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Breaking the National Security Council

John Bolton, President Trump’s 3rd National Security Adviser, has made his exit. With change afoot (or maybe not) two of the most well-positioned voices on all things NSC—John Gans and Derek Chollet-- are at the Out of Order table to discuss what went wrong for Bolton, how the national security process has been broken under the Trump administration, and what could come next for a yet-to-be-named successor. John Gans is the author of White House Warriors, a new book on the National Security...


Divided We Stand

U.S. society is as divided as it has been in modern history. Americans cannot agree on the past, and politicians refuse to face the future. Political animus has replaced compromise and bipartisanship is the norm in Washington, as a divisive President seeks a second term. With election season ramping up and political divisions on display, two veterans of U.S. politics-- Margaret Carlson, Columnist at The Daily Beast, and Mitch Landrieu, the former Mayor of New Orleans and founder of E...


What’s Next for North Macedonia?

After a diplomatic breakthrough in the turbulent Balkans, the Republic of North Macedonia has a new name and its sights set on integration with the European Union and NATO. What is the path ahead for the potential future NATO member state, how do the complicated politics of the region affect its prospects, and what is America’s role in all of this? At the German Marshall Fund's Brussels Forum held earlier this summer, GMF’s senior fellow Jonathan Katz sat down with two preeminent voices in...


Has the Transatlantic Relationship Been Irreparably Damaged?

Has the Transatlantic Relationship Been Irreparably Damaged? At the most recent Brussels Forum, GMF partnered with Intelligence Squared U.S., for a lively debate on the future of the U.S. and Europe’s special relationship amidst polarized politics and tensions over security and trade on both sides of the Atlantic. Through this special Out of Order episode, we are excited to feature our live broadcast recording of the debate. Among the debaters: John Mearsheimer − American Political...


From Paris to Warsaw, How Europe is Answering to "America First"

The Trump administration’s hard-nosed approach to the European Union has left leaders across the Atlantic questioning where the relationship with the U.S. is headed. According to GMF’s president Dr. Karen Donfried, a tour of Europe shows how the outlook on America changes based on where you sit. While the talk in Paris is all about “strategic autonomy,” Warsaw is buzzing about “strategic embrace.” This week on Out of Order, Dr. Donfried sits down with GMF’s Peter Sparding to discuss the...


Europe’s Make or Break Election?

On May 23-26 citizens in all (still) 28 EU countries will go to the polls and select the 751 members of the European Parliament. The Parliament is the only directly elected EU institution and this year is being framed as a make-or-break election. Both by those who want to make it better, and those who want to break it. A strong populist and Euroskeptic block is expected to result; they could even be the second largest group in the parliament. Rachel Tausendfreund talks to Rosa Balfour, a...


System Failure: The U.S.-Turkey Feud and What’s Next for the S-400 and F-35s

Ankara and Washington are locked in a game of chicken. With Turkey refusing to budge over its purchase of the NATO-incompatible S-400 missile defense system from Russia, the U.S. is upping the stakes with the threat of sanctions and ejection from the lucrative F-35 fighter jet program. The implications of this could be far reaching not just for Turkey and the U.S., but could shift the geopolitical balance in far-reaching ways. Does this mark a new low in an already volatile relationship?...


Two Presidential Candidates Walk Into a Bar

More than five years after the Euromaidan, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is battling for his political life against Volodymyr Zelensky – a comedian and political newcomer who has emerged as the favorite to win Sunday’s runoff. The story of political outsider-turned-president may be a familiar one for anyone who has watched “Servant of the People” a comedy (now available on Netflix) in which Zelensky plays just that—a teacher thrust into the presidency unexpectedly. In real life...


NATO at 70

Nearly seventy years ago to the day, President Harry Truman signed the North Atlantic Treaty and established NATO. Ahead of an unprecedented address to a Joint session of Congress by NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and ministerial meetings in Washington, Out of Order explores the state of NATO and the key issues animating defense debates from DC to Paris to Warsaw. Around the table this week in Washington: Defense and Security fellow Steven Keil; Michal Baranowski, GMF’s Warsaw...


Silent Revolution: The Transatlantic Policy Debate Over AI

From AI to 5G, the innovations that pose unprecedented opportunities also pose a risk to democracy—and there is no consensus yet on how to solve this puzzle. This week on Out of Order, Karen Kornbluh, director of GMF’s new Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative, and Michel Servoz, special adviser to European Commission President Juncker for robotics, AI, and the future of labor, discuss the frontier technologies changing society, differences in the U.S. and European tech policy debates,...


Huawei or the Highway

The controversy over Chinese telecoms giant Huawei and the potential for it to unlock an unprecedented level of access to Europe’s critical infrastructure through 5G has been at the center of headlines around the world. But how does Huawei’s 5G plan actually work, and why does it have policymakers and technologists on both sides of the Atlantic so concerned? Out of Order’s newest host and deputy director of GMF’s Asia program, Sharon Stirling, is joined by two experts on China-US-Europe...


What to Watch in 2019, Part Two

In the concluding episode of the two-part “What to Watch” feature, the Out of Order roundtable discusses another raft of issues that they’ll be tracking this year, now that we have made it through a shutdown and almost two eventful months. We focus this time on Europe, the United States, and global democracy challenges. There is impending Brexit drama with implications of fracturing politics across the European continent, and key national elections in Poland and regional elections in...


Washington and The Wall: A Conversation on Immigration with The New York Times’ Michael Shear

A month into 2019, the fight over immigration policy is without resolution as the White House battles with Democrats over funding for a wall on the southern border. The President is set to deliver his State of the Union address to a divided chamber—and nation. Immigration is expected to feature prominently as prospects of another government shutdown loom. New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear joins Out of Order’s Peter Sparding for a timely conversation about immigration...


What to Watch in 2019, Part One

It’s time to say “Goodbye, Au Revoir, and Auf Wiedersehen” to 2018. It was another significant year for the transatlantic relationship: Brexit chaos and the U.S. midterms, fake news and a Facebook reckoning, Merkel 2.0, and the Macron backlash. Out of Order recounts the year’s consequential moments for relations between Europe and the United States, and how this all sets the stage for 2019. In the podcast adaption of the new blog post, “What to Watch in 2019,” the Out of Order hosts—with...


Germany's Next Merkel?

The Angela Merkel era is ending. The weekend of December 7-8 in Hamburg the curtains draw half closed and we will see who officially waits in the wings to take over. Currently, there are three candidates are vying for that position. Angela Merkel became chairwoman of the Christian Democratic party in 2000 and Chancellor five years later. In what many see as the first step of a tactical retreat, Angela Merkel announced in late October that she would not seek reelection to head her party,...


Thanksgiving Special: The Berlin Thanksgiving Episode

While everyone in DC is off for the holiday, Rachel Tausendfreund is joined by two colleagues in Berlin to discuss some recent events in global politics that we can appreciate, or in the holiday lingo, be thankful for. Maryna Raklei, who works as a program officer in Berlin on projects supporting Belarussian civil society and used to work as a journalist in Minsk, talks about a successful crowdfunding campaign in support of critical press in Russia, and a new official Ukrainian...


America Voted. What’s Next for Foreign Policy?

American voters have spoken and Democrats will soon control the U.S. House of Representatives. How might this new political reality at home affect the Trump administration's policies abroad? What levers will the Democrats pull, if any, when it comes to oversight of a disruptive global agenda? GMF’s Derek Chollet and Jamie Fly join Out of Order to weigh in on how America's global posture will -- or won't -- change and what's at stake for transatlantic relations. New Feature: We want to hear...


Trading Jabs: What's Next for Trump's Trade Battles with China and Europe?

Trade is back in the spotlight, and the U.S. is at the center of a building international showdown. A combative economic agenda is now being realized as the Trump administration disrupts trade relations with allies and adversaries alike. From the torpedoed TPP, new NAFTA, tariffs on steel, aluminum, and potentially autos, and even suggestions that the U.S. could leave the WTO – who wins and who loses in this new landscape, and where can constructive compromises be made? Is there a common...


The State of European (dis)Union Pt 1: Central and Eastern Europe

It’s back! The Out of Order podcast returns to the airwaves. Thirty years after the fall of the wall, the reemergence of authoritarianism and illiberalism in Central and Eastern Europe is as pressing as ever and threatens to divide an already shaky EU. With Article 7 proceedings triggered against Poland and Hungary, and continued efforts by the Kremlin to disrupt European unity, what are the implications of an undemocratic Central Europe for the world’s largest economic bloc, what is the...


Update: State of Sanctions and Season 2 Teaser

In July on Out of Order, we discussed what’s on the line for multilateral sanctions against Iran in the wake of President Trump’s withdrawal from the JCPOA (better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal). [Episode Link] Now the stakes have been raised even further; last week, the remaining members of the nuclear deal announced that they will create a new payment infrastructure, allowing countries to sideswipe U.S. regulations and continue doing business with Iran. With the next set of U.S....