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Preparedness, Prioritization, Prevention: Former Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Amy Pope on Responding to Ebola and Zika, and Preventing the Next Pandemic [Episode 7]

One hundred years after Spanish Flu killed an estimated 50 to 100 million people worldwide, the risks of a pandemic loom large for the increasingly interconnected global community. In this candid conversation, former deputy homeland security advisor Amy Pope describes how lessons learned from the 2014 Ebola outbreak resulted in a much more effective response to Zika a year later, including better public communications strategies, faster approval of federal funding, and greater outreach to...


Building Resilient Systems: Peter Neffenger Shares Lessons From Managing The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to Improving Aviation Security

Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger takes listeners inside the room as he describes how he managed complex challenges like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and taking over the Transportation Security Administration at a critical juncture in aviation security. In discussing Deepwater Horizon, Neffenger describes how his role as Deputy Incident Manager required managing not only the complexities of stopping the oil spill, but also its cascading effects, including the environmental degradation of...


Thriving Amid Change: Chief Resilience Officer Kevin Bush on Washington DC’s Approach to Disasters and Disruptions

With a majority of people living in urban environments, there is a growing imperative to engineer cities to better withstand an inevitable bevy of potential shocks and stresses. As Washington DC’s first chief resilience officer, Kevin Bush’s task is to develop the District’s first-ever resilience strategy, aiming to tackle challenges ranging from terrorist attacks to homelessness. In this wide-ranging discussion, Bush outlines how chronic stresses like a high cost of living weakens the...


Governor, Ambassador, Secretary: Ray Mabus on His Lifetime of Service, and Why Diversity Helps Build Resilience

As a former Governor of Mississippi, US Ambassador, and Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus has managed a wide range of challenges during his varied career. In discussion with his former Department of Defense colleague and Resilient World host Christine Wormuth, Mabus provides his unique perspective on how policies and approaches can build resilience in both individuals and systems. From leading the US Navy and Marine Corps through the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and opening all combat...


Ready or Not? Max Brooks on How People and Societies Fail to Plan for the Worst

Although bestselling novelist Max Brooks is best known for authoring page-turning fiction about zombie attacks, his books have practical implications for considering society’s level of preparedness for crises that are much closer to reality. In this episode of Resilient World, Brooks argues we are unprepared to deal with the consequences of pandemics, hurricanes, and other disruptions and unpacks why he believes that people struggle to prepare for major challenges. He outlines how, in a...


How To Manage A Crisis: Admiral Thad Allen and Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina and Deepwater Horizon

Born to a Coast Guard officer, it was perhaps inevitable that Thad Allen would also become a ‘shallow water sailor’. His thirty-nine-year career saw him rise to the very top, serving as the Coast Guard’s 23rd Commandant from 2006 to 2010, and coming to prominence across America as the public face of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in 2005. In a wide-ranging conversation with Resilient World host Christine Wormuth, Admiral Allen draws on lessons from a career at the center of the...


‘Dr. Doom’: Lisa Monaco on Tackling Transnational Threats, Terrorism and Cybersecurity

From the court room to the White House Situation Room, Lisa Monaco has been part of framing the legal and policy response to some of the most difficult and thorny issues our society has grappled with in recent years. As a federal lawyer, Monaco co-led the Justice Department’s successful prosecution of five former Enron executives and served as chief of staff to FBI Director Robert Mueller. As President Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor, Monaco advised the President in the aftermath of the...