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Please Explain - from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, a weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation.

Please Explain - from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, a weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation.
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Please Explain - from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, a weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation.






Brexit breakdown: where to now?

No deal, no confidence and no plan. On March 29, Britain is scheduled to depart the European Union officially after 46 years. After this week's failed vote, and the clock ticking down to d-day, our latest episode of Please Explain looks at the best - and worst - case scenario for the Brits, and the EU. Guests: Nick Miller: Europe correspondent, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. James Chessell: Executive Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and former London Correspondent for...


2019: The year of the housing correction

Australian house prices have finally ceased their extraordinary run and started falling back down to earth. Meanwhile, having sat on its hands with interest rates at record lows for more than two years, the Reserve Bank is keeping watch for signs it can begin raising rates to normal levels. This week on Please Explain, guest host Jessica Irving assembles a crack team of economic experts to help you make sense of what’s to come for your wealth, your mortgage and your...


The good, the bad and the ugly: three books that sum up 2018

It's summer - and that means some serious book time. It just so happens three of our best reporters wrote, or are writing, some great long form yarns. This episode you'll hear three interviews about three huge stories that captured the nation last year. South East Asia correspondent James Massola and fixer Veena Thoopkrajae take us behind the scenes of the incredible underground retrieval of 12 Thai boys and their coach, in the book The Great Cave Rescue. Senior Sydney Morning Herald...


"The defining yarn of our generation": our editors reflect on the year that was

What stories defined 2018? This week, Please Explain listeners get a peek into our exclusive subscriber-only events where journalists and editors are themselves in the hotseat in front of a live audience to field all manner of questions about the state of the world, and reflect honestly on their work. Please Explain - from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, a weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation. Subscribe to The Age:...


How a Facebook post could cost you your home: freedom of speech in the lucky country

Sued, gagged and broke: nobody does defamation quite like Australia. It has provided some of the best-read and most colourful cases in our legal history - but defamation law is so bedevilled with complexities and anachronisms that it leaves many lawyers and judges shaking their heads. In the latest episode of Please Explain, investigative journalist Kate McClymont, Larina Alick, editorial counsel for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and group executive editor James Chessell delve...


When you're the product: Google and Facebook in the hot seat

When it comes to Google and Facebook, you are the commodity. That's what ACCC chair Rod Sims said of the Australian inquiry into the tech behemoths. "Their business is about gathering data about you and they do that in more ways than you think," he said. In this episode of Please Explain our panellists national editor Tory Maguire, media and telecommunications reporter Jennifer Duke and technology reporter John McDuling discuss the broad and sweeping changes the Australian Competition and...


(Un)stable ground: Can the Liberals avoid an epic defeat?

As the last sitting week ends, the Liberal Party is in a "pretty volatile state". The minority government has become more minor, it has lost control of the floor and the leadership change has bewildered foreign leaders at the G20 in Buenos Aires. But how far does it need to go to recover, and can it? In this week's episode of Please Explain, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age's chief political correspondent David Crowe, political and international editor Peter Hartcher and Nine's political...


"Self-destructing before your eyes": Liberals lost at sea

Whichever way you cut it, the Liberal Party is in serious trouble. With the Victorian Liberals banished to the political wilderness for the next four years, is the federal Liberal Party doomed to the same fate in the election next May? Is there a brand of conservatism that appeals to Victoria, NSW and Queensland all at the same time? How do they turn the ship around? Or, is it already too late? Joining host Jacqueline Maley this episode is former Liberal Party leader John Hewson, as well...


The Embassy: How Middle East politics came to Canberra

The Holy City of Jerusalem seems a world away from Canberra, but for weeks now our politicians have become obsessed with the location of Australia's Embassy in Israel. Will our government follow the US in reversing decades of foreign policy and move its diplomats from Tel Aviv? Why has this come to the surface now? What is it really about? This week on Please Explain, The Herald and The Age’s Chief political correspondent David Crowe and Nick O’Malley, senior writer and former foreign...


Power and Control: #Metoo hits Australia's power brokers

When alleged sexual harassment victims are used for "political point scoring", the motivations of our politicians becomes questionable. Corrections Minister David Elliott's decision to air allegations against former opposition leader Luke Foley under parliamentary privilege, without the victim's consent, has led to Mr Foley's resignation, a defamation threat and a public apology. This week on Please Explain, The Age's social affairs editor Miki Perkins, Women’s Agenda contributing editor...


In from the cold - Australia back in Beijing

In the wake of a near collision between US and Chinese warships in the South China Sea, defence and national security correspondent David Wroe said, in the interest of diplomacy, 'sooner or later somebody's going to have to back down'. Australia's diplomatic freeze, prompted in part by foreign interference laws introduced under Malcolm Turnbull, appear to be thawing as Marise Payne makes the first diplomatic trip by a foreign minister to Beijing in almost three years. This week on Please...


Fear and loathing in the US midterm elections

It’s a week of fear and loathing in United States democracy. On this episode, Tory Maguire calls up Matthew Knott in New York, and former US correspondent Nick O'Malley, to understand the ructions of America's midterm elections. And expert eye Steve Bartholomeusz reflects on the impact Trumpism and US politics are having on global markets. You can listen to all that right now, or even better, you can subscribe for free and have Please Explain arrive every week in your app of choice - Apple...


The ghosts of prime ministers past

Some of them haunt the halls of parliament house. Quite a few of them run off to the Big Apple. You often find them lurking on twitter. They’re the ghosts of prime ministers past. From The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - this is Please Explain - a weekly podcast where you and I get the full story on some of the most significant issues facing Australia, and a look inside the newsrooms that bring them to you. It’s a week of fear and loathing in United States democracy. On this episode,...


The battle for Wentworth - Scott Morrison's big test

It’s the most important week of the year for the Federal Liberal Party. This Saturday the 103,000 people registered to vote in the Sydney electorate of Wentworth get to do two things - choose a replacement for Malcolm Turnbull, and decide if Scott Morrison gets to hold on to majority government or has to preside over a hung parliament. For new prime ministers by-elections are always high-stakes - but Wentworth is also high-cost. The Liberal Party is throwing everything at retaining the...


Nation population: How big is too big?

This year Australia's people count ticked over 25 million - three decades earlier than experts planned. In this episode of Please Explain we're taking on the issue crying out to be addressed by Australians all over. From our car-clogged cities, to dusty farms, people want to know: what is the plan for our population? Host Tory Maguire is joined by Politics Editor Peter Hartcher and Chief Political Correspondent David Crowe to discuss the politics of population - in a nation buit on...


Banking Bad - inside the royal commission

Rorts, fees for no service, charging fees from dead people, misleading regulators - and we're only half way through the commission. This week on Please Explain national editor Tory Maguire is joined by senior business journalist Adele Ferguson and senior columnist Stephen Bartholomeusz. What motivates the banks? And what contributed to such widespread misconduct? Business journalist Sarah Danckert talks us through the most dramatic moments of the commission, and NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn...


What on earth is going on at Aunty?

In episode 2, Please Explain takes a look inside the tumult of our national broadcaster to ask what on earth is going on at Aunty? National editor Tory Maguire is joined by executive editor James Chessell and columnist Jacqueline Maley to get to the the heart of the matter. Plus, we hear from former host of ABC's Media Watch Jonathan Holmes on the exalted role the charter plays in the goings-on at the organisation, and entertainment reporter Broede Carmody tells us what it means for viewers...


Is democracy dead?

Our first episode - “Is Democracy Dead?” - features Chief Political Correspondent of The Herald and The Age David Crowe, Nine’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann and former Daily Telegraph editor David Penberthy. Subscribe to The Age: or The Herald:


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