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Chris Brown Interview, LMPD Police Arrested, and Fancy Farm Wrap Up

This week our guest was Chris Brown, the Democratic candidate in the 69th District, in Boone and Kenton Counties. She talked about her experience organizing for social and racial justice, and her desire to bring the 69th's concerns to Frankfort. On the show, Jazmin talked about the US Department of Justice's case against four LMPD police officers in the Breonna Taylor case, and Robert wrapped up Fancy Farm, which happened last Saturday.


Kelly Jones Interview, Terrible Flooding in Southeast KY, and Abortion Once Again Banned in Kentucky

Terrible floods swept through Southeastern Kentucky last week. We talked about it, the response to them, and how you can help. In addition to that, Jazmin talked about a new ruling in the abortion lawsuit from an appellate judge which re-institutes a ban on abortion in the state. In the second half of the show we talked to Kelly Jones, the Democratic candidate in the 68th District in Northern Kentucky (Campbell County). She told us why she's running for office, which issues she's most...


Matt Lehman Interview, Updating the Abortion Lawsuit, and the End (?) for Braidy Industries

This week Matt Lehman joined us for an interview. He is running as a Democrat in the 4th U.S. Congressional District, which stretches from the area east of Jefferson County to Greenup County in Eastern Kentucky, along the Ohio river. He talked about what it takes to run for an office like this, the issues that motivate him, and talked earnestly about the danger of continuously electing Thomas Massie to the U.S. House. Jazmin also explained the Temporary Injunction in the abortion ban...


Amelia Martens on Western Kentucky Identity

Amelia Martens, a poet and prose writer based in Paducah, was Robert's guest this week. She spoke about Western Kentucky identity, including why she moved to Western Kentucky as an adult, what she believes "Western Kentucky" encompasses, her perspective on the evolving political identity of the region, and what parts of the region inspire her writing. In addition, Robert updated the story about Chad Meredith, and did a few Quick Hits.


Velvet Dowdy Interview and A Ruling For JCPS

This week we welcomed Velvet Dowdy to the show. She's running for House in District 11, which encompasses Henderson County. She talked about education, PFAS chemical contamination, and how she would make progress in Frankfort. Jazmin talked this week about a ruling overturning much of 2022's SB1, which made special laws for JCPS that constrained the school board. The judge's ruling includes several funny segments, and Jazmin told us all about it. Also discussed were two police shootings --...


Dr. Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson Interview, the (potential) Chad Meredith Appointment, and More on Abortion in Kentucky

This week, Dr. Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson joined us. She's the candidate in the 15th District in Muhlenberg and Butler counties. She talked to us about why she decided to run for office, campaigning as a Black woman in a district that is more than 90% white, and the issues that she cares about most. She's yet another really great candidate in Western Kentucky this year! During the first part of the show Robert talked about President Biden potentially appointing former Bevin administration...


Bianca Crockam Interview and Dobbs v. Jackson Fallout

This week Robert interviewed Bianca Crockam, the Democratic candidate for the 9th District in Christian County. She spoke about running for office as a Black woman who is a teacher, as well as how she is bringing the Democratic message to Hopkinsville and more rural areas in the 9th District. Robert also spoke about Dobbs v. Jackson, the Supreme Court of the United States ruling which overturned Roe v. Wade, and the fallout that resulted in Kentucky.


Pam Dossett Interview & Trump Endorses Daniel Cameron

We welcomed Pam Dossett to My Old Kentucky Podcast this week. She's the Democratic candidate in the 8th House District in Hopkinsville (plus more of Christian, some of Trigg, and all of Caldwell Counties). She spoke about returning to politics after her 2020 race, the issues that are important to her, and how she's running in the new 8th District. Last week, former President Donald Trump endorsed Daniel Cameron in Kentucky's GOP Gubernatorial Primary, just about a year ahead of the primary...


Union Show

This week we have *two* guests who are parts of Kentucky's labor movement: Caitlin Blair, the Communications Director for UFCW Local 227 and Jay Dennis of Teamsters Local 89. We spoke with Caitlin about the current state of the labor movement in Kentucky, and how the labor movement works within Louisville and Kentucky currently. With Jay, we spoke about current ongoing actions, including an active strike within Teamsters 89 in a company right across the bridge from Louisville. We were...


Lindsey Burke Interview and Large JCPS Update

This week we welcomed Lindsey Burke, Democratic candidate in the 75th District (Lexington) to the show. She talked to us about her background, the issues shes passionate about (housing! education!) and why she's running this year. During the first half of the show, Jazmin brought a big JCPS update, including information about their new student assignment plan, their new contract with teachers, and a lawsuit in Jefferson Circuit Court. Robert talked about several quick hits.


Chad Aull Interview + Savannah Maddox and Friends

This week, Chad Aull visited Robert and Jazmin to talk about his run for Kentucky House in the 79th District in Lexington. He spoke about why he chose this time to get back into public service, what he sees as the central issues facing Frankfort, and his vision for the future of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Also in this episode, Robert talked about Savannah Maddox, who will begin a gubernatorial campaign any day now. In addition, Jazmin took a closer look at the "liberty" candidates who...


Lamin Swann Interview, Daniel Cameron Runs for Governor, & US Marshals Kill A Louisvillian

This week we interviewed Lamin Swann, the Democratic nominee in the 93rd district in Lexington. He talked to us about running for office as a Black man with a disability, the history of district 93 during his lifetime, and what issues he'd like to lead on if he were elected. Before speaking with Lamin, we talked about Daniel Cameron's background and his prospects for winning the GOP nomination for Governor. Then, we talked about the US Marhshals, who killed Omari Cryer, a man in the...


2022 Primary Result Reactions

Jazmin and Robert react to primary elections across the state including several incumbent legislators losing their seats on both sides of the aisle, major victories for candidates favored in races for mayor in Kentucky's largest cities, and a few other important races.


Interview with Emily Bingham, A Primary Preview, and Louisville’s Budget

This week we welcomed author and historian Emily Bingham to the show to talk about her new book, My Old Kentucky Home: The Astonishing Life and Reckoning of an Iconic American Song. She talked to us about what she hoped to communicate through her book, what she meant in her conclusion, and how she approached writing a book about racism as a white person. It's a great conversation! Early voting begins on May 12th, and primary election day is May 17th (next Tuesday), so we did a primary...


Jonathan Lowe Interview, Ryan Quarles Runs for Governor, and How To Vote For Judges

This week we welcomed Jonathan Lowe to the show. He is running for Kentucky House in District 34 in Louisville, and shared with us why he's running, what he thinks he can accomplish, and why he is so dedicated to a life of service. Ryan Quarles announced a run for Governor, so Robert did a segment about his history in Kentucky politics and what led to this moment in Quarles's political career. Jazmin did a deep dive into our judicial system -- what the four levels of the court system are,...


Rep. Pamela Stevenson Interview, Checking in with Bruce Maples, KREF update, and more vetoes and court cases

This week, we welcomed Col. Pamela Stevenson to the show. She's the state representatives in District 43 in Louisville. She talked to us about her primary race, her service in the legislature, and talked to her about the West End TIF. We also checked in with Bruce Maples to talk about new stuff on Forward KY, including a legislator scorecard and a new elections portal. Robert updated us about the most recent KREF report, and Jazmin talked about the final vetoes and a stay in an abortion...


Robert LeVertis Bell Interview + Legislature Sine Die

This week we spoke to Robert LeVertis Bell, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in House District 43. He's a Democratic Socialist who has a long history of social activism in Louisville. We talked to him about why he's running, his role as a "movement candidate", and the role he would play in Frankfort. The legislature is finally done for the year, and Robert and Jazmin spoke about the last two days after the veto session, and the inevitable barrage of lawsuits challenging the...


All The Session’s Vetoes

Robert flies solo today and explains all of the Governor's vetoes since last Wednesday. There were a lot! Of course, they will all probably be overridden, but this is still a good overview of the legislation passed by the general assembly which Democrats oppose the most strongly. Plus, a quick hit about a big battery project in Warren County.


Sarah Stalker Interview, Vetoes, Public Defenders Win at SCOKY, and a Session Wrap Up

This week, Sarah Stalker joined us to talk about her run for the Democratic nomination in the 34th House District in East Central Louisville. She told us why she was running, about her experience with the foster care system, and how she hopes to advocate for her priorities in Frankfort. During the first part of the show, Jazmin covered all the vetoes issued by Gov. Beshear so far, Robert caught us up on all the bills we've talked about during this session, and Jazmin covered a big win for...


Jim Higdon Interview & Budget Wrap Up

Jim Higdon, one of the owners of Cornbread Hemp and one of the leaders in Kentucky's movement to legalize cannabis (and the author of several books) joined us today to talk about the different bills attempting to legalize marijuana during the 2022 session. In addition, he spoke to us about the current state of the hemp market and ways he thinks the crop could and should be regulated under the next farm bill. The session is almost over. Before our interview with Jim, Jazmin and Robert...