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This show has one function and that is to provide a forum for Native issues. New episodes are uploaded every week. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/letstalknative


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This show has one function and that is to provide a forum for Native issues. New episodes are uploaded every week. Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/letstalknative




Interview By Agnes Williams of the Indigenous Women's Initiative

I am interviewed by Agnes Williams of the Indigenous Women's Initiative. We cover the Seneca Gaming conflict with NYS and displacement in the gaming market by the State.


Let's Talk Native #578 11/15/23; Culture wars are destroying education! And they are getting help.

Between the attacks on education coming from the right and higher ed themselves marketing college only as a path to financial enrichment, universities and colleges are losing a battle for survival. enrollment is down as the costs continue to rise. But have we lost the true value in pursuing education? It's about enlightenment and fulfillment not just making more money.


Let's Talk Native #577 11/8/23; We have to do more than just mention suicide on Native territories

I've seen film and television, even with Native producers, that mention suicide or otherwise include suicides in their content but fail to adequately address the underlying issues leading to them.


Let's Talk Native with John Kane #576 10/25/23; My review of Killers of the Flower Moon

See this film but know that it's NOT the true story. Read the book!


North Tonawanda History Museum Presentation 9/19/23

I spoke at the North Tonawanda History Museum in September. This was my presentation.


LTN #575 9 13 23; The Seneca/NYS Gaming Compact is set to expire on December 9th

The Gaming Compact will expire before the end of the year and the Seneca Nation is miles away from an agreement with the State and even farther away from an agreement with their own people. The Seneca Nation attempted to stop revenue sharing in 2017 so why are they pushing for revenue sharing now?


LTN#574 7/4/23 Let's Talk Native Hawaiian! Kaiulani Mahuka is my Special Guest.

So the US Interior Secretary Deb Haaland made a quiet visit to Hawaii and was hosted for an event at the Hawaiian Kingdom's Iolani Palace. She talked about restoring the building but not restoring the Palace to its rightful owners. My long time friend Kaiulani Mahuka joins me for trip to the past and an update to where we are now.


Wanting gaming in the worst way; and getting it! Seneca Gaming!

This is another show lifted from my radio shows in New York City and Washington DC. I give a few comments on the ICWA challenge now that some of the dust has cleared after the Supreme Court ruling and then I return to the on-going saga of Seneca gaming and the organized crime syndicate known as New York State.


Let's Talk Native 6/15/23; Well, let's talk ICWA!

This podcast is actually from my radio show but the subject is important and the info needs to be shared. The SCOTUS just rejected a challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act. I have never been a fan of the law but this challenge had a lot more at stake than ICWA. Let's talk about the law, the challenge and the ruling. And why this flawed law needed to stand.


Interview With Grace And Keith Burich On NYS Thruway 6/7/23

A small section of the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90)crosses through the Seneca Territory of Cattaraugus. The Seneca Nation has been assessing payments due to them from tolls collected by the State and argues the State owes them over $600,000,000. Grace Burich joins me with her father Professor Keith Burich to talk about her research project on the NYS Thruway dispute.


LTN#573 4/12/23; Tekarontake joins LTN to discuss leadership and service to others.

Paul Delaronde stops by the LTN studio for a conversation.


LTN#572 4/6/23; The Vatican is NOT sorry for what they did, but reject the Doctrin of Discovery.

Well! The Vatican did it again. They condemn the actions of others but avoid any responsibility for their own.


Let's Talk Native #571 3/21/23; Sorry for the absence but I'm back now.

I had a surgery that went a little sideways on me and has laid me up for the last two months. Here's my ordeal in detail to explain where I have been.


LTN#570 1/8/23; I Am A Warrior

I read my excerpt from The Mohawk Warrior Society.


LTN#569 11/27/22; Valerie Lambert author of "Native Agency" joins John for an RR broadcast

This was recorded for a Resistance Radio broadcast but it is well worth sharing here for the LTN listeners. Coming from two very different perspectives and attitudes towards the Bureau of Indian Affairs, John and Valerie offer a great look at the agency, now almost completely run by Native bureaucrats.


LTN#568 11/12/22 Indian Residential/Boarding Schools

I cannot emphasize enough the scope and scale of this atrocity committed against Native children. It is almost the entirety of US history. 200 years of Genocide.


LTN#567 9/7/22; Cayuga Nation: FED WRECKED!

The conflict in the Cayuga homelands has raged on for years. At the center of it all is an abuse of authority made possible by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and those who played the Fed Wreck game.


Resistance Radio 9/1/22: Famed Psychologist Philip Zimbardo joins me for my radio show

Famed Stanford Psychology Professor joins me for Resistance Radio to refute certain claims made about him and his work. We discuss Native mascots, stereotyping and racism.


LTN #566 8/2/22; The Pope Apology Tour

He refused to apologize for the Church or take ANY responsibility. Keep in mind, this guy made Junipero Sera a "Saint" and he was responsible for deaths of thousands of indigenous children at his missions.


LTN #565 6/29/22; Deb, Kathy and Crystal.

It's not really breaking a glass ceiling if nothing gets broken! Carrying water for the white male power structure is not change.