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Not Safe For Wonks is a podcast that looks at the existential forces that drive political thought.

Not Safe For Wonks is a podcast that looks at the existential forces that drive political thought.
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Not Safe For Wonks is a podcast that looks at the existential forces that drive political thought.






Episode 23: Panera Bread is Woke, Actually

The third debate was boring, so... here's another grab bag. Featuring Biden's childcare advice, voter registration tips, and... Jimmy John's? Enjoy. Music by : Commodore1983 Editing by: @killjoyfag on Twitter Patreon:


Episode 22: Our Most Zoomer Episode Yet

It's easy to say "Never Forget"... but what if you weren't alive to remember? One of our most surreal episodes yet as Leia walks us through the Enron scandal, a culture of corporate corruption, liberal globalism, and 9/11's lasting impact on both capitalism and the national psyche. With all of our hosts a few years apart from each other, we see these singular events through very different perspectives. It's worth a listen as always. Music by : Commodore1983 / Kevin Macleod Editing by:...


Episode 21: Welcome To Silly Season

I... what is this episode about anyway? A grab bag featuring Joe Biden's exploding eyeball, which Star Wars movies are good, Boris Johnson, CUCK the movie, and more. Strictly good vibes.


Episode 20: Paint the White House Green (with SKCM Curry)

If you haven't heard from Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry in person, today is your lucky day. She comes by the studio and talks about her tragic/hilarious family history, her frictions & successes with the Green Party (Howie Hawkins might get some smoke, too), her plan for building the Greens into a majority party in the US, and her plan for preserving the climate. A very good time and a must listen interview. She also wants you to...


Episode 19: Please Respect Me, I'm Gifted

Everybody says it: the children are our future. But children also represent our past priorities too. Dre leads a discussion on the failures of modern schooling and the causes that led us down a path where so many kids are neglected. There are lots of jokes, too. iTunes, review. Music by commodore1983:


Episode 18: Pregnant With Our Better Selves

We really reach high this week and grab a guest we've wanted for a long time: Ezee, who is also a big figure in the Andrew Yang community. We chop it up for 45 or so. Brandyn is out, Dre is in. There's a little Yang debate and a little discussion of how activism works in general.


Episode 17: The Department of Peace

Or, Marianne Williamson is the TVTropes of candidates. For this pod, we trace the development of this idea through the founders, to Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Lee, to Marianne Williamson. You'll get an understanding of why this can be so helpful to building institutional power on the left, and why it's vital that this happens right... now. Rate us on iTunes.


Episode 16: Vote Offensively! An Interview with Howie Hawkins

A really stimulating conversation with Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins. He's the original author of the Green New Deal, and we talk about whether current proposals are enough to solve the climate crisis, what issues you'll care about five years from now, and the future of the American left. Music by Commodore 83: Rate us on iTunes: Without spoiling anything,...


Episode 15: Hong Kong Is A Society

Let's get into how Hong Kong became the firepit that it is now, how it connects to what we're going through today. And should we be siding against the protestors because something something imperialism? Let's break that down. Music by Commodore 83: Rate us on iTunes: Editing by @ren. he's working on something to promote. i think. Finally: are you a marianne supporter? send...


Episode 14: 404, Episode Not Found.

This week we're doing a rundown of every candidate's 404 pages. Some of them are what you'd expect but others are AMAZING. Also, Tom Steyer is actually going to make this debate, hahaha. :(


Episode 13: Bird Cops!

A positive and life affirming take on Jeff Epstein's """suicide""". We had to dig deep but we found it! Totally by accident, but we'll take credit anyway. This is more of a half sized episode, but we're probably going to squeeze out #14 ahead of schedule. Whenever we have a meeting, it ends with us giving The People more content, and The People is YOU. <3 Big shout out to Commodore 1983: PleASE RATe aNd REVIEW uS on ituNES, yoUr SUpPOrt...


Episode 12: Thank You For Your Service

Love is a powerful emotion, but it can be redirected, manipulated, and twisted into something ugly. Sorcha Flynn is founder of the Revolutionary Star, a venue for service members and their children to discuss their feelings about imperialism and the military. Today we sat down with her to discuss her own upbringing, the way the military propagandizes those who don't fight, how she turned away from religious animus, why soldiers tend to get the short end of the defense budget and put up...


Episode 11: How Can We Love In This World?

REMASTERED. WTF, you're a Christian now. Lao from comes by and what starts as a talk about the debates becomes way more profound as we talk about Jesus, Kierkegaard, Hegel, reparations, and how we can walk in love despite an increasingly cruel world. Our theme music: Toni Morrison, rest in peace. What a life.


Episode 10: Happy National Asparagus Day

No Leia this week, she's meeting with the Gravel campaign. We talk about Boris Johnson getting elected PM, and maybe more importantly we talk about how it happened - a perfect clusterfuck of political cowardice, nativism, and media manipulation that has a lot to teach us in the States. We know what the backstop is. We're experts.


Episode 9: Take My Mortar To The Afghan Road

Kamala's EXTREMELY SPECIFIC college debt program. Why do Democrats insist on doing this stuff? Democrats doing pronoun introductions, campaign expenditures, why Cardi B is better than Mozart and it's not even close, debate night previews... and the weirdo that's stalking Pete Buttigieg. Tons of fun, so check it out. If you're reviewing us on Stitcher or especially iTunes, you're incredible. It's way more than we could have hoped for....


Episode 8: Nationalize EA!

Libra, how money hijacked the "blockchain" movement, and how they're going FOMO millions to death and make life generally miserable. Also, VIDEO GAMES! Remember when those used to be fun? Now they're just barely fun enough to keep you spending. Voting with your wallet, Gamergate, and a bunch more.


Episode 7: Is Self Help A Spook?

We spend a few minutes #DunkingonDelaney before getting into a very Marianne heavy episode. We talk about the development of her stump speech in Iowa, and then get into a discussion of self-help in general. Is it just a balm over the rough spots of capitalism? And if so, what are the alternatives?


Episode 6: Discord Was Created By Bill Clinton

How does somebody like Jeffery Epstein get into power? We look at his history and the moves he made to ingratiate himself with the elite. Is this a conspiracy or something more mundane? Society's fucked. We also get a call from our first guest - surprisingly high quality as far as clout goes. This should be the last "terrible audio" episode.


Episode 5: Reply Guys, But For Architecture

Our attempts to be “reply guys” actually bears a little fruit. We learn a lot about the conservative clapback machine, "cultural purity tests", the realistic hopes of reform and Disney live action remakes. === What’s driving fears about the Justice Democrats? The electoral college and how realistic reform is, Yeet The Vote, et cetera. Marianne chat: why so much visceral resistance? How much of politics are based on cultural “purity tests?” Who deserves to get blamed when Democrats lose?...


Episode 4: Return To Wokeback Mountain

Is criticism of Nancy Pelosi like domestic abuse? Maybe a little bit? We climb up from a pile of strongly worded letters and try to figure out the direction the Dems are going in. Why can't we all just get together to fight Trump? Is the Justice Dem strategy fundamentally at odds with the Mainstream Dem power structure? The real world stakes. We try to reach for love - and do really poorly. How can you pay attention to this without turning into a white hot ball of rage? Also, the Pelosi...