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Stream of consciousness comedy podcast focusing on current events, news,, and more.

Stream of consciousness comedy podcast focusing on current events, news,, and more.


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Stream of consciousness comedy podcast focusing on current events, news,, and more.








Potentium – Episode 260 (1/14/21)

Attack on the Capitol - Lapse in Capitol security/Officers suspended and or arrested/The cult’s ultimate terroristic plans/QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’ll file Articles of Impeachment against Biden on Jan. 21st for “Abuse of power” (6:40) More details come to light/Capitol police officers assaulted & murdered/Article of Impeachment introduced (18:00) Trump’s dueling statements about the cult after the riot/Giuliani calls for “Trial by combat”/Trump Jr. (24:12) More...


Potentium – Episode 259 (1/7/21)

A dark week in America Congress overrides Trump’s veto on defense bill (5:50) Trump tries to intimidate Georgia Sec. of State into “finding” votes for him & threatens him with a crime/Democrats win both Georgia runoffs & retake the Senate/Lin Wood (9:15) Trump pressures Pence to “overturn” the election (16:20) Congressman breaks down conspiracy theories (21:00) Mitch McConnell & Chuck Schumer address the Senate before certification (35:20) Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit thrown out & he mentions...


Potentium – Episode 258 (12/31/20)

KFC comes out with gaming console that warms fried chicken TN boy saves 22 month old sister from burning house (8:30) Nashville bombing (14:40) PA Trump supporter charged with actual voter fraud (24:40) NM park tazing/NY woman accuses black teen of stealing her phone/Andre Hill shooting (25:20) Covid - LA GOP Congressman Elect Luke Letlow dies from Covid/Vaccine distribution (or lack thereof) & virus variant (45:10) Trump - Michael Cohen & pardons/Dumbest redneck in Congress Louie Gohmert...


Potentium – Episode 257 (12/24/20)

Christmas songs with curious lyrics/messages MN town grants permit to “whites only” church (8:15) Georgia college student jailed in the Cayman Islands for violating Covid protocols (12:00) The complete and total stupidity of Tucker Carlson (16:30) Brianna Kielar on GOP hypocrisy (29:00) Trump - Russian hack/Sydney Powell/William Barr/Armed cultists storm Oregon capital over lockdowns/McConnell accepts Biden’s victory then tries to block paid sick leave for Covid victims/Relief bill...


Potentium – Episode 256 (12/17/20)

Zodiac cipher cracked after 51 years/D.B. Cooper Tom Cruise goes off on the set of Mission Impossible 7 (9:25) Hate mail - Religious nut job talking about how he’s going to kill me after “the rapture” (18:15) Interview with Kenny from Tempe who got a murderer arrested after he came into his bar (22:35) Trump - SCOTUS refuses to hear bullshit Texas case/Goes after FDA/Vaccine/The “million” MAGA March/The “My Pillow” idiot speaks again/Cultists want to “Destroy the GOP”/Proud Boys vs....


Potentium – Episode 255 (12/10/20)

CA Gov. Gavin Newsome once again denies Leslie Van Houten parole Murders at Ft. Bragg/Ft. Hood disciplined (13:05) Armed protesters show up at MI Sec. of State’s home to “stop the steal” (20:45) Trump - Running in 2024/Coronavirus/Pardons/Barr says DOJ found no voter fraud/Georgia runoffs/Vaccine/Giuliani gets Covid/Star witness Melissa Carone/SNL & Cecily Strong/Texas brings bullshit lawsuit to the SCOTUS (28:35) Biden nominates Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense (1:24:05) The Mandalorian...


Potentium – Episode 254 (11/26/20)

I may have developed my first allergy FL Man saves his dog from the jaws of an alligator (7:10) Kyle Rittenhouse uses covid stimulus check to purchase AR-15 & is bailed out by The My Pillow guy & Ricky Schroeder (12:00) Two drunken NJ bitches verbally assault the Governor & his family at dinner (18:20) VA Trump cultist arrested for assault after coughing on two women (23:40) Coronavirus - People ignore travel warnings/Vaccines (29:55) Trump - Still insists he won the election despite lawsuit...


Potentium – Episode 253 (11/12/20)

Co-Host Shawn Thorpe from blubrry.com & http://shawn.mx Shawn’s thoughts on Trump & the election CA Ponzi schemer tries to evade FBI with aqua scooter in Shasta Lake (7:10) AK Jerkwater Chief of Police calls for death to Democrats - Edit: I mistakenly called him a Sheriff (14:10) Highlights of “Slayer Pete” Buttigieg on fox “news” (25:45) Trump - Lawsuits being thrown out left and right/Not cooperating with Biden team/Cult 45’s “Million MAGA March” ends in them getting their asses...


Potentium – Episode 252 (11/12/20)

Election 2020 - Biden wins Presidency/Trump is a one term wonder/America celebrates/Mark Meadows & Ben Carson have Covid/World leaders, who aren’t dictators, congratulate Biden Trump - Refuses to concede/Administration blocking a smooth transition/Fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper/The horseshit voter fraud narrative (41:05) Biden forms Coronavirus Task Force/Names Chief of Staff (57:15) Georgia Senate runoffs (1:01:45) Chris Cuomo & Anderson Cooper (1:05:30) SNL - Alec Baldwin & “Macho...


Potentium – Episode 251 (11/5&6/20)

Scottsdale, AZ apparently has a “no nigger zone” according to an Asian resident KY redneck pig sues Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend (8:45) Pope Francis condones same sex marriage (13:00) Trump - Trump cultists try to run Biden campaign bus off the road & Trump mocks it/Coronavirus/Cultists chant “Fire Fauci” (17:30) Election 2020 (32:05) Friday morning edit - Biden on the brink of the Presidency Sean Connery dies


Potentium – Episode 250 (10/29/30)

Borat nails Rudy Giuliani Trump - Debate recap/Final week of campaigning/Covid spiking across the country (20:40) 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl (47:00) Bill Maher - Gus (1:26:05) Vote like the country depended on it, because it does Have a happy & safe Halloween folks & thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 249 (10/22/20)

Coronavirus surge Barack Obama’s speech in Philadelphia (10:40) Trump - Dueling town halls/Upcoming debate/Calls Dr. Fauci an idiot/Former Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly says Trump is the most flawed human being he’s ever seen (48:30) Bill Maher - Power and religion/Amy Coney Barrett (1:13:05)


Potentium – Episode 248 (10/15/20)

N. Korea has military parade with world’s biggest ICBM Utah cougar confrontation (8:10) The amazing, fantastic, incredible video of a guy skateboarding, listening to Fleetwood Mac, and drinking cranberry juice (12:55) Firefighting tankbot RS3 (17:25) MI Extremist “militia” arrested after planning to kidnap and execute Governor Whitmer (23:30) More voter suppression by the GOP (37:15) Trump - Pay for play/Backs out of debate/Rallies/Blocks CDC mask mandate on public transportation/Joe...


Potentium – Episode 247 (10/8/20)

Co-Host - Andrew from Youngstown St. Louis gun couple indicted SCOTUS - Kim Davis loses appeal/Clarence Thomas & religious “freedom” (18:55) Trump - Voting by mail/Vampira asks, “Who gives a fuck about Christmas?”/Trump gets Covid and hilarity ensues/Dr. Conley was Andrew’s Doctor in the Navy/Breaking: 6 men arrested for trying to kidnap MI Gov. Whitmer/GOP positive tests/Kellyanne Conway tests positive & chastises her daughter/FL Sheriff’s ignorance/Trump on “selfish” Dr. During Ebola...


Potentium – Episode 246 (10/1/20)

Little league baseball (6:55) OH mom tazed at youth football game for refusing to wear a mask & trespassing Joe Montana & wife Jennifer thwart kidnapping of their grandchild in their CA home (12:30) Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother receives standing Ovation at WI GOP event (17:00) Trump - Kim Jong Un played Trump like a fiddle/Says WH may override FDA safety standards for Covid vaccine/Peaceful transfer of power/Taxes (19:30) Debate highlights and lowlights & the neverending stupidity of Laura...


Potentium – Episode 245 (9/24/20)

Jerry Falwell’s drunken fall down the stairs No officers held responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death (7:15) Trump - Mocks reporter for getting shot at protest/1776 Commission/Christopher Wray testifies/William Barr/CDC & vaccines/Former Pence aid Olivia Troy/Anderson Cooper on 200,000 dead from the virus (16:45) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies/SCOTUS/Mitch McConnell/Harry Reid/Ted Cruz/Lindsey Graham/Possible appointments/Legal ramifications (46:35) Bryson DeChambeau wins U.S. Open/Notre...


Potentium – Episode 244 (9/17/20)

DCFS employees arrested in AJ Freund case Houston police shoot mentally ill man 21 times (10:30) Breonna Taylor settlement (14:45) Should America segregate?/19 Black families buy 97 acres in Georgia (20:10) Trump - Lies about lying/Town hall/Michael Caputo is losing his mind/CA fires/Appoints climate science denier to Weather & Climate Agency/Withholds $4 million from FDNY & 9-11 first responders/Middle East/Operation “Warp Speed”/More Bob Woodward tapes/Former model Amy Dorris accuses Trump...


Potentium – Episode 243 (9/10/20)

The Oscars set new inclusion standards for 2024 OH Judge known for “creative” sentences for animal abusers (6:00) Democrats introduce federal marijuana bill (10:10) QAnon speaker says Dems should be shot dead in the streets/Two DE women arrested for hate crime against Trump supporter/MN Boogaloo Bois arrested/MO right wingers arrested/PA assholes terrorize outdoor diners (16:35) Daniel Prude dies in police custody after family called for help/Kirk Herbstreit (37:55) UT Autistic teen shot by...


Potentium – Episode 242 (9/3/20)

Movies & TV - What We Do in the Shadows/Yellowstone/Fargo/The Mandalorian/Helter Skelter: An American Myth Is there a serial killer at Ft. Hood? (11:45) A live one at a MI funeral home(18:40) Man with a jet pack climbs to 3,000 feet above LAX (23:10) Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns from Liberty University (26:00) FL Sheriff Darryl Daniels, who dared people to protest in Clay County, arrested for evidence tampering (30:50) AK Sheriff resigns after audio of him using the N word multiple times...


Potentium – Episode 241 (8/27/20)

Kenosha, WI - Jacob Blake shooting/Kyle Rittenhouse/Tucker Carlson defends armed vigilante justice Coronavirus - Deaths and cases dropping/Plasma therapy (22:05) Trump - Maryanne Barry Trump’s comments about “The Donald”/Kellyanne Conway leaving the WH (30:45) RNC - QAnon supporter Maryanne Mendoza pulled from lineup for anti-Semitic remarks/Highlights/Vampira speaks (35:25) Joe Biden’s DNC speech (1:16:45)