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On Deadline, featuring ABC27 Investigators Dennis Owens, Kendra Nichols, and Logan Wilson, is a podcast that captures what goes on behind the scenes of a news operation, explores controversial topics, and gets personal.


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On Deadline, featuring ABC27 Investigators Dennis Owens, Kendra Nichols, and Logan Wilson, is a podcast that captures what goes on behind the scenes of a news operation, explores controversial topics, and gets personal.








On Deadline: Shock collars at kennels; test for parasite in blood supply

This week, ABC27 Investigators Kendra Nichols, Dennis Owens, and Logan Wilson discuss some of the stories they have been working on. Logan talks about her story featuring a local dog owner who believes a kennel used a shock collar on her dog. Is it legal? Kendra follows up on her investigation into a parasite found in the U.S. blood supply after the FDA approves a test to screen for the tick-borne illness. Dennis talks about U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent visit to the U.S....


Three Mile Island 40 Years Later

Just after 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979, the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island melted suffered a partial meltdown. Forty years later, it remains the worst commercial nuclear accident in American history. "On Deadline" takes a look back at the events 40 years ago with Eric Epstein of Three Mile Island Alert and discusses the future of nuclear power in Pennsylvania.


Investigators discuss looks into Airbnb, hotel tax

This week, ABC27 Investigators Kendra Nichols, Dennis Owens, and Logan Wilson discuss some of the stories they have been working on. Kendra breaks down an issue a Cumberland County family faced when they used Airbnb during a trip to Canada. Logan talks about her investigation into the Dauphin County hotel tax, breaking down were some of the revenue goes.


How prepared is Pennsylvania to stop a school shooting?

It's been one year since a former student killed 17 people and injured 17 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. An after-action report pointed out major flaws in the way school officials and law enforcement handled the situation. The ABC27 Investigators reviewed the report and looked into how prepared Pennsylvania is if a school shooter situation were to happen here. In this episode of "On Deadline", they'll break down different ways the state, schools and...


Governor Wolf sets goals for his second term

After a month off, the ABC27 Investigators are back with their first podcast episode of 2019. Just a day after Governor Tom Wolf was sworn in for a second term, his spokesperson, JJ Abbott, joined the investigators to tell them about the governor's goals for the next four years.


Pennsylvania commission: EMS 'woefully lacking in funding'

The ABC27 investigators combed through the 104-page SR 6 report. The Senate Resolution 6 Commission released the report last month. In it, members say EMS is "woefully lacking in funding." The report includes more than 20 recommendations to address the crisis facing both fire and EMS services.


Investigation Extras

The ABC27 Investigators break down their most recent investigations into solar panels, building codes, and the Catholic church. ABC27 Investigators Dennis Owens, Kendra Nichols, and Logan Wilson talk about their most recent investigations and discuss the additional details they couldn't fit into their news reports. Logan Wilson talks about how she is helping a family who is turning the lights out on Tesla after they say the company's solar panels caused a hole in their roof. Who installed...


Climate change and the winter outlook

This week's episode of On Deadline: winter is coming. ABC27 meteorologist Dan Tomaso joins The Investigators to discuss the 2018-2019 winter outlook. He also discusses climate change and how it's impacting weather in Pennsylvania. During the second part of the episode, the team breaks down the 2018 midterm elections and what issues people can expect lawmakers to tackle next year.


The Midterm Elections

On this week's "On Deadline", the ABC27 Investigators dig deep into the local 2018 midterm election races. Jim Lee of Susquehanna Polling and Research joins the panel to analyze the latest polls. Lee gives his opinion on the upcoming local and national races.


Extreme Couponing with Apps

Join ABC27 investigators Kendra Nichols and Logan Wilson for a discussion that could save you money. The team is joined by coupon queen Melody da Silva, a stay-at-home mom of three who saves money and makes money while she shops. She combines old-school paper coupons with new school apps to save thousands of dollars. She never pays full price and can't remember the last time she had to pay for gas. Not into coupons? She can tell you another way to save that just requires you to take a...


Sexual Assault: A discussion on Kavanaugh, Cosby and the Catholic church

"He said, she said" and now everyone in the country, it seems, is saying something about sexual assault. Join ABC27 investigators Kendra Nichols, Logan Wilson, and Dennis Owens as they have an in-depth discussion about allegations against the Catholic church and Brett Kavanaugh and the conviction of comedian Bill Cosby. The team is joined by Kristen Houser of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. Why is it important to abuse survivors that the state Senate pass a bill to let the abused...


Fake news: What is it, and how does it impact politics?

Dr. Robert Spicer joins the panel to discuss what is fake news and how it impacts politics. Dr. Spricer breaks down the different types of fake news and how society can change the narrative. Dr. Spicer is a Communications Professor at Millersville University. He wrote one book about fake news and is working on his second.


Ghost Guns: Untraceable build-your-own guns

On this week's "On Deadline", abc27 Investigators Dennis Owens, Kendra Nichols and Logan Wilson discuss ghost guns. It is legal to build your own firearm in Pennsylvania. You can order the parts online, there is no serial number, and there is no background check needed. The abc27 Investigators are joined by Ben Brown, co-owner of Wise Men Company, and Shira Goodman, the executive director of CeaseFire PA.


Skimming profits from Pennsylvania dairy farmers

Pennsylvania dairy farmers are among the most productive in the nation. Dairy farming is a $15 billion chunk of the state's economy and accounts for 52,000 jobs. The milk is flowing but the money is not. Dairy farmers make significantly less for their milk today than they did four years ago and they're barely breaking even or, in fact, losing money. Why?


DNA genealogy: Good police work or an invasion of privacy?

On this week's “On Deadline”, Dennis Owens and Kendra Nichols are joined by abc27 reporter Christina Butler. They discuss the arrest in the more than 20-year-old code case of elementary school teacher Christy Mirack and the role DNA genealogy played. Butler has a personal connection to the case; she was a student the year before Mirack was killed.


It's not a "hysterical witch hunt."

We need to talk about sexual harassment and sexual assault - in general, but specifically on college campuses. Amanda St. Hilaire, Kendra Nichols, and Dennis Owens talk to Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape spokesperson Kristen Houser about an ABC27 investigation revealing Pennsylvania's state-owned universities are reporting higher numbers of sexual assault and harassment incidents, and why those numbers are considered a good sign. They also discuss due process, questions students and...


What do nuclear power and breastfeeding have in common?

Is Three Mile Island worth saving? Should your boss be required to give moms unpaid time to pump breastmilk at work? The issues of nuclear power and breastfeeding have more in common than you'd think. In this week's episode of the ABC27 podcast On Deadline, Amanda St. Hilaire, Kendra Nichols, and Dennis Owens talk about jobs, leveling the playing field at work, and how situations you often don't think about affect your wallet and your family. Subscribe to On Deadline in Apple Podcasts...


How much would you spend to save your pet?

Pets are like family members and some people will spend thousands of dollars in medical costs. Some owners paying for CAT scans, MRI's, acupuncture and chemo therapy. Dennis Owens, Amanda St. Hilaire, and Kendra Nichols talk to abc27 Anchor Valerie Pritchett about pet insurance and how it can keep you from going in debt protecting your pet. They also discuss pedestrian accidents in the city of Harrisburg. When does a pedestrian have the right of way and when does a motorist have to stop?...


Pennsylvania's Primary Election Is Over. What Now?

2018's about to get interesting. The May 15th primary election left us two very different candidates for governor, more options for female representation, and a whole lot of questions. Dennis Owens, Amanda St. Hilaire, and Kendra Nichols talk to President and Founder of Susquehanna Polling and Research about what we've learned, what we can expect going forward, and which issues aren't getting enough attention. They also discuss the constitutionality of the Megan's Law registry, and give an...


Protecting The Opioid Crisis' Smallest Victims

People battling addiction aren't the only victims of the Opioid Crisis. In this week's episode of On Deadline, Amanda St. Hilaire and Kendra Nichols talk to PA Family Support Alliance President and CEO Angela Liddle about what happens to children when addiction rips families apart, legislation in Pennsylvania designed to give grandparents and caretakers more resources, and how we as a society can step up to protect kids Kendra and Amanda also discuss unregulated camps in Pennsylvania and...