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If we're living at the end of history, these are the last minute politics.


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If we're living at the end of history, these are the last minute politics.




#64 - The USA’s only political party wants to keep private priosns open, despite the will of NJ voters.

Why can New Jersey residents vote to close private prisons, if the "good" side of our single political party can just force them open again through court proceedings? Because that's what's happening. Pepper also discusses the forbidden country song, and the very weird response to it!


#63 - What do John Cena and the South African EFF party have in common? (Feat. Lorcan)

Once again I am joined by LORCAN to talk about the UPS strike, all the stuff going on in Africa, the EFF rally that caused much pearl-clutching, and MORE! Get in here!


#62 - Americans have much to learn from Brasilian Leftists (feat. Kirther)

WE GOT Kirther in today to talk about Brasil's left wing. You see, Pepper is lucky enough to have traveled to Brasil a couple times now, and weirdly his international politics seem to line up well with Brasilian Communists. WHY IS THAT? What's up with the USA's "left"? Biden is denying asylum to a lotta people AND just appointed a war criminal to a diplomatic board. Why is that bad, even though Biden is a Democrat?


#61 Student Loans are gay and that’s why you gotta pay ’em.

We got lots of bad news and we're trying to laugh our way though it. Join Pepper and Beatrice Poundwell as they talk about the supreme court, Threads, that submarine that exploded, and much much more!


#60 - Put plumbing in your house

You gotta actually PUT the plumbing in your house, or you didn't put the plumbing in your house. We got LOTTSA metaphors for you today. LORCAN joins us once again (@LorcanVulpini on twitter) and we are talking about FOOD, THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, CORNEL WEST, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Got on a roll with the all caps and I couldn't back out.


#59 - Grocery checkout with foodstamps sucks (Feat. Beatrice Poundwell)

BEATRICE P is back in the house and we're talking about Trump, Foodstamps, Gay beer, Straight liquor, and hard sports. Some of those I made up. Was kinda riffing there for a second. Ron Desantis is checking school library books for porn and we're gonna yell about it.


#58 - Writers are on STRIKE but luckily we don’t have writers. (Feat. B.Poundwell)

WE GOT BEATRICE POUNDWELL, #1 fan of (It's the new Twitter) and we're talking about the writer's strike. We answer the tough questions like: Are writers people? Do they deserve wages? How much food is too much to feed your writer? We also talk about the latest 90s thing getting rebooted: former and current Presidents' sexual assault allegations.


#57 - Gotta keep fighting about Bud-Lite. Who will WIN? (Feat. Bryant Fox)

WE are talking about bud-lite because... well, because the news has decided it's VERY IMPORTANT. Pepper is joined by Bryant Fox to talk about corporate sponsorship, Socialists under arrest, and of course, Dinner with Andre.


#56 - Wait HOW LONG has England been taking over Ireland

We recorded this about a week before it published so I hope nothing CRAZY happened in the last couple days. LORCAN joins again to talk about the long LONG history between Ireland/England and how the island has been a testing ground for British Empire and everything that flowed from it historically. Colonization? Forcing people off of viable farmland? Enforcing starvation for profit? All started there for England. Find Lorcan on twitter: @LorcanVulpini All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#55 - What’s good about the Good Friday Agreement? Feat. Lorcan

LORCAN joins us today from Northern Ireland to tell us about the imperialism our good friend England is doing to its neighbor island, and how the USA is helping. Is it about religion, or keeping the workers divided? Also Don the Trump has been arrested again. Maybe THIS time it'll stick, and they'll start arresting ALL the criminal presidents. Maybe. Find Lorcan on twitter: @LorcanVulpini All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#54 - Lotta swears in this one, Pepper Solo episode!

TODAY Pepper is all by his lonesome and he's talking Matt Gaetz. Plus, as always: China's doing things. Pretty decent rant this week! All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#53 - How much would Pawn Stars pay for a Nazi skull?

CHINA! They have more than balloons, they have foreign policy suggestions. Student loans MIGHT get forgiven, gays MIGHT keep the right to get married, and the Nevada DSA HAS been swept from power by the Democrats. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. How much would Chumly pay for an authentic Nazi Skull? We answer the tough questions in today's episode. Find B Poundwell at: All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#52 - Chinese Spy Balloon and other children’s stories

You thought we were JOKING about ? Joke's on you, go make an account. We got Beatrice Poundwell back with us today talking about Chinese balloons, Diet Weed (now illegal), Ohio chemical explosions, and American underwater explosives. Find B Poundwell at: All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#51 - Sofia joins to talk about Canada’s gov helping workers die, and Lula’s return!

We got Sofia joining us today to offer her perspective on such topics as: Access to death being greater than access to relief in Canada, Lula's return to the Brasilian Presidency, and how the Chinese Communist Party talks to the Chinese people. I promise this isn't a depressing episode! Find Sofia: All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#50 - Forget Twitter and get on NoHomers dot com

Does twitter hate free speech, or do they love money? What the heck are the Minsk Agreements? Should Railroad workers get paid sick days? We answer SOME of these questions! Thanks again to Beatrice Poundwell for joining the show once again, AND for committing to leaving twitter. Follow E.A.R.L. on All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#49 - According to Twitter, Insulin is free now?

Pepper is joined by returning guest Beatrice Poundwell! Did anybody actually lose money from the weekend of fake verified Twitter accounts? Is critical race theory a real thing? Did Russia bomb Poland? Lotsa big questions discussed in this week's show. Will there be any answers? Some! Follow @BPoundwell on Twitter if it still exists. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#48 - A Pelosi got hit with a hammer, and Biden’s rail deal fell through. What a world.

The "Progressive" caucus of House Democrats recently sent a letter to the White House calling for negotiations with Russia to avoid nuclear war. Nanci Pelosi's husband got hit with a hammer. The US rail industry may shut down next month due to the Biden admin's hatred of workers taking time off for illness. QUITE A WEEK it has been. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#47 - Cassidy talks Canadian elections. Different yet similar. (Feat. Cassidy Civet)

Pepper is joined by Cassidy Civet this week ( We talk local Canadian elections. What's the same? What's different? What drives voters in a community in the shadow of big bad Vancouver? All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#46 - Voting. Pick your favorite flavor of Neo-Liberal capitalism. It’s your right!

Communist twitter argues Electoralism. Is voting for Neo-Liberal capitalism a possible solution to our issues? Historically? No. Nord Stream is a former pipeline, turned natural gas spill, and CAN we trust the friendly faces on the internet not to propagandize us? LOTS to talk about this week. Democrat Twitter - By Renegade Cut: All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us:


#45 - We weren’t cool enough to know what to do with beer

Today our guest host is Beatrice Poundwell @BPoundwell We talk about trying to get beer, the marketing industry, Biden's "saving" of the rail strike, and what's up with Jackson MS's water. Weirdly a lighter episode this week. All of the Links: EMAIL US: Pay us: