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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.








Potentium – Episode 419 (2/22/24)

AL declares frozen embryos “children” PA Judge shoots ex husband in the head and tries to convince him that he did it (8:45) Brockton, MA high school considers National Guard for security (14:00) NYC migrant, who recently attacked police in Times Square and was released without bail, arrested for another robbery (22:00) Alexei Navalny murdered by Putin (30:00) Trump - Compares himself to Navalny/Fined $355 million for fraud in NY/In true grifter fashion…Trump sneakers (36:45) Biden - The idiot that is Rashida Tlaib/FBI informant lied to FBI about Biden & was influenced by Russian intelligence (1:00:10) Caitlin Clark sets NCAA women’s basketball scoring record (1:09:45) True Detective: Night Country/Wonka/Napoleon (1:12:10) Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys has dementia


Potentium – Episode 418 (2/15/24)

Curb Your Enthusiasm TX megachurch shooting/Joel Osteen & Televangelists ( NYC migrant shoots tourist after robbing a store (12:45) Tucker Carlson gets insulted by Putin during boring “interview”/Says Moscow is better than any US city (19:50) Biden - Docs case closed/Special Counsel comments on his memory (34:35) Trump - Idiotic NATO comments/Mocks Nikki Haley’s husband who is deployed overseas/John Bolton on a 2nd Trump term (42:50) Super Bowl LVIII/Shooting at Chiefs victory parade (1:04:28) Ozzy Osbourne FINALLY inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist/Threatens Kanye West with a lawsuit/The monumental asshole that is Liam Gallagher (1:16:30)


Potentium – Episode 417 (2/8/24)

Carl Weathers dies Jennifer Crumbly found guilty of involuntary manslaughter (8:50) Serial swatter arrested (14:30) NYC migrant crime spree (20:40) FL homeless clear out & camps (28:15) Mayorkas impeachment vote fails/Border bill (39:05) Fani Willis (46:25) Trump - Loses appeal on immunity claim (53:10) The Grammys (57:55) Bill Maher - Pop stars & materialism (1:03:25)


Potentium – Episode 416 (2/1/24)

Jon Stewart returning to the Daily Show…Sort of MS “mother” goes to Walmart with baby in only a diaper in bitter cold (10:10) Vince McMahon accused of sexual assault & sex trafficking (20:20) Pregnancies from rape in red states since Roe V. Wade was overturned (29:05) Trump - Thinks Nikki Haley is Nancy Pelosi/Ordered to pay $83 million to E. Jean Carroll/Kills border deal for political gain as Mayorkas faces impeachment (32:35) NYC migrants attack police (56:20) Iranian drone attack on US soldiers (1:01:05) Championship Sunday/Chiefs fans die in friend’s backyard/Fox “News” goes full Q Anon over Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce (1:07:35) Hell’s Kitchen/Fargo/Reacher/True Detective: Night Country (1:20:55)


Potentium – Episode 415 (1/18/24)

Unhealthiest states in the country Gavin Newsom promises veto on CA bill to ban youth football (7:45) Florida - Book ban “reviews”/Train “accidents” at same intersection (16:50) Bill Maher & Seth McFarlane on vaccines (27:20) House spends $40,000 on new pins while complaining about spending (44:40) Trump - Court outbursts/get out and vote for him, even if you might die/Threatens President Biden (47:25) NFL Wild Card blowout weekend (1:01:40) Golden Globes/Emmys/Killers of the Flower Moon (1:07:10) No show next week folks…It’s root canal time (1:12:10)


Potentium – Episode 414 (1/11/24)

NYC subway collision/Alaska Airlines flight loses plane door mid-flight/TX building explodes Wayne La Pierre resigns from the NRA (16:10) Lauren Boebert’s husband arrested for assaulting her (20:25) FL insurrectionists caught/Sentenced (23:25) Trump - Immunity argument/Foreign money/Civil War could’ve been “negotiated”/Calls jailed Jan 6th insurrectionists “Hostages”/Mocks Biden’s stutter/ANOTHER birther accusation…This time against Nikki Haley (31:15) Biden - Jared Moskowitz/Trump (52:10) Nick Saban retires & Bill Belichick leaves the Patriots (1:11:45) Reacher/Fargo/Hell’s Kitchen (1:13:50)


Potentium – Episode 413 (1/4/24)

KY woman goes in for kidney stone surgery, suffers from septic shock, and has all of her limbs amputated CA 10 year old shoots another ten year old, with felon “father’s” stolen gun, because he lost a bike race (10:50) Kim Davis ordered to pay $360,000 because of her bigotry (18:55) Biden - Oil production at all time high (22:05) Trump & the ballot (31:45) Green Day changes lyrics to “American Idiot” during NYE performance and conservatives go hypocritically nuts/Elon Musk (37:05) Aaron Rodgers and his never ending ignorance (43:05) A-cappella clips of famous singers (48:45) Celine Dion no longer has control of her muscles, which includes her vocal chords (1:17:15)


Potentium – Episode 412 (12/28/23)

IN man pinned in his truck for a week after accident AL woman with a double uterus gives birth to twin girls…One from each (9:40) City bus driver attacks on the rise (12:10) LA Governor pardons dozens of murderers on his way out of office (25:55) Joe Rogan owns himself (32:50) Lauren Boebert switching districts in CO to avoid potential loss (41:05) Why stupid people think they’re smart (45:20) Trump - Gets one of his trials delayed/Reported recordings of Trump pressuring MI voting officials (53:00) Celebrity deaths of 2023 (1:03:00) Happy New Year folks & thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 411 (12/21/23)

Two Ft. Jackson Drill Sargents die in two weeks SCOTUS leaves IL assault weapons ban in place (7:10) Leonard the Drunken Orgy Demon calls in…From “The Abyss”/Leprechaun Hamish O’Glubbish calls in (15:45) FL GOP couple the Ziegler’s sex scandal (23:15) Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay $148 million to election workers/Doubles down (30:35) Gov. Abbott signs law to give TX the right to enforce the border (39:55) Trump - Immigrant comments/Strong stock market is now a bad thing/CO removes Trump from Presidential ballot (49:30) Bill Maher - Christmas (1:04:00) Fargo/Lawmen: Bass Reeves/Reacher (1:15:50) Merry Christmas everyone, & thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 410 (12/14/23)

NYC building collapse in the Bronx Judge sentences woman who threw food at Chipotle worker to work in the restaurant for 2 months (8:10) Seattle hit & runs for fun (16:05) Three men have been buried in Mississippi by public officials without their family’s knowledge (23:20) Piers Morgan on Elon Musk reinstating Alex Jones’ Twitter account (27:50) Puritanical TX abortion case (43:40) Biden - Hunter makes a statement/House votes on impeachment inquiry/Mike Johnson says “the lord” spoke to him and made him the new Moses (50:00) Zelensky & Ukraine aid (1:05:05) Former Police Chief sentenced to 11 years for Jan. 6th insurrection (1:10:30) Travis Kelce, the Hawks, Connor Bedard & Taylor Swift (1:13:25)


Potentium – Episode 409 (12/7/23)

Norman Lear dies Wanted bank robber confesses to his family on his deathbed (11:55) LA serial killer who targeted the homeless arrested (17:35) George Santos expelled from Congress (21:50) Kevin McCarthy says he will resign from Congress (36:45) Tommy Tuberville finally relents after accomplishing nothing (40:50) Trump - Can be sued for Jan. 6th/Biden is the “destroyer of democracy”/“Guarding” the vote/Dictator for a day (47:05) Biden - Impeachment inquiry/Running again because of Trump (59:50) CFP/Dallas’ DaRon Bland (1:08:00) Reacher/Fargo (1:10:40) Kiss plays their final concert at Madison Square Garden (1:13:10)


Potentium – Episode 408 (11/30/23)

SC 6 year old killed in hunting accident CA jogger shoots & kills homeless man (8:35) AL hospitals closing & losing OB/GYNs (15:05) Iranians hack PA water plant/Hospitals hacked around the country (24:10) Elon musk…Billionaire idiot (34:40) FL to punish students for supporting Palestine/Drag show bill struck down (47:55) Trump - CO Judge says even though Trump incited an insurrection, he’s still allowed on the ballot (57:15) You Tube takes down my page for (get this) All in the Family clips (1:02:35) Charissa Thompson made up reports on Coaches quotes (1:07:35) Bill Maher - Kids & discipline (1:12:15)


Potentium – Episode 407 (11/20/23)

Annual Thanksgiving special with Nino Sciglitano Jr. Joe McCabe/Anuddercast Agent Momo Risin' Happy Thanksgiving folks & thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 406 (11/16/23)

Hunter shot in the face by another hunter CO dog stays by master after he dies in the wilderness (8:55) Vegas teen beaten to death by a gang of fellow students (12:10) Near misses with planes in the sky, on the runways & in the towers (22:15) Pope dismisses Texas Bishop (26:30) Fentanyl sent to election offices after elections (30:20) Q Anon Shaman running for Congress in AZ (35:15) The GOP and their physical threats and actions to EACH OTHER/Marjorie Trailer Greene gets a lesson in civics (39:20) Trump - Ellis & Powell’s testimony/Again thinks Obama is President (1:02:45) Cunting YouTube ads/Lawmen: Bass Reeves (1:14:20) Next Tuesday - Nino Sciglitano Jr. & our Thanksgiving Special


Potentium – Episode 405 (11/9/23)

Milk carton shortage across US schools TX Horrific child abuse case (7:00) LA County Sheriff suicides (20:20) IL assault weapon & common sense gun law upheld by Federal Appeals Court (26:05) Roseanne Barr thinks Trump is still “Commander in Chief”/Says the Holocaust never happened/Screams like a lunatic at Trump rally (33:00) Rashida Tlaib censured by House (47:25) Trump - Testifies in NYC/Christie scolds the cult (53:35) Democrats win big in elections across the country (1:00:45) 3rd Republican debate (1:05:05) Actor’s strike ends/Taylor Sheridan’s “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” (1:12:25)


Potentium – Episode 404 (11/2/23)

Tool - Maynard James Keenan says talking about new music is “irresponsible”/Reggie Watts from the James Corden Show insults the band Delta co-pilot pulls gun on Captain mid-flight (13:30) Atlanta schools change grading system for the worse (17:05) Lewiston Maine mass shooting & red flags (22:45) Would be CO gunman honorably kills himself before carrying out attack (28:35) Staind frontman Aaron Lewis arranges the corpses of 32 dead coyotes, that he killed for fun, to spell out “Trump 2024”/Says Democrats are responsible for every scar on this country in it’s history (34:10) GA election maps ordered to be redrawn by federal judge (47:50) Becca Balint (VT) skewers Marjorie Trailer Greene on the House floor (51:25) Speaker Mike Johnson & God (1:05:30) Trump - CO lawsuit to remove him from the ballot/Jr. & Eric testify (1:09:15) Bobby Knight & Matthew Perry die (1:18:10)


Potentium – Episode 403 (10/26/23)

UT Halloween display draws complaints Crank calls from the old Ken Sander Show (10:50) AK off duty pilot tries to crash passenger plane (20:15) Convicted CA sex offender sets up tent across the street from a school & offers “Free Fentanyl” (26:45) GA man shot by police officer during traffic stop (34:55) The pathetic saga & search for a Speaker ends (56:40) Trump - Chesebro & Ellis plead guilty/Meadows gets immunity/Cohen testifies (1:08:40) Happy Halloween folks!


Potentium – Episode 402 (10/19/23)

Woman complains about Tool being played on the speakers at Whole Foods NY changes it’s liquor laws (6:20) Scotus rules on Ghost guns…Again (11:20) FBI report - Violent crime is down but property crime is up (18:25) Chicago right wing nut job stabs innocent 6 year old Muslim boy over Israel/Hamas conflict (21:40) Lauren Boebert spends campaign cash at boyfriend’s bar that hosts drag shows (28:20) Jim Jordan loses three votes for Speaker (31:15) “Pink Hat Lady” sentenced to almost 5 years for jan 6th insurrection (46:10) Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia election interference case (47:45) Trump - Gag order issued by Judge (1:00:12) Barbie/AHS - Delicate/Kitchen Nightmares (1:09:25) Suzanne Somers & Burt Young die (1:14:10)


Potentium – Episode 401 (10/12/23)

Jewelry store owner shoots at smash & grab thieves AL ordered to redraw maps…Again (11:45) George Santos indicted for conspiracy & identity theft/Kari Lake running for Senate/Tommy Tuberville risking Middle East strategy over abortion (14:50) Hamas attacks Israel/Israel retaliates (31:55) Trump - Says how “smart” terrorists are/Leaked nuclear secrets to Australian billionaire (45:00) Gavin Newsome (54:20) Steve Scalise withdraws from race for Speaker (1:08:05) The Continental - From the World of John Wick (1:12:55) Blackhawks lose but Bedard gets his 1st goal/ND chokes/The Bears finally win a game after more than an entire calendar year (1:15:00) Brian Tyler Cohen - Conservatives attack Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce (1:16:10)


Potentium – Episode 400 (10/5/23)

Teen hunter killed by lightning strike Philly sport biker arrested/Philly organized looting by “influencer”/Man who shot You Tube prankster escapes major charge (9:05) Kevin McCarthy works with Democrats to avoid a shutdown & is then ousted as Speaker (31:35) Trump - John Kelly reveals just how pathetic Trump is/Gen. Milley appropriately calls Trump a wannabe dictator/Judge issues gag order (44:40) Hollywood writer’s strike ends/Bill Maher - Biden running for a 2nd term (59:35) Hell’s Kitchen (1:12:35) ND escapes/Bad News Bears blow the biggest lead in team history to the Broncos…The only team statistically worse than them/The great Dick Butkus dies (1:15:15)