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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!

Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!


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Jeffrey and Shannon bringing you an analysis of the news and current events of today!






Payseur & Li War on American Patriots

Time for a review class: Payseur review (4 year delta), Tales from the DS Crypt, Saint Malo France connections, "QAnon" extremists in the news, Payseur review on Jon B Wells, Ben Collins, Li bloodline review, DJT Truths of James, and much much more...

Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI Raid Proofs: Rise and Reign

Today's show is on fire with Rise & Reign Scavino post, Laura Trump speaking to FBI, DJT makes statement regarding the FBI, Eric Trump talks arrows in the back, Lin Wood relevance, Mark Elias' statement, Pelosi reacts to Mar-a-lago raid, documents and timeline, Matt Gaetz comments and much much more...

Trump’s Base Increasing; Biden Recession Tax Lie

The Great Debate - Today the guys bring current events and review the weekend, Florida Gadsden Flag on License Plates, General Flynn on Elections, Kari Lake updates, The View loves Trump, Stein at CPAC and Beto removed, Trump takes questions, Biden's non-recession increases, Devin & Kash on DOJ, "No new taxes" Biden and so much more...

Patriot Games Update with Gregg Phillips & Seth Keshel

Flannel Friday update today with the guys, Gregg Phillips, and surprise guest Captain Seth Keshel! Election Integrity, Ideas, Thoughts, News, and much much more...


FBI Domestic Terrorism; Pelosi in Taiwan

Today the guys bring the booms: Chris Miller's National Guard Authorization letter, Seth Keshel on AZ Election, Wray/Cruz Whitehouse case banter, McCain Mafia Meaghan loses to Kari Lake, Grassley on whistleblowers, Collins on VP State Law and VP Electors, Senator Lee on domestic terrorism, Pelosi's Taiwan Trip, Pelosi's DUI, FBI memo on Domestic Terrorism, Russia speaks about Taiwan, and much more....


Kari Lake Wins Arizona; Banners4Freedom

Kari Lake calls win, Gregg Phillips on Truth, Robert & Jaime Agee testify, the power of God in your life, show memories review, sealed indictments increase, Dee Snyder, Katie Hobbs is a demon (who knew!?), and more... Learn How to Support Robert Agee's Quest to Kill the Spirit of Fear and the Share the Truth With Powerful Billboards At:

Wheels Down for Pelosi in Taiwan; Durham Takes the Lead

Today the guys bring current events, Del Bigtree's "Control Group", Pelosi pulls a Pompeo in Taiwan, Devin & Kash comments, Banners For Freedom makes Fox News, Media Matters promos excel, Kari Lake FTW, Maga/Q/Media, KS, AZ, MI, WA primary candidates, Durham takes lead council, and much more...

Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit; AZ Get Out the Vote

Ballot Drop Boxes turn into water coolers for Patriots, Media Matters promos MG Show again, Kari Lake and Gregg Phillips from Friday, Alex Jones Bankruptcy protection, Rogan's cointelpro, Wyoming can't find a Cheney voter, Arizona Kansas, Michigan, and Mississippi Primaries, Giuffre names more names, China warns PELOSI, House passes Assault Weapons Ban, 23 and me DNA collection + COVID swabs, and more...

Flannel Friday Update with Gregg Phillips & Kari Lake

Flannel Friday Update with Gregg Phillips & Kari Lake, Trump takes a swing, Missouri lives up to it's name showing Sheriff's how to stand up for America, AKap's cappin appreciation, and much more...

Recession Redefined; Foreign Dark Site Closed

Lin Wood Pinata Circular, Tavistock in the News, General Flynn NWO comments, Pelosi corruption surprise, Fed target of recession, Biden COVID negative, Devin on UK television on DJT, Monkey Pox can kick rocks, Donnie O'Sullivan love, The View apologizes to TPUSA, and more...


Chris Miller Testimony Debunks Lying Liz Cheney

Chris Miller Testimony Released by J6 Committee Debunked Lying Liz Cheney, School Employees busted for sexual assault, Kash, Bret, and Chris Miller comments, DJT is losing power according to MSM, "QANON" Candidates now in narrative, Pence/Trump DC Duo, Bidenflation, Grassley memo on FBI, Food Bank spike, Dem Election meddling and more...

Trump Going to DC; January 6th Narrative Blown to Pieces

Today the guys bring a preview of DJT (45) in DC, Kash explains Trump's authorization of the National Guard on J4, Kari Lake in AZ, Liz Harrington's J6 hearing comments, LIZ CHENEY lies on TV, Melania Trump's statement, NK accuses U.S. of BioLabs, DJT and Gaetx at Turning Point, Asset training, and more...

Flannel Friday with Gregg Phillips; the Pit Defined

Today Gregg Phillips comes in and talks about the Pit and coming together in unity to push the Truth out to the masses, in the second hour Babylon burns in Russia, 10 minutes of Election Denial by Democrats, Pence statement from DJT, LA Police Chief pleas guilty, and more...


Patriot Games Ground Fusion Explained; Climate Hoax Exposed on CNN

It's Thursday on the MG Show and the guys bring and overview on Patriot Games episode 0, Hunter investigation taking center stage, hopium while Biden whispers, CBS on January 6th, Kash - Devin - Jullie, Climate Hoax exposed by Weather Channel co-founder on CNN, Kari Lake in AZ, Pelosi might be a NA ZI?, NYT Wrong about Trump voters, and more...


A Conversation with Bobby Powell; J6 Videos Prove Trump Innocent

Bobby Powell is a Journalist who was on the scene January 6th and has lots to show Patriots across this nation. Publisher of "The Truth Is Viral" [ ], and Co-host of "Your Defending Fathers" on 97.7 WCHY Cheboygan Mi. [ ] Bobby is diligently working to spread the truth of J6 to the world.

Kari Lake Exposes Deep State in AZ, Swamp Wars

Today the guys bring news and updates on the AZ attack, Kari Lake on Election Integrity, Trolls in the media, constitutional carry heroes in the news, Biden climate circus, the will to change, Biden top 100 gaffs, Putin in Iran, DJT shows strength & truth, SWAMPWARS by EyeDropMedia and more...

Flannel Friday Update with Gregg Phillips

The guys host Gregg Phillips to help spread the #winning across America. Watch, learn, absorb, and act on what you learn today! You do not want to miss today's boom.


The Party of Death; Durham Subpoena-coladas

Biden's USPS pedophile? Illegal Alien rapes 10 yr old? Hill Committee on Abortion, fetal material for sale using "Administrative Fees" as a cover, AOC, States rights issue, Kash talks 30 Durham subpoenas, DJR OAN on Gaetz Committee, and more...


J6 Show Trial Fail; Bennie Thompson Proven Real Insurrectionist

Show trial review, Musk v Twitter suit, Sri Lanka people take over, Bennie Thompson history, Bolton talks coup, Hunter's Crack Hypocrisy, Global revolt against globalism, and Durham's 30 subpoenas.


J6 Hearings Violent Mob Narrative: Debunked

THE GUYS ARE BACK AGAIN! GA Guidestones update, J6 Show Trial kicks off again, Bannon's Executive Privileged waiver, FBI whistleblower docs on Proudboys, Hunter weighs in, Gregg Phillips update, Putin talks to Liberal Order, Watters and more!