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Reversing burnout. Physician Shortages. Bad models. Forced buyouts. Meet those making a difference with host Ron Barshop

Reversing burnout. Physician Shortages. Bad models. Forced buyouts. Meet those making a difference with host Ron Barshop


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Reversing burnout. Physician Shortages. Bad models. Forced buyouts. Meet those making a difference with host Ron Barshop




Episode # 67 – Tom Banning, CEO of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, has a Broad Perspective on How COVID-19 is Decimating 4000 Members. Here is What’s Happening on the Ground.

In this episode Ron chats with Tom Banning, CEO of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. Here, they do a deep dive into how COVID-19 is affecting family physicians and their practices. Primary care physicians are being hit hard financially by the pandemic as they are seeing less patients and less patients in person. The economic effects of the pandemic and the American response to it is putting the spotlight on the broken fee for service payment model. Other models are being explored that...


Episode # 66 – Al Lewis, CEO of Quizzify has a 100% Renewal Rate for Major Employers Subscribing to his Healthcare Quizzes. Educated Employees Spend Less by Knowing More from the Guy who has Written 50,000 Questions Endorsed by Harvard

In this episode Ron chats with Al Lewis, the CEO of Quizzify. Here they discuss how the Quizzify platform enables employees to become more educated in healthcare and their healthcare spending. Their platform has even received endorsement from Harvard! Al dives into the importance of making intelligent yet humorous trivia questions. Quizzify helps healthcare consumers to arm themselves with knowledge to help prevent against unnecessary testing or fight against surprise billing. Ron and Al...


Episode # 65 – Wait! Tucker Max is Giving Away his Book Writing Workshop? Meet One of Only Four American Authors Who Had 4 Simultaneous NYT Best Sellers. Cooped Up but Writing your Signature Book is all About Using this Time well. Here’s How.

In this episode Ron chats with the famous author and Co-Founder of Scribe Media, Tucker Max. Here they discuss his writing career and how it has evolved since his college years. He talks about the depression he felt after the movie about him struggled to perform to expectations, how he overcame that depression and started Scribe Media, his family, direct primary care, and more. He also dives into how, historically, some brilliant works of literature were born from people being cooped up in...


Episode # 64 – Wait! Chen Medical Panel Size is 400-500 and in Soon is in 10 States with Over 70 Providers Serving Mostly Medicare. Yes, I’m Talking Medicare! Learn How with Dr. Gordon Chen, Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Gordon Chen, the Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed. Here they discuss the growth of ChenMed and what makes it so special when it comes to senior care. They also cover the importance of constant and convenient communication with a primary care provider and having them involved in all care. Gordon also discusses how Coronavirus is evolving healthcare in areas such as increased telehealth usage. Dr. Gordon Chen is the Chief Medical Officer of ChenMed, a...


Episode # 63 – Time Travel? Milan, Italy is Only Weeks Ahead of the US on the Pandemic Curve. Here is Where we are Headed Explains Rene Wiertz, the CEO of 3T Cycling Who Pivoted in 3 days to Making PPE.

In this episode Ron chats with Italian entrepreneur Rene Wiertz. Rene is the Founder and CEO of 3T Cycling. Here they discuss how the coronavirus impacted Italy and what it is like living there as well as being a business owner. In the face of the pandemic, Rene retooled some of his factories to produce PPE for Italian healthcare workers. He also gives advice for listners on what Americans can expect in the coming weeks. [...]


Episode # 62 – Wait! A Near Perfect C19 Solution? A Virtual Primary Care Giving People the Right Care at the Right Time. Meet Dr. Brad Younggren, Chief Medical Officer at 98point6.

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Brad Younggren, the Chief Medical Officer at 98point6. 98point6 is a text first based Primary Care that meets patients where they are at, on their own phone. Here they discuss the importance of offering a technology like theirs and having it available in non-traditional settings. Brad dives into what differentiates their platform from traditional primary care, especially when it comes to patient convenience and experience. They also talk about mobile...


Episode # 61 – Wait! I Can Learn from a World Class Communications Expert How to Best Relate While Cooped Up? Andrew Poles has Coached Tens of Thousands in the Art of Clear Authentic Communications in Tough Times

In this episode Ron chats with Andrew Poles, Co-Founder of Impact Speaking Lab. Here they discuss communication in the world of healthcare, especially when it comes to the current COVID-19 pandemic. He dives into the importance of communication when we are all stuck at home and the importance of micro-gatherings and human interaction even while remote. Andrew Poles has been a professional seminar leader and is a former senior program leader for one of the world’s largest personal and...


Episode # 60 – Wait! I Change my Questions, Change my Life? Meet an American Treasure Cal Fussman, Who Has Interviewed for Esquire your Favorite Pols, Celebs, and Sports legends. If They Go by One Name (Oprah) He has Interviewed Them.

In this episode Ron chats with author, interviewer, and keynote speaker, Cal Fussman. Here they talk about the big questions in healthcare. Cal shares numerous anecdotes about healthcare while sharing stories from is extremely interesting career. He also emphasizes how important it is to take care of the physicians who take care of us. For over four decades, Cal Fussman has interviewed hundreds of the world’s most influential individuals: Muhammad Ali, Jack Welch, Mikhail Gorbachev, Serena...


Episode # 59 – Meet Dr. Brian Forrest, The Original Direct Primary Care Doc Who for 20 Years Has Trained Hundreds in 34 States and Offers his Best DPC Practices

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Brian Forrest. Here they discuss the effect coronavirus is having on the healthcare and primary care community. They also discuss what makes Direct Primary Care so special and popular among primary care docs, calue based care, and much more. Dr. Forrest is the CEO and Founder of the Access Healthcare Direct DPC network. In 2001, he founded Access Healthcare, the first DPC family medicine practice in the country. He is one of the founders of the DPC Summit...


Episode # 58 – Medici Now Has 13 Million Members, 1/3 of F100. 2nd Opinion is a Virtual 2nd Opinion Platform that has 20,000 Docs on its Platform and Specialists from the Top 17 Hospitals. Meet Clinton Phillips Medici’s Visionary CEO and Founder.

In this episode Ron chats with Clinton Phillips, CEO of Medici. Here they discuss a wide variety of topics such as why he founded Medici, the evolution of his career, the importance of a second virtual opinion, the importance of technology, and much more. Clinton Phillips is currently the founder and CEO of Medici, a global healthcare communication platform. Medici has raised over $40m dollars, has acquired DocBookMD and Chiron Health and now has over 20,000 doctors communicating on its...


Episode # 57 – Meet the Medical Futurist! Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Singularity University NASA Ames lecturer. WHO, too. He advises 10 Big Pharmas and was featured on CNN, National Geographic, Forbes, Time, BBC, New York Times, and more. Meet Dr. Bertalan

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD. Here they discuss the future of healthcare! They dive into such topcis as wearables, A/I, 3D printing, and more! They discuss how these technologies and more will change the future of primary care and healthcare as a whole. Dr. Mesko is The Medical Futurist and the Director of The Medical Futurist Institute analyzing how science fiction technologies can become reality in medicine and healthcare. As a geek physician with a PhD in...


Episode #56 – AHealthcareZ is a Phenomenon on LinkedIn for Hundreds of Short 4-5 Minute Healthcare Deep Dive Videos. Infotainment at its Best, Meet Dr. Eric Bricker, Chief Medical Officer at AHealthcareZ

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Eric Bricker, Chief Medical Officer at AHealthcareZ. Here he discusses the platform of AHealthcareZ, which provides healthcare finance training videos with up to 80,000 views per month. Eric also dives into what is and isn’t working in primary care and how to offer the right financial model. He talks about what makes direct primary care special from the physician, employer, and consumer perspective. [...]


Episode #55 – Aging is Actually a Disease, Not a Natural State. It is Likely Reversible. WHO Agrees Thanks to NYT Best-Seller and Harvard researcher, Dr. David Sinclair

In this episode Ron chats with the brilliant expert in aging Dr. David Sinclair. Here David discusses is work into understanding aging and how to slow it down. He also discusses the safety of different approaches, the importance of eating less frequently, when humans can expect to have their lifespans significantly increased, and more. [...]


Episode #54 – Rosen Hotels by The Numbers has Half the Healthcare Costs of Peers Since the 90s. Employee Turnover is 1/5th the Industry Average. Why? Free Healthcare (Less a $5 Copay) and a 12,000 sf Free On-site Primary Care Clinic and Workout Gym. Meet

In this episode Ron chats with Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge. Ashley is the President at ProvInsure and Kenneth Aldridge is the Director of Health Services for Rosen Medical Center. Here they discuss RosenCare. Since 1991, Rosen Hotels & Resorts has offered an innovative in-house healthcare program that has saved the company approximately $340 million (as of April 2018), affording the opportunity to provide associates incredibly low premiums and innovative programs. The plan features...


Episode #53 – Robots Emitting Broad Spectrum UV Light Bathe Hospital Surfaces, Stopping Pathogens that can Cause Hospital Associated Infections in their Relentless Tracks. Meet Morris Miller, CEO of Xenex.

In this episode Ron chats with Morris Miller, CEO of XENEX. Xenex is a world leader in automated room disinfection. Through the use of Xenon technology and innovative hospital disinfection protocols, the company has helped hospitals achieve significant infection reduction results. Here they discuss the benefits of automated disinfection, how it can combat antibiotic resistant or rare diseases, reduce hospital contracted infection rates, improve outcomes, and more. As CEO, Morris is...


Episode #52 – Simple Q: Who offers the best healthcare at the fairest cost? Bill Hennesy answers that 30,000 times a day. Learn here how Pratter Reports are ultimate transparency.

In this episode Ron chats with Bill Hennessey. Here they do a deep dive into healthcare price transparency. Healthcare consumers are upset that every year health insurance costs are increasing at an exponential rate, while they get bills in the mail they cannot understand. Consumers feel that their hands are tied! The Pratter Report aims to change that as the ultimate tool in healthcare transparency. As an experienced, practicing MD, and as the owner of a physician billing company, Bill...


Episode #51 – From Nun in Urban Africa to Senior White House Policy Advisor on All Matters Healthcare, This Guest Knows What Works from the Bottom Up and Top Down with Katy Talento

This episode features the brilliant Katy Talento. Here she discusses her incredibly fascinating and unique career path. She also dives into what it is like being a healthcare policy advisor and share some fascinating stories from her time in that role. Dark money, big healthcare’s influence on Washington, surprise billing and many more topics are covered in this can’t miss episode. Katy Talento, president of KFT Consulting, is a licensed health benefits consultant, veteran health policy...


Episode #50 – These Ten Lies in Healthcare are Really the Ten Opportunities. Here is Who and What is Being Fixed on the Fringes in 2020 in Primary Care and by Extension, Healthcare with Ron Barshop , Host of the Show.

In this episode Ron reflects on what he has learned from the first year of the show. This episode is a can’t miss deep dive featuring musings and thoughts from talking to the real change agents in primary care. He digs into subjects such as direct primary care and what it has done for his organization, the future of benefits, driving down costs, patients as consumers, and much more! He even shares some of his favorite quotes from the show so far. [...]


Episode #49 – Employers and Patients Want the Best surgeon Regionally at the Fairest Price. That’s Where Sano Surgery Steps In. That’s All They Do. Nationwide. Dutch Rojas, their CEO Knows his Way Through the Maze and After This Interview you Will too Hav

In this episode Ron chats with Dutch Rojas. Dutch is a healthcare entrepreneur dedicated to making medical treatments affordable and accessible to all. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Sano Surgery, a bundled priced network as well as the Founder of Everyone Health, a consumer marketplace to purchase medical treatments. Dutch immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands and served in the US Marine Corps from 1995 to 2002. Here they discuss nurse and provider retention,...


Episode #48 – Nursing Can Rescue Healthcare Shortages. This Leader is on the Vanguard Rescuing Nursing with Rebecca Love

In this episode Ron chats with Rebecca Love. Rebecca Love, RN, BS, MSN, FIEL is a nurse entrepreneur, inventor, author, TEDx Speaker and first nurse featured on Here they discuss the importance of nurses. Their role can and should be so much more than just a helper to a doctor. They are the end users of many healthcare products and see where they can be improved based on how they are actually used. She encourages nurses to embrace their entrepreneurial side and explore ways they can...