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Celebrating 20 Years of Freedom

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Family Investment Center. What a journey it’s been! When I left the trust company I’d help start with a few colleagues in 1998, I envisioned an independent advisory firm that remained focused on its clients and embraced technology. We’ve never looked back … today, we offer a team of six salaried investment advisors and offices in both Missouri and Kansas. We offer more services than ever before, and we’re smarter than ever. We know how blessed we are...


Consequences and Responses

Like a roller coaster ride … a night at the casino … a fantastic vacation week … Investing can be serious fun. It can be exciting. It can be scorable. Sometimes. But in this case, the results and consequences are much, much more significant than these thrills. One decision can swing your portfolio in a $100,000 direction – either up or down. Listen as Dan explains in this second podcast in the Millionaire’s Month series about how tying investing to specific goals that you have, then...


The Do-It-Yourself Mistake

My new book is called Stuck in the Middle: The Mistakes that Jeopardize your Financial Success and How to Fix Them. It’s available on Amazon and at other fine booksellers. The book’s theme is that much of our financial knowledge comes from trusted sources like well-intentioned friends, relatives, and colleagues (F R C - I call them FREAKS). Despite good intentions, a lot of that information requires a serious update. Those middle-class money lessons are probably holding you back from the...


Wake Up Call, America

Today’s lesson can change your life. I’m going to jump against convention here and voice an unpopular idea: money can be a force for enormous good. Money can provide security, convenience, and opportunity. Money can help solve problems and make life easier for people in need. Money can build hospitals, libraries, and universities. The important truth to money is this: Money can be a force for good or evil, depending on how you treat it and use it. In my life, I’ve seen a lot of good people...


The Freedom Tour Begins Right Now

Everyone is different. Every dream is different. Every situation is different.Whether you are 30, 50, or 70, your retirement snapshot depends on your own experience, personality, family, health, and location. Your ability to achieve that snapshot also depends heavily on your finances and age today. Now is a great time to take control of your finances. It’s the perfect time to start planning the retirement Freedom Tour. Money is freedom, and freedom is fun.


The Happy Side of Mortgages

You’ve seen those ads where you are urged to saves thousands by paying off your mortgage as quickly as possible. The math is actually pretty simple: a long term loan compounds over many years and the interest looks like a mountain of debt. Any amounts paid early reduce the compounding and reduce the mountain. However - LOW INTEREST RATES ON MORTGAGES FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME CREATE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR BORROWERS - and OPPORTUNITY is what creates real happiness. Let’s look at how that...