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Joseph Humire and Tarek Fatah Cover Hezbollah and the Latest on Saudi Arabia's New Troubles

Joseph Humire is Executive Director of the Center for a Secure Free Society. He is a global security expert specializing on transnational threats in the Western Hemisphere. He also provides regular briefings on international terrorism, transnational organized crime, Islamism and Iran’s influence Latin America to various entities within the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence community. Mr. Humire is also a fellow at the Middle East Forum. http://www.securefreesociety.org Tarek...


Tom Quiggin and Seth Frantzman

Tom Quiggin has 30 years of practical experience in security and intelligence matters and is qualified as a court expert in the reliability of intelligence as evidence and on terrorism. His years of practical experience include a variety of intelligence positions for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Armed Forces, the United Nations Protection Force in Yugoslavia, Citizen and Immigration Canada, and more. He recently published a report exposing Islamic Relief Canada and is...


Winfield Myers, EJ Kimball and Sam Westrop

Winfield Myers, Director, Campus Watch (Project of the Middle East Forum) Winfield Myers is director of the Middle East Forum's Campus Watch, which reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North American universities. He has taught world history and other topics at the University of Michigan, the University of Georgia, Tulane, and Xavier University of Louisiana. He was previously managing editor of the American Enterprise magazine and CEO of Democracy Project, Inc., which he...


Russia Rules Syria, Countering Jihadi Groups, and Middle East in Turmoil

Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi is a research fellow at the Middle East Forum where he focuses on violent non-state Islamic and Middle Eastern groups. He is a specialist on the Syrian Civil War, Iraqi Civil War and the Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant. With his family originally from Mosul, Iraq, Aymenn has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East including to YPG-controlled areas of Syria where he observed the graduation of unites of the Syrian Border Security Force in January 2018....


Fireworks Over the Skies of Syria, Defunding UNRWA, and Israel Victory

James G. Lindsay, Visiting fellow at The Washington Institute James G. Lindsay is a visiting fellow at The Washington Institute, focusing on Palestinian refugee issues and UN humanitarian assistance. During 2000-2007, he served with the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), where he acted as legal advisor and general counsel and oversaw all UNRWA legal activities. Before his UNRWA service, Lindsay spent twenty years as an attorney in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice....


Women's Rights, Honor Violence, and Canadian Political Correctness - Abha Shankar and Raheel Raza

Abha Shankar, Senior Intelligence Analyst at The Investigative Project on Terrorism. Before her position at The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Shankar worked as a Development and Publications Coordinator at Women in International Security. Shankar holds a master’s degree in security studies from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. from India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University in International Relations. Twitter: @abhashankar1 Raheel Raza, Journalist and Author Raheel Raza is a...