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RM54: Why Bi-partisian Legislation is a Blankety-Blank

Here we have the latest episode of Registry Matters. Andy posits how the registry isolates people that may cause people to do less than desirable things; Our criminal justice system removes parents from their kids permanently; Is bail reform going well and is it a good thing; Who exactly is holding up the vote on […] The post RM54: Why Bi-partisian Legislation is a Blankety-Blank appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM53: Judge Orders Process When Moving To New State

In this action packed episode, recording from our home locations, Larry and Andy discuss a man and his family are homeless from a 20 year old offense; Tom Cotton (R-AK) is trying to derail the First Step Act; an offender in NY sued to get more resources to find housing; What is there to fear […] The post RM53: Judge Orders Process When Moving To New State appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM52: How Homelessness Can Land You In Jail

A special bonus episode. We didn’t plan on recording due to the holidays. But alas, here we are! This is somewhat of an abbreviated episode. What’s up with the First Step Act in the Senate?; Prosecutors in Kansas gain access to privileged recordings; SCOTUS to hear 8th Amendment case; PA report on clergy launches investigations […] The post RM52: How Homelessness Can Land You In Jail appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM51: Let’s Talk About Shower Heads

After doing battle with failing technology on multiple fronts, I bring you Episode 51 of the Registry Matters Podcast. Larry shares his holiday travel tips; GPS monitoring is considered a search (duh); due process is a threatening term on college campuses; DeVos has released her vision of due process on college campuses; GOP leadership opposes […] The post RM51: Let’s Talk About Shower Heads appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM50: Arrested For Registering Your Kids at Daycare

Thank you to our newest Patron: Laura who comes in at the Hustler level with a bonus. THANK YOU!!!! We had a lot of listener feedback and voicemail messages over various topics. Man arrested for applying for a marriage license; Women jailed on $150,000 bond for registering her children in daycare; AG Sessions forced out; […] The post RM50: Arrested For Registering Your Kids at Daycare appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM49: Gov’t Using Tools and Power that are Putting People In Danger

We have a new Patron explosion! 3 new Patrons this week. Thank you so much to Ellen, Brian and Chante! Larry goes in depth answering a listener question about Interstate Compacts; Recap from the anti-holiday, Halloween; What are the limits of anonymous speech; What happens when you refuse treatment?; Oh yeah, a problem with guilty pleas; Medical examiner gets promoted after death of man in lock-up; State of supervision in the US; Low unemployment in US means fewer guards in prison; CA...


RM48: Fear Mongering By Your Sheriff

Larry and Andy have a halloween extravaganza! An interview with Ken Ackerman who was sitting in during the case in Nebraska regarding registering minors. Also three listener questions and by then, there’s only time for a couple articles. One from Reason magazine that talks about the various places locking people up on Halloween. And also, […] The post RM48: Fear Mongering By Your Sheriff appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM47: Internet Bans Are Draconian, Also Unconstitutional

Andy and Larry celebrate one year of doing the podcast. Whodathunk it would have made it this far. The show this week covers sealing of records for felons, solitary confinement is simply not cool; can you refuse to let police into your house without a warrant?; can you be jailed for being homeless?, changing the laws after your conviction in NC; Providence RI has mobs at your doorstep; registrant in CA is suing that the registry is unconstitutional, and Internet Bans Are Draconian and...


RM46 – Hooligans Shall Not Trick-or-Treat

A huge range of subjects covered on this weeks Registry Matters podcast. We cover 3 listener voicemails; one regarding having your DOB on the registry website, and another about the TN statute locking registrants down for 11 days!; Fines and jail time for teenagers trick-or-treating; Lawsuit filed in TX over ex-post-facto claim; The post RM46 – Hooligans Shall Not Trick-or-Treat appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM45: Courts Are Not Roving Tribunals

This week has Larry and Andy covering a listener question from Tennessee about Halloween house arrest for 11 days?? Crazy! How you end up on the registry, but not committing a sexual offense. New York has insane restrictions; Trump said “It’s a very scary time for young men in America”; Restoring a balance to campus […] The post RM45: Courts Are Not Roving Tribunals appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM44: Why Your Delusionality Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Larry and Andy talk about investigating cases three decades after the alleged event; In Texas, Persons who have finished their sentence are sucked back into the registry after dozens of years; Civil commitment patents released by doctors, and victims advocates haven’t had enough; Man alleged to have kidnapped a woman, gets probation and no registry; […] The post RM44: Why Your Delusionality Never Works Out the Way You Plan appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM43: The Insider’s Guide to Judicial Activism

Today’s episode will leave you completely informed on does a presidential nominee have a background check done by the FBI, or CIA, etc; What is the current state of the SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh, does he have the right to confront his accuser; is he held to a higher standard; Autopsies done on prisoners reveal that […] The post RM43: The Insider’s Guide to Judicial Activism appeared first on Registry Matters.


RM42 – What the World Would Be Like If Confrontation Clauses Didn’t Exist

This week brings us to Episode 42 of the podcast. We are deeply humbled receiving yet another patron, Tim! Thank you to all of our patrons for supporting the show. Does NARSOL get credit for the shelters being open during the hurricane in the Carolinas? Press release here: We delve into the weeks news and comments with some good news, but also some bad. You've made it to the big screen - Oh wait, your...


RM41 – Your Situation Is Not Unique

Welcome to Registry Matters Episode 41! Who would believe people would listen to a couple of nuts talk about the registry in such overwhelming numbers! Thank you! On the docket this week is a patron question about being removed from the registry in Florida; a question from a listener about what happens if a chuck/school pops up within the range of where you live; Civil commitment continues to come up. Spoiler: it is constitutional; Does the US actually spend more on inmates or students;...


RM40 – Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media Password

The Registry Matters Podcast moves into episode 40 this week. First up is to self congratulate for reaching > 100 YouTube subscribers. We have a branded YouTube Channel!!! Hooray. An article from the Economist posits why support for the death penalty is going up; Failure to report your social media passwords could put you behind bars; The California Bail bill might not be as great as everyone things; New sexual misconduct rules from the feds;...


RM39 – How Coerced Testimonies Are Like A School Bully

On the Registry Matters Podcast Episode 39: It is a mostly hire formerly incarcerated list of topics. But first there is the story where the police staffer says registrants should be shot; Why you should hire someone who went to prison; Failed background checks in Idaho; Nationwide prison labor strike; California prison volunteer firefighters denied jobs on the outside; Former AG says broad coalition aims to break over-incarceration; California could lead the way in CJ reform; SO registry...


RM38 – How Vigilante Justice Can Make You Sick

In this weeks episode of the Registry Matters Podcast, Larry and Andy discuss the fact that teens are the victims of registerable offenses, but that teens are the ones committing the offenses; The recent Catholic Church abuse scandals will likely not lead to any convictions; Governor of NY, Cuomo, is interested in revisiting statute of limitations; Vigilante group in Colorado; There might be a racial bias in the leveling of registrants; Law Enforcement teams up with multiple agencies for...


RM37 – Life In Prison Without Due Process

In this weeks show, Larry and Andy take a deep dive into civil commitment. But prior to that, a few comments from people on Twitter have comments about last week’s show. There are articles covering the whole spectrum of issues. Such as: Under what conditions should an 11 year old girl get taser treatment; Why is that more people are locked up for technical violations than new crimes?; Do it make sense to help inmates re-acclimate to post prison life?; Does a prison sentence mean death...


RM36 – How To Go To The Library and Get Arrested

Episode 36 [3:55] From wcpo – Springfield Township man claims Ohio’s sex offender parole law won’t allow visits with son [13:45] From Green Bay Press Gazette – Brown County library branches in Denmark, Green Bay trapped by conflicting laws, security concerns [19:24] Supreme Court Sets New Evidentiary Standard in Child...


RM35 – What is the origin of Frightening and High?

The Registry Matters Podcast covers an important topic as to of the origin of "Frightening and High". The SCOTUS decision of Smith v Doe is cited as such. However, that's not where it originated. They guys also talk about restoration of voter rights to registrants, people dying in prison due to the high temperatures and judges not forcing people to register after conviction. They also tackle a Patreon supporters question of what can you do if you can't vote. The post RM35 – What is the...