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Debt: So Misunderstood … Find Out Why You Can Let Go of the Emotional Baggage.

What is debt, really? It’s borrowing money from someone – someone who has extra money – and then paying them for the use of their money. It allows people to have homes for their family; and when used wisely, debt creates liquidity where liquidity is needed. As long as the exchange is fair, it can be a helpful tool … yet society sometimes turns it around. Find out what Dan Danford has to say about letting go of the emotional baggage surrounding debt, and how to use it in positive ways on your...


In Life, and Retirement, The Chaos May Be The Best Years of Your Life

Who is actually happy out there? Can an advisor be part of that process for an investor? These are some great questions. Because advisors have seen a lot of life situations and a lot of different outcomes. As Dan Danford shares in this episode of Money is Freedom, having money doesn’t actually make you happy. But, you may find a greater level of unhappiness at the lack of money. Money allows you to take care of yourself and those you love, but it’s often not the big issue hanging over you...


Don’t Stop Working at 65 – Because The Best is Yet To Come. And You Don’t Want to Miss It.

You may be 65. Or nearing it. Or plan to be one day. If so, know this: Your next few years of working past age 65 could open the doors to a new purpose and new success you never saw coming. As Dan Danford shares on this insightful podcast, when you’re 65, you may be at your peak career earning years. And you don’t have to walk away. In fact, these years could be the very years that allow you to fulfill your purpose and mission in a season down the road in ways you never imagined. You can use...


The Single Most Important Question in Retirement Isn’t About Money

Dan Danford’s grandfather used to say “Rocking chairs have killed more people than any disease ever could.” His wisdom rings true today. Most people will have a 30-year retirement, which is a longer time span than many people realize or predict. Money is just a tool in retirement to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish. The more important question is what do you plan to do? The answer to this question (how you’ll get up each day, get out and interact with people) is a key piece of...


Sleeping Late and Playing Golf Every Day Gets Old. Fast.

You need a clear plan for your retirement future that has purpose and meaning. As Dan Danford, CEO/Founder of Family Investment Center, tells people often “Retirement success is built around self-discovery. It’s knowing what this time of life should look like for you, and tying that to some purpose. A lot of successful people retire and then get restless and bored pretty quickly with sleeping late and playing golf.” Is your picture of retirement a little too vague? Are you sacrificing things...


Four Surprising Roadblocks to Your Financial Success (And How to Bypass Them)

Retirement is really your own personal freedom tour. It’s your journey to plan, pack and prepare for – and you’re in the driver’s seat. In this episode of Money is Freedom, Dan Danford, Founder/CEO of Family Investment Center, shares five surprising roadblocks to your financial success. (Such as living in a 24-hour news environment. “All or nothing” thinking. Fear of a career change. Not seeing the big picture of retirement as a 25-year opportunity span). He also shares inspiring ways to...


Planning for Some Serious Freedom with Rob Barnes

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a family business? You’re likely thorough. Research-oriented. Goal-driven. And contemplative about how you make your decisions and get your information. There’s a difference in working with a business owner over an individual – and this difference, says Dan Danford, may warrant a closer look at professionalism and expertise, especially when it comes to areas like insurance and estate planning. In this episode, Dan Danford addresses entrepreneurial success...


Positive Energy Rituals: Getting Sh*! Done while Fueling New Levels of Optimism

What you’re doing today, you’ll probably do tomorrow. If you want tomorrow to be better, make the rituals of today compatible with how you want tomorrow to look. The concept of positive energy rituals (rather than time management) has changed the way Dan Danford and Richard Salmen live their lives and help their clients succeed. It’s a concept from the book “The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal.” Listen to Dan and...


Celebrating 20 Years of Freedom

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Family Investment Center. What a journey it’s been! When I left the trust company I’d help start with a few colleagues in 1998, I envisioned an independent advisory firm that remained focused on its clients and embraced technology. We’ve never looked back … today, we offer a team of six salaried investment advisors and offices in both Missouri and Kansas. We offer more services than ever before, and we’re smarter than ever. We know how blessed we are...


Are You planning for some serious Freedom?

Are you planning for some serious freedom? You could be. And it could be simpler and more rewarding than ever. In 2018, Family Investment Center is planning for some serious freedom – like never before. On Jan. 1, Family Investment Center welcomed Richard C. Salmen to the team. He is a nationally-known industry professional, and spearheads expanded financial planning services as President of Family Investment Center. As a retired FAA air traffic controller, Army Captain and Chair of the 2018...


Consequences and Responses

Like a roller coaster ride … a night at the casino … a fantastic vacation week … Investing can be serious fun. It can be exciting. It can be scorable. Sometimes. But in this case, the results and consequences are much, much more significant than these thrills. One decision can swing your portfolio in a $100,000 direction – either up or down. Listen as Dan explains in this second podcast in the Millionaire’s Month series about how tying investing to specific goals that you have, then...


Processes and Methods

What does it take to get rich? A little luck and a little know-how? Probably. But most people follow a simple 8 step process. Most successful people know that the famous “E-Myth” applies to even their investments. More importantly, they know that within proper process lies the real key. Listen to this episode of Money is Freedom from Dan Danford to find out how this tool called process can help you reach freedom, too. Song: "Millionaire(That You Used To Be)" by Derek Clegg


Building Blocks of Investing

Here’s a million dollar question when it comes to your investments: Is the point excitement, or is it success? In this episode, The Building Blocks of Investing, listen as Dan Danford explains some key concepts related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more in refreshing, jargon-free language you can really learn from. And build upon. Song: "Millionaire(That You Used To Be)" by Derek Clegg


Is Investing Worth a Lot of Effort

Is investing worth the time and energy? Do you think of investing as a voluntary effort, designed to help your extra money make more money? What happens when investors focus more on the forest, and less on the trees? Hear these unique insights and more from Dan Danford from his book “Million Dollar Management” in this new podcast series for November (a.k.a. Millionaire’s Month). As Dan shares, the strategies used by large investment portfolio owners can be applied to family investors. The...


Faith & Finances

What happens when an archaeologist, professor and preacher talks money with Dan Danford? Find out in this thought-provoking new podcast on Money is Freedom called “Faith and Finances, ” an interview with Dr. Jimmy Albright. It may challenge your own ideas about money, abundance and the meaning of it all.


The Family Business

The family business. Family-run companies. People in the family working with other people in the family. What are some of the unique opportunities and perils? Find out on this intriguing podcast conversation between Dan Danford and Kyle Danner, Kansas City-based Family Business Advisor.


Financial Education

Financial Education by Dan Danford


Fiduciary Rule

Money is Freedom, Freedom is Fun!


Solving the Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

If life is a journey, then building a business is the adventure road. What happens as you near your destination? Your business is long past survival and you are in the best shape of your life – physically, emotionally, financially. What’s next? Now is a great time to take control of your finances. It’s the perfect time to start planning the retirement Freedom Tour. Money is freedom, and freedom is fun.


The Do-It-Yourself Mistake

My new book is called Stuck in the Middle: The Mistakes that Jeopardize your Financial Success and How to Fix Them. It’s available on Amazon and at other fine booksellers. The book’s theme is that much of our financial knowledge comes from trusted sources like well-intentioned friends, relatives, and colleagues (F R C - I call them FREAKS). Despite good intentions, a lot of that information requires a serious update. Those middle-class money lessons are probably holding you back from the...