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Interviews about transportation, politics, and more!

Interviews about transportation, politics, and more!
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Interviews about transportation, politics, and more!






Episode 007 -- The Future of the Rockaway Beach Branch: Rail Trail or Transit Line?

Did you know there are 47 acres of city owned land in the middle of Queens sitting unused since 1962? This is what’s known as the former Rockaway Beach Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. Many groups have been discussing whether this asset should be reused for future rail service or turned into a linear park. Today I sit down for a group interview, with representatives from the Trust for Public Land. I’ll be chatting with Adrian Benepe, former New York City Parks Commissioner, as well as...


Episode 006 - Why Ride Hailing Apps are Making Manhattan Traffic Worse

Did you know that Uber and Lyft drivers spend ⅓ of their time in midtown manhattan empty searching and waiting for fares? How does this affect congestion and what can be done to have our taxi system run more efficiently? I sit down with Bruce Schaller, a consultant, and a former executive at NYC DOT and Taxi and Limousine Commission on how best to manage our roads to alleviate traffic. We also discuss the hot topic of congestion pricing. For More information on Schaller's work, check out his...


Episode 005 -- Access for All? Riding the Subway in a Wheelchair

Have you ever thought about how people in wheelchairs navigate the subway system? Today I sit down with Chris Pangalinan, Program Director at TransitCenter a transportation think tank based in New York City. We discuss the trials and tribulations about riding the subway in a wheelchair. We also talk about the state of accessibility in New York City how local government can improve on on making New York more accessible for all. For more information on accessibility and the New York subway...


Episode 004 - Fixing Penn Station and the Regional Unified Network Plan

Wonder why Penn station is so crowded and overrun with people? Jim Venturi and I discuss how to improve the disjointed nature of Penn Station and his plan the "Regional Unified Network". Read more about Jim and his firm's work at:


Episode 003 -- New York City Traffic Jam: Congestion Pricing and the Move NY Plan

My guest for episode 3 is Alex Matthiessen, campaign director of Move NY, a transportation plan to tackle the increasing traffic congestion in New York City. Alex and I discuss what is congestion pricing, how the Move NY plan could benefit a variety of New Yorkers, and what it takes legislatively to get a plan like this passed in New York State. more info at


Episode 002 -- Explaining Bus Rapid Transit and How to Speed Up Buses in NYC

Ever wonder why some New York bus lines buses you pay with a ticket machine on the street, but others you pay on board? Pre-payment is one element of a larger movement called "Bus Rapid Transit" (BRT). In this episode, I sit down with Annie Weinstock, President of BRT Planning International. We discuss what exactly is BRT, how it can be used to speed up buses in NYC, and how BRT can be implemented during the L train shutdown.


Episode 001 -- Community Gardening in a Sea of Skyscrapers

Interview with Ron Janoff, the coordinator of the Rockwell Place Community Garden in Downtown Brooklyn. Ron and I discuss the history of the area near the garden as well as the multitude of topics about community gardening in New York City.