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Podcast: Libya update, 7 May 2019

In this podcast, recorded 7 May 2019, MEA Risk analysts Alessandro Bruno and Arezki Daoud discuss the state of affairs in Libya as fighting continues in Tripoli and as Ramadan begins.


Algeria protests shift to the next phase of nationwide strike, as regime ponders what to do

10 March 2019: (audio version above) - The Algerian popular uprising appears to have reached its next phase. After millions took to the streets across Algerian cities, and continue to do so, the protest movement seems to be shifting to the industrial and business sectors, making it harder for the regime to maintain a status-quo and pretend that it is just a passing phase. Already several sector unions, generally tied to the disgraced government-controlled UGTA labor union, have broken ranks...


The situation in the Sahel: Podcast series

MEA Risk's Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno discuss the current state of instability in the Sahel. The unscripted discussion took place on 1 March 2019. You can download the audio file on this page, iTunes and Google Store podcast pages.


Africa 2019 elections preview- Part 4: Mozambique

Over the past two years, Mozambicans have been negotiating peace and on how to implement democracy in a country that has long been dominated by a single party. The Frelimo party-dominated government appears to have reached a deal with the opposition Renamo party and its armed branch. The next step is to hold a presidential election at the end of this year. Listen to a discussion between MEA Risk analysts Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno on what challenges Mozambique is facing. At least two...


Africa 2019 elections preview- Part 3: Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. With a nearly $401 billion economy in 2017, Nigeria surpasses all African countries and is a substantial metric on how Africa is generally doing economically and politically. This year, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, will be seeking re-election for a second term, when the country holds elections in February. He will be running against Abubakar Atiku, a former VP, in what many analysts already consider as a bad choice for the Nigeria people....


Africa 2019 elections preview- Part 2: Algeria

Algeria’s secretive politics makes very hard to predict what’s next. But what is certain is that its constitution remains work in progress, considering that there is no definite rule on what to do when a sitting president is unfit to govern. Still, many in Algeria’s ruling circles hope that President Bouteflika, who suffered a stroke and is now over 81 years old, would run again for a fifth term. Why so much interest in a Bouteflika continuity? April 2019 could be a critical month for...


Africa 2019 elections preview- Part 1: Tunisia

MEA Risk analysts Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno are discussing elections in four African countries in this four-part series. The free-flowing chat will take us to Tunisia in this podcast, followed by Algeria in part 2, then Nigeria and Mozambique. Tunisia, despite its troubles, is an exciting place. A lot is happening there, somethings are good, others need adjustments. The country is headed to the poll at the end of this year, in a new test to check if Tunisia is the first country in...


Libya 2019 Podcast Preview

When you think that the destabilization of Libya reached its peak, new development on the ground sinks the country even deeper. The year 2018 was devastating for the Libyan people, and 2019 does not promise any improvement. Listen to a discussion between MEA Risk analysts Arezki Daoud and Alessandro Bruno on what they think Libya is up to. You can download this episode at the above link.


Presentation: Sources of instability in the Sahel

This is a presentation made by MEA Risk's Arezki Daoud on understanding the sources of instability in the Sahel at a conference of faith-based organizations, held near Kansas City, Missouri, at the end of May 2018. The presentation as posted here includes narrated slides, downloadable PDF slides and an MP3 audio file. 1- Click on the video below to go through the narrated slides 2- Download PDF presentation (no audio) 3- Download audio in MP3 format


Nigeria week in review – podcast summary for week ending Aug. 27, 2017

This 8eight-min podcast reviews Nigeria's political and security environment for the week ending 27 August 2017. Listen here, on iTunes, Google Play or download audio file while on the go.