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Carlson Calls Out Trans Extremists

Tucker Carlson calls out Trans extremists insinuating there will be more attacks like the shooting in Nashville. The Senate finally votes to repeal the AUMF and it heads to the House for a final debate on whether or not the war powers act will return to its rightful owners. --- Send in a voice message:


Liz Cheney's Attempt to Stay Relevant

Liz Cheney attempts to remain in the conversation by offering up absolutely nothing at all as far as solutions, and the RESTRICT Act is the Patriot Act of the Digital Age. --- Send in a voice message:


Mass Shooter Chose Location Based on Security

A mass shooter murdered 3 children and 3 adults at Covenant Presbyterian in Nashville Tennessee, but chose the location because of the lack of security, and the GOP is attempting to get ahead of the Supreme Court to overturn Biden's student debt relief plan. --- Send in a voice message:


March 27th Is An Important Day For Liberty

Since Sunday was Matt's birthday, here are some clips from the subscriber show from Friday. They are still relevant to todays news. Ross Ulbricht will spend his 10th birthday in jail for creating a website that day. It is long since it was time to #freeross. Also, on March 27th, jury selection begins in the case of Daniel Perry, the US Army SGT and Uber driver who shot Garret Foster in the streets of Austin 3 years ago. if you want to subscribe, please head on over to...


The Fed Hikes Rates, Unemployment to Follow

Jerome Powell defends his rate hikes as Elizabeth Warren says he's terrible at his job. Bernie Sanders goes after Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel. --- Send in a voice message:


Trump To Be Indicted Today?

Reports have come out that Trump will be indicted Wednesday, but others are saying it would be crazy to attempt to try this case anywhere. Healthcare will be all the Senate is talking about today during a number of committee hearings, and Biden signs off on the Covid Origin Act of 2023, but will anything come out? --- Send in a voice message:


Macron Spared Vote of No Confidence

French President Emanuel Macron was spared having to choose a new government yesterday as tensions in France have skyrocketed over the raising of the retirement age by 2 years. A Cuban baseball player defected to the US during the WBC, and Trump and DeSantis are going toe to toe in verbal spars. --- Send in a voice message:


The Political World Braces For Indictment

Trump predicts he will be arrested Tuesday morning sending the political world into a tailspin, and Joe Biden is moving to the ideological center just in time to announce his 2024 run. --- Send in a voice message:


Newsom supports the government bailing him out

Gavin Newsom is on board with the Government bailing out SVB depositors because of the California economy and not at all because he had a lot of personal finances tied up in them. Joe Exotic is running for President... as a Libertarian, and Chat GPT 4 has launched; will it end our existence? --- Send in a voice message:


Biden Acts Executively on Guns

Speaking to a group in Monterey Park, CA he touted his new executive order which is absolutely a shot at any state trying to solidify itself as a 2A sanctuary state. Plus, a congressman sold $50k in Apple stocks the same day the DOJ announced it was putting more agents on their antitrust case. --- Send in a voice message:


Willow Project Has Orb Mother Mad

Biden approves the Willow project and progressives are coming out against him. Donald Trump probably regrets DeSantis, and all SVB depositors will be made whole, but don't you dare call it a bailout! --- Send in a voice message:


Biden's $5T in Election Hopes

Joe Biden explodes past the estimated $2-3Trillion in new taxes and unveils a mammoth $5T plan. Silicon Valley Bank shutters and is asking for a bailout. The Willow project looks like it's going to be approved, but Biden bans oil drilling on 16 million more acres. --- Send in a voice message:


Joe Manchin Wants to Reclaim His Title as Acting President of The United States

Joe Manchin is pissed about the Inflation Reduction Act and is refusing to vote to confirm anyone Joe Biden is putting up for positions. Joe Biden puts out a budget proposal that has over $2Trillion in tax hikes, and Mitch McConnell thinks you should be happy about the GOP lead house. --- Send in a voice message:


Chuck Schumer is Completely Wrong... Again

Tucker Carlson released J6 footage and the left hates that their narrative is being torn apart and Chuck Schumer makes the biggest mistake of the year so far. Four Americans were kidnapped in Mexico, and Lyndsey Graham wants the military to get involved... because reasons. --- Send in a voice message:


The Fight on Social Security: Cuts or Reform

The battle over social security and medicare has begun with Republicans and Democrats arguing over whether changing aspects of the programs constitutes cuts or reforms. Jim Jordan is sending out subpoenas for hearings that will be meaningless, and people have captured pictures of John Fetterman! --- Send in a voice message:


Biden Fears Looking Soft

Biden is afraid he and fellow democrats will look soft on crime and sways from party policy on DC statehood and criminal justice reform. Larry Hogan is out as a GOP contender, but will that help or hurt Trump? And the world may have trouble agreeing on anything, but one thing everyone can agree on is this: we all hate George Santos. Be sure to share this episode, and tune in tomorrow for a new episode of The Morning Mud! --- Send in a voice message:...


Episode 276 - The End of the Beginning

immy Carter is in Hospice care, but has made it to 98, which is impressive. John Fetterman has been hospitalized for depression, and what does that mean for the Dem majority in the Senate? And the Biden administration went all out against Putin in every way other than picking up arms and fighting in the war themselves... or sending our children rather, we know they would never go over there. Subscribe to Muddied Waters Media: Follow us on the...


Episode 275 - Deep Thoughts With Kamala Harris

Biden gives Trump cover with classified documents, Kamala Harris does not disappoint in a recent conversation about climate change with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, and the White House and the House are playing political brinksmanship with the economy and it’s all about which side blinks first. Subscribe to Muddied Waters Media: Visit our store: Follow us on the socials:...


Episode 274 - Top Attorney in Epstein Case Fired

Alex Snitker is live in studio to discuss the firing of Denise George, what Kevin McCarthy as Speaker means for the future of the position, how Jimmy Fallon is a schill, and whether or not we should ban gas stoves. Subscribe to Muddied Waters Media: Visit our store: Follow us on the socials: --- Send in a voice message:...


Episode 273 - George Santos Doesn’t Let the Truth Hold Him Down

The Republicans can't get it together enough to elect a new speaker, meaning quite possibly the best outcome ever for all Americans. Russia and Ukraine are coming up on their first anniversary of warring bliss, and Karine Jean Pierre has found her own version of verbal kevlar, and George Santos has never met a lie he didn't tell. Tune in for another brand spanking new episode of Muddied Waters of Freedom Intro song: Subscribe to Muddied Waters...