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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.

Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.


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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.






The ethics of incarceration during a pandemic

What coronavirus means for crowded prisons, from reporter Kimberly Kindy. The tension in a community that’s dealing with a deadly outbreak but reluctant to shut down its economy, from Cleve Wootson. And, how the virus is separating extended families, from Caitlin Gibson. Read more: Amid fears that the coronavirus will be particularly deadly in the crowded prisons and jails, counties and states are releasing thousands of inmates. A pro-Trump community in Florida, hit early by virus, sits...


How do you 'shelter in place' when you're homeless?

White House economics reporter Jeff Stein explains how corporations are benefiting from the stimulus package. And Hannah Dreier on why “sheltering in place” isn’t really an option for people who are homeless. Read more: What’s in the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package? For the homeless, coronavirus is a new menace in a perilous life. Follow The Post’s live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic here. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


School’s out forever?

School closures are a big deal for kids and parents, says education reporter Moriah Balingit. How the shift to online learning has exposed America’s deep digital divide from Tony Romm. And an audio diary of working from home with kids, from Alexis Diao. Read more: The unintended consequences of closing schools. The move to online learning is exposing Internet-access inequality among kids in the U.S. Online learning has a curve. Post Reports producer Alexis Diao keeps a diary of working...


Will the biggest stimulus bill in U.S. history be enough?

Many Americans will receive a check during the pandemic –– but how much, and when? Heather Long explains the federal relief package. Emily Heil checks in with laid-off restaurant workers. And, Abha Bhattarai on those who can’t afford to stock up. Read more: Who’s set to receive a check from the government during the pandemic? Find out here. Laid-off restaurant industry workers are trying to find a way to live during this pandemic. Imagine a 69-year-old woman unable to buy the groceries...


Why cruises kept sailing despite coronavirus dangers

Cruise ships continued to sail as the coronavirus spread. Beth Reinhard explains why. Michael Scherer reports on the awkwardness of campaigning during a pandemic. And Simon Denyer on how Japan is handling covid-19. Read more: Cruises didn’t stop operations until it was too late. Health experts are asking why. How do you campaign for president during a pandemic? Japan is handling the coronavirus in its own way. Here’s what that looks like. Follow the Post’s live coverage of the...


The quiet genius of a zombie virus

Brady Dennis reports on the growing number of cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States. Sarah Kaplan explains the science of why this virus is so dangerous. And, Rick Maese on the Tokyo Olympics, now postponed until 2021. Read more: ‘It’s going to get bad’: As outbreak surges, nation faces tough start to a grim week. The science behind what makes this coronavirus so sneaky, deadly and difficult to defeat. The 2020 Olympics will be postponed. We talked to athletes about how...


The pandemic warnings that were ignored

Shane Harris on what U.S. officials knew about the global threat of the novel coronavirus, and when they knew it. Chris Mooney on why the coronavirus is killing more men. And, Dan Zak reflects on our shifting sense of time and space during the pandemic. Read more: U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic. Why was the government so slow to respond? The coronavirus is killing far more men than women. Epidemiologists are trying to figure out...


Tiny decisions will determine our collective future

William Wan on how the novel coronavirus will radically alter the United States. Maura Judkis on social distancing with roommates. Plus, Julie Zauzmer’s dispatch from churches deciding what’s more important: fellowship and prayer, or public health? Read more: Here’s what may lie ahead based on math models, hospital projections and past pandemics Whose bedroom becomes the infirmary? Group-house living just got a whole lot trickier. Without guidance from the top, Americans have been left...


Republicans’ radical about-face on bailouts

Phil Rucker on how Republicans are throwing out the political playbook by supporting a massive bailout for the economy. Chris Rowland on the search for a treatment for the coronavirus. And Min Joo Kim reports on how South Korea got testing right. Read more: Trump’s $1 trillion stimulus package composed of bailouts and personal checks is gaining support from Republicans, a tactic the party has traditionally opposed. As scientists race to find a treatment for the novel coronavirus, they’re...


Trump’s economic Hail Mary

Jeff Stein explains Trump’s plan to bail out companies hit hard by the coronavirus. Tony Romm on whether Silicon Valley and the White House could use location data to fight the outbreak. And Julie Zauzmer on the Christians who say this isn’t the end of the world, though it feels like it. Read more: In an effort to alleviate the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak, the White House says it is considering different scenarios, including a bailout for hard-hit companies. The White...


Social distancing may be our only hope

Lena Sun clears up what “social distancing” means and why it’s important. William Wan explains why it’ll probably take months — not weeks — for the coronavirus threat to subside. And Caroline Kitchener with tips on how to talk to friends about staying home. Read more: It’s a make-or-break moment with coronavirus to test a basic — but disruptive — public health tool. How long will social distancing for coronavirus have to last? Depends on a few factors. How to talk to your friends about...


Will the coronavirus derail the Democratic primary?

Today on Post Reports, Elise Viebeck explains how the coronavirus could impact the presidential election. Andrew Freedman on why the coronavirus won’t necessarily go away in the summer. And how new health screenings at airports are playing out, from Post Reports executive producer Madhulika Sikka. Read more: The coronavirus outbreak is rattling voters and election officials ahead of Tuesday’s primaries. Will the coronavirus be thwarted by a change of seasons? New travel restrictions are...


What went wrong with coronavirus testing in the U.S.

Neena Satija explains what went wrong with coronavirus testing in the United States. And Brady Dennis on the effect the outbreak is having on carbon emissions. Read more: Trump has said that “anybody” who wants to be tested for the coronavirus could be, but that’s not true. One consequence of the coronavirus? It could halt emissions growth. Follow our live coverage here. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


Trump's Europe travel ban causes confusion

Katie Zezima explains the new U.S. travel restrictions from Europe. Peter Whoriskey and Abha Bhattarai report on how paid sick leave, or lack thereof, is exposing vulnerabilities in the U.S. And, Ben Golliver on the NBA’s suspended season. Read more: Trump announced late Wednesday that flights from Europe to the U.S. would be halted starting Friday. It’s the most aggressive move by the federal government in response to the coronavirus, but is it enough? Millions of workers lack sick pay....


Coronavirus is sparing children. No one knows why.

The WHO has declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. On today’s Post Reports, William Wan says the virus is sparing kids — and understanding why could be key to finding a treatment or vaccine. Political reporter Aaron Blake reports on Biden’s “Big Tuesday” wins. And Robert Samuels talks to a Bernie supporter who is second-guessing his behavior online. Read more: The coronavirus seems to be sparing kids, and understanding why may be crucial to defeat the virus. Follow our live coverage...


Can we quarantine the economy?

Today on Post Reports, Chico Harlan with a dispatch from Italy after a country-wide lockdown goes into effect. Heather Long answers your questions about the coronavirus outbreak’s impact on the markets. And, Ben Guarino on the audacious efforts to reforest the planet to fight climate change. Read more: Italy is under lockdown in an attempt to contain the coronavirus. It is the most aggressive step taken in the West to curb the outbreak. All eyes are on the stock market Wednesday after a...


The irony of Trump’s casual attitude toward coronavirus

Today on Post Reports, Toluse Olorunnipa on how the coronavirus is testing President Trump’s leadership. Susannah George and Missy Ryan on how Afghanistan’s instability could affect peace talks. And remembering an English village that self-quarantined during the bubonic plague. Read more: More than 500 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the United States, including an attendee of a conference where President Trump spoke. Follow our live coverage here. In Afghanistan, rival...


The fight for the soul of America’s political parties

Political reporter Dan Balz on the ebb and flow of the two political parties and how much power they actually have. And Jada Yuan on whether celebrity endorsements make a difference for presidential candidates. Read more: The Democrats seem split between an “establishment” candidate and a candidate who isn’t a Democrat at all. Dan Balz on what’s up with the Democratic Party and how much power the establishment actually has. Do celebrity endorsements make a difference for presidential...


And then there were two

Annie Linskey and Amber Phillips consider the end of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and what it means for the delegates she won. Aaron Blake explains why you should care about a scuffle between Sen. Charles E. Schumer and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. And, a portrait of a portrait, from Sebastian Smee. Read more: Now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is out of the presidential race, how will her delegates swing? A dust-up between Sen. Chuck Schumer and U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts,...


So ... Biden?

Today on Post Reports, Philip Bump talks through the Super Tuesday results and the narrowing field of Democratic candidates. Heather Long explains the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates in response to the coronavirus outbreak. And the proper way to wash your hands, according to a microbiologist. Read more: The Democrats’ race for the nomination is reshaped after Joe Biden’s surge on Super Tuesday. The Federal Reserve is cutting interest rates in response to the coronavirus....