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Subversive with Justin O'Donnell is a weekly podcast where we discuss current events, politics, and feature activists fighting against authoritarianism in the fight for Liberty! Do you like this content? Make sure to hit Like and Share, and Don't forget to subscribe to make sure you don't miss the next episode! If you want to support the show, you can Like and Follow us on social media! Links: BCH Tips: bitcoincash:qqr9rk5jk33twsw4fg74yudqt6tjaz2qscgu59q62x Support this podcast:


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Subversive with Justin O'Donnell is a weekly podcast where we discuss current events, politics, and feature activists fighting against authoritarianism in the fight for Liberty! Do you like this content? Make sure to hit Like and Share, and Don't forget to subscribe to make sure you don't miss the next episode! If you want to support the show, you can Like and Follow us on social media! Links: BCH Tips: bitcoincash:qqr9rk5jk33twsw4fg74yudqt6tjaz2qscgu59q62x Support this podcast:








Subversive #99: "Pay to Play"

Are you tired of seeing the same old politicians getting elected? Do you feel like your voice is not being heard in the political process? Then you won't want to miss this episode of our podcast! We dive deep into the complex issue of ballot access restrictions and examine the arguments for and against increasing these requirements. In this episode, we'll explore the potential consequences of the New Hampshire House Bill 116, which aims to increase ballot access requirements for primary...


Subversive #98: "Free Speech: Censorship in The Public Square"

In this podcast, we explore the importance of free speech and the dangers of censorship. We discuss the role of journalists in promoting free speech and holding power accountable, and the impact of censorship on the ability of journalists to report the truth. We also examine the relationship between free speech and other fundamental rights, such as freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. Additionally, we look at examples of censorship and threats to free speech in the modern world,...


Subversive #97: "The Uncommunist Manifesto" feat. Aleks Svetski

The Most Influential Book In History, Got It All Wrong! The Communist Manifesto was written over 174 years ago and created an ideology that won't disappear. Despite a 100% failure rate, and causing hundreds of millions of deaths, young people today are drawn more to it than ever before. Why is it so infectious and influential that it continues to pull people in all these years later? Aleks Svetski's "The UnCommunist Manifesto" answers these questions, and serves as an inspirational text...


Subversive #96: "The JFK Files"

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, remains one of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th century and has spawned a wide range of conspiracy theories. One of the more persistent conspiracy theories is that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in JFK's assassination. With the newest release of classified materials, will we learn the truth? Support this channel: Check out my other work:...


Subversive #95: "A Conversation about Life and Liberty" with Doug Stanhope

With no planning or scheduling, Comedian Doug Stanhope dropped in unannounced this morning for a quick conversation about Life and Liberty. We talked about Public schools, the dogma of libertarianism, the free state project, and living your life comfortably. Support this channel: Check out my other work: Get a FREE Copy of my new book at Subscribe to my newsletter at...


Subversive #94: "ChatGPT Debates Libertarianism"

There's been a lot of talk about tech censorship lately, with the state of the world following Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter. But what about the tech itself? Are there inherent biases in AI software? Or do those biases simply reflect the opinions of the creators? Well, join me for a discussion about debating Libertarianism with ChatGPT. Do you want to see any of these topics discussed in detail, giving them the attention and nuance they deserve? Comment below and let me know which ones...


Subversive #93: "Voir Dire"

After almost 2 years since a predawn raid, the Crypto 6 are finally getting their day in court... well, at least one of them is. with 5 of the 6 either taking plea deals or having their charges dropped, in the last moments before the trial the federal government dropped the majority of charges against Ian Freman as well, yet is still proceeding to trial, with Jury selection this morning, December 6th, 2022. For a short discussion tonight, we will talk about the importance of knowing your...


Subversive #92: "Giving Tuesday Special"

Charity is one of the fundamental tenets of libertarian social ideology. In the absence of government services, those in need will rely on voluntary community assistance to get by. Looking out for our fellow man, on a voluntary basis is the truest form of compassion and freedom there is! Charities mentioned in this episode: The Innocence Project: We Heart West: Free State Project: Free The People:...


Subversive #91: "Barefoot Learning" Book Review

"Barefoot Learning: What Shoes Can Teach Us About Schools" is Ian Underwood's third title from Bare Minimum Books. A simple, quick exploration of the history of footwear, and what we can learn from it. Underwood's newest volume is worth reading, and a great inclusion for any libertarian book collection. Get your copy of any of Ian's Books: Support the Channel: Links and other work: My...


Subversive #90: "Red Wave, or Blood Clot?"

After letting tempers cool for a week, Justin sits down for an election post-mortem, to discuss how things went from a 1000-foot view, and to provide some perspective for the future of libertarian activism. Learn more and follow at Get your copy of "Live Free and Thrive today on amazon #libertarian #newhampshire #freestateproject --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


Subversive #89: "Principles?" Feat Reed Coverdale and David Fite

Tulsi Gabbard once stood on principle and bucked the Democratic Establishment to stand as an agent of change. But now she stands alongside those who stand for everything she claimed to hate. Is it a search for relevance, or a political play at something down the road? Two former Gabbard 2020 staffers, Reed and David, join the show to talk about the turn of events that has seen Tulsi forgo her own principles. follow at #libertarian #tulsi...


Subversive #88: "Live and Let Live" feat. Marc Victor

Lawyer, Libertarian, and Candidate for US Senate in Arizona, Marc Victor, joins the show to talk about the Live and Let Live philosophy he is promoting, and the recent controversy regarding his remarks during the Arizona Senatorial debate. Learn more about Marc's platform and campaign: Learn more about the Live and Let Live Project: Keep in touch at #libertarian #libertarianparty...


Subversive #87: "Reclaim Your Freedom" feat. Matt Hackenburg

Against the odds, Matt Hackenburg is standing up to the establishment, and running for Governor in Pennsylvania as a Libertarian. What are the issues he hopes to address, and what can he hope to accomplish with his campaign? Learn More and Keep In Touch by visiting BCH Tips: bitcoincash:qqr9rk5jk33twsw4fg74yudqt6tjaz2qscgu59q62x #libertarian #candidate #pennsylvania --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way...

Subversive #86: "The Case for Concentration"

21 years ago, someone had a novel idea. What if, the small number of libertarians across the country decided to stop losing, and started moving? By concentrating their small numbers in a small area, they could amplify their political voice at the local and state level, and create a utopia of libertarianism as proof of concept of their ideology. Well, with 21 years down, what progress is there to show for the effort? Have the predictions held true? Is there any argument left for the...

Subversive #85: "Running Down The Middle"

Libertarian politicians, regardless of caucus or radicalism, eventually embrace the pragmatic belief that they need to campaign toward normal people in order to win and make a change. But what if this understanding was inherently flawed, and running down the middle was the cause of the constant failure of the liberty movement to take hold in any meaningful manner? Learn more at BCH Tips: qqr9rk5jk33twsw4fg74yudqt6tjaz2qscgu59q62x #Libertarian #Radical...

Subversive #84: "No Caucus For Old Men: The Reunion" Feat. Reed Coverdale and Idaho Joe

The one thing Libertarians hate more than government roads? Other Libertarians... The one thing this crotchety group of guys hates more than other libertarians? Their caucuses... Internal politics is toxic, and harmful to the overall mission of advancing liberty. The internal politics of The Libertarian Party is just a full-blown display of Sayre's Law in action. And worst of all, it's distracting us from shitting on John McCain. Reed Coverdale and Idaho Joe join for a no-agenda reunion,...

Subversive #83: "The Edge of The Knife: Messaging Strategy for the Libertarian Party" feat. Eric Cordova

The Edge or The Point, which is more important to keep in mind when wielding a knife on social media? Is the bold and radical messaging strategy of the Mises Caucus hurting the Libertarian Party, or is it reigniting a long-lost base of support from the larger movement as a whole? Eric Cordova, vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Queens county, joins Justin for a conversation about messaging, drama, and the social media shakeup that is The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Learn more...

Subversive #82: "Defend The Guard" feat. Rep Matthew Santonastaso

Defend The Guard legislation is the first step toward curbing the imperial appetite for war, that has robbed Americans of both wealth and life for generations. New Hampshire State Representative Matthew Santonastaso joins the show to talk about the importance of the defend the guard legislation he's sponsoring, and how Americans can take back our country from the military-industrial complex. Learn more and Keep connected by visiting #libertarian #liberty...

Subversive #81: "10 Steps to Having a Better Conversation"

In an age of social media replacing personal connection, the art of conversation has been lost to an entire generation. Political activists, salespeople, and anyone who cares to learn can benefit from these 10 simple steps to having a better conversation. Learn more and Keep connected by visiting Get your copy of "Selling Liberty: Communicating Freedom in an Unfree World" today on Amazon!...

Subversive #80: "The Committee on Un-Libertarian Activities"

Is the fear of succumbing to the left driving libertarians and conservatives to forfeit the culture war, by adopting the culture of tyranny in opposition to hostile ideologies? Is communism a looming threat, or is it fully in force dictating our lives? Learn more and Keep connected by visiting #libertarian #liberty #freedom #free #politics #podcast #interview #agorist #agorism #anarchist #anarchy #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin --- This episode is...