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Episode 058: Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Teepee Topples

The New York Times dropped a random hit piece on Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of the media knew exactly what to do- pile on as quickly as possible. 48 hours later, the Warren-Campaign-Teepee-Topples media narrative is doing its job- making sure she won't win the 2020 Democratic nomination. It's all part of the MSM's game of deciding elections before a single vote has been cast.


Episode 057: Desperate for Votes, Nancy Pelosi Just Made a MAJOR Concession

Nancy Pelosi is desperately trying to lock down 218 Speaker votes before January 3, and she just cut a deal that landed her 8 dissenters but cost her a HUGE chunk of the Speaker's power.


Episode 056: Media Already Eager to Call 2020 Election for the Democrat

It's already started! The media is churning out anti-Trump fan fiction disguised as analysis. Settle in for two more years of "Trump will lose in 2020" narratives from the mainstream media. Didn't they learn anything from their epic mass failure in 2016? Apparently not! MEMO to MSM: voters decide elections, not the media, not the congress, not Hollywood celebrities, not the pundits, not the data journalists, not the newspaper endorsements, and not the big donors. Just the voters.


Episode 055: A Desperate Nancy Pelosi Starts Handing Out Cookies

After Nancy Pelosi bought off two of her critics, another nine House Democrats have come out against Nancy Pelosi's Speaker bid. The votes are piling up against her as the 116th Congress draws ever closer. Can Pelosi secure 218 votes, or are the Democrats headed for the WORST House leadership crisis in almost 100 years?


Episode 054: Trump Pardons Turkey (by Returning his Press Pass)

Most Americans believe in due process, but the mainstream media and the Democrats don't- at least, not when it’s due process for some random college kid with his whole future ahead of him. Or when it's due process for a Supreme Court nominee whose rulings they're sure to despise. But if it’s Jim Acosta’s hard pass at stake, suddenly they’re all "Hands Across America" for the fifth amendment.


Episode 053: Grab the Popcorn: The Democrats Are Facing a Leadership Crisis

How beautiful would it be to see House Democrats shake the etch-a-sketch on Nancy Pelosi? The most important issue in the news right now is the race to become speaker of the house. Make no mistake, this is a referendum on the future of the Democratic Party. They won back the house by lurching to the right. Period. It’s the opposite of how Republicans won back the House in 2010. Ideologically, House Democrats just made a giant lurch to the right. That’s a fact. They won tossup districts by...


Episode 052: Jeff Flake Might Run Against Trump in 2020 (LMAO!)

Jeff Flake, the 99th most popular Senator according to the newest data from Morning Consult, has apparently decided that his failure to satisfy a state-sized electorate qualifies him to move on to the national level. That's right! Flake is considering a Presidential run in 2020. Here's why that is a hilariously misguided idea.


Episode 051: UH OH! Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Have the Votes to Become Speaker of the House

Turns out the anti-Pelosi message worked great for Democrats in tossup states, but now it has the party in big trouble!Even before all the results are in, Democrats have elected 19 new representatives who refused to endorse Nancy Pelosi for speaker during their campaigns. Given the number of candidates who explicitly promised not to support Pelosi for Speaker, she can't get to 218 votes needed to lead the new Democratic House majority.


Episode 050: Obama and the Cherry Tree: A Legacy of Lying

In the lead up to the 2018 midterms, President Obama is holding rallies all over America where he takes credit for President Trump's OUTSTANDING economy. All this false narrative creating has me thinking of Obama's legacy of lies. How would the famous cherry tree myth go down if Obama had the ax instead of George Washington? Also, are we headed for a red wave, blue wave, or something else entirely on Tuesday?


Episode 049: TRUMP WINS AGAIN: Democrats Are Campaigning Against Nancy Pelosi and the 'Crazy' Left

ALL the experts told us there would be a blue wave in the 2018 midterms because it would be so easy to run against Trump and so hard for Democrats to distance themselves from Trump. THE TOTAL OPPOSITE HAPPENED! Democrats in tossup states and tossup districts aren't running against Trump, they're running against Pelosi, the "Crazy" left, and the Democratic Party. Music from: https://www.purple-planet.com/


Episode 048: Forget a Blue Wave! Did Anyone Notice There's a HUGE Anti-Pelosi Wave?

Right now, most of the Democratic candidates who stand a chance at flipping Republican seats in the 2018 midterms are running against the leadership of Nancy Pelosi! There is no Anti-Trump blue wave, but there is definitely an anti-Pelosi wave of Democrats running against the values of the national party leadership!


Episode 047: 2018 Midterms are Looking GREAT for GOP!

I take a look at 10 Congressional districts in the middle of the country and discover that most of them have strong GOP fundamentals, but they're listed as tossups because ONE poll (the NYT/Siena poll) is expecting a blue wave electorate. Sorry, NYT, there is NO BLUE WAVE!


Episode 046: Sorry Democrats, There's No Blue Wave: House of Reps Edition (Part I)

As a coven of Witches in Brooklyn attempt to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh, I take a look at 7 House races out west. The national media McPundits keep promising Democrats will take back the House, but a little bit of context on the tossup races shows that winning those races will be a tough climb for Democrats. The districts in this episode are CA10, CA45, CA25, CA48, CA39, WA8, and UT4. Horror Gothic Music courtesy of Purple Planet Music (https://www.purple-planet.com/)


Episode 045: That Was FAST! Warren's 2020 Presidential Campaign is Already a Disaster

Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage is- hands down- the most absurd issue in American politics. If you don’t know, she had a DNA test performed that showed she may or may not be 1/1024th Native American. She did a big campaign video where the Doctor who did the DNA test does the big reveal. It’s embarrassing just to watch. But it all boils down to one simple fact that everyone understand: Warren checked the wrong box because she thought it might give her an edge. Period.


Episode 044: Sorry (not sorry), Democrats, Polls Prove There is NO Blue Wave

In this episode, I go through a ton of polling data and show that all of the momentum right now is on the side of the GOP. Democrats are operating way outside the overtone window. They're behaving like an angry mob, and the country isn't having it. I also take a look at Senate toss-ups, one by one.


Episode 043: Democrats Promised Disaster, but President Trump Delivered Prosperity

The Democrats promised us that the Trump era would be the biggest disaster in the history of the country. The end of Democracy! Collusion with Russia! Mass Hysteria! Now, they have no issues to run on in 2018 because Trump has delivered prosperity instead of crisis. It's impossible to imagine any sensible American being impressed with what has become of the Democratic Party.


Episode 042: Susan Collins Saves America!

Susan Collins is a patriot, and she proved that yesterday when she wasn’t willing to offer up Brett Kavanaugh as a human sacrifice even though the metoo gods allegedly demanded it. I don’t always agree with Susan Collins, but she’s a patriot. Now, she's receiving the two minutes of hate from the left because she thinks that we should have a higher standard for destroying a person’s life than unspecific, uncorroborated allegations made 36 years after the fact.


Episode 041: New Poll DESTROYS the Democrats's Kavanaugh Narrative

The new Harvard-Harris Poll Shows that a majority of the country is NOT melting down over the evidence-free accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. It also destroys the media's Women-Are-So-Angry narrative. In reality, women and men are reacting in the same numbers.


Episode 040: The Democrats Have Gone Full Joe McCarthy; Confirm Kavanaugh NOW!

Democrats have set their Smear-Machine to "Destroy" in pursuit of stopping President Trump from appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The presumption of innocence is the foundation of American justice. If Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed because of an accusation with no time, no place, no witnesses, and no evidence—an accusation he categorically denies—it’s open season on everyone.


Episode 039: 10 BIG Reasons to be Skeptical of the Accusations Against Kavanaugh

The left keeps telling me that we need to shut up and believe the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, but that is never how justice works! Justice requires us to be analytical and give due process to both sides. We should search for truth not award it based on gender. So, here's 10 BIG reasons to be skeptical of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.