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Ep. 54 - It's a Mad World, eh?

The Let's Hash It Out crew talks about the legalization of cannabis in the great nation of Canada before getting into the shame that Donald Trump has brought to the United States with his treatment of parents and children at the border. Three of the co-hosts describe the Cherry Pie strain they toke on and everyone gives their heroes and villains of the day.


Ep. 53 - Land of Indictments and Parts Unknown

We pay a Tangie smoking tribute to the great Anthony Bourdain, a voice of our time. We discuss mental health and the need for universal health care. We update you on national cannabis politics. Manafort gets in even more trouble and the first person (of many) is indicted for obstruction of justice. We defend Samantha Bee who has a valid point. Plus heroes and villains of the day.


Ep. 52 - Operation Crossfire Hurricane

After three of our co-hosts toked on some Lemonade Haze, the crew talks about the Reefer Madness of US Attorney Billy Williams, Operation Crossfire Hurrican (the latest in the FBI's invesigation of the Trump-Russia conspiracy), the #MeToo movement, Oregon judges, and more.


Deadpool 2: The Let's Hash It Out Movie Review

Deadpool is back with a sequel and the Let's Hash It Out crew has a lot to say about the R-rated superhero movie sequel. The first 9 minutes is spoiler-free. Spoiler alert: Deadpool 2 is filled with gory superhero violence with a lot of adult language (like the Let's Hash It Out podcast, well, the adult language part, not the violence), and the crew really enjoyed the flick. Oregon's Finest supplied the joint 3/4 of the crew toked on during the podcast.


Ep. 51 - The Swamp Deepens

The Let's Hash It Out crew is waaaaay overdue to sit down and discuss the latest cavalcade of scandals within and without the Trump Crime Family. And of course you know they have to self medicate with some of Oregon's finest greenery. Come join us!


A Conversation with Russ Belville

The Let's Hash It Out crew welcomes Russ Belville, host of the Marijuana Agenda podcast, to the underground bunker to discuss weed, cannabis politics, Michelle Wolf and, of course, Donald Trump.


Avengers Infinity War: The Let's Hash It Out Movie Review

The Let's Hash It Out crew reviews the new MCU movie, Avengers Infinity War starring, well,... everybody? Spoiler free and with a fat Wookies Cookies joint for the first 13 minutes, spoilers begin at the 13:20 mark. So listen for a bit, go see the movie, and then listen to the rest? Or, listen to it all now. Or, just do you. But listen to our podcast. Please?


Ep. 49 - The Confather Makes Weed an Offer It Can't Refuse?

The Let's Hash It Out Crew is back after a short 18 day hiatus to talk about the latest Trump scandals, including his lawyer Michael Cohen's office getting raided and the fact that Con Man Donald lied to James Comey about his overnight stay in a Moscow hotel, after three of the co-hosts enjoy some fine Oregon cannabis. Also covered: federal cannabis legislation and heroes and villians of the day.


Ep. 48 - Josephine County Be Trumpin'

The Let's Hash It Out crew try to wrap their high minds why Josephine County, OR would want to subvert the will of voters and bring back prohibition and marvel at Team Mueller's tactics this week in the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election.


Legion: The Let's Hash It Out Episode Review

The Let's Hash It Out crew breakdown Episode 9 of FX's Legion, smoke some Banana Split from Uplift Botanicals, and try to decipher the strange trip that is Legion.


Ready Player One: The Let's Hash It Out Movie Review

The Let's Hash It Out crew saw Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ernest Cline's sci-fi novel Ready Player One and talk about it. Major spoilers of the movie and the book and some talk about Oregon cannabis are included in this review.


Ep. 47 - Roseanne Is Back, Mueller Attacks

The Let's Hash It Out crew discusses the Roseanne reboot and the political and cultural implications of having a Trump supporter as the lead in a primetime show that tackles progressive issues. Also, Robert Mueller provides a link between the Trump campaign and a Russian military intelligence officer, and as Jae suspected, Trump's personal attorney, John Dowd, may have resigned due to his own wrongdoing.


Ep. 46 - Hemp Hemp Hooray For The Kids!!!

The Let's Hash It Out crew discusses the bipartisan hemp legislation sponsored by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the March for Our Lives movement for sensible gun regulations, and Donald Trump scandals, including Stormy Daniels. Three quarters of the crew toke on a delightful strain called Fresh Frozen from the Cannabliss Fire Station. Plus, our heroes and villains of the day.


Ep. 45 - Axis of Weasels: Sessions, Bolton, & Trump

After 3 of our 4 co-hosts toke on some Skywalker OG, we discuss Jeff Sessions' War on Weed, Iraq War cheerleader John Bolton replacing General McMasters as National Security Adviser, and the latest Donald Trump-Russia news. We conclude with our heroes and villains of the day.


Ep. 44 - Felix Sater Said WHAT?!? Plus, It's Our One-Year Birthday!

The crew celebrates their one-year anniversary and discuss Felix Sater and other Trump news. Gorilla Glue OG and some P-town Pilsner were utilized in celebration.


Ep. 43 - Conor Lamb Defeats Con Man Donald, the Chaos President

The Let's Hash It Out crew calls the Pennsylvania District 18 special election for Conor Lamb who appears to have eked out a victory over Republican Rick Saccone by 579 votes. There are some absentee ballots to count and a potential recount and lawsuit or two, but we're willing to do what the mainstream media won't. Also, Con Man Donald Trump continues his chaos presidency by firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter.


Gringo: The Let's Hash It Out Movie Review

The Let's Hash It Out crew's spoiler-filled review of the dark comedy "Gringo." We break down the movie's topics such as Big Pharma bros, as well as the comedic aspects with plot twists, turns and holes. Reviews were mixed among the crew. Three of the four co-hosts toke on a couple of SFVOG joints.


Ep. 42 - The Trials and Tribulations of Sam Nunberg

The Let's Hash It Out crew discusses the latest Trump scandals, marveling at the meltdown of Rodger Stone's protege Sam Nunberg. The crew also touches on a little Stormy Daniels news as well as yet another secret Trump-Russia backchannel attempt, this time on the island of Seychelles featuring the shady George Nader, a buddy of Vladimir Putin and Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and brother of Trump's Education Secretary, Betsy Devos.


Ep. 41 - Life Styles of The Trump Crime Family: Chaotic Wishes and Treasonous Dreams

The Let's Hash It Out crew break down what may be the most chaotic five day stretch in this already historically chaotic presidency. And of in order to do that, they smoke an anonymous sample from the upcoming Oregon Cultivation Classic, on May 12. Sit down and burn one with us, won't you?


Ep. 40 - A Conversation With Johnny Green of Weed News

The Let's Hash It Out crew welcomes Johnny Green of Weed News to the underground, undisclosed bunker to talk all things cannabis politics and culture, in Oregon and beyond.