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Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.

Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.
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Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.




Orban Puts the Super in Supermajority

Previously in Europe, two tailed dog. This week we discuss the re-election of Orban in Hungary with a fresh constitution editing super-majority. The voting system and potential misuse of government funds comes up... Also the EU oven clocks were slow and Hollande gets catty about Macron in his new book.


Macron's Reforms and What up with Kosovo?

Previously in Europe, trains! This week we talk about Macron and what he plans to do with trains mostly, also we discuss Kosovo and it's long confusing history.


Puigdemont Arrested and Cambridge Analytica Goes to Parliament

Previously in Europe Puigdemont's freedom. This week we revisit the Catalan independence referendum in light of 2 members of the Catalan parliament being scooped up in an EU wide warrant. Cambridge Analytica (not a word) also gets a nice run through...


Italian Coalition Building, Austrian Smoking Ban and Russia after the Election feat. Kristaps Andrejsons (Eastern Border podcast)

Previously in Europe, Russian democracy. This week Hugh is busy but we do have a lovely interview with Kristaps of the Eastern Border about the future of Russia post-election.


Slovenian and Slovakian PM Resignations! Also Russian Assassinations

Previously in Europe, Prime Ministers. This week we discuss the ongoing corruption scandal rocking Slovakia with multiple resignations this week. Slovenia's prime minister also resigned but for far less interesting reasons. Russia probably assassinated an ex KGB agent and his fiancée in the UK which has gotten everyone a bit angry, thought maybe not with the right people, who knows. Le Pen thinks we'll forget about the FN's terrible past if they change their name... which well maybe some...


Czech Protests, Slovak Snap Elections, Italian Election Results & Internal EU Affairs

Previously in Europe, US Steel. This week we discuss the Italian election results, as well as the Armenian presidential election and some of the goings-on in Catalonian government. We also talk about some internal EU stuff, Czech protests and a possible Slovakian snap election.


Conversations With Europe, Italian Election and Snow

Previously in Europe, Spring. This week we discuss the tense situation that is the Italian election happening on Sunday. We have a good chat about internal EU democracy spurred on by the promotion of Selmeyr from Junker's chief of staff. We're very happed to have an interview with Rebecca Morris-Buck the creator of the Conversations with Europe blog discussing the project and the EU-related twitterverse.


Italy's Road to Election, SPD starts voting for or not for GroKo, Juncker's Federal Europe and Putin's "Cold"

Previously in Europe, Putin? This week Ciarán does a solo episode running down briefly some of the news from around Europe. Mostly just the upcoming election, which will be intense.


Schulz Out, Northern Ireland Still Out and Clear the Lobby

Previously in Europe, Schulz. This week Hugh does a solo episode running down briefly some of the news from around Europe. Also we have our first interview for quite a while with Sebastian Salek the creator of the Clear the Lobby newsletter


VW Emission Testing Scandal, Zeeman Re-elected and Poland's Holocaust Legislation

Previously in Europe Puigdemont's hopes and dreams. This week we catch up on developments in a lot of stories we've covered in the past few months from Germany's grand coalition talks to Ireland's now announced abortion referendum. VM and other German car makers are embroiled in another diesel related scandal. Zeeman is re-elected in the Czech republic and Israel is angry with Poland...


Czech, German and Italian Election Section, in the EU Weeds & the Relations Section

Previously in Europe, Babis' immunity. This week we discuss the problems caused by previous and upcoming elections in the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. We also talk about a new EU deal with Ethiopia & its own empty parliament seats. Also a new section on relations between nations and other things!


Romania and Czech (sort of) PMs Out, German Coalition Talks and Nobody Watches Estronian PM

Previously in Europe plastic. This week we discuss among other things the forcing out of yet another Romanian prime minister, Babis' government loses a no confidence vote, thought they will probably make a comeback... Effectively nobody shows up to the Estonian prime minister talking at the EU parliament. Oh and the German coalition proposition isn't going down well with the SPD local parties.


Listener Questions 2017

Previously in Europe, answers. This week we're answering listener questions submitted by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. We'll be back to normal weekly shows for the second week in January. Thanks to all that sent us questions, we got some really good stuff! Happy new year!


Catalonia Elections, 2017 Recap and all the little things that happened while we were away!

Previously in Europe, 2017! We look at the year that just happened, also we talk about Catalonia, German Coalition building and all the other things we missed while Hugh had a plague and Ciarán was in Andalucia... eating burgers and calamari


Polish PM Resigns, French Parliment Updates and Brexit Agreement With Caveats

Previously in Europe, a coherent understanding of the Polish language. This week we discuss the surprise resignation of the Polish PM, Martin Schultz says some crazy stuff about federal Europe plans and Austria legalizes gay marriage (we're pretty sure). Down south Erdogan suggests moving the Greek border further into Greece and Macron loses in the Corsican elections. We're forced to talk some more about Brexit due to the "agreement" they've worked out with many many caveats...


German Coalition Talks, Ireland Headed For Election and General Incompetence

Previously in Europe, Gerald Adamson... This week we discuss the break down of the German coalition talks and the possible return to the grand coalition now on the table. Marine Le Pen gets all her bank accounts closed on her. The UK government can't count apparently. Noted murderer head of an Irish political party announces 'retirement' while Ireland may be headed for a snap election.


PESCO, The Migration Crisis, Slovenian Elections, Coalition Troubles & The Gross Government Incompetence Section

Previously in Europe, Hot Water! In this episode we talk about the big and smaller incidents in the European Union government as well as the gross incompetence section and our final election section of the year, now that I've typed that a million snap elections will be called.


Austrian Elections, Czech Elections, Catalonian Aftermath & Daphne Caruana Galizia

Previously in Europe, Catalonian autonomy. On today's episode we discuss this weekend's Czech elections, and last weekend's Austrian elections. We also discuss some developments around Catalonia and the tragic death of Daphne Caruana Galizia.


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