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Editing Note Correction To Episode R&P 5/22/19

This is a note to notify listeners that the correction to the episode R&P 5/22/19 NXIVM... has been made and the correct audio is back to that title. You may need to redownload it if you already had after Thursday 5/23.


Apologies For A Production Error

In post-production I accidentally posted the wrong episode to the R&P segment so I took that off line temporarily until I correct the error and put the audio that is supposed to be in that segment back in. Thanks for being patient as soon as I get back to my studio I will correct the error.


R&P 5/22/19 - NXIVM Twisted Games, Knights of Bethel

This is the reports and perspective epsiode. This week we look at the NXIVM cult and its sex games practiced by cult leader. The gospel of AI according to Evangelicals. And Bethel church "knights" its recruits in the same manner as the Knights of Malta. Is it any wonder one leader Rick Joyner is a Knight of Malta. Articles referred to in this episode...


Agenda 2030 and the Internet of things

The United Nations introduced their Agenda 21 in policies back in 1992 as a product of the Earth Summits to draft a plan for Sustainable Development. Recently the announcement of the Internet of Things brought forth the development of technology towards this goal for the 2030 Agenda. What does this mean, and why should we be concerned? Bare Hayes joins me as co-host to explain the true agenda of the United Nations and its spiritual connotation,


Mother Goddess Worship

In this episode we explore the meaning of mother worship and why it has been passed down from ancient origins. The pagans believed in it, the Egyptians, and Babylonians. The tradition passed onto other cultures in many forms. But it involves witchcraft, Sun Worship, Mother Nature, Earth Worship, and magick rituals.


R&P 5/8/19 - Rothschilds Control Weather, Alex Jones Banned, DARPA Telepathy Program

We examine some repoorts and talk about them, The Rothschilds now owns the world's largest weather modeling organization. Is it to cover something up? Facebook bans Alex Jones and Farrakhan. Why does that concern us? DARPA working on telepathy. Missing children found connected to child trafficking.


Occult Influence in Society

In this episode Jim examines occult practices and their influence in society. Why outsiders need to know, and what benefit it is to decipher the code, We often alert the times of occult rituals, as well as signs and evidences of occult presence in social events. The reason is that we believe that the occult markings are a communication to other occultists, as well as present a “hidden in plain sight” account to unwitting observers. Why is this important to know? By doing so we have an...


R&P 5/1/19 - NXVIM Cult Plea, Notre Dame Burns, Satanic Temple Wins Status

This is our segment on analysis of some reports. In this segment is a plea of accused of the NXVIM cult. Theburning of Notre Dame, is it a ritual? The Satanic Temple gets IRS status as a church.


`Gary Wayne on the Jesuits

In this episode Gary Wayne joins me with his research on the Jesuits, the para-Catholic Society. We go from their bllodline to inception to modern influence. Gary is author of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy and considers himself a Christian contrarian.


Resurrection from the Dead

In this episode we explore the resurrection and the purpose of Jesus on the cross. Jim gives his testimony from death to life and the dirt that led him to that.


R&P 4/17/19 - NXIVM Cult Verdicts, MKULTRA in Pop Song

This is a reports and perspective segment of our show. News items and obscrure reports you may not know about from mainstream media. Correction note: In the report I made reference to Salzman possibly being related to Seagram liquor, but it was Clare Bronfman who is that heir. I knew it was one of the "-mans."


Conspiracy, Controlled Opposition, and the Illuminati with guest Julius Rhinehart

In this episode a friend of mine shares his insight and rational thinking on several topics. In this discussion we talk about conspiracy, how to find a baseline for truth, and how many novices hasten their charge against others. Also the possible agenda for the Nipsey Hussle murder.


R&P 4/10/19 - Israel Votes PM, Health Freedom Destroyed, Voice to Skull not Conspiracy

This is the report analysis segment called Reports and Perspective. We look at Israel's election. What is destroying the health freedom of citizens? Voice to Skull technology is more than a conspiracy. The Mary Magdeline movie portrays an innocent Mary rather than a prostitute.


Nipsey Hussle and the Nature of Conspiracy

In this episode we explore the possibility of the conspiracy against rapper Nipsey Hussle, and the nature of conspiracy in general that they bring suspicions. How can so many be involved with conspiracies, and is there a more spiritual connection? Who are involved? Jim talks about this topic.


Modern Christianity with BDK of Omega Frequency

In this episode I am joined by BDK, host of Omega Frequency, a podcast for encouraging and equipping the bride of Christ and proclaiming the return of Jesus. We will look at a range of subjects to do with the condition of modern Christianity and the church.


R&P 3/27/19 - Israel Attacked, What Did Netanyahu Say About the US?, Strengthening Persecution of Christians

This is the news analyis segment of the show. We look at Israel unrest and attack on Gaza, Netanyahu's statement about the United States, and what it might lead to. Also a look at Noahide Laws in action.


Sodom and Gomorrah in Our Age with Guest Bare Hayes

In the episode I am joined in conversation with my friend Bare Hayes about the condition of society and how it is similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. "As in the days of Noah" is explained as we explore the similarities and the wickedness God judged the ancient city, and how it is upon us boldly today.


Christian Persecution, Worldwide Censoring

This is the reports analysis episode. Christians are persecuted in massacres in many parts of the world, but we aren't hearing that side. Facebook is putting the squeeze on anyti-vaccine content and is suppressing Conservative media whistleblowers. Sources: https://dcdirtylaundry.com/all-the-religious-massacres-you-didnt-hear-about-over-the-past-year-have-one-thing-in-common-christians-were-killed-instead-of-muslims/...


Secret Societies Not Heard About

In this episode we look at some of the Secret Societies many do not know about. We often talk about Secret Societies that are familiar. But there are some, even having major influence, that many have not heard. Some are splinter groups from well-known ones, others stand alone. And many operate within the known groups, only as inner circles. But all have the same purpose. We will explore them.


R&P 3/13/19 - Facebook Blackout, is it the end of the world?

Many experienced a Facebook outtage as Facebook is reported down for many users. Some have limited access. We analyze the situation and offer some suspicions. Also why WWIII is suspected everytime activity increases.