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The Quint’s editor-in-chief Raghav Bahl speaks on business, politics and policies.

The Quint’s editor-in-chief Raghav Bahl speaks on business, politics and policies.
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The Quint’s editor-in-chief Raghav Bahl speaks on business, politics and policies.




255: From Statue of Unity to RBI-Rift, Here’s How Modi Steered Both

As a Bollywood narrator would say, in dono stories main Modi hai, Patel hai, RSS hai, aur cash bhi hai! But there is a tiny difference between the two, and that is the letter ‘t’. You see, one was about a Statue, the other about a Statute. Prime Minister Modi helmed and orchestrated both the stories. In the first one, he redeemed his 6-year-old pledge to build the world’s tallest statue on river Narmada – a 182-metre salute to Sardar Patel, an icon of India’s independence movement. In the...


254: Did PM Modi Unwittingly Help Cronies, Punish Investors Over IL&FS?

By not going for a TARP-like bailout, Prime Minister Modi has given an extra gain of Rs 30,000 cr to crony capitalists who allowed IL&FS to crash, while levying an extra tax of Rs 2,00,000 cr on ordinary/innocent investors, like you and me. The above is very simple arithmetic, but a team of IAS babus (bureaucrats) will never understand it, because it is deeply suspicious of market forces. And Prime Minister Modi has surrendered his economic policies to them, keeping entrepreneurs, tailors...


253: Oil, Rupee, IL&FS: Why is Modi Not Using Brahmastra?

Brahmastra, in the Mahabharata, is a “single projectile that is able to destroy the Universe”. Lord Rama is thought to have used it in his last battle with Ravana. Now let’s put it in context of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. After four years of a blessed existence, Modi is facing his first acute economic challenge. Today, India is again teetering at the edge of a severe macro-economic imbalance: treasuries have crossed 8 percent, the rupee has plummeted by 15 percent to over...


252: IL&FS Lessons for Modi From Two Singhs – Manmohan & Jaswant

Ironically, Prime Minister Modi needs to take lessons from the swift, decisive actions of two politicians he holds in disdain, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Finance Minister Jaswant Singh, says The Quint's founder Raghav Bahl.


251: Battleground 2019: What DUSU, Bypolls & ‘Peak Modi’ Indicate

The University of Delhi (DU) immeasurably helped create Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political brand. His sprint towards the stunning 2014 victory had begun on 6 February 2013 at DU’s Shri Ram College of Commerce.


250: Indian TV Channels Cower as Post-Trump US Media Puts Up a Fight

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hugely dissimilar personalities in outward conduct – one writes crude tweets, the other remains strategically silent – have nonetheless created equally polarised democracies ten thousand miles apart. And what about their attitude towards independent news platforms? Listen to The Quint's Editor-in-Chief Raghav Bahl!


249: Listen: How Did The Critic Become the Enemy in Indian Politics

On 28 July, the man responsible for securing our telecom and broadcast infrastructure, RS Sharma revealed his Aadhaar ID number and dared hackers to “harm”, but did he accept his defeat with humility? Listen to The Quint’s Editor-in-Chief Raghav Bahl talk about the culture of intimation in our current political environment.


1: 3 Reasons a 2019 ‘Khichdi’ Coalition Could Be a Political Delicacy

Khichdi is also a colloquial description of weak coalition governments. The phrase acquired wide currency during 1996-97, when unstable United Front regimes were formed during a sickly interregnum in India’s democracy. Today it’s back in vogue, with several pundits wondering if the 2019 polls shall throw up another khichdi coalition. Listen to The Quint's Editor-in-Chief, Raghav Bahl analyse India's politics.


248: 3 Reasons a 2019 ‘Khichdi’ Coalition Could Be a Political Delicacy

2019 coalition government: In an eerie replay of 1996, the BJP could become the single largest party, the Congress could come in second and a clutch of regional parties could dice the remaining seats. Here are three reasons why the 2019 "khichdi"coalition could be a political delicacy.


212: Don’t Fall for the ‘GDP Growth’ Jumla Ahead of 2019 Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government treats Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, as the God of all economic success. PM Modi cherry-picked and talked about all the good stuff, but "overlooked" many troublesome facts, about India’s economy. Here's a reminder from Raghav Bahl.


196: PDP-BJP: From a “Coalition of Hope” to “Coalition of Fear”

Unquestionably, the Mufti-Modi Pact to create the PDP-BJP coalition government on 1 March 2015 was a Coalition of Immense Hope. Unfortunately, in three years, it had transgressed into a "Coalition of Fear."