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Eviscerating Progressive nonsense, annihilating imbecility, and serving up culture, politics, and American history from a Conservative perspective.

Eviscerating Progressive nonsense, annihilating imbecility, and serving up culture, politics, and American history from a Conservative perspective.


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Eviscerating Progressive nonsense, annihilating imbecility, and serving up culture, politics, and American history from a Conservative perspective.






Episode 097: Schiff's Big Impeachment Scam

Schiff believes there's a correlation between Americans' personal feelings about Trump and their opinion on impeachment, so he's decided that making you hate Trump is easier than finding evidence of impeachable offenses.


Episode 096: Behind Schiff's Scam

Adam Schiff tried to protect Russian disinformation from Republican scrutiny. By his own rules, that makes him a Russian colluder. Maybe he should investigate himself.


Episode 095: Pelosi Made a HUGE Mistake

Democrats failed to muster a single Republican vote for their sham of an impeachment inquiry, which proves what many Conservatives have been alleging all along- this isn't a legitimate exercise of the impeachment power. This is a partisan attack on President trump.


Episode 094: House Democrats are About to Hand the 2020 Election to Trump

A NYT/Siena shows that impeaching and removing Trump are extremely unpopular in six important battleground states. This is just one of many reasons that I still don't believe House Democrats will impeach President Trump. If they impeach him, that are probably handing him the 2020 election.


Episode 093: House Dems are the Fusion GPS of 2020

The House Democrats are not going to impeach President Trump because impeaching him would pass the issue to the Republican-controlled Senate and end the Dems' ability to collect oppo research for on Trump.


Episode 092: Blueprints for the Democrats's ACME Impeachment Rocket

I break down how the Democrats decided to impeach Trump before they looked at the evidence against him and explain why that might not be such a super great idea.


Episode 091: Sorry, Dems! D.C. Statehood is Unconstitutional

The Democrats are pushing hard for D.C. statehood. In this episode I explain why it's unconstitutional AND I propose a solution for making sure every single DC resident has two Senators and a representative.


Episode 090: Debate Analysis: The Democratic Party is a Disaster

Anyone who watched the debate could clearly see that the Democratic Party has abandoned reason, logic, common sense, and the Constitution. All they have left is propaganda, word games, and hyperbole. 80 percent of the people on stage that night could NEVER win a national election.


Episode 089: A Free Civics Lesson for AOC and the Democratic Party

In this episode, I make up for the total failure of AOC's 9th grade Civics teacher by explaining for her and the rest of the Democratic Party how federalism, the Constitution, and the electoral college work. Don't forget to check out www.predictit.com/promo/patriots20


Episode 088: CNN Jumps the Shark!

Less than 24 hours after melting down because Fox News hired Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a contributor and Sean Spicer got a spot on Dancing With the Stars, CNN has hired disgraced former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe as a contributor. He'll apparently be providing us analysis on a news story that he's deeply invested in the outcome of. Hand it to CNN, nothing says good journalism like providing a disgraced public servant with a platform to propagandize.


Episode 087: Why Biden and Warren Have Democrats Terrified

The great paradox Democrats face right now is the fact that Joe Biden is the only candidate ideologically suited to beat Trump, and the only candidate that won't do damage down the ballot, but that's all he has going for him. Everything else about Biden's candidacy is disastrous. And don't forget to take advantage of the PredictIt promo code by visitng http://Predictit.com/promo/patriots20


Episode 086: Biden and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week

Biden is making an unforced error every single day now despite the fact that he is keeping a less busy schedule than the other candidates. Meanwhile, the Media is trying to protect him from his own mistakes. After this week, I'm convinced that Trump would wipe the floor with him.


Episode 085: Mueller's Escape Hatch

Mueller's performance in front of Congress left many believing that he's somewhere between incompetent and deranged, but I think he's a sly fox trying to distance himself from the corruption that's about to be exposed.


Episode 084: It's UNCONSTITUTIONAL to Count Illegal Immigrants Toward Representation, Here's Why

The second section of the 14th amendment states plainly that if a population of people within a state cannot vote, then they cannot be counted toward representation. That means that the current distribution of house seats (and consequently electoral votes) is unconstitutional. Allowing states to derive power from a population that cannot vote is tyrannical toward that population.


Episode 083: So Long, Joe Biden!

Joe Biden is getting the GOP treatment from the media now, and he has no idea how to deal with it.


Episode 082: Democratic Debate Participation Trophies

In my analysis of the Democratic debates, I'm handing out Superlatives! Most likely to develop laryngitis, most likely to be a millennial, most likely to underestimate middle America and more!


Episode 081: How News Goes From BREAKING to BULLS#!T

The Trump administration is using Ft. Sill to house unaccompanied children who illegally crossed the border EXACTLY like the Obama administration did in 2014. The media spun Ft. Sill into a Japanese internment camp... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spun the media's spin into concentration camps... Here's a detailed look at how the news went from breaking to BS.


Episode 080: Trump is Right About the MSM, and Here's the Proof

There was a story in the news this week that perfectly illustrates why President Trump constantly tears into the mainstream media and calls them Fake News. This story is sort of a microcosm for everything the term fake news embodies. When there was a huge influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the border in 2014, the MSM covered it VERY differently than they're covering it today.


Episode 079: Food for Mobocrats

The Democratic party is divided between the sane Democrats and the mobocrats who want to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. Right now, the sane Democrats are being marginalized while Democratic leaders are busy feeding the mobocrats as much as they can as often as they can.


Episode 078: The Democrats' Civil War

The crosstabs from the brand new Harvard-Harris poll show a deeply divided Democratic Party ESPECIALLY on immigration policies. Why are the patriotic, Constitution-loving, capitalist Democrats allowing their own party to marginalize them?