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This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.

This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.
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Rushville, OH


This show is committed to bringing together the body of Christ across denominational, racial, and economical borders to demonstrate to America the power of Biblical unity.




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Father Knows Best…and He says Occupy! | Pass the Salt Live | 11.15.18

Look around, America. Think back to the days of Father Knows Best and ask yourself what has happened to 1950’s America? Could it be that while we were fighting a cartoon-character opponent, the devil and his minions were actively at work fighting to pull off the greatest coup in the history of the world? Could it be […]


Bradlee Dean – Pass the Salt Live – 11.14.18

Children are a heritage of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward. The Lord wants to bless us with children, and we’re trying to block the blessing. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full […]


God’s Word is Directed Energy – Pass the Salt Live – 11.13.18

Last Saturday, Owen Shroyer of InfoWars interviewed the Salt and Light Brigade at the Austin, Texas abortion mill. His coverage of our demonstration for life, has been viewed by over 61,000 people online, so far. Good job, everyone, defending life! InfoWars shows the graphic baby pictures in their report. Powerful! There is power in God’s spoken […]


Partnering For Life with Info Wars – Pass the Salt Live – 11.12.18

Hurricane relief work is still being done by Jim Craft and others in Florida. If you want to help hurricane victims contact Coach. Not only is the help provided effective, but the fellowship is awesome. We visited an Austin, TX Planned Parenthood killing center last weekend. They have walled off the killing center. Info Wars […]


Raped by the Left – Pass the Salt Live – 11.9.18

Raped by the Left – Pass the Salt Live – 11.9.18 I’m sick and tired of the Christian side doing “research” on what the bad guys are doing, but not acting. Why aren’t we out there fighting like Christian soldiers?! From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God has suffered […]


Sheep and Goat Nation – Pass the Salt Live – 11.8.18

Coach is on the show, today, from an airport in Florida, heading to Texas from the hurricane relief site. This weekend is another Texas huddle, and demonstration at an Austin, Texas abortion mill. The next two years are incredibly important. All these Christian parachurch organizations like to write white papers, but they won’t get their […]


Midterm Election Recap – Pass the Salt Live – 11.7.18

Disaster Relief: Today’s show is from the Panhandle of Florida, where we’re helping people get back to normal. It’s a month out from the hurricane, and it still looks like a war zone here. We are doing what we can. The Body of Christ has unused talent. We need to identify our gifts and use […]


Faith on the Streets – Pass the Salt Live – 11.6.18

Coach is after the “found” not the “lost.” He wants to motivate real Christians. We need to build a downline. Regarding politics, we need to not put all our eggs in the “Republican” basket. Do our lives really change depending on who is President? Personally, our lives don’t change because of a political wave. A […]


Liberals are Unhinged

Pass the Salt Ministries and Salt and Light Brigade is now international. We have a New Zealand Salt and Light Brigade. They are active and energized. There are unsung heroes out there being the salt and light. An 85 year old man sent out 17,000 cards in his community, telling what the Democrats are really […]


Keep Your Lamps Trimmed

Trump is a battering ram, but he cannot fix all the problems we have. It is a false security, if people think he’s going to fix everything. There will be a reset of the economy. Currencies in other countries are changing from the petro dollar. We have no gold standard, so what will be the […]


The Devil’s Got Kids

The Democrat Party is anti-Christian. The GOP retreats from social issues. Liberalism is an anti-Christian movement. Conservatism is a pro-Christian movement. Democrats use witchcraft to cast spells and put hexes on elected leaders. Human sacrifice has also been part of witchcraft since the beginning. We are at war. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. […]


Mainstream Demons

Meet You at the Polls. Visit This Sunday is our final weekend to pray together before the election. Prayer is essential. Public prayer and private prayer are both important. The evil realm is all around us here on earth. Evil men have crept in unawares. Television, media, entertainment, and lots of mainstream things taken […]


Battle Tested

Pay Pal has banned Coach permanently. He is raising funds for hurricane relief, but Pay Pal says they no longer want to be associated with him. Please pray for Coach. You may still send donations to Coach at: Pass the Salt Ministries, P.O. Box 744, Hebron, OH 43025. Study James 2:14-18 KJV – “What doth it […]


Plow Your Field | Pass the Salt Live | 10.26.18

Anyone who is able to go to the Florida Panhandle, please contact Discouragement is tough to defeat. Despondency is a sinking or dejection of spirits, at the loss of hope. So many times it feels very lonely in ministry, and it feels like we’re the only ones playing hard. Remember, you’re not the only […]


Leaving a Legacy | Pass the Salt Live | 10.24.18

Today is the 688th huddle. What a great legacy I am leaving for my grandchildren.I encourage you to get your thoughts on video for the legacy of your families. Last Days Warrior Conference. Check it out. Jim Craft is in Florida. Contact us if you want to help. Email Crews will be going […]


I Smell Smoke | Pass the Salt Live | 10.23.18

Some of you are still walking around with smoke on you, even though you’ve quit smoking. You keep going back to the dirty atmosphere where you came from. In the Spirit, some of us want to be free, but can’t come out of the smoker’s room. Can’t understand why you can’t be set free. Titus 1 […]


Faithful Men

Scripture says to commit to faithful men. If you can join Jim Craft in Panama City, Florida, he’s going back down for 2 weeks. Please contact if you would like to go help with the disaster relief effort, Oct. 27-28, Nov. 3-4, or Nov. 9-10 please let us know. Jim will put you to […]


Winning on Their Turf | Pass the Salt Live | 10.19.18

We’ve got to win the battle against the secular minds. The world is not listening to the Bible. We should use secular arguments to get the world to listen. God’s WORD will not return void, says Isaiah 55. Jesus is the WORD. He came and did not return to heaven, void – without the effective […]


Tar-baby Fight | Pass the Salt Live | 10.18.18

What a time to be alive! Some of you still don’t get what’s going on. This battle you have is not just about little ole you. Rusty Thomas says we need a reformation. “Love Boat Christianity needs to become a warship.” All power’s been given to me in heaven and earth. Avoid the appearance of […]


The Devil’s Got a Dart Gun | Pass the Salt Live | 10.17.18

If you can go to Florida and help the hurricane relief effort, please do. Take power tools, generators, chain saws, and water. Contact Coach, today, to connect with Jim Craft at ground zero. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the WILES OF THE DEVIL. Wiles, a […]