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Governor’s Race Ad Wars and Louisville Merger Analysis

This week Robert and Jazmin break down the different ads that have been released by the two gubernatorial campaigns, and look into a report recommending changes to Louisville and Jefferson County's merger.


Col. Pam Stevenson for Attorney General

This week MOKP interviewed Col. Pam Stevenson, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General. She talked to us about why she's running, what she hopes to accomplish in the seat, and how different parts of her life experiences inform how she will govern. Before that, Robert and Jazmin discussed the latest KREF campaign finance reporting, and addressed several quick hits.


A Break in the Crystal Rogers Case

No guest this week, but Robert and Jazmin talked about an update in the 8-year saga of the disappearance of Crystal Rogers, which just saw it's first arrest. Then, the pair discussed some drama in the special election in House District 93.


Sebastian Kitchen Talks About the Campaign

This week we welcomed Sebastian Kitchen, the executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party, to the show. He told us about all the efforts the party is undertaking to reelected Andy Beshear and elect other Democrats this year, about next year's election, and about the next party reorganization. It was a great conversation! Before that, we talked about the upcoming potential UAW strike and how it might impact Kentucky and talked about several other small stories.


Rep. Tina Bojanowski on JCPS

Dr. Tina Bojanowski is a JCPS teacher and member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, so we asked her on to talk to us about JCPS's recent issues with bussing. She shared with us about her experience this year as a legislator and teacher as well as her history with the district and how Frankfort is likely to intervene in JCPS in the coming session. Before that, Robert and Jazmin discussed Louisville's recent homeless encampment clearings and the ethics trial of Louisville Metro Councilmember Anthony Piagintini.


Special Episode: Buddy Wheatley

It's a special Thursday edition! Robert interviews Buddy Wheatley about his run for Secretary of State: why he's running, what he hopes to accomplish, and what he's learned about the state during his run.


Cameron and Beshear Education Plans with Kate Turner

Robert and Kate Turner talk this week about dueling education plans published by Andy Beshear and Daniel Cameron, as well as an explosive harassment scandal in the Attorney General's office.


JCPS Transportation Catastrophe

This week, most of the show focused on the troubled start to the school year for JCPS. Robert dug into what happened, why it happened, and what might happen in the future. Jazmin shared her insights into the UPS contract situation, where workers are in the midst of deciding whether to approve a historic contract.


Michael Bowman Interview, Education Issues, and a Letter from UK

This week we interviewed Michael Bowman, the Democratic candidate for Treasurer. He talked to us about what he's learned since his run for Treasurer in 2019, how he's approaching this year's campaign, and his sense of the energy on the campaign trail. Before that, Robert and Jazmin talked about Jason Glass's departure from Kentucky, JCPS's final policy about SB 150, and a letter written in March to Rep. James Tipton from UK healthcare about trans healthcare.


Cherlynn Stevenson Interview & Daniel Cameron Picks Robby Mills

Robert flies solo today and brings us a show about Daniel Cameron's selection of Robby Mills as Daniel Cameron's running mate and Craig Greenberg's selection of Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel as the LMPD chief. Afterwards, he talks to House Democratic Caucus Chair Cherlynn Stevenson about her elevation to leadership, her multiple close elections, and the political situation in Lexington.


Cassie Chambers Armstrong

This week Jazmin and Robert interviewed Cassie Chambers Armstrong, the Kentucky Senator for District 19. She spoke about her decision to run for Senate, her experience in her first session, and her hopes for future sessions of the legislature. Before interviewing her, there were a few news items. No show next week! We are going on vacation!


What’s Daniel Cameron Been Up To?

Jazmin takes a look at several small stories about Daniel Cameron and Robert and she put together the story he is trying to tell voters as the campaign moves forward. Robert recaps a big series on hemp by the Herald-Leader, and there are several quick hits.


SB 150 Blocked, Donald Trump Coming to Kentucky, and More

This week Jazmin and Robert discussed four stories: a federal court's decision to block implementation of parts of SB 150, Donald Trump's (and Daniel Cameron's) appearance at Eric Deters' Freedom Fest this fall, the dismissal of an abortion lawsuit, and the match up for the special election in HD 93.


Campaign Finance Drama, Louisville Metro Budget, an an embarassment from Kentucky Today (with Emilie McKiernan)

This week Emilie McKiernan joined Robert to talk through drama about campaign finance from both the Beshear and the Cameron campaigns this week. Then, we talk about Louisville Metro's budget, which passed unanimously this week, and then we end the show by talking about an embarrassing article from Kentucky Today.


We Don’t Know What To Think about the Louisville Urban League

This week Jazmin digs into a lawsuit filed by Dr. Kish Kumi Price against her former employer, the Louisville Urban League. From what we know now, it's hard to say what to think! In addition, Robert talked about Lexington's budget, which passed this week. Finally, there were plenty of quick hits to talk about.


They Messed Up SB 150

This week Jazmin explains to us new guidance around SB 150, where the Kentucky Department of Education uncovered that legislators used the word "or" when they probably meant to use "and." In addition, Robert brings a lot of quick hits.


LGBTQ+ Pride in Kentucky

This week Jazmin took us on a journey to learn the often joyful history of LGBTQ+ folks here in Kentucky. LGBTQ+ people have always been with us and have had a significant impact on our state through the years, and Jazmin showed us when and how. Robert talked this week about the Lexington growth boundary changes and a few quick hits.


General Election Preview & Louisville’s Transparency Moves

This week Robert and Jazmin preview the general election now that we know who all the candidates will be. Then, Robert talks through a few transparency reforms announced by Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg. Thank you for your patience as we deal with Robert moving -- we will be back to our normal cadence and time soon -- and more guests!


Election Predictions AND Reactions

This week Jazmin and Robert talked about the end of the primary campaign, and predicted what would happen when results started coming in -- then later, once the results were clear, they recorded their reaction to the results. Also in this episode are reactions to the news that Kentucky Commissioner of Education Jason Glass was looking to leave Kentucky, and a remembrance of Lamin Swann.


The ACLU is trying to stop SB 150

This week Jazmin looked into the ACLU's lawsuit taking on this year's SB 150, which is a law that prevents trans kids from receiving gender affirming care.