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"Let's Talk Native..." #401, 2/15/20; Free, Prior and Informed Consent! And from who?

Free, prior and informed consent IS veto power. But who has it? Original people! Certainly not Americans and Canadians of "Indian" descent!


"Let's Talk Native..." #400, 2/11/20; What We Can Do And What We Can't Do!

What can we do? How do we support our brothers and sisters on the front lines defending our lands and people? There is much we can do but there is also what we cannot do.


"Let's Talk Native..." #399, 2/8/20: The Wet’suwet’en conflict with James Sakoietah Gray

James Sakoietah Gray joins John to talk about Wet’suwet’en and the actions people are taking all over Canada. We aren’t talking “protests”, we are talking shut downs!


"Let's Talk" 2/06/20 - Introducing New Co-Host Regan deLoggans

John Kane introduces Regan deLoggans as the new co-host of "Let's Talk!" Catch the show live every Thursday from 3-5PM on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC.


"Let's Talk Native..." #398, 2/4/20; The Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery

The legacy of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery is the pervasiveness of Christianity among the victims of the doctrine. Black and Native people succumbed to the pressures of slavery, genocide, assimilation and subjugation and now are predominantly Christians.


"Let's Talk Native..." #397, 2/1/20; Decolonization! Dismantling the systems of oppression!

Decolonization is not about finding comfortable places within the systems of oppression. It's about dismantling those systems! We cannot simply mirror all their failed systems and claim independence because we now have them. We need to formulate our own solutions that bring our past forward.


“Let’s Talk with John Kane” 1/30/20 - w/ special guest Leon Siu

Leon Siu joins John today to catch up on all things “Hawaii.” Catch John live on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC from 3 to 5 PM every Thursday!


"Let's Talk Native..." #396, 1/28/20; The American Genocide: 1492-????

The American Genocide: 1492-???? What's the end date? Is there one? When will we say this was the day/month/year it ended? Support the show and check out our new merch store! - https://www.letstalknative.com/store


"Let's Talk with John Kane" 1/23/20

Live in NYC or close to the area? Join John Kane at the Brooklyn Commons on Thursday, January 30 at 7:00 PM for a special film screening! Catch "Let's Talk with John Kane" on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC from 3 to 5 PM every Thursday.


"Let's Talk Native..." #395, 1/25/20; Buried History!

True history is not only buried but it's lied about and white washed. And that history is carried forward in pop culture and what's taught to children everyday. Support the show and check out our new merch store! - https://www.letstalknative.com/store


"Let's Talk Native..." #394, 1/21/20; Sorry MLK! Not My Dream.

That promissory note was not written to us. The creed was not to us. The American Dream was never ours. Our playing field was not tilted or skewed. It was stolen. We still fight for a free and independent existence, not for equality and sameness. Support the show and check out our new merch store! - https://www.letstalknative.com/store


"Let's Talk Native..." #393, 1/18/20; Idle No More? Or Idle Too Much?

Seven years ago we had a powerful movement that called for our people to be Idle No More! Since then far too many have grown idle and silent. It's time for us to to get active and support activism. I have no problem with social media activism but less selfies and mind numbing videos and more education valuable info would go along way.


"Let's Talk with John Kane" 1/16/20

Join John Kane live every Thursday from 3-5PM on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City.


"Let's Talk Native..." #392, 1/14/20; Primitive Culture? Not ours!

Ours was not the "primitive culture." We saw all creation not as man's dominion but rather we saw our place in it. We made commitments to seven generations to do no harm. We didn't believe in an all seeing, all knowing, all powerful white man in the sky who created all things, heard all prayers and created man in his image to rule the world. Nope we had to regress to a primitive culture to buy this bullshit!


"Let's Talk Native..." #391, 1/11/20; Knowing What's Ours! And Knowing What's Not!

An anniversary of sorts, 7 years after standing up to cops trying to shut down an "Idle No More" flashmob round dance. But the real topic is calling out what has infiltrated our culture and sorting out what's ours and what's not. Check out our latest video "We Are Not Your Mascots" - https://youtu.be/Z1pQiUl9KX4


"Let's Talk with John Kane" 1/9/2020

Catch the show live every Thursday from 3:00-5:00 PM on WBAI 99.5 FM!


"Let's Talk Native..." #390, 1/7/20; Oklahoma Gaming Battle!

The Cherokee, Chickasaw and Choctaw fight the State of Oklahoma over the State's attempt to extort a new gaming compact out of Native casinos for more money.


"Let's Talk Native..." #389, 1/4/20; Stop Making Our Kids U.S. Soldiers!

Will Trump's New Years fireworks finally convince us to stop our kids from enlisting into the US military? It pains me to hear Native people boasting about our enlistment rates. If we really wanted to defend our lands we would fighting against the US not for them.


"Let's Talk with John Kane" 1/2/20; First Show of 2020!

First "Let's Talk" for 2020!


"Let's Talk Native..." #388, 12/31/19; New Years Eve for some!

Some will celebrate. Others will struggle. Let's commit to more kindness in the new year.