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The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.

The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.


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The political game in Georgia is more dynamic than ever. From local elected officials to state and federal government, we're facing complicated issues. On "Political Rewind" we take the time to break down these issues, speaking directly to the decision makers. We not only get you caught up on the week that was in state politics, but we look ahead so that you will stay informed.






Political Rewind: Plans to reintroduce voting rights act; Redistricting could pit Dems vs. Dems

Wednesday on Political Rewind: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he will bring the federal voting rights bill to the floor for a vote today. In other news, the trial of Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryant is undergoing jury selection. The men are charged with murder in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting, and the judge presiding over the trial is worried that jury selection is taking far too long. Plus, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan takes his book tour to New Hampshire, prompting...


Political Rewind: Buckhead city opposition grows; jury selection begins in Arbery murder trial

Tuesday on Political Rewind: Opponents of the Buckhead City movement launched a counteroffensive yesterday. In a news conference at the state Capitol, Democratic legislators who represent the city cited economic and social hardships they say severing Buckhead from Atlanta would cause to both jurisdictions. Our panel looked at where the secession movement stands today. Also, the first day of jury selection in the trial of the three men charged with murder in the shooting of 25-year-old Ahmaud...


Political Rewind: As Ahmaud Arbery's murder trial begins, reform and calls for further change

Monday on Political Rewind: The trial for the three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery gets underway in Brunswick, Ga., this week. Arbery’s killing led to changes in Georgia law, the indictment of a long-serving district attorney and an effort to clean up and diversify the Glynn County Police Department. We looked at what to expect as the trial gets underway and how the case reverberated across the legal and political landscape in Georgia. Georgia Recorder writer Stanley Dunlap...


Political Rewind: Changes to tenure raise alarm among faculty; Trump claims supporters may not vote

Friday on Political Rewind: Republican candidates on Georgia’s 2022 ballot are remaining silent about President Donald Trump’s prediction that GOP voters will not go to the polls next year if the party does not push harder to uncover his already-disproven claims of election fraud in 2020 election. In other news, Georgia Board of Regents decided to make sweeping changes to the rules governing how tenured faculty at state universities are evaluated, drawing alarm from many members of faculty....


Political Rewind: Officials talk bold action on climate change. But are we on the right track?

Thursday on Political Rewind, stories about climate change are rarely out of the headlines these days. This week, it’s news about wind farms. The Biden Administration has announced plans to develop seven major offshore wind farms on the east and west coasts and along the Gulf of Mexico. It’s part of a larger plan to generate enough alternative energy to power 10 million homes by 2030. In just over two weeks, the U.N. will convene its global Climate Change Conference, where countries will be...


Political Rewind: No counterfeit ballots found in Fulton; Walker boasts campaign funds

Wednesday on Political Rewind: A lawsuit accusing Georgia's presidential election of being rigged collapsed on Wednesday. Earlier in the week, state election investigators have told a Superior Court judge they found no evidence to back up claims by plaintiffs, who allege counterfeit ballots were counted in Fulton County last year. But on Wednesday, Henry County judge Judge Brian Amero dismissed the case. The judge wrote that the plaintiffs, including Garland Favorito of the group VoterGA,...


Political Rewind: Atlanta Mayoral Race; Big Bills On Capitol Hill; Shredded Voter Forms In Fulton

Tuesday on Political Rewind: Early voting in municipal elections across the state started today. In Atlanta, candidates for mayor will feature in a series of debates that are becoming increasingly contentious. Meanwhile, news broke yesterday that two election workers in Fulton County were fired for allegedly shredding 300 paper voter registration applications instead of processing them. Fulton County elections director Rick Barron said Monday that other employees reported the alleged...


Political Rewind: Report confirms Georgia U.S Attorney resigned after pressure from Trump

Friday on Political Rewind, a newly released transcript of former Georgia U.S. Attorney Bjay Pak’s testimony before a senate committee reveals what many already suspected. Pak’s abrupt resignation early this year came after he was told that former President Donald Trump was pushing to have him fired. Pak failed to support Trump's claim that massive fraud gave President Joe Biden a victory in Georgia. The transcript reveals that Pak thought Trump's claims were “crazy.” Also, at least one...


Political Rewind October 7, 2021

Thursday on Political Rewind: DeKalb County conducts a successful COVID-19 vaccination drive thanks to a gift card giveaway to those who take the shots. Those who got a shot in the arm during the drive also received a $100 gift card. DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond said that leaders should take politics out of COVID-19 decisions and focus on saving lives. "When I know close to 1,100 DeKalb County residents have been killed by the virus, I know that 12,000 Georgians and over 700,000...


Political Rewind: Gov. Kemp takes a trip to Texas; the FBI investigates threats against Ga. school boards

Wednesday on Political Rewind: Gov. Brian Kemp is taking a trip to Texas. He and nine other GOP governors visit the U.S.-Mexico border today. They will also hold a news conference, blaming President Joe Biden for failing to stop an escalating number of illegal border crossings. This trip is Kemp's third visit to the southern border since becoming governor. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI to investigate harassment and threats of violence aimed at school boards in...


Political Rewind: Herschel Walker shrugs off allegations; does Joe Biden appeal to critical voters?

Tuesday on Political Rewind: Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker responded to allegations of domestic violence during an interview with a conservative radio host this week — sort of. Walker shrugged off the allegations and insisted questions from journalists about his past were illegitimate. Multiple women have alleged Walker violently threatened them. His former wife obtained a protective order from a judge against him in 2005 after she said he threatened to shoot her in the head....


Political Rewind: The Supreme Court is back in session. Its decisions could reshape Georgia law

Monday on Political Rewind: It is the first day of a new session for the United States Supreme Court and justices will hear a raft of significant cases that hold consequences for Georgia law. A New York gun rights case could decide Georgians’ right to carry concealed weapons without a permit, while another case concerning religious liberty could allow state funds to be sent to religious schools. Meanwhile, the justices will consider a Mississippi case that could determine the fate of...


Political Rewind: Ga. follows CDC on COVID boosters; Congress rushes vote; election lies endure

Friday on Political Rewind: Georgia will follow CDC guidelines on who can receive the COVID-19 booster shot. Gov. Brian Kemp and state health director Kathleen Toomey announced health department vaccination sites have begun giving booster shots to eligible residents this week. The news comes even as Georgia remains in the lowest tier of states with fully vaccinated people. In news from the U.S. Capitol, a last-minute vote in Washington, D.C., averted a federal government shutdown last night....


Political Rewind: Buckhead secession, federal infrastructure fights and Cobb school mask debates

Thursday on Political Rewind: Supporters of the creation of a new city of Buckhead are moving forward with efforts to see the issues brought before the state legislature. Lawmakers in favor of the proposal announced they will hold state senate hearings on the controversial measure during the November special legislative session. So far, no lawmakers representing Buckhead have signed on to the effort. But Buckhead succession could see broad support from Republican legislators from elsewhere...


Political Rewind: Draft of Ga. congressional maps is drawing eyes to state's upcoming redistricting

Wednesday on Political Rewind: An early draft of new congressional district maps in Georgia drew renewed attention to the upcoming redistricting process that begins in November. The draft will likely undergo changes when lawmakers meet in the state Capitol on Nov. 3 for a legislative special session. Republican lawmakers appeared to target Democratic U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath’s 6th District seat for the most drastic changes while leaving Rep. Carolyn Bordeaux's 7th District safe for Democrats....


Political Rewind: Immigration Crisis Intensifies; Draft of Ga.'s Congressional Maps Unveiled

Tuesday on Political Rewind: State Republican legislators released a first draft of Georgia's new congressional districts. Although still in an early stage, the map reveals Republicans may target U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath’s 6th District seat for a Republican takeover. Meanwhile, the preliminary lines could strengthen Democratic control of the neighboring 7th District. Also, a new federal effort aims to protect thousands of residents brought to the United States at a young age. The White House...


Political Rewind: Lingering GOP Schism Takes Center Stage At Ga. Trump Rally

Monday on Political Rewind: Former President Donald Trump’s rally in Perry over the weekend drew big names on the 2022 ballot for Republicans. The event also stirred up controversy: Trump continued his attacks on Gov. Brian Kemp, exasperating the schism between loyalists to the former president and the main figures behind the state Republican Party. Former Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jim Galloway said the public derision on display might turn off voters from participating in...


Political Rewind: Federal Court Considers Restrictive Ga. Abortion Law; Kemp Calls Special Session

Friday on Political Rewind: A federal appeals court took up the question of Georgia's controversial abortion statute, HB 481. The law, which would effectively outlaw abortion, has yet to go into effect because of a lower court's ruling. Our panel discussed the potential consequences of restrictive abortion law. Georgia's law is one of a number of legislation involving abortion access across the country that have become significant recently. A controversial law in Texas allows U.S. residents...


Political Rewind: 115 Years Ago, Atlanta's 1906 Race Massacre Changed Atlanta Forever

Thursday on Political Rewind: The Atlanta Race Massacre occurred 115 years ago this week. On Sept. 22, 1906, a white mob began a four-day rampage through Black communities in Atlanta. Twenty-five Black residents were murdered, hundreds more were terrorized, and buildings and businesses were destroyed. The mob's anger was stoked by segregationist politicians and sensationalist reporting from the city's two major newspapers at the time, The Atlanta Constitution and The Atlanta Journal. Despite...


Political Rewind: Abrams Dodges 'Rumors' At Kickoff Of U.S. Tour; Raffensperger Starts Tour Of His Own

Wednesday on Political Rewind: Despite enormous speculation Stacey Abrams intends to run for Georgia governor in 2022, she has so far kept quiet on her political plans. During a sold-out event this week in San Antonio, Abrams kicked off a national tour. During the event she again avoided any mention of the governor's race. Her tour will take her to dozens of cities. Meanwhile, Brad Raffensperger is taking the first steps in a virtual tour to begin promoting his new book on how he fought...