitalism The...


How Secret Societies Regard the Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a significant event in history. However, some have tried to deny it or disregard its significance. Scholars have claimed that Christianity adopted pagan ideas and basically plagiarized the concept from ancient religions. Secret Societies have their own version of a resurrection, as Gnostics claim a story that Jesus did not get resurrected, but lived on secretly with Mary Magdalene to have children, in which they are descendants. We explore why these...