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A weekly podcast by Zimbabwean writer and blogger Larry Kwirirayi talking current affairs, news and opinion.

A weekly podcast by Zimbabwean writer and blogger Larry Kwirirayi talking current affairs, news and opinion.




A weekly podcast by Zimbabwean writer and blogger Larry Kwirirayi talking current affairs, news and opinion.








Ep 217 - Lockdown 2021, Weird Cash In Transit Heist & Deciding burial wishes

In this new episode of the #KwiriCast I tackle lockdown 2021 in Zimbabwe including how we got here and the double standards for rich and poor people. I also talk about that weird Cash in Transit Heist story and if your family can decide how to bury you when you are gone. All this and more including a snippet of Cal Vin's 'So Bulawayo' free style. #RIPKingCal_Vin


Ep 216 - Ginimbi, Moana, Gringo deaths, Contraceptives for kids and Friends with benefits booty call rules

On this week's episode of the #KwiriCast I talk about the contraceptives for kids with loads of comments from listeners. I talk about the tragic deaths of Ginimbi and Moana as well as Gringo. And also rules for booty calls between friends with benefits. All this and more


Ep 215 - Work from home complications and Signs you are dating a narcissist

On this week's episode I talk about the complications, legal and otherwise that have come with working from home. I also talk about how you know you are dating a narcissist and what you can do about it. Also the new DStv products, the latest lockdown changes, and more on the #KwiriCast


Ep 214 - Chiwoniso legacy, That curfew thing and Dealing with romantic loneliness

Do you know that searching for a romantic partner could be making you feel lonelier? I deal with that and share my memories of the late Chiwoniso Maraire on what the anniversary of her death. I also talk about the curfew and other things on this week's episode of the #KwiriCast.


#KwiriCastXtra Ep 1: Entanglement - The Will and Jada episode

Yep yep yep yep, the Will and Jada episode is here. What did we learn from what she had to say?


Ep 213 - How August-Jada-Will is actually common and thoughts on restaurants re-opening

An action packed #KwiriCast episode this weeks looks how common the situation between August Alsina, Will and Jada Smith is as well as thoughts on the sit-in restaurants reopening in Zimbabwe. I also tackle Van Choga's leaving Seh Calaz, Tin Tin's tragedy and the horniest man alive drama. All this and more...


Ep 212 - Mobile money ban, exchange rate and tips for a brand new relationships

So a bunch of my friends have gotten into into relationships because of the lockdown. That is one of the main stories where I give advice for a new relationship. Then I talk about the mobile money platform ban, the foreign exchange rate and the Chinese man who shot two workers in Zimbabwe. All this and more


Ep 211 - Zimbabwe coup rumour, The new lobola law, Listener thoughts on statues falling

So this week about that Zimbabwe coup rumour (I might get myself into trouble there), Covid-19 drama, the new lobola law and I share thoughts from listeners on statues falling. Also including that amazing rant from Kimberley Jones. And my thoughts too. All this and more...


Ep 210 - Of #BlackLivesMatter, Tackling injustice in your own community and Lies men tell women

This week I talk about tackling injustices in your community (I mention Gukurahundi, sexism et al), and SIX lies men tell women. And did you hear about sex and covid-19? There is a new study! All this and more...


Ep 209 - Social media pitfalls, Mutodi, Ammara Brown and guest contributions on types of 21st century marriages

It is an action-packed show this week. I talk about the pitfalls of social media in light of the Energy Mutodi, Bianca Schoombe, Amy Cooper and ask if Ammara Brown's situation was a gaffe. And in the third section, some very interesting contributions on what marriage in the 21st century should look like. All this and more...


Ep 208 - Gze sparks Zim hip hop beef and guests share lobola versus white wedding drama plus more

On this week's episode of the #KwiriCast I explore the Zim hip hop beef after that Gze track dissing Noble Stylz and hear views on whether one chooses Lobola or the white wedding. Some interesting ones. Plus all the news that mattered this week, for you and I...


Ep 207 - Understanding Zim Lockdown level 2, New DStv prices and how long an engagement should last

This week I tackle the new Lockdown extension and what to expect. Then there is the new DStv pricing for Zimbabwe. I also ask how long an engagement should last given these times. All this and more..


Ep 206 - Surviving #ZimLockDown, Relationships, Mental health, fake news and more

Lockdown in Zimbabwe is on and this week I talk about how to keep your mental health, tackle fake news and maintain romantic relationships (in the home as well as apart). All this and more. Thanks to Aloft Garden Suites for supporting this episode.


Ep 205 - Pre #LockdownZim episode

So on the eve of the lockdown in Zimbabwe here is the latest special episode including what people have been doing to keep sane in self-isolation.


Ep 204 - How to be dope on Tinder and is Zimbabwe failing to become normal with others?

On this week's episode of the #KwiriCast, I celebrate Danai Gurira on her new venture, Sean Williams and Victor Nyauchi on their new kids. I talk about that Pitch Black Afro story, the woman who urinates beer while also tackling whether Zimbabweans have no appetite for acting normal with everyone else in the world. And finally, how to create a dope Tinder account! Yesssss


Ep 203 - Why I was silent for my sanity, what's planned next and how to survive Valentine's Weekend

So I made a return just two weeks shy of a year since the last time I published the #KwiriCast. In this episode, I talk about why I was silent for my sanity, what I have planned for the podcast and other projects as well as how to survive Valentine's weekend


Ep 202 - Resurrection pastor mess, the new currency and tips for dealing with the pain of ghosting

On this week's #KwiriCast I talk about the new currency, tips for dealing with the pain of ghosting, the reason why pastors are becoming desperate and more.


Ep 199 - Zim murders, Why we no longer believe in anything and Fun things to do with your partner

On this week's episode I talk about the scary rise in murders in Harare, why we no longer seem to believe in nothing and are angry at everything, also at what point will we say no to exploitation. Finally I give tips for things you can do with your partner to increase your intimacy. All this and more...


Ep 198 - What we need to remember during economic reforms and how to slide into her DMs without being a creep

ON this week's episode I speak about the sporting successes, the snake pastor (now making congregants eat dogs), the economy (specifically what we need to focus on during reforms) and how to slide into her DM's without coming across as a creep. All this and more on this week's #KwiriCast


Ep 197 - Cholera, Openly Gay Zim teacher, mental health and how tackle tough topics with your girl

In an action packed episode of the #KwiriCast I talk about the cholera outbreak, the Zimbabwean school deputy headmaster who came out in front of his students, mental health issues (comments from listeners) and how to tackle some tough topics should your partner bring them up. All this and more...