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Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath—mom of three, former national security adviser, and U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky—talks with the people of Kentucky about the issues that matter to them. The podcast highlights stories from the commonwealth, the struggles we are facing together, and how we can tackle them together.


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Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath—mom of three, former national security adviser, and U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky—talks with the people of Kentucky about the issues that matter to them. The podcast highlights stories from the commonwealth, the struggles we are facing together, and how we can tackle them together.






13. Colonel Pamela Stevenson, JD

“Every voice heard and every life empowered,” powerful and providential words from this week’s guest, Colonel Pamela Stevenson, JD. In this episode, Colonel Stevenson reveals how life in the Air Force prepared her for her role in Kentucky's Legislature, why it’s so important to provide health care for all Kentuckians and her favorite place for takeout in Louisville (hint: it’s BBQ!). Episode show notes: https://www.stevensonforky.com/https://www.facebook.com/Stevie-Js-269693556506785/


12. Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden

Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden served as administrator of NASA under President Obama, traveled into orbit four times aboard space shuttle missions and broke barriers in his 34-year career with the Marine Corps. In this episode, he reflects on leading in times of unpredictability, facing discrimination in his earliest days at the Naval Academy, and what this moment in history means for our country’s movement toward racial justice. Plus: The former NASA administrator shares his insights on UFOs and life on other planets. Episode show notes: https://www.astronautscholarship.org/Astronauts/charles-bolden/


11. New Generation of Leaders

The mass demonstrations against police violence and racism have highlighted the need for fundamental change in our country and a new generation of leaders to step up and listen. First, we speak to Christian Motley about running for city council in these transformational times. Then, Denise Gray, a member of the Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood, speaks about the changes she would like to see out of the new generation of leaders. Episode show notes: https://christianmotley.com/


10. Economic Recovery

A long road to economic recovery is ahead of us. This episode, we attempt to answer, “What’s Next?” for Kentucky. What will a post-COVID economy look like? And how do we prevent this from happening again? Former state auditor and Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen touches on the similarities between now and the economic crisis of 2008-09. And over 48 Kentucky groups have called on Congress to provide states fiscal relief; we talk to one of those groups’ executive director, Jason Bailey. Episode show notes: https://kypolicy.org/lessons-from-the-great-recession-kentucky-and-other-states-need-more-federal-relief/https://kypolicy.org/48-kentucky-groups-call-on-congress-for-robust-federal-fiscal-relief-to-states/


9. Educators

Gov. Andy Beshear’s win last November can be partially attributed to the army of teachers behind him. Funding our schools and taking care of teachers are central parts of this campaign too. Amy’s Educator's Council is made up of current and retired teachers and advises her on the issues in our school systems. First on the podcast, a teacher at Wayne County High School talks with Amy about the widening opportunity gap during COVID-19. Then, a retired teacher takes us back to marching at the state capitol and how Mitch McConnell's comments are just as incendiary to educators as Bevin’s in 2018. Episode show notes: https://amymcgrath.com/get-involved/


8. Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have always been heroes but now they are on the front lines every day addressing this crisis head-on and protecting us. As that battle continues, Governor Beshear is looking toward reopening Kentucky in the safest possible way - which leaves the question, what happens next? And how do we best prepare for a possible resurgence of the coronavirus in the future? This week try to answer those questions and more with three Kentuckians and health care professionals. Episode show notes: https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2020-04-30/trump-scants-healthcare-safety-net-coronavirus-aidaap.orgnih.govcdc.govchfs.ky.gov/agencies/dph/Pages/default.aspxaha.orgama-assn.org


7. The Opioid Crisis

Before COVID-19, a public health crisis was already taking the lives of thousands of Kentuckians. In 2017, the rate of fatal opioid overdoses in Kentucky was almost twice the national average. This week we speak to Dr. Kimberly Luse about the effects addiction can have on families and communities. And former NBA player and UK alum Rex Chapman details his road to recovery. Plus, Rex tells us about going toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan and other stories you won't hear on ESPN's documentary. Episode show notes: amymcgrath.com/commonhealth/rexchapmanfoundation.org/samhsa.gov/


6. Running in the Age of Coronavirus

A team “Amy’s Running for Kentucky” catch-up. We speak to the organizer of the KY Shines #TeamKentucky Virtual Half Marathon about why it’s important to stay active during the coronavirus pandemic. And we meet half-marathon teammate Dr. Debbi Borchers, a fellow Kentuckian and a pediatric doctor working across the river in Cincinnati. Episode show notes: https://amymcgrath.com/commonhealth/https://godspantry.org/https://govstatus.egov.com/kycovid19


5. Issues Affecting Military Families

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a new set of challenges for veterans, service members and their families. In this episode, we hear two women’s stories about military life and how the coronavirus is affecting their day-to-day lives. Episode show notes:


4. Supporting Food Banks During the Coronavirus

Demand for food assistance is rising, just as Kentucky’s food banks are being struck by shortages of both donated food and volunteers. In this episode, we highlight the impact the coronavirus is having on food banks and the people they serve. Plus an update on our Commonwealth, Common Health program. Episode show notes: https://feedingky.org/http://www.hendersonchurch.org/outreach.html


1. The Violence Against Women Act: Why Hasn’t it Been Reauthorized?

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides law enforcement with better resources to investigate cases of rape; supplies colleges with effective tools to educate students about dating violence and sexual assault; and helps fund all of Kentucky’s rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters. So why hasn’t it been reauthorized? In this episode, Amy discusses the impact of VAWA with a survivor and an advocate from Kentucky. Episode show notes: https://www.rainn.org/www.outrageus.orgwww.workplacesrespond.orgwww.victimsofcrime.orgwww.thehotline.orghttps://cultureofrespect.org/program/green-dot-etc/https://www.stalkingawareness.org/


3. Prescription Drug Prices

Amy talks with two families facing hardships due to skyrocketing medical and prescription drug costs. Kentuckians pay the second-highest price for prescription drugs in the nation —- just over $2,100 annually. While the U.S. Senate has failed to pass any legislation to lower these costs, the COVID-19 pandemic has only escalated the problem.


1b. The Violence Against Women Act: Coronavirus Update

An update to our first episode with information on VAWA and what a person can do if they are quarantined in this crisis with an abusive spouse or partner.


2. Neighbors Helping Neighbors: COVID-19 Community Response

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our daily lives and left many vulnerable Kentuckians without access to food or other needs, but Kentuckians have stepped up to help their neighbors in need. In this episode, Amy talks to the mayor of a Kentucky town about her community’s response to COVID-19 and to a Commonwealth, Common Health volunteer who recently delivered distilled water to an eldery couple for their respiratory machine. Episode show notes: www.amymcgrath.com/commonhealth