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Every day on 103.3, 105.9, and 1530's Joel Natalie Show, we tackle the biggest issues that the Erie, PA region faces. Stay informed and involved as we advance the narrative of Erie.

Every day on 103.3, 105.9, and 1530's Joel Natalie Show, we tackle the biggest issues that the Erie, PA region faces. Stay informed and involved as we advance the narrative of Erie.
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Every day on 103.3, 105.9, and 1530's Joel Natalie Show, we tackle the biggest issues that the Erie, PA region faces. Stay informed and involved as we advance the narrative of Erie.






Preparing for Holy Week: Rev. Colby Atkins, Rev. Matt Judd, Rev. Lamech Marsh & Fr. Shane Mathew - April 12, 2019

A week before Good Friday and Easter, we invited four local Christian leaders to get their perspectives on the Passion of Jesus Christ how the faithful can prepare for Holy Week at churches across the Erie region. Our guests included Rev. Colby Atkins of Elevate Church, Rev. Matt Judd of Glenwood United Methodist Church, Rev. Lamech Marsh of Girard Alliance Church, and Fr. Shane Mathew of Gannon University.


Coaching and Leadership: Andy Kerr & Bill Cox - April 11, 2019

On our Thursday program, we invited coaches, consultants and public speakers Bill Cox and Andy Kerr to share about how they add value to corporate teams and individuals. They also talked about their upcoming One Step Forward half-day conference May 3rd at the Blasco Library-Hirt Auditorium.


Rural life-Union City: Matt Bennett/Abbe Biebel/Lynora Rumm - April 10, 2019

We turned our attention Wednesday to southeastern Erie County and the community of Union City, to learn about the successes and struggles of life in a small rural community. Joining us were Matt Bennett, Union City Schools Superintendent, Abbe Biebel, Coordinator of Positive Youth Development, and Lynora Rumm, Pastor of McLane Church-Union City.


Erie's Downtown: John Buchna/John Persinger/Michael Outlaw - April 9, 2019

On our Tuesday program, we visited with John Buchna, the Executive Director of the Erie Downtown Partnership, to get an overview of the latest efforts in downtown planning and revitalization. Then John Persinger, the CEO of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation, returned to our studios for a fast-paced update on the national attention the EDDC is receiving, along with their investments in their focus area. Then Michael Outlaw from the Mayor's Office returned to speak on job opportunities...


Rising Leaders in the Minority Community: Rev. Darryl Cook & Corey Cook/Michael Outlaw - April 8, 2019

Rising leaders in the minority community were our guests on Monday on the Joel Natalie Show. Brothers Rev. Darryl Cook, lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Erie, and Corey Cook, Program Director of the Downtown YMCA Teen Center. Then Mayor Schember's Community Liason Michael Outlaw came to discuss efforts in diversifying the Erie Fire Department.


Spring Renewal: Marian Taylor/Debbie DeAngelo/Jeff Natalie - April 4, 2019

On our Thursday program, we took a break from the heavy issues of the day to embrace the spring season and offer tips and encouragement for a new attitude. To help us downsize and declutter, Marian Taylor, Owner of Simple Solutions for Living came on the show. Promoting physical wellness was health consultant and motivational speaker Debbie DeAngelo. Finally, Joel's brother Jeff Natalie returned with tips to improve our emotional health, leaning into his experience as a family therapist and...


Cyber-security: Brad Wiertel/Dr. M Afzal Upal, Dr. Christoher Mansour, Dr Karinna Vernaza & Dr Stephen Frezza - April 3, 2019

In advance of a regional Cyber Symposium coming up on April 24th, we tackled the complex world of cyber security, and how Erie businesses and organizations can protect themselves from threats and attacks. We started the topic with a discussion of personal online best practices with Brad Wiertel, COO of Velocity Network. Then our panel of university experts and presenters contributed to a lively discussion. With us from Mercyhurst University were Dr. M Afzal Upal and Dr. Christoher Mansour,...


Hot Jobs: Jim Martin/John Stahl & Jim Willats/Janet Anderson - April 2, 2019

On Tuesday, we put our focus on the jobs in Erie County that have high demand as well as jobs with high-growth potential. But first, we got an update on the latest developments on the recent Wabtec/GE Transportation merger and their ongoing talks with their union membership from Jim Martin, reporter for the Erie Times News & Then John Stahl, Human Resources manager at Lord Corporation and President of the Erie Regional Manufacturer Partnership, joined Jim Willats, owner of...


April Health Initiatives: Melissa Lyon/Brittany Grimm/Michelle Hagerty/Vicki Pius/Lynne Gotham - April 1, 2019

We began the month of April with a sequence of conversations about the various health initiatives slated this month. Melissa Lyon, the Public Health Director at the Erie County Dept. of Health came to speak about Public Health Week this week. Then members of the Center for Organ Recovery & Education came to talk about Donate Life month. Joining us was CORE spokesperson and heart recipient Brittany Grimm, CORE volunteer and heart transplant recipient Michelle Hagerty, and Mother of a CORE...


Young Erie Professionals: Dr. Jason Cardinali/Amanda Duncan/Kristen Gehrlein/Bill Lillis Jr. - Mar. 29, 2019

The voices of the Young Erie Professionals (YEP) are being heard across our region. On Friday, leaders from this group of 21-40 year olds joined the Joel Natalie Show for a conversation about their careers and perspectives on living, working, and playing in Erie. With us were Amanda Duncan YEP Program Director, Bill Lillis Jr., a Financial Adviser with Northwestern Mutual and YEP appointee to the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership Board of Directors, Dr. Jason Cardinali, Owner of...


Potpourri Randomness & a Conversation with My Pastor: Brett Wiler/Pete Natalie/Stephanie Lindenberger/Brian Kelly - Mar. 28. 2019

On the Thursday edition of the show, we caught up with a few of our regular guests and took some time to have a deeper conversation about where our region is at. We began the program with an update on the Flagship Opportunity Zones by Brett Wiler, the FOZ Director of Capital Formation. Then Pete Natalie and Stephanie Lindenberger joined in a random conversation, including Pete's upcoming trip to Italy and Erie's efforts to catch up to our peers in economic development. Joel's pastor, Brian...


ServErie: Marcus Atkinson/Heather May Caspar/Carolyn Tome - Mar. 27, 2019

On Wednesday, we chatted about the good work the faith-based community impact group ServErie does throughout our region. With us were Marcus Atkinson, ServErie Executive Director, along with Heather May Caspar, Executive Director, Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network and Carolyn Tome, Marketing and Fund Development Coordinator, SafeNet Erie, whose agencies have partnered with and benefited from the efforts of the ServErie volunteers.


Community Planning: Kathy Wyrosdick/John Morgan/Jeff Keeler

In recent years hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent preparing comprehensive plans for municipalities and even neighborhoods throughout Erie County. We invited the planning experts to unpack what's in those plans and some of the things in store for citizens where they live. Joel Natalie interviewed, Kathy Wyrosdick, the Planning Director of the City of Erie, John Morgan, a member of the Millcreek Township Board of Supervisors and leader in the Departments of Administration and...


Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network: Jacob Marsh, Dr. Leanne Roberts, Brad Gleason, Dr. Steven Mauro, Dr. Tony Peyronel/Jonathan Meighan

On our Monday edition of the Joel Natalie Show, we discussed the unique and powerful collaboration of Erie's four local universities to provide services to startup and expanding businesses in the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network. Our guests: from Edinboro University, Dr. Tony Peyronel, from Gannon University, Dr. Steven Mauro, from Mercyhurst University, Dr. Leanne Roberts and Brad Gleason, and from Penn State Behrend, Jacob Marsh. Then Jonathan Meighan of Lake Erie Rubber...


Primary Preview: Dr. Jim Wertz - March 21, 2019

Thursday marked two months before the Pennsylvania Municipal Primary. Democratic Committee Chairman Dr. Jim Wertz joined us in studio to go over the races.


Estate Planning: Alan Natalie/John Baker/Ben Reiter

On the Wednesday edition of the program, we got into the area of estate planning and estate administration, learning all about wills, power of attorney, advanced directives, beneficiaries, and probate. Our guests included Joel's brother Alan Natalie, Attorney at Law, and John Baker and Ben Reiter of Kingdom Financial Services.


City Update: Mayor Joe Schember/Rick Schuettler - March 20, 2019

His Honor the Mayor of the City of Erie Joe Schember returned to our microphones Tuesday for a broad one-hour conversation about the city topics that he has been working on, from LERTA tax abatement to potholes and Quality of Life ticketing. Then the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Municipal League Rick Schuettler spoke to the special issues that third-class cities and large townships face in the Commonwealth, and shared best-practices.


Safety at Erie High School: Kerry Tabb/Daryl Craig & Kevin Stevenson/Ken Nickson

On the Monday show, we shined the spotlight on school safety and the fights and bad behavior occurring at Erie High School that is showing up on social media. A mother of an Erie High student, Kerry Tabb, called in to explain her perspective. Then we learned about what the Blue Coats are doing to reduce school violence and provide mentoring and intervention from director Daryl Craig or Brother D, and Brother Kevin Stevenson. Finally, Ken Nickson, Coordinator of Educational Diversity, Equity,...


Fitness: Tammy Roche/Miguel Rodriguez/Dave Hopkins - March 15, 2019

We got a dose of advice and encouragement when it comes to personal fitness on Friday. Tammy Roche from the YMCA called in to talk about the Y's resources. Personal trainer Miguel Rodriguez gave tips where you can keep moving where you are. Finally, from the LECOM Health and Fitness Center, Dave Hopkins shared about their facilities and about maintaining good health.


Local Media: Brian Sheridan/Scott Bremner & Tim Mello/Doug Oathout, Madeleine O'Neill and Matt Martin/Nick Warren - March 14, 2019

The spotlight turned on our local legacy and new media here in Erie on Thursday. We opened the conversation with Brian Sheridan, Chairman of the Communications Department at Mercyhurst University. Then from local television it was Scott Bremner, Assignment Editor from JET/Fox/ and Tim Mello, News DIrector of Erie News Now (WICU/WSEE). Joel Natalie went on-location to the Erie Times-News Fishbowl conference room to discuss the local newspaper business with Executive Editor Doug...