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I hope you enjoy the listen.

I hope you enjoy the listen.
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I hope you enjoy the listen.






The Subtext

This episode, Osarumen talks to us about his new venture, subtext.io. He evaluates companies and technology for a living and he now shares many of his thoughts on technology and companies via this new medium. You can signup for this at thesubtext.io I am personally a huge fan of the manner in which he delivers his thoughts and I strongly recommend that anyone interested in the current state and future of African technology and business should sign up. Follow him on twitter @skweird and...


News Update October 28th 2018

Hello All! Follow us @podsaveafrica on Insta. Enjoy this episode of news updates where we discuss everything from Ethiopia's strides in creating gender balanced leadership to Kanye west giving Uganda's president Museveni some Yeezy's Enjoy.


African Anonymous - The first time I got In trouble

This Episode is brought to you by Asa Afrique. This brand sources and sells some of the most beautiful designs from the African Continent. Please check them out at asaafrique.com and @asaafrique. Welcome to Africans Anonymous. It is a sporadic series in which we bring topical stories from the lives of africans and share them with you along consistent themes. The theme for this week is "the first time I got in trouble" Please enjoy and follow us @podsaveafrica on instagram.


Episode 48 - ChinAfrica

Let's Talk about China, This episode we layout the arguments for whether or not China is good for the African Continent. Enjoy! and while you are enjoying follow us @podsaveafrica on Instagram. We *Heart* You


Season 3 and Your Summer Recap

WE ARE BACK!!!! Welcome to season 3 y'all, we are happy to be back. We decided to start you off with a recap news update. Lot's happened this summer and we wanted to bring you up to speed with the news. Please Enjoy and Follow us on Instagram @podsaveafrica


Osarumen - The Thinker

Follow us @p0dsaveafrica! Got to chat with Osarumen about his life. He has had a fascinating journey thus far and in this episode he details everything from dropping out of school, becoming a composer, editing for a tech news outlet and arriving at his current occupation as a Venture capitalist. Please enjoy! Follow Osarumen @skweird on twitter. An Igbo Proverb O ji ututu tutuba na atutuju akpa. Translation : He who starts gathering early in the morning fills their bag before sunset. Meaning...


Nyema Igwe - The Builder

Follow us on Twitter! @p0dsaveafrica! Nyema is a fashion retail startup founder! She connects her customers to African creators using her platform. Today she discusses with me her experience thus far! Your Proverb of the week. Burundi Proverb - Ubugirirgiri bugira babiri Literal: An astute undertaking requires two persons Meaning: Good planning, decision making/work requires the participation/involvement of more than one person. Thank you. Follow her @asaafrique on Instagram and Twitter!


Chiimeh CMD - The Changer

First things first, follow us @p0dsaveafrica on twitter! I got to chat with Chiimeh CMD, we discussed a framework for creating change and how he has applied it in his life thus far. Please enjoy this enriching road trip conversation I got to have with him. A Burundi Proverb Aho Uburundi butunze urutoke hunakwa inzu Translation: Wherever Burundi points a finger, a house is built Meaning: In harmony, everything succeeds We talked to Chiimeh about the changes to the world and changing the...


Mpumi Nobiva - The Uplifter

Meet Mpumi, She helps to connect people to their purpose and has committed her life to helping people share their stories. To say her life has had grand twists and turns would be an understatement. She lost her mother at a young age and ended up being a mentee to Oprah Winfrey. A proverb in Kiswahili Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake Translation : Wisdom is like hair, everyone has his/her own. Celebrate your diversity/uniqueness/singularity/individualism. Hear her share her story with us at...


Season 2.5 Episode 1 : Iko, The Uniter

WE ARE BACK!! Well partly. The team at Pod Save Africa has spent the last few weeks (really months) taking a break from the podcast to refresh ourselves and our content. We have missed you dearly and as we move into the new season, we'd like to share with you some of the stories we have had the opportunity to hear over the last few months. These will be presented in a mini-season format. Iko spends his life bringing people together to grow and heal in the ways that can only happen in a...


Episode 46 - Season 2 Finale

Listen to the end for a special announcement. One year ago, I sat in the living room of my apartment with one of my very good friends to discuss corruption on the african continent. It was a discussion that had happened countless times but the difference was that I recorded it. That recording became the first episode of Pod Save Africa and today April 16th is our One year Anniversary. In that time people on 6 continents in over 70 different countries have listened 33,500 times to 46 episodes...


La Grande Afrique

This episode, I get to chat with Kamila Yusuf. We discuss storytelling, the dangers of letting others tell our stories and the magazine she helps run called La Grande Afrique. She shares some insightful hot takes in this episode. Have a listen. She references a young entrepreneur featured on La Grande Afrique. See the link to the article below....


Proceed with Caution : Your April 1st News Update

Our show note this week is dedicated to Winnie Mandela and the tremendous life you lived. Sacrificing much of your own life for the liberation of others. Rest in Power Mama. Have a look at stories on everything over the past two weeks ranging from new Leadership in Ethiopia and Botswana to the release of the Dapchi Girls in Nigeria. Thank you so much and follow us on twitter @p0dsaveafrica. Intro - Outro Track : I do Everything - Masego


Wakanda appropriation is this?

Have you worn a dashiki recently without knowing where it came from? Do you mispronounce every African Name you have ever come across? We at Pod Save Africa have an exciting and informative episode here for you! My guest today is the resplendent Ify Okoh. She gives her sage advice on how to navigate the throws of interacting with many cultures without appropriating or disrespecting them. Intro and Outro Track : I do everything - Masego


Australia's Home Affairs Minister Is A Racist Moron - March 18 News Update

Hello! Its your news update for March 18th. We bring to you a well roasted blend of positive and concerning news on things you should know from every coast of the greatest continent on earth. Mining rights in DRC, South African farmland, Uncle bob and so much more are on the menu for this week. Have a listen and Enjoy! Thank you. Intro and Outro Track : I do everything - Masego


Death By Ambition : The African Dream

Hi its Akinade here, Today I share one of my most treasured truths. I talk about what it means to grow up as a young African whose I identity is formed around his dream to make life better for his community. I hope my thoughts find a place to resonate within you. Thank you. Please Enjoy and follow us on twitter @p0dsaveafrica. Intro Track : 20:17 by Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm Outro Track : Languta - Hugh Masekela


March 4th News Update - Just show that you care

This week we bring to you the latest news stories from the past two weeks. Jong Massaquoi joins us in the delivery of this news update. We talk about how leaders show that they care about their people in trying times. We also discuss the African Union and the Flight of the African population. We hope you are enlightened. Thank you. Follow us on twitter @p0dsaveafrica.


Internationalism : Differences

Ayy!! We just need you to know that you are wonderful. Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Internationalism. Kayode Odumboni moved to America to get his PHD a few months ago. He is an astute observer and uses his experience to facilitate this conversation around cultural differences. This was both hilarious and insightful. Please Enjoy and follow us on twitter @p0dsaveafrica. Outro Track : Languta - Hugh Masekela


Episode 38 - Wakanda Forever

What would you do if your 36 Million of your hard earned Wakandandian dollars were swallowed by a snake? This episode we discussed the change of power in South Africa, the resignation of the Ethiopian PM, one really absurd robbery and of course the Black Panther Movie. #Spoilers Enjoy and hit us up on twitter @p0dsaveafrica. Intro and Outro Track. Hugh Masekela - Languta


Best Of Both Worlds : African And American

We are beginning a series on Internationalism drawn from an organized discussion put together by Adora Namigadde called Low-key ted talks. Adora begins the series by telling the story of her struggle with place and its consequences in her life. We discuss and dissect the idea of duality when it comes to identity. We hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did. Find us on twitter @p0dsaveafrica and Adora on twitter @adorakn Thank you. Intro and Outro Track. Hugh Masekela - Languta