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Episode 028: Note to Cuomo: America is the Greatest Country in the History of the World!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that America was "never that great." Today I talk about why he was wrong and why he should go door to door begging for the forgiveness of every American who sacrificed to make this country what it is today and every family member of every American who made the ultimate sacrifice to help keep this country great. There are lots of bleeps in this one.


Episode 027: Trump, Franken, and Ellison Put Fluidity of Media Standards on Full Display

The media is approaching domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison with caution and skepticism, but where was that skepticism when the angry mob demanded the Senate perform an aggressive Franken-ectomy? Where is that caution and skepticism when it comes to ANY allegation against president Trump?


Episode 026: "Democratic Socialism" is Economic Snake Oil

Why did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Accuse Ben Shapiro of sexism just for requesting a debate? Because Democratic Socialism is snake oil! If you’re selling snake oil and someone in the crowd holds up a snake and asks for a demonstration what do you do? The answer is anything in the whole wide world other than demonstrate. Democratic socialism is Step Two: Provide everyone with everything on the taxpayer’s dime. Step One: To be determined. If I were a Democratic socialist I wouldn’t go within a...


Episode 025: The Media Can't Fool President Trump's Supporters

Judging the midterm electorate by a special election is like judging a child’s behavior by watching them on Christmas Eve. It’s like judging a person’s beauty by the picture they used on their dating profile. It’s not a representative sample. Yesterday, when the MSM narrative was, “Rock the vote for Danny O’Connor” the media was desperate to make sure everyone knew about Balderson’s Franklin County gaffe. Today, they want to keep it secret. Because it doesn’t fit the new narrative: “The...


Episode 024: The MSM's BLUE WAVE FEVER is Back

Democrats have blue wave fever again this week. It’s an epidemic! But today, I’m going to spread around a little electoral Germ-X so that nobody in this audience comes down with it! With zero percent of precincts reporting, Democrats and the mainstream media are ready to call the special election in Ohio’s 12th district for Democrat Danny O’Connor. Why? A new poll came out that showed the Republican Balderson with only a 1 point lead. Democrats are ecstatic about this one poll. The...


Episode 023: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Big, Blue, Anti-Trump Wave

Whenever a 2018 election poll comes out that looks good for Democrats, the mainstream media starts shaking their pom-poms and giving away blue wave spirit ribbons. Early this year every news cycle was 24 hours a day blue wave coverage. The blue wave cheerleading has slowed down since polling data turned against the Democrats, but there are still blue wave devotees on the left. Unfortunately for them, the House and Senate maps don't show any signs of a blue wave, and- more importantly-...


Episode 022: McCarthyism is Back, and President Trump is the Target

The most substantial Russian interference in our government was invited in by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. It was invited in by the DOJ and FBI who have used the "unverified and salacious" Steele Dossier as though it were real evidence. They’re the ones undermining our government because they think it will undo an election they didn’t like the results of. The Mueller investigation, the fake obstruction of justice case Mueller is working on, the ourtrageous claims of treason, the Trump...


Episode 021: Anti-Trump HYSTERIA is the Real Blue Wave

This morning some genius took a pick ax and destroyed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Lots of folks on Twitter are cheering this act of vandalism. This is what the blue wave really is. It’s not an electoral phenomenon that’s going to flip seats in Congress from Democrat to Republican, the blue wave is just a wave of anger on the far left. It’s angry mobs, hyperbolic opinion pieces, hysterical twitter mobs, and the occasional vandalism. Take a good look at that picture...


Episode 020: Pelosi Will be the Official Piñata of the 2018 Midterms

Montana House candidate, Democrat Kathleen Williams' new ad takes a swing at Nancy Pelosi, and this is just the beginning. Pelosi is going the be the official piñata of the 2018 midterms. She has shown that she's out of touch with middle America, she has enabled #Resistance, end-of-Democracy nonsense, and she has shown herself to be a feckless minority leader. It only makes sense that Democrats who want to flip red districts would see her as the ultimate liability- an obstacle instead of...


Episode 019: The Democrats's Anti-Trump Impeachment Fantasies are Back

The Media promised us again and again that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election! Her shocking loss left Democrats and the mainstream media in a state of grief, and the rest of us are forced to sit around and watch them go through the stages. We've seen the denial, we've seen the anger, and now- with new calls to impeach President Trump- we're seeing the bargaining. But the Democrats' impeachment calls for impeachment are simply fan fiction. There is no evidence to impeach President...


Episode 018: Trump Support Smells Like Victory!

During Thursday's Strzok Hearing, Democrats were OUTRAGED when Louie Gohmert crossed the line from the professional into the personal by commenting on Strzok's adultery. My question is, why didn't they react the same way to EVERY SINGLE STRZOK TEXT? Strzok did the exact same thing! Where's the outrage? Senate Democrats are demanding promises of Recusal from Judge Kavanaugh. Why do they believe Peter Strzok can effectively compartmentalize his Trump hate and be fair, but they don't...


Episode 017: Senate Democrats are Playing With Fire

Heitkamp, Manchin, and Donnelly, will all vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Obstructing President Trump while they’re campaigning in red states would be political suicide! The Democratic party doesn’t care. Like a true whip, Dick Durbin said last week on one of the Sunday shows that they should sacrifice themselves to the cause of obstruction. Yeah. Because that’s what happens all the time. Politicians always sacrifice their own personal power. They all voted yea on Gorsuch when the election was...


Episode 016: President Trump Will Put the Constitution in Safe Hands

I have a message for the left today: If you can find an absolute right to abortion in the fourteenth amendment, but you can’t find a right to bear arms in the second amendment, you may be reading the Constitution in a politically selective way. See, the left thinks the Supreme Court should be a tiny little nine person legislature. That’s what living constitutionalism is. It’s the belief that the Constitution is a living breathing document which changes on its own over time. If that’s the...


Episode 015: The Blessings of Liberty

Happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate the original Brexit- Brexit 1776. Today we celebrate what is at the absolute core of American values. The political philosophy espoused in our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The government secures our liberties, but it does not create them. They are the rights that belong to every member of the human race just for existing. It says the same thing in the Constitution. Some people will insist it doesn’t but it does. Right there in...


Episode 014: How Trump Supporters Saved the Constitution and America

If it weren’t for president Trump and his supporters, we’d have a supreme court now with two Obama appointees, two Hillary Clinton appointees, a Bill Clinton appointee, and two unreliable Conservatives. We would have a Liberal majority on the court who believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document that changes on its own to accomodate the whims of the political left. Conservatism would be dead for a generation. The constitution would be dormant for a generation. Thankfully,...


Episode 013 SWAMP BUBBLES: The left is Unhinged!

You don’t drain the swamp without making bubbles, and the longer President Trump is in office the bigger those bubbles seem to get. You can hear the gurgling sound as political establishment’s status quo circles the drain. The Democratic Party has gone over the edge. They're unhinged! In the very short term, it might energize the Democratic party’s activist base, but that’s a small group. As they energize that group, they are fatiguing the much-larger silent majority. But no worries. All...


Episode 012: Ignorance is Strength: The MSM is Fueled by Anti-Trump Delusion

The Democratic party has put all their eggs in the basket of creating short-term fear. In the long term, that strategy is going to destroy them. Leftism is already unpopular. Look at the 2016 election. 2014. 2010. Lost the presidency, lost the house, lost the senate, lost the house, lost 1000 state legislature seats. The country needs two strong political parties to oppose each other. One dominant party is bad news for the country. That’s as swampy as it gets. So, leftists, mainstream...


Episode 011: Why Democrats Will Sabotage any GOP Immigration Fix

The left is playing a political game with immigration policy (again). If you don't understand their game, it’s going to be very confusing in the coming days when they start sabotaging Republican solutions to the family separation problem. Once, you know their game, their obstruction will make perfect sense. It’s very similar to the game they tried to play with DACA: Why allow a problem to be fixed when it can benefit us politically? Top links: Jeff Sessions's USA Today op-ed Saagar...


Episode 010: Trump Supporters VS The Swamp

The swamp thinks the power is theirs, but it’s not. The power is ours. The power belongs to the people, we just delegate it to our leaders. As long as you’re in our government, We’re not your subjects; you’re our subjects. That’s why the term is "public servant" and not "public master." It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how many Ivy League degrees you have, how great you think your ideas are, or how morally superior you feel. You can’t own the power. It belongs to We the People.


Episode 009: The Democrats Have No Clue How to Protect Our Country

Less than a year ago the media was melting down and pushing the idea that Trump was leading us toward nuclear war with North Korea. Today, they're melting down because they didn't like the optics of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. They're moving the goalposts on President Trump, and every day it is becoming clearer and clearer that the Democrats have no clue how to protect our country.