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If we're living at the end of history, these are the last minute politics.

If we're living at the end of history, these are the last minute politics.


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If we're living at the end of history, these are the last minute politics.




#49 - According to Twitter, Insulin is free now?

Pepper is joined by returning guest Beatrice Poundwell! Did anybody actually lose money from the weekend of fake verified Twitter accounts? Is critical race theory a real thing? Did Russia bomb Poland? Lotsa big questions discussed in this week's show. Will there be any answers? Some! Follow @BPoundwell on Twitter if it still exists. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:...


#48 - A Pelosi got hit with a hammer, and Biden’s rail deal fell through. What a world.

The "Progressive" caucus of House Democrats recently sent a letter to the White House calling for negotiations with Russia to avoid nuclear war. Nanci Pelosi's husband got hit with a hammer. The US rail industry may shut down next month due to the Biden admin's hatred of workers taking time off for illness. QUITE A WEEK it has been. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:...


#47 - Cassidy talks Canadian elections. Different yet similar. (Feat. Cassidy Civet)

Pepper is joined by Cassidy Civet this week ( We talk local Canadian elections. What's the same? What's different? What drives voters in a community in the shadow of big bad Vancouver? All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#46 - Voting. Pick your favorite flavor of Neo-Liberal capitalism. It’s your right!

Communist twitter argues Electoralism. Is voting for Neo-Liberal capitalism a possible solution to our issues? Historically? No. Nord Stream is a former pipeline, turned natural gas spill, and CAN we trust the friendly faces on the internet not to propagandize us? LOTS to talk about this week. Democrat Twitter - By Renegade Cut: All of the Links: EMAIL US:


#45 - We weren’t cool enough to know what to do with beer

Today our guest host is Beatrice Poundwell @BPoundwell We talk about trying to get beer, the marketing industry, Biden's "saving" of the rail strike, and what's up with Jackson MS's water. Weirdly a lighter episode this week. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#44 - Return To Thunderdome

WELCOME BACK! We return with a special guest host, friend of the show: Kropo! Pepper continues to talk to explain himself. Student loan relief. CHINESE loan relief. It's the hot new trend. Deprogram podcast: All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#43 - What percentage of my labor must be ”Productive” for you to give me some goddamned respect!?!

Did you know that Communists ALSO have arguments? We recount one of them happening RIGHT NOW in the discourse involving Marx's concept of "Productive forces" and where that leaves service workers. Are they even proletarian? Cuba is doing cool medicine, and maybe American Liberals don't know what Fascism is. Hit play and hear all about it! All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:...


#42 - Sloppy Seconds, a double episode about Anthrocon and Abortion.

There are 2 episodes in today's episode. First we talk in-studio about the upcoming CPI conference we'll be attending August 6th in Deerfield IL. Gonna hang out with some cool commies. We also talk about some of the weird labels thrown at communists in the US, abortion privileges getting revoked by the owning class, and circumcision. THEN you'll hear audio from our live recording at Anthrocon 2022. "Organizing the Fandom" is a panel we've now both been to, and WOW is it getting relevant,...


#41 - Reports from Chinese Residents on COVID Lockdown

After a brief half-hour discussion on guns, we spend a WHOLE hour reading messages from a couple of our Chinese friends. That's right, we have friends, and some of them live in China. We sent them a few questions about life under Shanghai lockdown and we're very excited to share their responses. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


BONUS Episode #3 - Alkali and Pepper at BLFC 2022 talking about the comodities market.

Sometimes I (Pepper) do things in real life. I went to BLFC 2022, played some fun shows, had some fun panels, and sat down in a messy hotel room to talk with Alkali about... well, the global economy! I apologize for the audio quality, it was done live on my less than perfect field recorder. VIDEO available on our patreon. Find Apollo on twitter: @Apollo_Ilios All of the Links: EMAIL US:


#40 - Only special babies get the special formula, including our special guest, Apollo!

We have a GUEST today, Apollo, or as the internet knows them "Starbucks Union Furry". They helped organize a store in Kansas so hard that they got fired, and we want to talk to them about what it's like to beat a multi-national corporation. Find Apollo on twitter: @Apollo_Ilios All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#39 - China Handles Covid Outbreak With This 1 weird Trick, and Capitalists HATE it!

This week we talk China's COVID lockdown and its effectiveness vs mortality rate, cum party at FWA (that didn't happen), abortion is less legal than ever before, and the J&J vaccine is being pulled. Why? All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#38 - Writing the perfect Yu-gi-oh rule set so one guy can’t take over your fur con.

THIS WEEK: "Grooming", Diapers pt2, China: Good or bad, public school AP tests, Corruption in furry cons, and MORE! All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#37 - Diapers Destroy Detroit

Two diaper-related fandom events in 2 weeks. Lucky US! What is the difference between "Babyfur" "ABDL" and "Pedophile"? Why are the Democrats providing strictly symbolic "help: to trans people? When you turn onto a 2-lane road and somebody's coming in the near lane, but you smoothly turn into the FAR lane, does that still count as cutting them off? BIG topics today. All of the Links: EMAIL US:...


#36 - Covid at furry cons, degrowth, home maintenance, and more! It’s a quick topic day.

What CAN be done about COVID spread now that most governments are pretending it's over? Why don't we all rip out our power lines and return to monke? Why did Ukraine ban leftist political parties? How do you fix a FRICKIN BATHROOM!?! All these questions and more are answered within. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#35 - Now THERE’S a Pterodactyl not alienated from their labor.

Jokes are BACK baby. We talk for a LONG TIME about how furry cons can support their performers, we do headlines, we talk Marxism, just a lovely time all around. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#34 - Ukraine. Propaganda in an active war.

No music, no jokes. We're talking about Ukraine, and the propaganda surrounding the Russian invasion. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#33 - Working with Ukranian Nazis? That’s just FREEDOM, baby! (Feat. Shrugs of Crow.Party)

CANADIAN NEWS today. Two Americans and one Canadian ( discuss the Ottawa trucker protest. It's anything but simple. We hit a blitz of headlines, discuss what "reactionary" means, and try to figure out why working with Nazis is okay if it's to defend corporate interest in Ukraine. HUGE thanks to Shrugs for calling in. Find them on Twitter: @ShrugsYolo and buy their stuff at Crow.Party All of the Links:...


#32 - I know him as... Spanky

UKRAINE! The US wants to go to war. Why? Could it be fossil fuel profits? The democrats continue their strategy of ensuring the status quo, and a wrestler/Spanky/Whoopi Goldberg have interesting thoughts about the holocaust. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#31 - It’s not fascism, it’s called ”Not being an asshole”

We recorded this BEFORE the senate predictably didn't pass voting reform. Draggor and Pepper talk dumb "critical race" bills, COVID response, how many people live in the US, and we give you some rules for life, as democratically selected. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us: