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In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.

In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.




In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.








How Bad Teachers Are Brewing Distrust In The Teaching Profession

The death of five-year-old schoolgirl Hanifa Abubakar believed to have been murdered in her school premises by her tutors under mysterious circumstances in Kano has sparked a lot of reactions from many Nigerians that now think that Teachers are not to be trusted. Following the tragic incident, will the parents ever trust their children’s teachers? And will the teachers ever regain the trust of parents? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we discuss the issue


The Role Religious Leaders Should Play In Nigerian Politics

Politics is often considered by many people as a dirty game and no one in politics is “clean”. In view of this perception obtained by many Nigerians, should religious leaders participate in politics? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we ask whether religious leaders should participate in the Nigerian political space.


Did Buhari Actually Unveil Pyramids of 13M Bags Of Rice?

A lot of controversy is following, just as it preceded, the unveiling by President Muhammadu Buhari of pyramids of reportedly 13 million bags of rice in Abuja. The aim, according to the authorities, is to see a reduction in the price of rice, and a self-sufficient Nigeria in terms of food production. But many Nigerians see the pyramids as "unreal" or "photoshopped". Are there really pyramids of 13 million bags of rice? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at the authenticity of the...


How Prepared Are Nigerians For The 2023 Elections

With 716 days to the 2023 general elections, how prepared are Nigerians, especially beyond social media rants? How many people actually have their voter card? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we speak to some Nigerians, we look at reasons why every Nigerian should exercise their right to participate in electoral process.


How Misinformation Puts Some Nigerians At Health Risk

The FCT Health Department has been battling different diseases for so long, top on the list being Corona virus. Recently there has been outbreaks like Lassa Fever and some other seasonal diseases in the FCT, but misinformation seem to be one of the biggest problems in tackling these diseases. We discuss these and other issues with the Director, FCT Public Health Department, Mr. Sadiq Abdul Rahman.


What Nigerians Are Saying About Lifting The Ban On Twitter

Nigerians are running wild with their opinions about the Federal Government lifted the ban on Twitter. While some are rejoicing over the development, others are saying there is a sinister motive behind it. in this episode of Nigeria Daily, we try to find the real reason for lifting the ban.


How Medical Error Costs Lives In Nigeria

A hospital is a place where people go to receive treatment for their ailments, but due to medical errors and “negligence” many people lose their lives in a bid to get better. What causes medical error? Can survivors seek justice? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, a survivor of medical error shares her story as we also look at ways to seek justice for medical negligence.


How Young Nigerians Miss Out On Job Opportunities.

The world of science and technology is an untapped gold mine. With the high level of unemployment in the country, how many young Nigerians know the opportunities the tech ecosystem has to offer? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we will be looking at how young Nigerians are missing out on lucrative opportunities in the world of tech.


How Kaduna State Government Intends To Take Education "Seriously "

The Government of Kaduna state has directed all public schools to migrate to four day working a week, meaning schools will be open for four days in a week. The reason for this recent development is to increase productivity and work life balance. How will this affect the students? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we will be looking at this recent development and how it will affect students in the state.


AFCON 2021: Uncertainty As Super Eagles Compete Without Key Players

The attention of football lovers across Africa, including Nigeria and other part of the world has turned to Cameroon where the 2021 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations has just begun with host Cameroon defeating Bukina Faso 2-1 in the first match of the tournament . However Nigerian fans are concerned that key players from the Nigerian squad like Odion Ighalo, Victor Oshimen, Emmanuel Dennis among others will miss the tournament due to injuries, Covid restrictions and refusal of their...


Can Death Penalty End Kidnapping?

Plateau state has been in the news for several reasons, including security challenges like Kidnapping. Residents of the state have called on the government many times to end the spate of kidnapping and other violent crimes in the state. Will the governor's recent signing of the anti-kidnapping law which provides for the execution of those found guilty of kidnapping end the menace? This is what we are looking at in this episode of Nigeria Daily.


Has A Saviour Arrived For The Nigerian Economy?

The state of the economy has been quite tough for everyone -- inflation, unemployment, dwindling revenues, etc. Probably in an attempt to find a solution, President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed his first Chief Economic Adviser with less than 16 months to the end of his administration. Has a messiah finally arrived? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at why this appointment is coming at this point in time and what difference it could make on the Nigerian economy.


Why Tension Is Rising Higher In Imo State

For a while now, living in Imo has not been as it used to be because of an increase in insecurity in the state. A few days ago, some monarchs described the state as a war zone. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at what is actually happening in Imo state.



Every generation has its own collection of heroes. These heroes can come in all kinds. Alhaji Bashir Tofa was indeed a hero of all time, who impacted lives positively in various ways. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we will be telling the stories of people who have had their lives impacted by the late Alhaji Bashir Tofa.


What Nigerians want in 2022

To whom much is given, much is expected. Nigerians, in 2015 and 2019, overwhelmingly gave President Muhammadu Buhari the mandate to improve their lot. With barely one year to end his two terms of eight years as president, Nigerians have been speaking of their pains, their frustrations, their unmet expectations. As the year 2022 unfolds, Nigerians from all walks of life have voiced their opinions on what should be done to rescue the nation from the myriad of challenges currently stunting...


2021: How Insecurity Held Nigeria By The Jugular

The year 2021 was an unusual year as insecurity held Nigeria by the Jugular, from Boko Haram and their ISWAP counterparts to Bandits and unknown gun men. Tough decisions were made to tackle the problem of insecurity in the country, some favored the country while some did not. In few hours we welcome 2022, with the hope that the government is able to tackle insecurity in the coming year. What are the strategies that must be put in place to tackle the issue of insecurity in Nigeria? In...


The Economy: How Nigerians Fared in 2021

Nigeria went up and down many economic hills in 2021, putting citizens through many unprecedented highs and lows. What are the most important of these experiences and where did they take or leave Nigerians? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we review happenings on the Nigerian economic scene in 2021 and also look at the prospects for 2022.


The Myth and Truth Around Covid19 Vaccines

With reasons outlined by medical practitioners, home and abroad, that covid 19 is real and its vaccines are efficient, why are Nigerians still in doubt? Listen to reasons from Nigerians and reasons from experts on why we should all get vaccinated.


Why Do some Nigerians find it hard to trust fellow citizens?

Contrary to videos that circulated on social media, where Nigerians were accused of looting recovered items from the Next cash and carry fire outbreak in Abuja, it turns out it was just patriotic Nigerians helping to save some items from getting razed by fire. Why were Nigerians quick to believe the first negative news about their fellow Nigerians? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at why Nigerians do not trust their fellow Nigerians.


Is end to Ganduje, Kwankwaso feud in sight?

It has indeed been an issue of discussion in the public that there might be an end to the Feud between Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and his former boss, Senator Rabi'u Kwankwaso. There are varying views on the row, but one thing remains certain, it is politically motivated and promoted by beneficiaries of political gains in the state from both sides. Some political elite as a matter of fact have tried severally to resolve the differences between Governor Ganduje and Senator Kwankwaso but all...