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GoT Summer Blues ODO 149

It’s the last week of school for my boys, and summer is right around the corner. In the news, I’ve got a few ways to really waste your money. I’ve got an update on last weekend’s Livestream For The Cure. And, in Recommended Listening, we’re revisiting a show that has announced their end. It’s time to say goodbye to More Gooder Than. Summer Is Coming It’s the last week of school for my boys. Soon enough, instead of having my 2 younger boys home, I will have all 4 of my boys at home all day....


Why So Serious ODO 148

Ever have one of those days, where you brain just fritzes out and you don’t remember what you were gonna say? That’s me today. I do have some weird news though, including some creative political ads, an ironic act of arson, and some people who are just too sensitive about stuff. Lastly, it’s time for the 3rd Annual Livestream For The Cure. http://odddadoutpodcast.com/why-so-serious?-:odo-148/ Brain Fry Have you ever had one of those days where you just completely forget what you were...


Dont Eat That!: ODO 147

So you know how I mentioned my wife being sick during Foodstock? Now that plague has spread across our boys. Speaking of plague, the news brings tales of why you should be more careful about what you eat. And finally, in Recommended Listening, its time to learn something cool with “Your Brain On Facts.” http://odddadoutpodcast.com/don't-eat-that!-odo-147/ Another Round Of Plague A few weeks ago my wife came down with what I can only call a viciously wicked cough paired with a 101 degree...


Lets Try This Again: ODO 146

It's funny how, on a week where all of my topics are revisiting things I've talked about in the past, I would also end up re-recording the episode. I get in to going to Foodstock again last weekend and how that all went down. And, in Recommended Listening I pull out a "in case you missed it" for my recent appearance on a previously featured show, "Millennial Pagan Podcast." -Recommended Listening- Millennial Pagan Podcast https://paganpod.podbean.com/ Ep. 24 Gatekeeping and Inclusion...


Surprise MFers w/ Chris the Moleman: ODO 145

Paragraph It's that time again! April's Guest of the Month is Chris the Mole Man. Chris is the host of the Mole Man show, cohost of Midnight in America, and operator of Radio Mole Hole. He is also part of the twisted collective we call the Surprise M-f-ers. We have the loosest of lose conversations ranging from big city vs small town life and presidential tweeting to platonic friendships. *Warning: we do get into a little kick about politics for a bit. Find Chris at http://christhemole.com/...


Allergies, Keyboard Cats, and Other Unbelievably Stupid Things: ODO 144

Back in true form. I’m all over this week. I go from allergy meds to my cat coffee-ing my keyboard. The news brings a lot of porn, a big waste of money, and the worst penis enlargement idea ever. And in Recommended Listening it’s the now 5 time featured John Bukenas and his “Unbelievably Stupid Podcast.” Full links at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/allergies,-keyboard-cats,-and-other-unbelievably-stupid-things:-odo-144/ Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out...


My Pod-Friends Are Awesome: ODO 143

Links at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/my-pod-friends-are-awesome:-odo-143/ This week, rather than talking about myself, I've decided to point the spotlight on some of my awesome podcast friends. On the subject of friends, this week's Recommended Listening feature goes to one of my newest pod-friends, Kate, and her show, "Ignorance Was Bliss." Subscribe to ODO at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/subscribe Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out...


Birthday Bowling and WTF China?: ODO 142

Another show where I didn't come up with a theme for the news, the news did that all by itself. I've got 3 stories out of China that just make me shake my head, including a couple questionable driver's licenses, and an example of how not to incorporate smoothies into your diet. Plus, we took the boy's bowling, and, in so many words, we suck. Subscribe to ODO at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/subscribe Join the Twisted World of The Odd Dad Out group https://www.facebook.com/groups/odddadout...



ThIs FeEd HaS bEeN iNTeRCePtEd By OpErAtIoN: SwItChEroO. We CoNtRoL tHiS pOdCaSt NoW. PlEaSe StAnD bY for "A Podcast About Something" ThEy ArE lOcAtEd At http://apodcastaboutsomething.com/ YoU cAn FiNd ThEm On TwItTeR aT @APASomething https://twitter.com/APASomething ThAnK yOu FoR yOuR cOoPeRaTiOn EnD TrAnSmIsSiOn...


Live From "Betty" w/ Lisa and Sam: ODO 141

The March Guests Of The Month are Lisa and Sam from I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam. Like all of my guests, we talk a little about podcasting, how they do their show, our pod-friends, and how we became friends in the first place. In classic Lisa and Sam fashion, we geek out over donuts, spring training baseball, we get into Lisa’s hangups about food, and I make a case for why I should be their designated “Merican,” or at least their “Mexcan-Merican.” As always, tangents abound. For their...


Spring Break Cleaning and Sexy Time Mishaps: ODO 140

Spring break is here and the boys are home, so what does that mean for me? It’s time to do some spring cleaning. To be fair, we also decided to make some fresh lemonade, (because Arizona.) In the news I’ve got another fake kidnapping, a questionable use of a t-shirt cannon, and what can only be described as the worst sexual experience imaginable. In Recommended Listening, the sexual news seems like the perfect opportunity to talk about this extra naughty podcast, it’s “Two 2 Girls, One Mic:...


Good Morning bad Decisions: ODO 139

Holy cow the news has so many people just making bad decisions. Dumb rappers, horrible mothers, and someone who just doesn’t care about that warning sign at the zoo. All that aside, I’ve had my hands full juggling home/work/podcast stuff this week, including taking our little Bug to Kindergarten orientation. We went to see “Welcome To Night Vale” live last week, and as such, this week’s featured podcast is their commentary show, “Good Morning Night Vale.” Subscribe to ODO at...


Catching Up Around The House: ODO 138

It has been a hectic couple of weeks around the "Odd" house. Between getting sick (again) and crazy weather, I have gotten behind on some housework. Of course, the boys aren't about to stop adding more to that list of headaches. On top of that, I've got a full load of "BS From the News" ranging from fake kidnappings to questionable drug testing. Promos: 2019 Sunshine Summit http://Sunshinesummit.live The Dirty Bits Podcast http://tawnyvoice.com/dirtybits Afterburn 739...


Sunshine Summit 2019 w/ Heather Welch: ODO 137

It's Guest of the Month time! For February, here to talk about the March 2019 Sunshine Summit, I've got Heather Welch from "Sunshine and Powercuts." This time around there is a much wider variety of guests. We go in to some of the familiar returning faces, and learn a little about all of the new guests that you may not have heard of before. And of course I throw us off course, but we bring it all together in the end. http://Sunshinesummit.live http://SunshineandPowercuts.com Subscribe to ODO...


Dirty Bits of Addictive Candy ODO 136

Just when I think I’ve escaped the most addictive candy based mobile game in history, my wife just has to pull me back in. But that’s not all. I’ve also got a few words to say about Peeps as well. In the news I have an ironic fire and another repeat offender. It’s the return of Martina Big in the Jackass of the Week. Finally, after what has got to be the longest wait of any planned feature, this week I am talking all about “The Dirty Bits Podcast.” Curse You Candy Crush! You all remember...


Stupid, Busy, Strange: ODO 135

Man! When it rains, it pours. In this case, I’m flooded with new opportunities in voice acting for podcasts. Of course, that wont keep me from bitching about douchebag grooms and pre-infected tissues. And I swear I featured this show before, but I can’t remember when. I’m talking about “Poplar Cove.” I’ve got Voice Acting Work! I have talked about my side business as a podcast editor and my aspirations as a voice actor in the past. I’ve even voiced some parts for a few other podcasts. Well,...


Cracked A Rib Eating Popcorn: ODO 134

Soooo what had happened was… I was sick and was coughing a lot and choked on a piece of popcorn and I cracked my ribs. But there’s still a couple jackasses to make fun of and a couple of badass women to talk about for this week’s Recommended Listening feature, The Wayward Podcast. Jackass of the Week Man Wants to Sue His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without His Consent A man in India plans to sue his parents over his birth because he believes that it is wrong to birth a child without that...


Playing With Chris Osborne: ODO 133

It's time for January's guest of the month, and starting the year off is Chris Osborne from "Play Comics" and the "Meddling Kids" podcasts. Of course we talk about Chris' shows, and because I can't keep my brain on straight we go off into an assortment of tangents. We get into podcasting and the issues with reaching out to guests, and Chris shares his pick for Recommended Listening, "Chrises On Infinite Earths." Chris Osborne is the host of "Play Comics" and "Meddling Kids." He lives in...


Bronchitis Sucks: ODO 132

I’ve been sick. That’s about it. Long story short, I had a wicked cough last week that was kicking my ass and I just didn’t have the energy to record. Fast forward to this Tuesday and I wake up with a very familiar pain. My bronchitis had flared up and I could hardly get out of bed. And I get around to the news I promised last week. Bronchitis Is A Bitch So, I spent about 15 years as a restaurant manager. In that time I ingested more than my fair share of smoke, grease, and toxic cleaning...


Birthdays and Coffee Gods: ODO 131

I'm rewinding a bit to talk about my birthday, and more accurately the gifts I got for my birthday and Yule. In Recommended Listening I'm doing another little rewind to the other show from previous guest, Derek, from the Sometimes Geek podcast. with Rolling Misadventures. Finally in the Jackass of the Week, I've got a guy who lied about his age so bad, I don't know what's worse, him or the people who fell for it. -Goodbye Perry Johnson On January 2, 2019, Perry Johnson passed away after an 8...