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Puppies Police and Pumpkin Spice Spam: ODO 159

I still cannot believe it, but by a strange series of events, we have acquired another dog from my sister this week. In the news I've got weird proposed laws, pumpkin spice Spam, and a Jackass impersonating a police officer. In place of a Recommended Listening feature, I have a small sampling of what I've been bingeing lately ahead of some future features. -Promos- Rise of King Asilas Oh No! Lit Class Ignorance Was Bliss Your Brain On Facts Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The...


Release The Peanut Butter And Jelly: ODO 158

This week I had a startling revelation about my youngest son, and it involves a PB&J. Doing a complete 180, every story in the news has to do with penises. (I'm sorry. I don't plan this I swear.) Wrapping it up (see what I did there) in Recommended Listening, it's time to laugh your nose off as I "Release The Clowns" Links at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/release-the-peanut-butter-and-jelly:-odo-158/ -Promos- Oh No! Lit Class 2000 DC- Season 2 Spoop Hour IMDB Journey Podcast Release The Clowns...


Back to School Potty Training: ODO 157

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic. Between getting settled back in to home life post-vacation, the boys starting back to school, and getting my groove back on the show, it's been very busy around here. Oh yeah, and in the middle of that, Sam decided he wanted to stop wearing diapers. The news is back with an idiotic lawsuit, what I can only describe as a dumb landscaper, and a ballsy car thief. Finally, in this week's Recommended Listening, it's time for the August 2019 Sunshine...


PETA Can Suck It w/ Paul Csomo: ODO 156

For July my guest of the month is the ever wonderful Paul Csomo from the Varmints podcast. Unlike his previous appearance, this time we actually ended up talking about animals quite a bit. Of course there's also the obligatory podcasting and tech talk. We talk about what it's like living in states with such dangerous wildlife. Also, we joke about Paul's experience eating bugs, and the difference between animal rights activists and conservationists, with a side track into Paul's Funko Pop...


Back To Reality: ODO 155

I'm back from vacation and it's one of those my yaking my head off weeks. I'm going over all of the stuff from my recent vacation back to Texas, including my baby brother getting married. Warning: I can't tell a linear story, and I don't even know how much of things I actually got to, but it's fun to share my vacation with you. -Promos- August 2019 Sunshine Summit Varmints Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out https://www.facebook.com/groups/odddadout Donate on Patreon...


MDC 31 (Remix:) Trying, Very Trying

Lately it seems like the older boys have been getting to be bigger and bigger pains. We've repeatedly caught them sneaking around early in the morning, stealing treats from the cabinets, and outright lying to us. Maybe it's because they are in a new school, and are picking up bad habits from other kids. Maybe it's because they seem to be getting bullied by a couple other boys on the playground. Either way, it's been trying our patience for a few weeks now as they come home with increasingly...


MDC 24 (Remix) Home Improvement

For the month of July I will be re-releasing select episodes of "Mom and Dad Cuss (a Little)" while we take our annual family vacation. This is Ep 24: "Home Improvement" No plans for this week, just chatting about things. This week we just jump in to how things are going around the house. We discuss taxes, health and diet, and have a small discussion about the gender pay gap. It's tax time! It's the time of year some people dread, and others depend on for household plans. This year we are...


"Coming Out" Laughing w/ BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast: ODO 154

Since June is Pride month, I decided to be a little pandery and invite the only gay podcasters I know, Chris and Cody from BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast, on as my Guests of the Month. If you aren't familiar, BSP is a paranormal/ supernatural podcast with an LGBT twist. We talk about our families and how theirs reacted to them "coming out." I share my experiences having a gay sister who is also pagan and how our family dealt with my wife and I "coming out of the broom closet." We rip on...


Car Troubles, Poor Spending, and A Girl In Space: ODO 153

Summer is now in full swing, and that means getting the cars ready for vacation. Especially when one of the planned repairs forces your hand. From rental pogo sticks to shoddy land deals, this week's news is all about poor spending. Lastly, in Recommended Listening, I have what seems to be my most talked about show not featuring John Bukenas. It's actually time to talk about "Girl in Space." Full show notes at: -BS From The News- -Swedish Company Wants To Replace E-Scooters With Pogo Sticks...


YouTubes and Tortoise Tanks: ODO 152

Another abbreviated show this week. I'm sticking to just my weekly what's goings on this time around. This includes our recent drama over treating a possibly sick tortoise and my recent YouTube obsession with blacksmithing videos. CURSE YOU YOUTUBE RABBIT HOLES!! I also shared a promo for the upcoming live event being put on by "Ignorance Was Bliss" and the "Getting Off" podcast before the True Crime Podcasters Convention in Chicago. More info about that is at http://IWBpodcast.com Join the...


Summer Camp = Screwy Schedules: ODO 151

Looks like it’s going to be shorter shows for the next couple weeks. Long story short, my boys being in a summer camp program has totally messed with my daily home schedule and I just don’t have the time for longer shows for a couple weeks. But I did give you a little teaser for an upcoming feature. -Summer Camp- Because of the boys current schedule for their summer camp program, my daily routine has been thrown off a bit. In simplest terms, when I should be sleeping, I’m picking up the boys...


Odd Dad On Fire- AKA Talking Shop w/ Emily Prokop: ODO 150

May’s guest of the month is one of my oldest podcast friends. She’s a podcaster, podcast editor, consultant, and author. From The Story Behind, Hate to Weight, and E-Podcast Productions, it’s Emily Prokop. I really didn't know where this "interview" was gonna go. But, Considering we are both passionate about podcasting and are podcast editors, I should have expected we would have spent so much time talking shop. What can I say? You put a couple of podcast editors together and all we can talk...


GoT Summer Blues ODO 149

It’s the last week of school for my boys, and summer is right around the corner. In the news, I’ve got a few ways to really waste your money. I’ve got an update on last weekend’s Livestream For The Cure. And, in Recommended Listening, we’re revisiting a show that has announced their end. It’s time to say goodbye to More Gooder Than. Summer Is Coming It’s the last week of school for my boys. Soon enough, instead of having my 2 younger boys home, I will have all 4 of my boys at home all day....


Why So Serious ODO 148

Ever have one of those days, where you brain just fritzes out and you don’t remember what you were gonna say? That’s me today. I do have some weird news though, including some creative political ads, an ironic act of arson, and some people who are just too sensitive about stuff. Lastly, it’s time for the 3rd Annual Livestream For The Cure. http://odddadoutpodcast.com/why-so-serious?-:odo-148/ Brain Fry Have you ever had one of those days where you just completely forget what you were...


Dont Eat That!: ODO 147

So you know how I mentioned my wife being sick during Foodstock? Now that plague has spread across our boys. Speaking of plague, the news brings tales of why you should be more careful about what you eat. And finally, in Recommended Listening, its time to learn something cool with “Your Brain On Facts.” http://odddadoutpodcast.com/don't-eat-that!-odo-147/ Another Round Of Plague A few weeks ago my wife came down with what I can only call a viciously wicked cough paired with a 101 degree...


Lets Try This Again: ODO 146

It's funny how, on a week where all of my topics are revisiting things I've talked about in the past, I would also end up re-recording the episode. I get in to going to Foodstock again last weekend and how that all went down. And, in Recommended Listening I pull out a "in case you missed it" for my recent appearance on a previously featured show, "Millennial Pagan Podcast." -Recommended Listening- Millennial Pagan Podcast https://paganpod.podbean.com/ Ep. 24 Gatekeeping and Inclusion...


Surprise MFers w/ Chris the Moleman: ODO 145

Paragraph It's that time again! April's Guest of the Month is Chris the Mole Man. Chris is the host of the Mole Man show, cohost of Midnight in America, and operator of Radio Mole Hole. He is also part of the twisted collective we call the Surprise M-f-ers. We have the loosest of lose conversations ranging from big city vs small town life and presidential tweeting to platonic friendships. *Warning: we do get into a little kick about politics for a bit. Find Chris at http://christhemole.com/...


Allergies, Keyboard Cats, and Other Unbelievably Stupid Things: ODO 144

Back in true form. I’m all over this week. I go from allergy meds to my cat coffee-ing my keyboard. The news brings a lot of porn, a big waste of money, and the worst penis enlargement idea ever. And in Recommended Listening it’s the now 5 time featured John Bukenas and his “Unbelievably Stupid Podcast.” Full links at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/allergies,-keyboard-cats,-and-other-unbelievably-stupid-things:-odo-144/ Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out...


My Pod-Friends Are Awesome: ODO 143

Links at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/my-pod-friends-are-awesome:-odo-143/ This week, rather than talking about myself, I've decided to point the spotlight on some of my awesome podcast friends. On the subject of friends, this week's Recommended Listening feature goes to one of my newest pod-friends, Kate, and her show, "Ignorance Was Bliss." Subscribe to ODO at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/subscribe Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out...


Birthday Bowling and WTF China?: ODO 142

Another show where I didn't come up with a theme for the news, the news did that all by itself. I've got 3 stories out of China that just make me shake my head, including a couple questionable driver's licenses, and an example of how not to incorporate smoothies into your diet. Plus, we took the boy's bowling, and, in so many words, we suck. Subscribe to ODO at http://odddadoutpodcast.com/subscribe Join the Twisted World of The Odd Dad Out group https://www.facebook.com/groups/odddadout...