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You don't need to wait for a rainy day to listen to No Rain Date. Rain or shine, go ahead and binge listen to past episodes about local news, people, places and!

You don't need to wait for a rainy day to listen to No Rain Date. Rain or shine, go ahead and binge listen to past episodes about local news, people, places and!


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You don't need to wait for a rainy day to listen to No Rain Date. Rain or shine, go ahead and binge listen to past episodes about local news, people, places and!




No Rain Date, Ep. 16: Coronavirus Update, SVSD’s Dr. Craig Butler

In Episode 16 of No Rain Date Saucon Source publisher Josh Popichak is joined by Saucon Valley School District superintendent Dr. Craig Butler for an interview about the impact of school closures caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Everything from the school lunch program to online learning to spring sports is discussed. In the news roundup, Josh shares his take on the outbreak, which is not only causing widespread anxiety and social distruption but also having a major impact on...


No Rain Date, Ep. 15: Braveheart’s Andy Lee, Allentown Rescue Mission

Welcome to Episode 15 of No Rain Date, the Saucon Source podcast. In this episode we welcome Braveheart Highland Pub owner Andy Lee, who shares his story of Hellertown business success as well as what makes the pub the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. Rosaria Stoops, development manager for the Allentown Rescue Mission, joins us to talk about her organization’s 120-year history of helping homeless men in the Lehigh Valley. Josh has the local news roundup–including an important update about...


No Rain Date, Ep. 14: Dr. Ann of Hellertown Dental Group

When is a dentist more than a dentist? When she is Dr. Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey, owner of Hellertown Dental Group! Dr. Ann joins us in Episode 14 to discuss how she got her start in dentistry, her community commitment, her family and her 30-year career as a top-rated dentist in Saucon Valley. Josh has the local news roundup and Tony of Lehigh Valley Weather Authority has the five-day forecast to help you plan ahead.


No Rain Date, Ep. 13: Baker Leiane McCarty on Fastnachts & More!

It’s fitting that our one and only guest on Episode 13 of No Rain Date is Hellertown Bakery owner Leiane McCarty, since she says 13 is her lucky number. Leiane dishes about becoming a baker as well as Fastnacht Day, and how to order the delicious donuts she’ll be frying the old school way…with love. Host-publisher Josh Popichak has the latest local news and Tony Luchini of Lehigh Valley Weather Authority has your five-day forecast.


No Rain Date, Ep. 12: Seven Sirens Brewing, Saucon Valley Massage

In Episode 12 of No Rain Date it is our pleasure to spotlight one local business that’s just about to open and another that is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Jordan Serulneck–a partner in Bethlehem’s soon-to-open Seven Sirens Brewing Company–joins us to talk about his journey from U.S. Navy seaman to being part of the Lehigh Valley’s burgeoning craft brewing scene. Follow Seven Sirens on Facebook and Instagram for updates about their opening! We’re also joined in this episode by...


No Rain Date, Ep. 11: Pet Pals Kelly Bauer & Jessica Schwickrath

In Episode 11 of No Rain Date, we welcome two of the best friends local pets in need have ever had, Center for Animal Health and Welfare executive director Kelly Bauer and A Furry Tail Come True owner Jessica Schwickrath. They’re pawesome! Tony Luchini of Lehigh Valley Weather Authority has our five-day forecast, which you don’t want to miss.


No Rain Date, Ep. 10: Momosa Publishing’s Jennifer Bright & Authors

In Episode 10 of No Rain Date we welcome Jennifer Bright, co-founder and editorial director of Momosa Publishing along with several local residents who have written books published by Momosa: Anne Baum, author of Small Mistakes, Big Consequences: Develop Your Soft Skills to Help You Succeed; Meredith Lesney, author of Spaghetti and Meatball; and Jessie Seneca, author of 52 Promises from God: Reflections to Soothe Your Soul. Hearing their stories of writing success in truly inspirational. As...


No Rain Date, Ep. 9: Panther Wrestling Update, Dog Trainer Q&A

In Episode 9 of No Rain Date we welcome back intrepid Saucon Source sports reporter Keith “Rief” Riefenstahl, who has a big update on the Saucon Valley Panther wrestlers’ successes so far this season. Way to go, guys! Our other guest is dog trainer Rebecca Gamez, who owns The Beauty of Dogs in Fountain Hill. Rebecca explains why she uses a training program called “Training Between the Ears” and answers some commonly asked questions about canine training in our interview. As always, Tony...


No Rain Date, Ep. 8: ‘Two Angels,’ Tax Talk with Lindsay Albert EA

In Ep. 8 of No Rain Date we welcome back spirit guide and social entrepreneur Amy Musser, who along with her business partner Sally Chuchman recently started the innovative jewelry business, “Two Angels.” Our other guest is tax accountant Lindsay Albert, EA, whose office is on Main Street in Hellertown–and conveniently next door to Saucon Source. Lindsay has some timely tax information for listeners who are getting ready for returns. Meanwhile, temperatures outside are falling and the...


No Rain Date, Ep. 7: H-LS Restaurant Week, SimpliciTea & Co.

In Ep. 7 of No Rain Date we welcome the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Jessica O’Donnell back to the studio. Jessica joins us for a preview of Hellertown-Lower Saucon Winter Restaurant Week, which is being held Jan. 12-18. Also joining us this week are Jennifer Schneider and Lori Waldspurger. Jenn and Lori are the owners of Hellertown-based SimpliciTea & Co. You can find their small-batch teas there and at Saylor’s & Co. You’ll learn more about what makes theirs the only tea...


No Rain Date, Ep. 6: Kevin Branco, Kenny Rampolla, Tony Luchini

In Episode 6 of No Rain Date we highlight the Saucon Valley news headlines for the week ending Jan. 1, 2020. Happy New Year, 2020! Our guests this week are Main Street Gym owner and current candidate for state representative for the 131st District, Kevin Branco; Lost Tavern Brewing co-owner Kenny Rampolla; and Tony Luchini, the man behind the popular Lehigh Valley Weather Authority Facebook page, who we ask “Where is winter?” Tony also has our weekly five-day outlook, which may help answer...


No Rain Date, Ep. 5: Pastor Phil Spohn, Mayor David Heintzelman

In Episode 5 of No Rain Date we highlight the local headlines (and a bit of Facebook buzz) for the week ending Dec. 25, 2019. Episode 5 also includes in-depth interviews with two of our community’s most influential and respected leaders: Christ Lutheran Hellertown pastor Phil Spohn and Hellertown mayor David Heintzelman. Here at Saucon Source we’d like to wish them as well as all of our listeners happy holidays and a very merry Christmas.


No Rain Date, Ep. 4: Power of Positivity, Fire Co. Update, Snow Trivia

In this episode we highlight the local news headlines for the week ending Dec. 18, 2019. Episode 4 also includes an interview with local spiritual advisor, volunteer and positivity coach Amy Musser, who writes the column Spiritual Corner with Amy for Saucon Source. Our second guest is Hellertown Fire Chief Mike Maguire of Dewey Fire Company, who discusses the new “quint” ladder truck the company is purchasing with support from the Borough–and a local developer. We also talk about the fire...


No Rain Date, Ep. 3: Gluten-Free Tips, Pool Baskets, Rail Trail Update

In this episode we highlight the local news headlines for the week ending Dec. 11, 2019. Episode 3 also includes an interview with local gluten-free blogger Angela Drake, who shares timely tips for holiday entertaining; the latest from Hellertown Historical Society president Stacie Torkos, who talks about the HHS’s Pool Basket fundraiser; and a conversation with Saucon Valley Bikes owner, Saucon Rail Trail volunteer and small business champion Steve LaBrake. Tony Luchini from Lehigh Valley...


No Rain Date, Episode 2: SV Wrestling Preview, House & Land Interview

In this episode we highlight the top local news headlines for the week ending Dec. 5, 2019. Episode 2 also includes an exciting Saucon Valley wrestling season preview from Keith ‘Rief’ Riefenstahl, our first weekly weather update from Lehigh Valley Weather Authority and an in-depth interview with local realtors Justin Kline and Steve Hollander, whose new real estate company called House and Land recently opened in Hellertown.


No Rain Date, Episode 1: Light Up Night, Small Business Saturday

In this episode we highlight the top news headlines for the week of Nov. 27, 2019. Episode 1 also includes interviews with Jessica O’Donnell, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce; June Rose, Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts; and RC Moore, RC Moore Vintage.