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In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.




In-depth analysis, incisive commentary and beyond the surface look at the top and trending news of the day.








Why Some Banks May Not Comply With The New CBN Directive

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed deposit money banks (DMBs) to commence the payment of the redesigned Naira notes over the counter, subject to a maximum daily payout limit of N20,000. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we find out why banks may not comply with the directive.


The Real People Behind Tinubu’s Campaign Sabotage

Its 22 days to the February 2023 elections, and everyone is gearing up to go to polls, including the political candidates and party members as well. In the mist of this preparation, it seems the ruling party is not unified. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look for who the saboteurs in the ruling party are.


TikTok, A trend Or Business Opportunity Hub

If you have not used TikTok, either to be entertained or as an entertainer, you are rapidly becoming the global exception. Why exactly do most people use Tik Tok beyond making funny and absurd videos? In this episode of our daily podcast, Nigeria Daily, we look at how tik tok can become a business hub for young Nigerians.


Where Exactly Is The New Naira?

It’s 9days to the new deadline put in place by the CBN to stop the use of the old 200, 500 and 1000 naira note as a legal tender, and Nigerians are out hunting for the new notes, as banks are working round the clock to make it available. How many Nigerians actually have enough Naira notes to take them through the day? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look for the whereabouts of the New Naira notes.


Nigerians Express Mixed Feelings On Extension Of Deadline For Collection Of Old Naira Notes

Nigerians are expressing mixed reaction on the 10 days extension of the deadline to allow collection of old naira notes. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we feel the pulse of Nigerians and find out if this will alleviate the struggle for new naira note as it has been causing a lot of hardship on Nigerians.


How The 2023 Presidential Agenda Was Interrogated At Daily Trust Dialogue

Panelists at the 20th edition of the Daily Trust Dialogue with the theme, Interrogating the 2023 presidential agenda, says the presidential candidates have not identified how to solve Nigeria’s problem in their manifestos. In this episode of Nigeria Daily find out How the panelist interrogated the 2023 presidential agenda.


How Your Choice Of Legislators Can Make Or Mar The Dream Of Your Choice Of President

29 days from now, Nigerians would go to polls, to vote for not just for their choice of presidents but for their choice of senators who would represent them and members of house of representatives. How many Nigerians know who would be representing them at the senatorial and house of representative level? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at the importance of voting for the right senators and members of the house of representatives.


Does The Middle Class Still Exist In Nigeria?

The middle class in Nigeria, is where the largest portion of the population, although above the poverty threshold, continues to live with average or moderate income. With the current state of inflation, how many Nigerians still belong to the middle class? In this episode of our Daily Podcast, Nigeria Daily, we are asking if the middle class still exists in Nigeria.


Rail, Road, Air Overwhelmed, Where Do Nigerians Turn To For Transportation?

A good transportation system is the bedrock of development in every nation. But can that be said about the transportation system in Nigeria? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at what can be done to salvage the all the means of transportation in Nigeria.


Nigerians Seek Extension Of January 31st Deadline Of Redesigned Naira Notes

It is less than 8 days to the january 31st deadline set by the central bank of Nigeria for the old notes of 1000, 500 and 200 to cease being legal tenders. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we speak to some Nigerians as they give reasons why there should be an extension of the deadline.


How Diphtheria Kills Children In Kano

There have been reports of a disease outbreak in Kano State that is spreading and causing deaths amongst children. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we take a look at this disease, its causes, symptoms, and what the government of the state is doing to curtail the disease.


How Religion Plays Major Role In Swaying Political Decisions

It’s 36 days to the 2023 general elections Nigerians are gearing to vote, and politicians are using all manners of sweet words to get to Nigerians and sweep their votes. As the day draws closer, what kind of leader are Nigerians looking forward to have? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at what kind leader Nigerians are vying for and hoe religion plays a role in their voting decisions.


How Metering By Distribution Company Is Compounding Huge Problems For Customers

The rollout of mass metering by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has failed to provide the needed relief from estimated bills, and has rather compounded huge problems for customers In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we find out how?


How My Husband Died For Nigeria With Nothing To Show For It

Hundreds of young men and women have perished in wars, especially during the Boko Haram insurgency, Biafra War and several peacekeeping missions Some leave, kissing their family’s goodbye, with high hopes to return to them, but never do, or come back wounded with physical and mental scar of war. How do the families of these heroes survive? In this episode of our Daily Podcast, Nigeria Daily, we look at the plight of the families’ fallen heroes and how they are surviving.


What The People Of Katsina State Really Want From Their Next Governor

Ahead of the March 11, 2023, governorship election, voters in Katsina State have emphasised the need for clear-cut policies. In a quest to understand the agenda of the gubernatorial canditates and what they have installed for the people of Katsina State, Media Trust in collaboration with Centre for Democracy and Development CDD has organised a townhall meeting. Find out in this episode of Nigeria Daily, what the Canditates have planned for the people of Katsina State and what the people...


Agony of Parents whose children have been in 19 Months’ Captivity

After the abduction of FGC Yauri students in June 2021, the parents of the students are dying of hypertension and other related diseases due to anguish. The parents lamented that they are left alone seeking help to raise money for the release of their children. Listen to Nigeria Daily to hear more of their plight.


How Stakeholders Are Promoting Peace During 2023 Elections

It is 43 days to the 2023 elections. Everyone, including the general populace are getting ready to vote for the candidates of their choice come next month. What can be done to ensure the 2023 elections and campaign is free from violence? In this episode of Nigeria Daily, Major stakeholders tell us what they are doing to see a peaceful 2023 election.


How Insecurity Turned Our Children to Scavengers- Niger Parents

As a new academic session begins, parents in some local government areas in Niger state have raised alarm on how the rate of insecurity has affected school resumption in the state. In this episode of Nigeria Daily, we look at how banditry has crippled school activities and sent children on the streets in the affected areas.


ICPC Scores Justice Ministry, Police, Others Low On Ethics, Integrity

Yearly, the Independent corrupt practices and other related offences, publishes it ethics and integrity compliance score card. This year, some major MDAs scored below average and some were declared non responsive and high corruption risk. In this episode of our Daily Podcasts, Nigeria Daily, we look at what this means for the Nigerian Justice system.


How Gun Runners Are Fueling Insecurity In Zamfara State

Zamfara State has been turned into a gun hub by many gun runners. The activities of these Criminals is no doubt fueling an unending banditry in the state. In this episode of' Nigeria Daily, we discuss how gun runners are worsening the state of insecurity in Zamfara state.