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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.


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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.








Why Herschel Walker MUST Win This Election

There was a report on a corporate media news outlet today that disturbed me. They were saying that many Republicans are not too concerned about the Georgia runoff election for U.S. Senate since Democrats had already won control. What difference does one vote make, they asked. This was disinformation. They know the stakes are very high for this runoff and they want Republicans to be unconcerned about it in hopes that they could shave off some of the votes on behalf of Democrats. But just in...


5 Topics to Red-Pill Your Relatives With for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving is about family. For many, it's about faith and being humbled for the blessing of life itself. By no means would I ever suggest tainting one of my favorite holidays by introducing politics into family gatherings if there will be leftists at the dinner table with you. But let's face it. Chances are THEY will introduce it, just as they did last year when they asked you why you weren't jabbed or the year before when they asked why you wouldn't accept that Donald Trump had...


Maricopa Election Judge and Whistleblower Michele Swinick Details How We Finally Stop the Steal

As I've noted on previous shows ever since Election Day, the first domino that may finally fall to expose massive, widespread voter fraud in our nation is Arizona. It seems to be right there with Pennsylvania as the states where the Uniparty Swamp stuck their necks out the furthest in order to steal elections. If we can get either state to tell their tales, we might finally have an opportunity to take back our country from the corruption that we've experienced for decades. Show host Michele...


Winter Shortages Are Looking Even Worse Than We Thought

If there ever needed to be more evidence that the globalist elite cabal and their minions in the Biden-Harris regime were manufacturing shortages, we simply need to look at the various situations forming a perfect storm of crises. There is nothing natural about shortages hitting food, energy, medications, and pretty much everything else at the same time. And no, it's not "Russia Russia Russia" that's causing it all to happen. The only thing we don't have a shortage of is more authoritarian...


Will Arizona Be the First Domino to Finally Fall in Our Fight Against Voter Fraud?

As anyone who's followed my writing or shows the last couple of years knows, I'm not one who peddles false hope. I don't get worked up about "trusting the plan" or believing that we're on the verge of a major arrest against the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, or anyone on the left. I'm skeptical about any "conservative" or alternative media reports that amazing things are just around the corner or the walls are closing in on the bad guys. I've also been hesitant to report on any...


With Election Fraud Deniers Everywhere, Is There ANYTHING We Can Do to Fix This?

For the months after the 2020 election was stolen, I spent most hours of nearly every day trying to figure out how to fix it. I spoke to attorneys, conservative leaders, and fellow patriots to see what courses of action could be taken. My perspective on the situation from around the middle of November, 2020, until some time in mid-2021 was that if the proper election results were going to be honored and if Joe Biden could be prevented from remaining in the White House, it would be due to the...


Stolen Elections Have Consequences

They say "elections have consequences." This is true. But when elections are stolen, there needs to be much worse consequences for those who stole it. Unfortunately, the theft of the 2022 election appears to be headed in the same direction as the stolen 2020 election. We will continue to fight to get the truth out, to hold people accountable, and to reverse the results of the many stolen elections this cycle, but I'm not exactly hopeful. Unless God intervenes, I'd put our chances of changing...


Elections Were Stolen: Do NOT Let Them Gaslight You Into Thinking Otherwise

Never in modern history have the polls been wrong by FAVORING Republicans heavily. They favor Democrats by 3%-6%, so in any race that's close in the polls, Republicans have a chance of winning it. That changed this last election. Allegedly, the polls that showed a massive red tsunami were wrong in the opposite direction. As a result, people like Kari Lake and others "lost." They didn't. They were robbed. We see many in conservative and alternative media pointing to abortion or other excuses...


If Arizona Gets Stolen, Here's How to Fight It

Long-term storage chicken on sale. Get $50 off with promo code "JDR" - I took some heat last week when I said they were trying to steal Arizona. Some had pointed out that the votes had barely been counted at that point and that a landslide for Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh as well as wins by Blake Masters and Mark Finchem were still likely. As I said then, the signs were in the air before the first vote was officially counted that the fix was in, the steal was...


Is a Full-Blown Recession Inevitable After the Red Wave Went Bust?

Learn more about Jonathan Rose and Genesis Gold Group: The red tsunami that nearly everyone expected didn't materialize. Now, some are claiming the stock market jump is a result of that. This is a lie. The stock market jumped on Thursday due solely to the inflation numbers from October. Those inflation numbers were impressive because everyone was expecting a red wave. Now that it didn't happen, we can expect inflation to go up again and the financial turmoil...


The Election Was Rigged to Quash America First Patriots and "MAGA Republicans"

I stand by my assertion from last week when I said we'd either see a massive red wave or another round of stolen elections. What should have been a red tsunami was replaced by a cunning manipulation of not only votes but also how people are responding to it all. Like an assassin who makes his murders appear to be accidents, the powers-that-be stopped the red wave in its tracks while simultaneously convincing people that we should have expected this all along. Early reactions to the 2022...


5 Reasons to Believe Joe Biden Will Resign After the Midterm Elections

Get long-term storage food secured immediately: It did not take long for most Democrats, Independents, and Never-Trump Republicans to realize they'd made a terrible mistake by supporting Joe Biden. His regime started taking apart the nation literally on Day 1 of being installed into the White House and things just got worse and worse every day thereafter. Before the end of his first year in the Oval Office, there were already plenty of rumblings about not...


How to Fight Back Against the Globalist Elite Cabal's Depopulation and Control Agenda

BLACK NOVEMBER SALE for prepper supplies: There was a time not too long ago when I thought the "depopulation agenda" promoted by many "conspiracy theorists" was just unnecessary fearmongering for the sake of fame and fortune. It's not that I didn't believe in the presence of a globalist elite cabal; even before I was a "conspiracy theorist" I realized there were people conspiring to kill many if not most of us and to control the rest. But I wasn't ready to...


America Is Lost Until All Liars Are Exposed

The Branch Covidians want amnesty, like calling a Mulligan and moving on. Meanwhile, they want us to pretend there's no censorship of the truth as they continue to spread lies. They call us election deniers. They call us conspiracy theorists. And they want our forgiveness every time their lies are exposed. No more. The memory hole must be closed and nothing must be allowed to enter it every again. Today's episode of The JD Rucker Show will be a bit rant-driven. Please indulge me. Be sure...


Trevor Loudon Reveals Which Senators Up for Reelection Next Week Are Compromised by the CCP

There was a time not too long ago when we would judge who deserved our votes based on their qualifications, experience, ideology, and perceived level of integrity. That may actually still be the case in local elections, but for the vast majority of those running for office in Washington DC, the biggest question we need to ask is whether they're actually going to be working for us or if they're working on behalf of outside forces, most notably the Chinese Communist Party. Conservative pundit...


Why the Biden-Harris Economy Is Pushing Younger Americans Into Gold and Silver

Today's sponsor is Genesis Gold: The precious metals market has always been considered ideal for older Americans with their investments and retirement. The returns are steady and the risks are generally considered to be lower than having money tied up in the markets. It behooves those who want to protect what they've accumulated to move some or all of their investments into gold and silver, but over the past few months we've seen the ranks of younger Americans...


World Health Organization Takes Full Control of "Vaccine" Narrative on YouTube

Vaxxed or not, protect yourself and improve your immunity with the product that got me banned by YouTube: It's funny how the powers-that-be force compliance through psychological tactics that were once considered to be fascist by the masses. They're still fascist, but the masses have been gaslighted into ignoring reality and accepting what they're being told by their betters. The latest example is hitting YouTube medical professionals who must now apply to be...


Digital IDs Are Coming to America and Nobody's Paying Much Attention

When a story broke last week that Congress had taken another big step toward rolling out digital IDs, I expected it to be huge news among conservative and alternative news outlets. Nope. I completely overestimated the impact of the article posted by Just The News, an article that unfortunately downplayed its own reporting. Generally speaking, I love what John Solomon and his group do for journalism. The vast majority of their stories are straight news which is something we desperately need...


Man in America: Exposing 2020 Election Fraud Is on the Ballot in the Midterms

Best to prepare now: The 2020 election was stolen. It seems many conservative pundits and show hosts have forgotten this. Maybe they've been gaslighted like so many Americans into believing that there wasn't massive, widespread voter fraud in 2020 based solely on corporate media repeatedly saying there was no massive, widespread voter fraud in 2020. For others, it's just a matter of self-preservation; acknowledging the stolen election is a surefire way to get...


Is This Economy Like the Carter Years, 2008, or Worse?

Secure your future today: In past years, listening to various economists talk about the state of affairs meant listening to a diverse range of opinions. As we approach 2023, the sentiment from economists is arguably more unified than it's been in decades. The outlook is grim. The only divergence in opinions is whether or not recovery will come sooner, later, or never. We're seeing inflation like the Carter years. We're seeing market fluctuation like the...