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Former political staffers Sam Andrey, Chris Martin, Alvin Tedjo and Alexi White used to give advice to Ontario cabinet ministers. Join them for a regular, open, and frank discussion on the policy and strategy behind current political events in Ontario.

Former political staffers Sam Andrey, Chris Martin, Alvin Tedjo and Alexi White used to give advice to Ontario cabinet ministers. Join them for a regular, open, and frank discussion on the policy and strategy behind current political events in Ontario.
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Former political staffers Sam Andrey, Chris Martin, Alvin Tedjo and Alexi White used to give advice to Ontario cabinet ministers. Join them for a regular, open, and frank discussion on the policy and strategy behind current political events in Ontario.




Bonus Pod: A Doug Ford Transit Update

So we took a short break this week, but shortly after recording our last podcast, Doug Ford released new legislation that gives the province new powers to upload new transit projects outside of any agreement with the city of Toronto. Chris sat down with Cam from CodeRedTO to dive into the new legislation, while the rest of the pod re-calibrates and gets ready for a whole Spring and Summer's worth of new content for you.


Episode 26: Subways! Subways! Subways!

Friends... it's time to get to the bottom of just what the everloving heck our Premier is doing with transit in Toronto. Does Doug Ford have a coherent vision for transit? Could some parts of that vision be good? What will it mean for riders? Answers to all those questions and more with special guests Cameron MacLeod and Dr. Patricia Wood.


Episode 25: Alberta, PEI, Patrick Brown, Fern Gully and the Lorax

Chris, Alvin, Sam, Alexi and Kate dissect the recent election results in Alberta and PEI and what they could mean for the Liberals come October. They also get into the latest Patrick Brown scandal (who thought that could still be a thing?), the Ford government's gutting of Environmental protections and public health, and some classic movies. Also, Kate Hammer is here to stay! (Yay!)


Episode 24: Ontario's own Mueller report

While the world feverishly pours through Bob Mueller's report on the wrongdoings of the Trump white house, let Sam take you through the lesser-known findings of Ontario Integrity Commissioner David Wake's inquiry into the attempted hiring of Doug Ford friend Ron Taverner. The stakes may not be quite as high, but the parallels are striking. Also Alvin makes some important points about how Quebec is proposing to trample all over the charter of rights and freedoms.


Episode 23: Cool Uncle Doug's Budget

Kate Hammer joins Alexi, Chris and Alvin again to dissect Ontario Budget 2019. Do you like Booze? Do you like cuts to vital public services? Do you like the game of Cricket? Then there's something in this budget for you.


Episode 22: The Budget Cometh Before the Storm

Ever wondered what goes into making a provincial budget? Former Premier's Office advisor Kate Hammer joins Alexi, Sam, Alvin and Chris to take you inside the process, how it works, what it lacks, and what to expect from Doug Ford's first Ontario Budget. The team also talks about the Ford government's abandonment of decency on the overdose prevention file.


Episode 21: Building Resilience

Former policy chief to Premiers Wynne and McGuinty Karim Bardeesy joins the pod to talk about Minister Lisa Thompson's plan to "reform education" by increasing class size, and the impacts that the new plan will have on learning, student success and school closures.


Episode 20: I like it when you call me big pharma

Health and finance policy expert Garima Talwar Kapoor joins the pod to dive into the 2019 Federal Budget. Chris, Alvin, Alexi and Sam spar over what the best, worst and most obscure measures in the budget were, and what it will mean for the 2019 Federal Election, and Garima shares her insights on what the movement on a national pharmacare plan will mean for you.


Episode 19: Refugee Claimants and Migration

Chris, Alvin, Sam and Alexi dive into the world of refugee claimants in Canada and Ontario, which we feel is particularly important given the recent anti-immigrant, anti-muslim terrorism in New Zealand. Chris interviews Anne Woolger, Founding Director of the Matthew House resettlement service, and the whole team discusses what the province and federal government should be doing to improve service to one of our most vulnerable populations.


Episode 18: SNC Lavalife

So we couldn't resist diving into the juicy and confusing political morass of the SNC Lavalin scandal currently rocking the Trudeau Liberal government. Chris, Alvin, and Alexi reflect on their experience as political staffers in Ontario's Liberal government, and what that experience could tell us about the events unfolding in Ottawa... which is still in Ontario so it counts!


Episode 17: Things are too PC these days

Alexi, Alvin, Sam and Chris sit down with former Harper advisor Sean Speer to talk about the past, present and future of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party, touching on populism, conservative thinking, and Doug Ford's affinity for Blu Ray, vans, and messing up the autism file.


Episode 16: Autism, Students and Doug Ford's Government of Re-Gifting

Alexi, Alvin, Sam and Chris talk about Maxine Bernier's party, the Ford government's continued bungling on class sizes and full-day kindergarten, and the overheated rhetoric of a lackluster Autism plan. Chris sits down with Stephanie Bertolo and Matthew Gerritts, two student leaders tasked with holding their student unions together after the conservative "opt-out" policy.


Bonus Episode: Approaches to healthcare that wouldn't suck

Chris continues the conversation with former health Deputy Minister Bob Bell to talk privatization, the principles of the Canada health act, and how you could actually find savings in healthcare and improve outcomes.


Episode 15: What a healthcare super agency means for you!

The NDP have revealed that Doug Ford has a secret plan to change everything in healthcare. Former Deputy Minister (Dr.) Bob Bell joins Chris, Alvin, Alexi and Sam to talk about the impact that the proposed "super agency" will have on patient care, and the politics and ethics of the leaked government plans.


Episode 14: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

In the first of a series on the history and future of Ontario's three political parties, Alvin, Alexi and Chris sit down with Kate Graham to talk all things Liberal. What went wrong in the last election? What will it need to do to rebuild? Is there a role for a party occupying "the centre" moving forward?


Episode 13: O(h)S(n)AP... It's More Cuts

Did you know that Sam used to manage OSAP for the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities? That Chris worked on the ancillary fee file? That Alvin advised the Minister on the OSAP changes that preceded Free Tuition? That Alexi worked on other stuff but knows a lot about it anyway? Let them walk you through the implications of Doug Ford's billion dollar cut and attack on student organizations.


Episode 12: The Politics of Climate Change in Canada

Alexi, Alvin and Chris sit down with Dr. David Coletto of Abacus Data to parse through what the polling tells us about how Canadians feel about climate change, and how it might factor into the 2018 Federal Election. Can Justin Trudeau ride this issue to victory? Can Andrew Scheer convince people not to care? Find Out.


Episode 11: New Year New You

Start the year off with Alexi, Alvin, Sam and Chris as they discuss Sex Ed and the Ontario Education Consultations, the massive victory for Northern Ontario First Nations in court, and some early thoughts on the Ontario Liberal Leadership race.


Episode 10: The Attempted Political Assassination of 2018

Alexi, Alvin, Sam and Chris reflect on Doug Ford hiring his friends, the provincial controller resigning, and the over and under reported stories of 2018. Chris takes on Ontario Loud's first-ever book review too: talking about the highs and lows of Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown.


Episode 9: Not sex ed but still sexy

Alexi, Sam and Chris dive into the wide world of Education, going over ten topics that have flown under the radar while we've been focused on fighting the repeal of the Sex Ed curriculum. Interested in Math scores, EQAO, Infrastructure, School Closures or Special Ed? This is the episode for you.